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    Yes Costly

    Yep its costly for maid qualities in Hyderabad. Hence I plan to have my food outside Hyderabad nowadays. Especially a visit to south east asian countries is much better.

    Quote Originally Posted by EcstasyHyd  [View Original Post]
    Yes bro some folks from Hyderabad are really paying these days. It's not about spending but spending on maid quality is what I'm bothered about. Rad 6 k Shashi 4 k?

    Why are we guys in Hyderabad soooo desperate? It's better to spend 50 k and have a week trip to Thailand.

    BTW guys Visa to Thailand is free until April 30th. Can save almost 5 k on Visa. Me visiting April 2nd week. I would like to spend mostly in Pattaya. This is my second trip. Mostly planning for freelancers on Tinder or Beach Road, Soapy massages, Few bar girls rtc. I would be very happy if there's Any guidance from experienced travel monger.

    Looking forward.


    Be Safe.

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    Ameerpet spa.

    Tried this spa in ameerpet, rooms are very conjusted. Very small, average girls. For new people total cost would be 2500/- including tip. Bit of waiting time in case of rush. HJ & TL on the cards.

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    Notification Issue.

    I have been seeing a notification for a new private message since the last hard disk crash, all the time. But I do not see any new messages. I remember I messaged few brothers before the hard disk crash. They might have replied and the message got lost during the crash.

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    New food at SP.

    Anyone tried this one? Seems new so is asking for a bomb.
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    Hi guys any review.

    SP quoting 25 k for 4 hrs. Any review?
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    Be spa FR

    Visited one be spa in HT city. Girl was new. Miss S. Said was 21. Looked and smelled good. Average Massage skills. Bored me with her story. Said no to meeting outside. I wouldn't want to meet after hearing her story anyways. I thought she wouldn't give extras as there were not even the slightest hints of any. Only towards the end when she was "applying" oil to my front that she asked if I need any extra services. I thanked God and said yes. Only HJ and TA were on offer for 1 k. Not bad. But I would have loved to see her naked. She was hot! She removed my dispos and poured oil onto Johnny. I sat up and started feeling her ass, pussy from outside and moved up. She lifted her shirt, said no to lifting bra but upon persuasion gave me access to one boob. It looked smelled and tasted good. Wouldn't let kiss her lips. Asked me to kiss her cheeks instead. I said no thanks LOL. Average experience. Wouldn't repeat the girl or the place. Didn't like the place all that much too!

    Counter - 2. 2 k.

    HJ + ta - 1 k.

    So until next time, boys!!

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    Has any one tried her.

    Got number from twitter. Last no 918 asking 6 k for two shots. Any seniors feedback.
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    Spa over the jewelry store. Closed or being renovated?

    I visited this place today but it is being renovated. I wasn't sure if it was for a new business or if the spa is undergoing a makeover.

    If anyone can refer to me a spa that is safe and reliable, kindly PM me.

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    Tasted Thai Food for the first time

    Thanks to BabyKuttu bro for sharing this diamond place. Visited this Spa named after a Diamond in Jubilee Hills and asked for a good Thai masseur at reception.

    Was assigned Ms. A who is in late 30's looked pretty good to me after trying many of the indies in Hyderabad. Has small boobs and some baby fat but otherwise very nice figure.

    Began with a nice BBBJ which lasted for 10 minutes followed by Oil Massage and then a hand job which took another 15 minutes.

    Pros: Speaks decent English, BBBJ, DFK, cleanest pussy I have noticed, wanted to do DATY but have postponed for another time.

    Cons: Strictly no to FS in the SPA. You can try your luck.

    Damages: 4 k for the masseur and 2. 5 k at the counter.

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    Regarding indiansexservices site girl.

    Is it safe to contact indiansexservices site people.

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    Too rude and not at all the way to ask.

    Quote Originally Posted by VickyX  [View Original Post]

    I'm planning to buy sex toys in Hyderabad, where can I get any idea? Please help I'm fed up paying to Auntie's in Hyderabad. I'm just 22 need young very young child but there is no young girl in Hyderabad and Juniors are helping me but no use all are Aunties. Seniors in Hyderabad are out of coverage area with Ego Only some few dudes so I request please at least help me to get a masturbater toy I want to play now.

