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Thread: St. Maarten (The southern Dutch side)

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    Took a hit for Science

    Since I started visiting the brothels in Sept, I have been trying to follow the advice on this forum. Learn Spanish, talk to the Chicas, create some small relationship, and leverage that into a satisfying session. As I learned to follow these rules and say no to non-responsive chicas, my sessions got a lot better.

    Yesterday I was in Seamans and there were almost no customers, because no cruise ships were in port. The chicas were mainly busy putting up Christmas dectorations. I was just going to take a drink and look around when Isobella approached me.

    Thin (flaquita), pretty face, enhanced breasts, from Cancun Mexico (a hurricane refugee I guess). I tried all my Chica Spanish on her and never really got a conversation going. In fact, she answered all my simple Spanish with English! She just rubbed up against me and sat in my lap. She was sexy, but based on what I learned on this forum, I thouight the session with her would be disappointing.

    Since I had 30 minutes and $40 to spare, I let her take me to the room anyway. Undressed she was still sexy, but her breasts were over-enhanced - in my opinion - she had no nipples left. she would not allow kissing on the lips, or BBBJ or DFK. Her service was a quick CBJ, and a few positions. No carresses, no kisses, no massage. I guess if you are 21 with raging hormones this would work for you, but for older me it was not exciting. After 20 minutes, I told her I wasn't going to come. Note: Based on an unscientific sample of 2 chicas, I now consider knowledge of English a bad indicator. It shows more knowledge of American sexual expecations than is healthy!

    Science experiment completed: theories of the ISG board members validated.

    If you don't feel any connection and feedback with the chica, don't do the session.
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    Hi all!

    Just a quick note to thank Zing23 for his prompt and very useful reply!



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    Chica Spanish for the Real Beginner

    Quote Originally Posted by tigerman
    .. would it be a good idea if we could get a page on here catering for translations for some of the more, “useful” hobbyist expressions?
    before my first visit to brothels of st maarten, i used a post by routard to get started with chica spanish. he writes:
    Quote Originally Posted by routard
    latinas are sexy, sensual, passionate and sensitive. that's why the experience you will get with a chica depends largely of the chemistry you will be able to build up with her. speaking spanish is mandatory, else you will probably be disappointed. if you don't speak spanish, find hereafter a useful "phrasebook".
    i suggest you read his post for the guidelines to chica communication. also helpful were the comments on routard's post by grand polo. below is my version of routard's guide, with grand pollo's corrections and my simplifications. most of the chicas were from columbia, so i will make the examples below refer to columbia.

    three tips that i can add to what they suggested:

    1) at the start, concentrate on learning a few verbs and nouns. for example, if you want to take a shower with the girl, you can compose an entire sentence in spanish, or you can just say "ducha?" or "ducha, conmigo?" (shower with me?) just adding a question inflection to a single word can make an entire sentence! "bambinos?"

    2) when you run out of things to say, or spanish words that you know, ask them what the spanish word is for something. the key is for the sentence to be totally in spanish, except for one english word. if you can point or gesture or pantomine the english word it works for even tough concepts. to ask "how do you say 'lips' in spanish?', you ask "como se dici en espanol 'lips'?". last week i learned that the bum is "cola", at least to mariana from cali.

    3) get an inexpensive electronic translator with speech. the one i have does 6 languages and doesn't really pronounce the word very well, but it serves to remind you that spanish vowels have different sounds (i is e, e is a, a is ah, etc.) and to distinquish soft g from hard g, j is h etc. also, once you have made a connection with a chica, you can use the translator to keep communicating! really, it works. in fact, you can even print this posting out and point to phrases on it to communicate!

    spanish = english:

    hola! = hi!

    como estas? = how are you?
    ...bien, gracias, y tu? = fine, and you?

    como te llamas? = what is your name?
    ... me llamo zing. = my name is zing.

    mucho gusto = pleased to meet you

    de donde eres? = where are you from?
    ... america/canada/france/etc.

    te gusta st martin? = do you like st maarten? they will answer 'si' or 'no' or "st maarten muy caldo" (st maarten is too hot compared to cali!)

    quantos años tienes? = how old are you? (note: pronounce the n like it is 3 nns, with a "nasal n sound", since anos asks how many anuses do you have)

    the spanish numbers are not that hard, but in the beginning just use your fingers (3 fingers, then 5 fingers for 35).

    habla usted ingles? = do you speak english?

    no hablo espanol = i don't speak spanish. but i usually say "poco espanol" which means "a little spanish".

