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    Too bad you will be with the wife. I'll be in St Maarten in about 3 hours. (and at Seamans in about 4) We could have met up and gone hunting together.

    Drop the wife off in Phililpsburg with a credit card and let her shop for a while. Seamans is only a short taxi drive away and you could grab a quick one and be back in about an hour. taxi round trip should be around 20, girl will cost 40 but your wife could spend a few grand on bling! (it's the price us married mongers have to pay to keep the home gal happy) Just be sure to take the wife into a perfume shop and get yourself in the way of a sample spray to cover the chica's perfume smells. (married mongers must always be well prepared.)


    DCA is bankrupt but they are now operating as Bonaire Express, at least in the ABCs and probably in SXM as well. Same prices, planes and crews.


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    Temporary Update to Routard's Report

    Update: I checked the road again yesterday and it actually does go through, around the construction. However it was raining and the dirt road had some pretty major pot holes in it. So use the instructions below if the road is to muddy for your rental car!

    Original report:

    I was in St Maarten last weekend and noticed that the dirt road between Petite Chateau and Crystal/Caroline seemed to be blocked, due to some major construction work on the Pond Fill.

    If you run into a deadend after Petite Chateau, here is how to recover.
    Turn around, go back to the traffic light, turn left and then take the next left again around the pond on Sucker Garden Road.

    Turn left after about 1 kilometer on another paved road (I forget the name, but there is a sign to the zoo and a Columbian restaurant on the right). This is about 100 meters before Seamans. The first significant paved left turn is where you will find Crystal Club (it should stand out).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Routard
    There is a daily DCA flight between Curaçao and Sint Maarten (220$ return ticket if I remember).

    I'm impressed you dared to go to Colombia to visit the chicas you have met. As they are only for a short contract in Sint Maarten or Curaçao, I always wondered how could be their real life once back in Colombia. Are they still in business once in Colombia, do they have pimps, or are they simple girls trying once to earn enough money during a short time abroad in order to help their family? Yes, call me sentimental, but I care for those girls. They desearve to be happy.

    Have Fun

    Most of them are not working in Colombia or at least desperately try not to. The vast majority of these girls are simply trying to help out their families, since other jobs do not pay anything or are not available at all. Some have to stay in the business; but generally they do not work back in Colombia. Por ejemplo, my super GFE from July has enrolled in business administration classes, and she says she now has enough money to go through the entire 24-month course and not have to work while studying. She is an amazing woman. We stay in touch and talk on a regular basis.

    Just like you, I care for these girls.

    Oh, and there is no more DCA. They are bankrupt.

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    2 days

    I will be in St. Maarten in 2 days. I will be traveling with my wife but am sure I will get some free time again this year. I appreciate some of the new postings and my venture to a few new places this year and will post my findings when I return.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Routard
    Thank's guys for all your positive reactions about my report.

    Good report about Selina, confirming what I've heard about it but never experienced myself. You gave me also the excellent info that V is available at Phillipsburg Pharmacy. Could be nice to have some more info about it.
    I contacted them via their website and requested info about V. They wrote back asking for a copy of my Drs scrip. (I don't have one) I walked in a few days later and talked to the pharmacist, who is also the owner. I told him that I forgot my scrip. He said he would go ahead and take care of me anyhow. He also has a Dr at a clinic next door that will write you a scrip for a few bux.

    They carry all the brand name vitamins: V, L C etc. at about half the US prices. They also have generics from India that are even less and work just as well.

    The pharmacist is pretty cool and once he has you in his computer, you are good to go for life.

    I am in San Juan right now, but am taking it easy tonight. PR is just too expensive for fair to poor quality P4P. I can have 3 or 4 much finer girls or a TLN in St Maarten for the same price as a ST in San Juan.

    I travel all the Netherland Antilles and am just to spoiled to even try mongering in San Juan. I love cruising the brothels in SXM and the back streets of San Nicolas in Aruba. And of course Curacao and Campo!

