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    KAN M pur

    Went there in the morning. Called upfront ans booked an appointment. Asiggned the only therapist available Mrs. M. She was already mentioned in many reports.

    She is very slimp with sort of cute face. Paid 2 K count fee, got into dispo and lied down on the massage table. The massage was below par what I used to get before at KAN but she does some sensual touching which felt good. Did a proper bum massage. Turned upfront. She sensually did some circles around the nipples which got my nerves. Asked if I want relaxation at the end for which I said yes. She was jerking me off with one hand and her other hand was carressing my entire body which was very sensual. Loaded in her hands. Best part is there was a ver big mirror in the room in which I was able to watch the entire process. Took a steam and shower and got out.

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    Madhapur god society

    Hi All,

    FR on the canadalnleaf chose s*ia. She is awesome big boobs at 38 gfs type more like a*sha from hra ped.

    As usual paid 1500 at counter, 3 k for b2 b BJ.

    The famous bengali, cricketer name wall worked.

    Overall good massage and nice BJ with her biggy pwersonality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IPhone10  [View Original Post]
    Bro please clear your inbox.
    Okay done.

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    Clear your inbox

    Quote Originally Posted by Sabo24  [View Original Post]
    She is just average bro, good boobs, if you are a boob lover you will enjoy. She is a dark south Indian, if you like your girl to be fair, give her a pass. Major drawback is the place where she takes you, the place isn't that great. She can come for 3.5 k for one time. Not coming down beyond that. Fun trivia, she recently cut her finger, a regular kitchen cut. She put that as WhatsApp status. I found it strange and funny.
    Bro please clear your inbox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RahulSen86  [View Original Post]
    Were you able to find any?
    Nope bro.

    Just regular encounters.

    Might have spend around 40 k in this search.

    Let me know if you find any.

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    ST spa

    Earlier this week visited the spa. Paid the usual at counter and selected Nisha. She has average face and decent body. Went into the room, changed to dispo and massage started with lots of touching inner thighs and johny. It went on for 30 minutes and then she popped a question about extra. Everything available except BJ and FS. She asked 6 k for B2B (full nude) and agreed on 2.5 k. I was shocked to see when she showed her pay where people paid 5 k to 6 k.

    Attitude - 8/10.

    Massage - 6/10.

    Body - 7/10.

    Tight and perky boobs with clean kitty.

    Damages - 1.5 k counter + 2.5 k B2B

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    Indie on TG

    Hello folks has anyone an indi with a TG ID: Qso**1* (ID encrypted and letters omitted for obvious reasons).

    She shares her pics of her in blue one piece, is he genuine anyone who met her?, any inputs will help.

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    Help Needed

    Quote Originally Posted by NeedTity  [View Original Post]

    I Am Very New To Mongering And Need Help Of Seniors Please Share Contacts Of Some Indie Girls Preferable Incall Girls. Help Is Much Appreciated. Thanks In Advance.
    Please Update Waiting Need Help From Seniors. PM Is Open.

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    Any New Indies?


    Had to take some gap from mongering. Is there any new indie contacts? Would be appreciated if anyone share such contacts.

    Thanks & happy hunting!

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    Thanks. I know she was trying. Glad she found something.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brdwj  [View Original Post]
    She apparently took up a job and is no longer entertaining anyone. Got this from a trusted source close to her.

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    Newbie in Hyderabad

    Hi all,

    Coming first time to Hyderabad on some work.

    Any seniors who can share contacts of SPs around Jubilee Enclave, HITEC City, Madhapur who can provide for incall girls to my hotel?

    All leads will be highly appreciated. DM me directly.


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    High End Hyderabad contacts

    Hi all,

    I am visiting Hyderabad next week. Could you please help me with any high end contacts. I would reciprocate the same in Chennai and Bangalore. Also if I get any in Hyderabad will share for sure.


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    Need reviews on these profiles


    Saw this profile on twitter. She does cam shows as well. Quoted 20 k for 2 hours. Earlier used to quote 15 k for 2 hours. Might have raised her prices in par with rising inflation in India. If anyone has already met her. Please let me know.
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    Afros in Hyderabad

    Hello brothers, can someone please let me know whether Afros are safe in Hyderabad and where to find them online (MR or FB or etc) and which areas they serve / operate mostly? I am staying in Hitech city area for the time being. Tasted Afros long back while I was active in Bangalore before Covid. Any inputs would be appreciated!!

    BTW, found some Afro profiles on MR but not sure if I can take the chance. My PM is active too if some kind brother wants to share any info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raaone  [View Original Post]
    Hey bro,

    There's no cheaper options, in fact the prices are up now. I was told 10 k and since its within my budget. I will be visiting 2 birds soon.
    Bro, is it 10 k for 2 sessions? Just curious.

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