    (no) comprendo = i (don't) understand.

    repitamelo, por favor = repeat. or just repita.

    mas despacio = more slowly.

    escribamelo = write it down.

    como? = what?

    say nice things about your chica:

    piel muy suave = very soft skin (more complete is "usted tiene piel muy suave" = you have very soft skin). or just stroke her arm gently and murmer "suave, muy suave, ...".

    ojos = eyes
    labios = lips
    tetas, mamas = breasts
    pelo = hair
    piel = skin
    cola = bum
    cuerpo = body
    tetilla = nipple
    belos = balls

    bonita/bonito = pretty.
    hermosa/hermoso = beautiful.

    for example, cuerpo bonito. ojos hermosa. pelo hermoso.

    bonita is used with feminine words (usually ending in a, as in 'chica', 'mamas'). bonito is for masculine words (usually end in o, such as ojos and cuerpo).

    tus ojos me hacen loco = your eyes make me crazy. 'tus' is pronounced 'chu' and there is a soft c in hacen, like hacienda.

    besos = kisses. muchos besos = many kisses.
    besos en los labios? = kisses on the lips
    beso con lengua? = kisses with tonque

    learn to say you like/want something: me gusta tu sonrisa = i like your smile.

    baile? = dance?

    beber? = drink?

    use her name in a few sentences:

    valentina [es] muy hermosa = valentina is very beautiful.

    valentina mas atractiva [aqui] = valentine is the most sexy [here]

    ask about her family:

    padres en columbia? = parents in columbia? more complete is "tus padres viven en columbia?" = are your parents in colombia? singular padre is father, madre is mother.

    bambinos? children? more complete is "tienes hijos?" or "tienes bambinos?"

    bambinos años? = how old are your children? i usually also hold out my hand to indicate the possible height of the child.

    hermanas? = sisters? more complete is "tienes hermanos y hermanas?" = do you have brothers and sisters?

    no es facil trabajar aqui con tus bambinos en colombia = it is not easy working here and having her children there:

    she will ask if you want to go for a massage or "fucky fucky". gfe = no quiero fucky fucky, quiero hacer amor. = not just a quick fuck, i want romance. corny, but cute. i have found it difficult to negotiate what is included - but if something is a deal breaker for you, be sure to ask for it. me gusta chuparme sin condom = i like sucking without a condom.

    cuanto cuesta? = how much? most chicas will know the english words for fifty dollars, forty dollars, thirty dollars,... or just offer thirty dollars yourself = treinta dollares?

    some useful words in the room:

    fabuloso = fabulous (when she is naked!)

    delicioso = delightful

    caliente!! = hot!!

    una hora? = one hour? the girl may sometimes try to upsell you (one hour is more money). i now say "no gracias" and find that a good daty can extend the session usually, then offer a larger tip.

    ducha = shower. ducha conmigo = shower with me.

    mas suave = softer

    mas duro = harder

    apretar = squeeze

    siente bien? = feels good?

    chuparme = suck. chuparme sin condom = suck without a condom.

    perrito = doggy style.

    terminar = come/climax.

    propina = tip.

    also learn a few standard phrases:

    por favor = please.

    muchas gracias = many thanks.

    buenas tardes = good afternoon.

    adios = goodbye.

    quizás = perhaps. quiza - maybe. pero = but.

    hasta luego (see you later) soft g

    perdon = sorry.

    fatigue = tired.

    at the end, the best providers will offer a massage. "si". as you relax, ask for "massage de mamas", i.e., massage me with your tits. after that, "ducha" for a shower!

    if you enjoyed the session (or the next session on the second day) and you have the free time, ask her if she wants to have lunch at the beach: la playa para almorzar? if you want to arrange another session, número de teléfono? = your telephone number?

    final tip: if there was something you wanted to communicate, but couldn't, go to and translate it from english into spanish for the next time! this web site is really good.

    good luck. i wrote this after working on spanish for less than 8 weeks. i wanted to get it down while i was still a novice. no doubt i have some errors and typos and important omissions. just pm them to me and i will update the post as a reference.

