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    There are a couple of Thai massage places in Hamilton. Anyone ever have any luck with some kind of release in any of them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandomGuy5000  [View Original Post]
    Any action to be had in Bermuda these days?
    There's no pussy here. Though a friend got an offer from a female cab driver who was willing to fuck him for $1000 - shit. You could get on a plane and fuck a supermodel for $1000.

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    Bermuda update

    Any action to be had in Bermuda these days?

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    Bermudian Triangles Laid Bare

    I lived in Bermuda for several years and didn't monger there as I had wives and girlfriends, and everyone knows everyone.

    However I did hear that one very beautiful woman I knew was available for P4P via the doormen at expensive hotels. In the Court Street area there were some women available, actually I knew some of them, though not as a P4P client, and they were mostly drug addicts or mentally ill and not to be recommended.

    There were certainly some Bermudian women who were up for a relationship with a foreigner, and there are plenty of single women there, but this is by no means a destination for commercial mongering.

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    Bermuda absolutely sucks for mongering. Dont even waste you time going there.

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    Nice but not for us

    Spent a week here working, tried Court St as mentioned below and others, there is nothing obvious, friendly wait staff in various bars, managed to pull one for a freebie but that was more luck than anything else. Asked a couple of taxi drivers but they did not want to help. Any action here is really underground, I did hear there are some pros but I've no idea how they make a living. All in all not a venue for our hobby.

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    Going to be

    Going to be in Bermuda.

    Any new input to places.

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    New in Bermuda

    Checked out the island with eyes used to searching NY and CT. Nothing obvious but around the cruise ship docks, noticed a few young ones, who were hangin out. But in general the island was beautiful, clean and upscale.

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    I used to live in Bermuda for three years ending in 2000. There is play to get however it is very low key. The main area is called Court street. There is a bar there called the Spinning Wheel. Rough area, not the safest. if you are white recommend that a black person accompany you. Girls are hit or miss, and most are rip off artist. Just off Court Street by the gas station some girls can be had. Most are 4-6 but you can luck out sometimes. As well they are cheap for Bermudian standards. Best to ask a Cabbie he can find a girl to set you up with. Lots of cute White and Black girls frequent the clubs in Hamilton. As well on Sunday nights go Industry night at Henry The Eight Pub on south shore road. Lots of girls and plenty can be had as the working girls look for pickups here. Can often get freebies or just getem drunk. If you are a foreigner you have a great chance here. Often girls will just hangout by the side of the road at night. They will let you know what they are doing there if you stop or cruise by. Anyways happy hunting. P.M. for more detailed accounts.

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    Hey Carolina Boy,

    How about a report of your trip from the summer of last year. I'll be there in july of this summer and wanted to know if you found any action.

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    im going there this summer is there anything going on there

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