    This is the forum in which we respect each other and we also believe in each other. You didn't do either of them, if you do like this you will be the ultimate looser.

    Just thought of giving the heads up.



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    Is it safe to visit spa.

    I haven't been active lately due to family reasons. I have some time today to have some fun. Are the spas safe to visit now?

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    Review of nameless MP.

    My first review of nameless MP in nomad hills, contct of which was obtaind thru loc. It was shady place as it was operating in a building w / o name board. But quality inside was v. Good.

    Quoted 2 k counter but bargained and brght it down to 1.5 k. Saw lineup and selected cute one from an eastern state. Thin, short, small racks but fair and cute.

    Strtd crm msg. Avg msg skills which she herself agreed. But she tried her best.

    Chatted for a while and flirted. Asked extras. Quoted 5 k for b2 b. I literally LOL. And said 2 k last. She came dwn to 3 k. But I didn't budge. Finally she agreed, came down to her panty and slept on me. I kissed, lickd & bit her body. Boobs were handful & perky. Tried to suck racks and rub my tool on to her cat for which she jerked her body. She has sensitive body. Finally gave HJ. While I tried to finger her. It was wet there. When askd she sd you only made it wet. Naughty me. ;p.

    Lady mgr introduced me to another girl who was bomb. Her countr chrges itself was 4 k. Very tall fair hot body and smile to die for. But too pricy. She was treated speclly at MP. Separate room. Not mingling with other therapists.

    Damages: 1.5 k+2 k.

    Wir: not really. Only if iam crazy and want to try the sexy one.

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    Recent visits.

    Went to Bpet pub on Saturday night and its okay okay, not so great I wanted to return at 10.30-11 but floor got packed up around 10.30 so wanted to see after party scene. As brothers mentioned, girls are available from superb to worse and many of the girls are under scanners, either some old ladies or some guys are watching them always. Most of the good one are taken by regular visitors and they occupy sofa's,so its come to 2nd grade girls on the floor can be available at 0. 5 for 15-30 mins dance, may be if you are 2nd timer, they might allow sit on your laps. Coming to after party scene, I was waiting for ride and saw many of the girls are picked up by their SPs and they were abusing those girls and I really felt bad for them. I saw one guy and girl was arguing on money matters wit LE, it was really surprise for me.

    If you are visiting be cautious, there are people from all classes, so sometimes you might get into trouble if some one quarreling. And coming to girl, they don't care whom you are they call bouncers, if you are not paying after having a dance. Many free loaders around, if you get introduced to someone they may ask you to pay to girl or for their drinks.

    ++ Girls and Music.

    -- Expensive drinks & stinky.

    WIR may be for sure.

    Went to visit S spa but its closed for renovation so went to GSW, mpur. I came across ad 35+ old therapist Mrs and (mil name PK movie AD), she is short but she got great exp from various parts of the world. Massage is great and her HJ skills is awesome, demanded 2 k & B2B for 5 k after so much negotiations settled for 4 k,I know its higher side as I had cash I proceeded further. She climbed on me and its was good fun for next 15 mins, lot of sucking and rubbing on dude. After B2B,she gave nice HJ and she did given taken my number. She promised that she will bring some girls with her, if I invite her for dinner.

    Have safe fun.


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    Need advise guys, please help.

    Dear all,

    A friend of mine is travelling to Hyderabad next week on business trip. He hopes to stay at a decent 3* or 4* hotel. During his trip he intends to meet a girl on a friendly note (strictly not for mongering). The girl would be joining him for a brief period. However, he is wondering if he has to book a room for 2 guests and check-in alone or if he has to book for one guest and mention at reception that a friend would visit for couple of hours?

    Please advise which hotels he can book and how? What are the things he needs to take care of. Like ID etc? Would the hotel create any problem?

    While I am myself from Hyderabad, I am not aware of the situation around, hence seeking inputs.



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