    - zing
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    Thai massage!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bishop1975
    In St Marteen, are there any asian girls for massage sensual?
    Just a couple of days ago I answered that I had never heard of any, but looking in Friday's Daily Herald newspaper classifieds, I found this ad:

    "Thai Massage. Body Body, very Sensual. private or at your home open 7/7. For
    more information, call 0690 887311."

    Should have known - St Martin has everything. This is a cellphone number on the French side. To reach from the USA, you dial 011 590 690 88 73 11. To reach from the Dutch side St Maarten, you dial 00 590 690 88 73 11.

    Hopefully Bishop will try it and report back to us.
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    Hi Guys!

    A quick note to tell you a bit about my visit to St Maarten last week.

    My buddy and me were working in St Maarten and had a few hours of free time in the afternoon. We shared a cab from town, intending to go to the Casa Blanca; we had been to the Island many times before, and because of the time (it was round about 3-30pm) we decided against the Seamens Club, because even though we have had many an enjoyable stay there, during the afternoon it almost always gets pretty well packed with; well Seamen I suppose! (There’s a clue in the name!) I find that wherever you are in the world, when there are a lot of potential clients there for the girls, they tend to be a little rushed and indifferent. Anyway, got chatting to the driver in the taxi, talking about the clubs over the years, and he mentions a place called Carolina’s. I hadn’t visited St Maarten for over a year, but I had not heard of this place before; perhaps it is reasonably new to the scene? Well I felt compelled to give it a try, if only to give all you guys the heads up!

    1st of all, the locals use a Spanish sounding pronunciation of the name “Carolina’s”; it sounded a bit like “Ka-ro-leee-naz” (please excuse spelling, and no offence intended to any of you Spanish speaking guys!) The club seemed to be just around the corner, probably easy walking distance, from the Seamens club (I’m not sure if I would be too happy trying that at night on my own though). There were 2 entrances from the street. The one to the right leads into a café/restaurant type place, so it’s the dark and dingy one to the left that you’ll need.

    You find yourself in a dimly lit bar, with a stage area set up with a pole. When we arrived (about 4pm-ish) we were the only 2 “punters” but there were plenty of girls; I’d take a guess at about 20. There were a couple of other guys in the bar, but they were running a few of the girls through some dance moves so I assumed that they were something to do with the management.

    We had a few beers there; not too expensive: - I think 2 or 3 bucks each, and admired the view. As we were the only 2 guys there, we did have a lot of attention. Almost all of the girls there would have been on my “Do-able” list. As to be expected, they mainly seemed to come from the DR or Colombia, so if tall leggy blond hair and blue eyes is your thing you best not come here! Having said that, none of the girls were old or overweight, I would say 6 out of 10 and upwards, and a good few with a lovely sexy and flirty look about them. Had a chat with a few of the girls. But my attention had been caught by the girl that was going through the dance moves. I was told here name was Valentina, but when she came over, she introduced herself as Vicky; (again with the accent it was more like “Veee-ky!). On speaking to her, it turned out she was 23, from Cartegena, and had only been in St Maarten a few weeks. (I did take a picture on my Cell phone; will see if I can upload it when I figure out how to do it!). Chatted to her for about ½ hour or so. My Spanish is virtually non existent, and so was her English; (As an aside, would it be a good idea if we could get a page on here catering for translations for some of the more, “useful” hobbyist expressions?) Another nice thing; as we were chatting, my friend and me had another beer, and thought it polite to offer the 2 girls “a beer”; (try this line guys. If you offer them a beer/whiskey or whatever you are drinking, then it leaves you room for manoeuvre if the bar maid comes back with a $200 bottle of champagne!) However the girls asked for an Orange juice, and a Red Bull! Top marks!

