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Thread: Hyderabad / Andhra Pradesh

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    Please share.

    Hey buddy,

    Could you please share this MILF contact.

    Quote Originally Posted by VickyD  [View Original Post]

    Came across this MILF few weeks ago. Did someone get a chance to taste her. Couldn't taste her as I away from Hyderabad. If someone do have her contact please share it with me. Uploaded the snaps below.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilAndererer  [View Original Post]
    I hope you were high while writing this.
    Not at all.

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    Server down.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blossom123  [View Original Post]
    Was this site down last couple of days?

    I couldn't access it.
    Yes, Forum was down due to hard-disk failure of the server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EcstasyHyd  [View Original Post]
    Had anyone recently lucky with getting to Rose. She isn't responding well? Is she under LE radar or what?
    No bro. She told me she is not into this at this moment. Didn't tell reason but she is out of market right now.

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    Met this lady in Manikonda.


    After shifting from outskirts of Hyderabad to inside Hyderabad. I started searching again for fun in Locanto after searching hard and hard found this lady who doesn't shares any pic but gives an assurance that fair (means fair Color in South India) and good structure.

    Yes, as I am on looking for one, I gave a chance and went to the location she sent and then she called me and gave directions for apartment. It's a high rise apartment and pretty safe and decent.

    Flat looks good and decent. Went there deed went as usual like DFK, foreplay, BBBJ awesome thing she licked balls very good. I usually never do oral with any lady I meet but this time I did with her, I have to appreciated her she is so clean. Body little curvy.

    Damages is high, I know because Hyderabad is dry. Paid 6 k an HR. Tried to negotiate with her tried 2 weeks but simply she said bye so went with that price.

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    Not lucky.

    Even I WA'ed her. She said she is out of business. I asked why. She said that she doesn't want this to do anymore. So told her to take good care of her health and ended the conversation.

    Quote Originally Posted by EcstasyHyd  [View Original Post]
    Had anyone recently lucky with getting to Rose. She isn't responding well? Is she under LE radar or what?

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    Independent Bird.

    Hello all,

    I am new to this forum and my PM is active, I am looking for independent good bird digit.

    In return I will share the Excellent SP detail. PM me, I will share the experience.

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    Cheap and safe street pickup.

    Near Ameerpet seen many hookers.

    They were till now found safe and taking from 300 rrs only.

    If you want details you need to give me same cheap level contact.

    And they are not eunuch but genuine girl.

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    Can anyone share the spa and lady details?

    Quote Originally Posted by DonutRider  [View Original Post]
    How's it going guys!

    I have been visiting this thai lady for a few months now in one JH spa and wanted to share my latest experience here. This was the best! I did write about the time I first met her. Can't thank bk bro enough for trusting me with the contact. She does a great bum massage and during b2 b when she rubs her pussy against the ass, her trimmed pubic hair would tickle a bit and that's such a wonderful feeling!. Her face isn't all that sexy looking unlike some young bombshell thais but I do not want to be nitpicky. She does have a great body. Average sized firm boobs and what feels like a tight pussy. Jackpot!

    So the last time I didn't put the dispos on and she went directly for my ass. Put a lot of oil in the crack and started rubbing sensually all the way down to the Johnny while squeezing my balls. I would cum with two such rubs. But then I masturbated before going and I also had an average timed release the night before (with an sp girl) So there's no way I am cumming fast LOL.

    After few such heavenly rubs she asks me to go wash my dick for a BJ. I wasn't a big fan of her BJ skills. Usually it would only last for like 2-3 minutes. I went in, washed my dick and she waits with a towel, gets down on her knees and wipes the Johnny clean and gives a smooch. She gets up and slowly starts getting undressed asking me to lie down. I instead hugged her from behind kissing (maybe even biting) her neck feeling her boobs and rubbing Johnny against her soft ass. Her body is amazing, silky smooth! She also doesn't kiss me all that much showing makeup as a reason but not that day. That day I was incharge. We were still standing, I was still behind her and I started rubbing her pussy slowly with one hand. I was working all her upper body with the other hand. She became wet, started moaning, slowly moving her ass up and down my dick. She gave in!!