    The Dutch really know how to offer a good mongering experience.


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    Thank's guys for all your positive reactions about my report.

    Good report about Selina, confirming what I've heard about it but never experienced myself. You gave me also the excellent info that V is available at Phillipsburg Pharmacy. Could be nice to have some more info about it.

    I know there are a lot of local discussions about security issues in Sint Maarten. Still, the tourist is not the main target for crime like in other countries. As usual, normal precautions have to be taken.

    First time I hear that sex is available in Platinium. But with such high price, can we really call it "available"? LOL! I remember a girl in Platinium trying to sell me a lapdance. I politely replied that I was not interested, I was just there for my collegue. When she said: "that's what they all say", I explained her that I was not shy for that, but that I was used to fuck for the price of her lapdance!

    I really enjoy your reports about Curaçao, and we have the same feelings about the Colombianas. I've been once in Campo Allegre. The chica's are as nice as those in Sint Maarten, but I felt unconfortable with the environment. A former military camp (even if I agree that they made a lot of efforts to rebuild it) is not really sexy! You really should make a try to Sint Maarten, you will love it! As there is no entry fee, you hop from one bar to another, and it really gives the illusion that you are picking up girls in regular bars. And if you prefer day or night escorts, Sint Maarten is the sin island of the Caribbean, there is plenty of nightlife entertainment to enjoy with the chica. There is a daily DCA flight between Curaçao and Sint Maarten (220$ return ticket if I remember).

    I'm impressed you dared to go to Colombia to visit the chicas you have met. As they are only for a short contract in Sint Maarten or Curaçao, I always wondered how could be their real life once back in Colombia. Are they still in business once in Colombia, do they have pimps, or are they simple girls trying once to earn enough money during a short time abroad in order to help their family? Yes, call me sentimental, but I care for those girls. They desearve to be happy.

    Have Fun

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    Great report Routard

    Excellent report.

    The only thing I would disagree with is the idea that St Maarten is crime free. I have lived on neighboring islands for 10 years and shop in St Maarten regularly. The consensus here is that crime is a problem in St Maarten: robbery, the occassional carjacking of tourists, even murder.

    However, normal precautions as you would apply in the states are all that you need (don't flash around wads of money, don't wander drunk alone down Backstreet in Philipsburg at night, etc.) At any organized venue such as a brothel, security is usually excellent.

    Thanks for posting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Routard
    I’m a Latina lover, and Dominican girls are not Latinas but Caribbean. You have to act more as a macho with Dominican, else they will not respect you. It’s clearly about money, they will not help you to forget it. The Colombian girls, like most Latinas, are feminine, sensual and passionate. If you give BFE, she will give you GFE. If you have the right feeling, and for this you will need to speak Spanish, have some knowledge about Latin culture, including salsa dancing skills, those girls will give their heart and soul. It’s in Seamen’s Club that I experienced for the first time giving a genuine orgasm to a sex worker.

    My last memory of her was when she waved at me from the main door to say goodby. She was a very interesting person, there was a good chemistry. She gave me her phone number, hoping I would come back. It's heartbreaking leaving such a sweat nice girl in her shit.
    Routard, I have been to Campo 5 times, and never to St. Maarten. Every time in Campo I have exclusively been with Colombianas, just a gut feeling...looks like you have a bit of the same.

    And you are right, with most of the Colombian women if you treat them right it will be GFE x 10, with climax after climax after climax when the girl herself (never mind you) loses track of time.

    However, I would STRONGLY recommend keeping in touch with the girls who open up to you. I know I have and it has made my visits to Colombia absolutely divine, since over there you can meet up on a rather different basis.

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    Awesome report! I go to St Maarten several times a year and I still learned a lot from your post.

    I have been to Seamans and CasaBlanca several times and have had good experiences everytime.