    Took the girls to the room. There was a $3 bar fine to take each girl out. The rooms were off down a corridor to the left of the stage area. They were typical rooms for this part of the world. A little on the grubby side, but with a shower and acceptable A/C. Vicky was a very capable and enthusiastic companion. DFK to get warmed up, then on with the rubber and into a very acceptable CBJ. Mish, cowgirl, and finished off with everyone’s favourite; Doggy. No clock watching; - in fact no mention at all of any time constraints, apart from a “from the management” style piece of card stuck on the wall. And rather surprisingly, she didn’t ask for any money upfront!? At the end, she asked for 40 bucks; was more than happy with that, so I gave her a 10 dollar tip. Once again, I’m sure the situation was helped because we were the only 2 guys in there; if we had been at the Seamen’s Club at that time of day, there would have been a never ending stream of girls with clients banging on the door wanting the room!

    The girls came out to the bar with us afterwards and had another drink. Used the old trick of asking a guy outside for a cab. A “non” taxi is the cheapest way to get back from the clubs on this island. Even from the Casa Blanca, which is in the $15 region for a legitimate taxi, the locals are happy to take you back to town for 5 dollars.

    Very happy with my first visit to Carolina’s. Will be back in St Maarten in a few weeks time; and will definitely be visiting there again!

    Cheers Guys,


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    Le Petit Chateau


    I think you are right about Le Petit Chateau. It is my favorite place on the island for hobbying. The prices are cheaper and I think the chicas are far less aggressive and demanding than Seamans.

    There is a one called Elena who is from the Dominican Republic. About 30, oversized breasts and round butt. She does anal for 40. Takes it like a true champ. No fuss and no complaints.

    Quite a few younger ones as well, but they are not always receptive to anal offers.


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    asian massage?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bishop1975
    In St Marteen, are there any asian girls for massage sensual?
    I have never heard of any.


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    In St Marteen, are there any asian girls for massage sensual?

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    Finally visited Le Petite Chateau

    Following up on my picture of Le Petit Chateau, here is a report of my visit.

    I went in the early afternoon. As you enter there are 4 pool tables, where 2 locals were having a game. I said "good afternoon" which is the standard greeting here (Good night at night instead of good evening) and continued on into the bar. Large circular bar with about 5 or 6 guys and equivalent chicas, well lit by sunlight during the daytime. In the back is an area with benches along the walls that is darker; this is where most of the girls were sitting. I didn't get a good look at them, but they seemed to be mostly the large Dominican girls that Routard described and that many locals like.

    When I went up to the bar to order my drink, one pale skinned girl with a sort of desperate look of trying to be classy greated me in very formal english - she must have memorized it from a course. I replied with "Hola" and moved off to sit and look around.

    None of the girls at the bar appealed to me at first glance. I was going to move to the back of the bar and start talking to the many chicas there, when I noticed an attractive, thinner, well-endowed girl with short hair walk across to the bar and order a Vitamin Drink. I moved over and said "Hola" and "Como estas?" She was from Cali Columbia and we had a nice chat in my pitiful Spanish. She showed me pictures of her 3 children on her cellphone and of her beauty parlor in Cali - she earns money in St Maarten to pay for setting up the business. She said she was 34 years old, which must be true, given the size/age of her oldest bambino, but she looked better than many of the 25 year olds.

    We agreed on $30 (treinta dollares) to go to her room. Outside the back of the bar is a large courtyard with the girl's rooms all around it. A number of girls were setting on stoops talking, a few guys also. She asked if I wanted the climatization (airco) - I said yes, and she went back with $3 for the bar to get them to turn on the airco in the room. The room was small and ordinary, like at Seamans and Defiance etc.

    The sex was good - not super special. I gave her a $10 tip, bringing the cost up to her asking price. She looked just as good without her clothes!

    Le Petite Chateau is big and friendly - I will go back sometime, although Caroline and Defiance are my favorites right now.
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    Another newspaper article

    From The Daily Herald, Phillipsburg, St Maarten. Wed Nov 16, 2005.