    I pushed her on to the table, opened both her legs wide, and ate her pussy so hard that she pushes herself against my face. Straight out of porn hub!! I went up to her mouth put my balls in. She sucked them like no other I had before! The best ball suck! I got my balls back after sometime and gave my dick to suck onto. She sucked it with same interest. Also one of the best bbjs ever! I am happy, very happy. Oh I was also fingering her pussy every now and then. At one point, we were both working on her pussy. Me licking, fingering and she rubbing her clit!! I wanted to do this till she comes. She came! I don't remember the sequence of actions but I also had her on all fours and licked her asshole and pussy from behind while she twerked against my face. Straight out of porn hub!! (BTW, I am in my office writing this and I have an erection!

    She came twice in total and in the end had me lie down on my back, put loads of oil on and around my dick and gave a god level hand job putting it close to her mouth. I came all over my body all the way up to my neck and she cleaned it all up with that unused unlucky dispo LOL. I was so tired (relaxed) that I couldn't get up afterwards! All this happened in like 45-50 min and I think its time well spent. She otherwise does a great massage FYI.

    It was a good day with oil loaded b2 b, lot of dfks and a lot of oral sex! She doesn't let me fuck though, not in spa she says!

    Alright, until next time boys!

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    Russians. How to have sex with them in India.

    Quote Originally Posted by SumerFreaks  [View Original Post]
    Few tips:

    4. Invite them to India.
    I hope you were high while writing this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmartGuyHyd  [View Original Post]
    Hi all,

    Johnny was so disparate and looking to short trip to any sex destination.

    Any suggestions from seniors, which is the best and low price sex destinations.

    What about Pattaya and any one interested to join as of now I am alone.

    Please suggest me for some good experience.

    Some one please respond, please tell me some good and cheap sex destinations for 4 day trip.

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    Care while sharing

    Quote Originally Posted by Delib  [View Original Post]
    Can you share spa details and miss S detail bro? Want to try today as I m relatively free. You can try o spa in ameerpet, d is the therapist: decent looks, good boobs, TL, HJ, BJ 2 times for 1 k. Counter charges 1 k.
    Please bro don't share names in your posts, its publicly available information and it might hit place and person. Cheers Have fun.

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    Recently I Enjoyed In Bankok

    Recently I enjoyed in Bankok, But Russians are very expensive than thai ladies.

    Quote Originally Posted by SumerFreaks  [View Original Post]
    It's just my experience so far. I used to monger frequently the last few years and it doesn't excite me any more. Most of the girls are not into the act. The experience is quiet different when you find a girl who is a nympho.

    Russians are real nymphos. I had my best experiences with them. They like it wild and are open to all possibilities if you make the right move.

    1. You can find them in Goa. Just use the social media app that starts with Bad. And search in Goa. You can initiate the conversation by saying Priviet. It means Hello.

    2. You can use the social media app mamba. Most of the Russians use this app.

    3. Another site is love. Mail. Ru.

    Few tips:

    1. Never ask for sex directly.

    2. Have patience.

    3. Be a gentlemen.

    4. Invite them to India.

    5. Gain trust and mutual respect.

    It might be a slow game. But it's really worth it.

    Please don't ask me for contacts of the Russian girls as I will not share them.



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    Lucky with Rose?

    Had anyone recently lucky with getting to Rose. She isn't responding well? Is she under LE radar or what?

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    Hard-disk failure

    Quote Originally Posted by Blossom123  [View Original Post]
    Was this site down last couple of days?

    I couldn't access it.
    Yes, as per the banner yesterday, forum was down due to hard-disk failure of the server.

    Now administrators have restored the data, brought up forum online with new disks in RAID mode.

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