    I never could find Petite Chateau, but with your directions it should be no problem at all, plus now I know a couple of new places to check out. In fact, I'll be in St Maarten later this week and am looking forward to new experiences.

    A few of my other experiences.

    Platinum Club: Drop-dead gorgeous women from all over. Poland, Russia, Italy, Brazil and even the US. But they are only there for the bux. You can take them home, but home better be one of the big yachts or something. They believe that their asses are their greatest assets and real platinum is cheap by comparison. You'll have to kiss Ben Franklin goodbye at least 10-15 times to even get them to think about it.

    Golden Eye: Mostly eastern European girls...VERY beautiful and very friendly. I hung out with one from Poland that spoke fluent English and was a very good conversationalist. I sat with her for about three hours and only bought her about 3 drinks. (I think around $5 each) She never once tried to hustle me for a private session but instead was an almost perfect first date GFE. I did take her private for a couple songs ($20 each) It was an International experience with a Polish girl, Roamin' hands, Rushin' Fingers, and an old fat American. We did almost everything but FS or BJ. Lot's of rubbing, touching, carressing, and some good titty fucking. Of course I gave her a fresh liquid pearl necklace which she enjoyed quite a bit. I probably could have taken her home for a reasonable amount but, I had a date at Club Seline.

    Club Seline. It is billed as a swing club and although I have heard rumours that there actually may be some swing parties, there was never one when I was on island. But they did offer a "private swing party" for $150. I decided to give it a try.

    I popped a Vitamin V (purchased OTC at Philipsburg Pharmacy, downtown) just as Girard picked me up at the Travel Inn. A short ride up a steep hill led to a beautifull villa overlooking Simpson Bay. I paid him the fee, which he said was only for the house. He said the girl was here because she enjoyed meeting people and no tip was required or expected. I was welcome to stay until morning.

    I was introduced to a delightful dark chocolate girl from the DR. She wore a very elegent and sexy evening dress. She was well educated and fluent in English. Gerard opened a bottle of wine and dissapeared.

    We sat on a couch looking at the view and talked a while, just getting to know each other. She said she worked as a secretary for a shipping broker. After a little cuddling, we got up to dance for a while and then headed to the bedroom. I won't go into full details, but will say it was a total GFE. Very relaxed, lots of laughing and some outrageously good sex that included, massage, toys, BBCIM, BBFS, and every entrance. We alternated between playing and sleeping until the sun came up.

    I will do Club Seline again, but I also like the fun of prowling the casas and sampling several different dishes from the never ending buffet.

    Does anyone have any info on the Player's Club. It is in Simpson Bay upstairs from the Subway, near the Travel Inn and across from Rancho Steakhouse. I don't know if it is a strip joint, brothel or both. If no one knows anything I might just have to take one for the team.

    St Maarten is pure heaven. Good food (Johnny B's Under the Tree!!!), great casinos with some serious poker rooms (helps pay for the fun!) Normal nightlife is also fantastic with plenty of single gals from all over the world.

    At a few places like Sunset Beach Bar near the airport and the Perch on Orient Beach one can find all sorts of friendly singles and couples that are open to erotic good times. It takes a good personality and some fluency with the swinger terminology to hook up but if you'll have a night to remember.

    And the possibilities for mongers to indulge in the hobby are endless.

    Time to go pack my bags. Gotta stop at Condom World in San Juan on my way to St Maarten so I can bring some gifts to the girls.

    I'll try to report in from the field.


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    Great info on St. Maarten

    Wow Routard, thanks for the great report!!

    Wish I've read this before I went to St. Maarten a few months back.

    Just a few points:

    Sex is available at Platinum room. I received an offer for $500,= (after work in my room). I passed on that, cause I like the Latina's, not to mention the high price.

    The other stripclubs, Golden eye was closed when I was there (on a weekend). And I couldn't find Solid Gold in/near the Atlantis World Casino. Does it still exist?