    When reading this article, keep in mind that the event happened at 4:00am and at Casa Blanca brothel, which is the most remote one. I would be careful everywhere in St Maarten at 4am (if i ever stayed up that late!). During the daytime and early evening, even Casa Blanca is generally safe.

    "Man Attacked Outside Brothel"

    A man R.O. (20) of Curacao was attacked and severly beaten by at least seven young men who stole his personal belongings and US $400 Sunday Nov 13.

    The victim told police he had been at the Casa Blanca brothel around 4:00am when he received a phone call. Because of the noise inside the establishment, he went outside the building to converse with his caller.

    Not knowing he was being watched, he was engaged in conversation when the suspects rushed him and proceeded to beat him. During the beating he lost a tooth and sustained a swollen left eye and jaw.

    He was taken to St Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) for treatment, following which he gave police brief details of the incident. Police spokesman Inspector JOhan "Janchi" Leonard said the victim had claimed he did not know the suspects.

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    Thanks for the map. Most helpful.

    I will add it to the one I got from the cruise ship.

    Maybe we can start shore excursion company.

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    is seamans best?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bishop1975
    Is it the best brothel in St Marteen? Girl are ok?
    I think that Carolina is better, but Seamans is a good place. Girls are very similar at Carolina and Seamans, but of course some leave every week and some new ones arrive from Columbia every week!

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    Seaman Club

    Is it the best brothel in St Marteen? Girl are ok?

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    Here is a map I created from the standard tourist map. it shows the location of all the brothels that I know about.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails sxm.gif‎  
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    News story about Casa Blanca brothel

    From The Daily Herald, St Maarten newspaper, Thu Nov 3.

    In case this link stops working, here is the whole story. Those girls from Dominican Republic are tough!

    Two jailed for fight in brothel

    PHILIPSBURG--Two men who started a brawl at Casa Blanca Nightclub in Oyster Pond on August 6 were tried and sentenced in the Court of First Instance on Wednesday. Milton Hubert Peters (33) of the United States will have to spend one year in prison, while Jose Elmiro Cannegieter (31) will have to sit for nine months.

    The two men got into a brawl with a group of exotic dancers working in the establishment, apparently in a fight over a chair.

    Milton Peters stated that he had been sitting on a chair inside the brothel and got up to buy himself a drink. When he returned, a 19-year-old woman from the Dominican Republic had occupied his chair. He asked the girl to return his seat, but she refused. Thereupon the two started a tug-of-war with the chair.

    During the scuffle the girl allegedly struck Peters with a bottle, prompting him to punch her in the face. At that moment several other female dancers at the brothel – both suspects stated there were as many as 40 – joined in the scuffle and started throwing bottles at him. Four dancers, all from the Dominican Republic, sustained injuries in the fight.

    Cannegieter told Judge Frank Wieland Wednesday that he was innocent and had nothing to do with the fight. But Peters had a different story. He stated Cannegieter had pulled a gun, which enabled them to leave the establishment. However, Peters admitted that he was the actual owner of the firearm.

    Peters had been in contact with the law before. He was sentenced to 10 years for manslaughter in 1996.

    In this case, Prosecutor Johan de Vrieze considered the charges of threat, manslaughter and the possession of a firearm proven. He requested 18-month prison sentences for both suspects.

    In defence of his client, lawyer Stomp pleaded for the acquittal of his client based on the fact that he had acted out of self-defence. “These women stood up for themselves and lined up at the exit. My client had no other way out,” Stomp said.

    Attorney-at-law Jairo Bloem was of the same opinion where Peters was concerned. “These women started to fight and my client responded,” according to Bloem. He stated that his client should be acquitted of manslaughter and of having threatened the women, and that Peters could only be convicted of the possession of a firearm.

    Judge Wieland considered all charges proven in Peter’s case. He dismissed the self-defence plea because Peters had gotten himself involved in the brawl.

    Cannegieter was only found guilty of possession of an illegal weapon. The judge acquitted him of the other charges.

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