    I myself stayed in the Holland House on Frontstreet in Phillipsburg. Pretty good hotel and most important of all it is Girl Friendly. No questions asked whatsoever.
    My favourate brothel is Seamans aswell. I kind of missed all the places on the road along the university (my bad..) but will be back in SXM in a few weeks!!!

    I agree St. Maarten has a lot more diversity compared to Curacao (I live in Cur), but one big plus for curacao are the low prices. Only 50 NAF or $28 a round. These low prices are still too steep for the locals, so the majority of the customers that take a girl here are from Europe and the US. And besides campo there are a lot more hidden places for p4p. Some described in the Curacao thread.

    Some of the chica's I've had in the last few months in Campo are now working in St. Maarten.

    I'l mention one: Leslie, slim very big assed colombiana, pretty with beautiful long hair and very accomodating. I belief she's now working at Defiance. And I really don't have to describe her more, that ASS is a give-away.

    You really should visit her, and say hi from Michael (from Curacao) for me (Like she'd remember!)

    Again thanks for the great reports and I hope I can contribute a bit more in the near future

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    Thanks Routard

    Very comprehensive report. As I mentiond I have really enjoyed the island and the people on my brief visits. I will definitely be booking a stay here. My goals is to save up enough cash and time to do a little island hopping.

    Thanks for your comments also Alan and 3199.

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    General Description

    sint maarten is my favourite island in the caribbean. high standard hotels, marvellous beaches with crystal clear water, all [CodeWord117] available, tax free shopping, excellent dinning especially on the french side, casinos everywhere on the dutch side, very nice beach bars with life music (watching the airplanes landing right above the beach at the sunset bar is a must), and extended night life.

    sint maarten is the smallest piece of land shared by two countries. this small island 70km2 and 70000 inhabitants has two power generators for two different electrical networks, the 50hz 220v european standards for the french side and 60hz 110v us standards for the dutch side. there are also two telephone networks, to call the french side 00 590, and to call the dutch side 00 599. but when driving around the island, you will not even notice when you cross the boarder.

    official languages are french on the french side and dutch on the dutch side, but the most used language is english. however, in the dutch brothels, most girls speak only spanish.

    how to get there

    the international air traffic is managed by juliana airport on the dutch side.

    from europe, there are daily air france and corsair flights from paris, and klm flights from/to amsterdam.

    from northern america, there are daily american airlines, continental airlines and us airlines flights from/to us and air canada flights from canada.

    winair has flights to santo domingo, tortolla, anguilla, saba, eustatius, nevis, st kitt’s, dominica,and antigua. air jamaica has flights to/from jamaica.

    dca has flights to/from curaçao. bwie has flights to/from trinidad. both can be used as a stop over for south america.

    the smaller airport grand case on the french side has daily air caraibes and air antilles flights from/to guadeloupe, martinique, sint barth but also santo domingo.

    no visa is required.


    the official currency on the dutch side is the naf, and the euro on the french side. however, the most used currency is the us dollar. as the tourism is focused on us tourists, nearly everywhere, including for our hobby the rule is: 1$us=1€. so my best advise is to pay always in $us, it will save you up to 20%. there are atm everywhere, and they delivery the 3 currencies.


    sint maarten is very safe. there is crime related to drug, but as a tourist you will not notice it. yes, even crime will take care not to bother the tourists! for any medical emergency, my advice is to head for the hospital in marigot. it’s a small hospital, but it is on french standards, and if they can’t handle it, they will manage the transfer to guadeloupe. never forget that on the french side, you are in eec.


    my advice is to book hotel together with the air flight with a travel agent. once in sint maarten, unless you can use the business rates for local companies, it will be much more expensive.

    my advice is to take a hotel at orient bay on the french side, the most beautiful beach of sint maarten (with even a nude section!), with excellent animation and not too far from the brothels. alamanda resort (0590 52 87 40), blue beach (0590 87 33 34), cap caraibes (0590 52 94 94), capri (0590 87 42 14), caribbean princess (0590 52 94 94), esmeralda (0590 87 36 36), green cay (0590 87 38 63), plantation (0590 29 58 00), l’hoste (0590 87 42 08), orient bay (0590 87 31 10), palm court (0590 87 41 94), st tropez (0590 87 42 01).

    another great place is maho, close to most dutch night life places, but far from the brothels. mullet bay (543 2801), the towers (545 3069), caravanseral (545 4000), royal islander (545 2388), maho bay (545 2115), atrium (542 2126), flamingo (544 3900), horny toad guest house (545 4323), la chatelaine (545 4269), royal palm (544 3737), simpson bay yacht club (544 2799), tradewinds (544 4206), turquoise (545 2846).

    if you want to be the close to the brothels, head either to oyster point: captain oliver (0590 87 40 26), caravelle (0590 87 39 49), colombus (0590 87 42 52), sol ambiance (0590 29 38 00), soleil de minuit (0590 87 34 66) oyster bay (543 60 40) princess heights (543 6906) or to phillipsburg: caribbean (542 2028), great bay (542 2446), holland house (542 2572), horizon view (543 2110), mid town (542 6837), passangrahan (542 3588), sea palace (542 2700), seaview (542 23 23).

    local transport

    there are taxis everywhere, but they tend to be expensive. for example to head to seamen’s club from the airport, it’s 20$. as you have to come back also, it will be 40$. for that price, you can rent a car. all international rental car companies are available at airport: hertz, avis, budget… they tend to be more expensive than the local companies which are also reliable. try this one, available at both airports: united (phone 00 599 545 2616 or 00 590 771016). they have new small automatic ac cars for 35€/day and it’s reliable.

    strip club

    platinium at maho beach resort is the best strip club, with 20-30 gorgeous girls from eastern europe and canada. g string lap dance for 20$, private nude lap dance is 30$ for one song. sex is not available, i tried it once, and she professionally advised me to head for casablanca or seamen’s club!

    other strip clubs are golden eyes in simpson bay and solid gold at atlantis world casino in cupecoy mullet bay. there is also a strip club named cat outside the tourism area, on the road north of salt pond. most customers are locals. girls are mainly from english speaking caribbean islands (jamaica...). here, sex is available, as girls do all nighters for 150-200$.


    they are all on the same track. it starts at the traffic light close to the police office on the north part of phillipsburg, on the road along the salt pond. at this traffic light (our starting point km 0), you'll notice a building with "university" spelled on in. just take that road toward the university. after a few 100m, it becomes a sand road. on your right you will see a stadium, on your left you have "le petit chateau" (400m from the starting point). go further until the road starts again to become asphalted. again on your left you will have "crystal club” and on you right “carolina” in front of crystal club (1km from starting point). at the t crossing go right until you cross again the main road between phillipsburg and oyster pond. take this road left, toward oyster pond. after 100m, you will find on your left side "seamen’s club" (1.5km from starting point). continuing on the road towards oyster pond, you will find just after having past a top "kapper bar" or "defiance" on your right hand (3km from starting point). further on the road downhill you will have on your right "sunset bar" (4.5km from starting point). continue straight on and just before oyster pond on a hill at the right side "casablanca" or "border bar" (5km from starting point). the pictures attached to the report make the brothels more easy to find.

    you are free to enter and to exit of all these bars without paying anything (drinks starts from 2$). so feel free to check them all and make your own opinion. all these clubs are safe.

    even if you are with your wife, and even if you are only spending the day coming from a cruise ship, drop her at phillipsburg for shopping and take a 6$ cab for a 5min drive to the brothels. it’s open even at daytime. don’t feel guilty, as you will not be able to spend as much as your wife will do on shopping!

    le petit chateau

    this place open’s in the afternoon till is a big place with bar and pools, but there are mainly locals. however, don't feel uncomfortable being the only white guy, as we are in caribbean. if it will be noticed that you are alone, most of the time somebody will offer you a drink. but for the action you are looking for, it is not worth. dominican girls, overage and/or overweighed (rate 3-5). rates are 40$, but can be bargained to 30$.

    crystal club

    this is the worst club, i never stayed more than 1 minute. no tourists, a few dominican girls, overage and/or overweighed (rate 3-5). rates can be as low as 25$, but room facilities are poor.


    this is a hidden gem. i just discovered it during my last visit, even if i know sint maarten quite well for already a few years. it’s in front of crystal club, but it’s confusing as it has a barber/beauty parlor in front, as well as a regular restaurant. once inside the building, you will notice the door to the club. the club looks like a disco, with bar and stage. about 20 girls aged 20-30 rated 5-8 from colombia. this club has by far the most upscale facilities from all the brothels. it’s a former hotel, the rooms are clean, ac with individual bathrooms. there are even a few apartments, as well as a vip area with jacuzzi and karaoke! this area can be hired with a small group of friends: make your private fkk! the girls/men ratio is excellent, as this club is not well known. rates are 40$ for 25min, but the girls take there time. the club starts at 10am till 3am, however most girls don’t spend all daytime waiting for customers. escort is available for 150-200$ a day and a bar fee of 45$. you can even stay at night in a room for 50$/room+150-200$/girl. if you have no hotel, it may be considered, as rooms are ok.

    seamen’s club

    this used to be my favourite club. this place is supposed to cater for seamen. as most nowadays are from cruise ships at sint maarten on daytime, there is quite a lot animation even on afternoon. the club opens at 11am and closes at 3am. don’t be scared by the bad guys in front of the door, they are only taxi drivers waiting for customers.

    i like the atmosphere of this bar. inside, you have some sea related items, reminding you the name of the place. in the evening, there is a snack opening at the parking where you can eat some snacks.. during day time, there are only 5 to 10 chicas, and as much customers. during night-time, there are around 25 to 30 chicas, and 30 to 40 customers. the chicas are aged 20-25 from colombia and rated 5-8. there is a wide diversity under the customers: japanese and filipino seamen’s, black locals, white tourists, latinos, you name it. there is always some nice music, mostly latin music, as the lady behind the bar is from dominican republic. the atmosphere is very relaxed, no hassling from the girls, no bad behaviour from the customers. i even noticed several local groups (white french from the french side) accompanied with their wife or girl friend pass along having a drink.

    most are from colombia (especially cali), and some from dominican republic. they are on 3-month contract (for visa reasons) and can not come back in sint maarten before 1 year. they work hard in order to bring back money to their family. most have everyday telephone contact with their family in columbia, as it is their only motivation. most of these girls are probably not working girls when they are back at home in their own country. during their stay, the chicas live two in one ac room, every room having one large bed. the shower and wc are shared by two rooms. lunch and dinner is offered in the kitchen area (not allowed for customers). the chicas are not allowed to get out, or they have to pay a fine at the bar, the same you have to pay to get her out (60$). at 9pm, they must be there, as they have to register themselves in a book at the bar. if you are at that moment at the bar, you are sure to see all of them. a white lady, the kind of one you won't expect in such place is the manager in charge (the owner itself is a guy from st maarten, but you will never see him there). she takes great care about the chicas. this explains may be why the atmosphere is much more relaxed here than in the other clubs

    the going rate is 40$ for 20 min bj and fs protected. you may get down the price to 30$. if you ask for it, you can use the shower in the room. escort is also possible. day escorting starting from 11 am till 9pm (as they must be back again at 9pm) or evening escorting from 9pm to 3 pm. starting price is 300$, but you may get it down to 100$. you have to pay the bar fine (60$) separately from the chica. i once managed to get a chica out for 50$ during daytime, as she just arrived and was curious to look around the island. but most of the time, she just will calculate the money she would have earned by staying at the club. the 8 rating chicas will not go for 100$. there are a few 9 rated chicas you will nearly never spot in the club, as they work mostly on escort basis.

    i have excellent memories at this place, it’s here that i started to learn spanish and where i made my first salsa steps. yes, my latina addiction started here!


    a good parking lot, a snack outside, rooms from a former hotel, and a disco where you can meet the chicas. few tourists, about 10-15 girls, age 20-30, rated 4-6, most are dominican with a few colombianas. going rate is 40$ fs and bj. th place opens in the afternoon and closes at 3am.

    sunset retreat

    opens in the evening till 3am. this place looks like a disco with 5-10 girls mostly dominicanas rated 4-6. customers are locals. going rate is 30-40$ for fs and bj

    casa blanca / border bar

    casablanca is the biggest brothel with nice facilities (including a restaurant) and 30-40 girls. most are from dominican republic. customers are a mix of tourists and locals. it opens in the afternoon and closes at 5am. they make the girls go on stage for strip shows. but sorry, i don't like it. it is a hard core brothel, i rate the girls 4-6, with most 4. i find their attitude also too aggressive, a lot of hassling. to go to the room, you have to pay 45$ or 45€ through a small window, before you are allowed to enter the bedroom area with the girl. rooms are air-conditioned, have a bathroom and are rather clean.

    swing club

    there is a swing club at the french side, club 241 (0690 50 41 70). however, this is a resort, and you have to book your stay before. it's only for couples. the website is


    selina are advertising as a swing club, but they can arrange escorting. i have never experienced it, but it has been reported that pricing is 150$/night including the room and a bottle of wine, which is a bargain. if you are looking for a hotel to stay, the girl is included! girls are caribbean. the contact is through email:

    general opinion

    sint maarten is imho the best place for action in the caribbean. i know that most will consider dominican republic to be better. yes, dr is much bigger and offer much more action opportunities than sint maarten. but for some reason i don’t like dr action. i’m a latina lover, and dominican girls are not latinas but caribbean. you have to act more as a macho with dominican, else they will not respect you. it’s clearly about money, they will not help you to forget it. the colombian girls, like most latinas, are feminine, sensual and passionate. if you give bfe, she will give you gfe. if you have the right feeling, and for this you will need to speak spanish, have some knowledge about latin culture, including salsa dancing skills, those girls will give their heart and soul. it’s in seamen’s club that i experienced for the first time giving a genuine orgasm to a sex worker.

    curaçao has also good action with colombian chicas, but there is mainly only one brothel (campo allegre), even if it is the biggest of the caribbean. sint maarten in comparison offers much more diversity in places.

    i made also a report about cuba, but imho, cuba can not be considered as a mongering country, as there are no brothels, only amateur action is available.


    i added also a pic of a chica i met in carolina. this is not a porn pic, just a nice picture from a nice girl, only for informative purpose about the kind of girls to expect here. my last memory of her was when she waved at me from the main door to say goodby. she was a very interesting person, there was a good chemistry. she gave me her phone number, hoping i would come back. it's heartbreaking leaving such a sweat nice girl in her shit.
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    how to spot two of the places

    First is a picture of the Seaman's Club. It is set back in a fenced parking lot (good security for your car). The inside is not as upscale looking. plain concrete , but the girls are cute.

    Second is a picture of the Petite Chateau, which is set in a big dirt area
    across from the Little League stadium. When it rains, this area is a mud pile.
    I haven't been inside yet.

    Read the earlier reports for precise driving instructions.
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    Where to stay


    Just remember that most of the P4P action is not near the airport though. The closer to the city you are the better for you. Seamens and all the others are in the same vicinity near the town area about half an hour from the airport and the main hotels.


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    re: where to stay

    Try "Mary's Boon". You can probably google it and find all the info. I stayed there for a few days and it was just terrific! Right on the beach by the airport, and during the day the planes land almost right on top of you, but it is more exciting than irritating. No noise at night.

    They have a bar submerged in the pool which is neat.

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