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Thread: St. Maarten (The southern Dutch side)

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    Making the wife happy

    Quote Originally Posted by Zeke01  [View Original Post]
    Hey guys,

    Looking to book an erotic massage. But this would be for the wife. I need somewhere that has a good beefy hunk for her. Any suggestions from those in the know? Adding a picture of her for attention to the post.
    Just leave her to the local beach boys, there are plenty and they will take care for her needs, don't worry. And that gives you some free time to venture to the clubs and thereafter write a report, which is actually the purpose of this forum.

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    Simpson Bay. Dutch side, massage

    Hey guys,

    Looking to book an erotic massage. But this would be for the wife. I need somewhere that has a good beefy hunk for her. Any suggestions from those in the know? Adding a picture of her for attention to the post.
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    Regarding Casablanca, my friend visited their about 1 month ago and it was terrible, said only 2 girls and did not stay long. Things may of changed since then but I not fussed about visiting tbh.

    Loads of freelance around, really nice one called Jenny outside red piano which I am tempted to have some fun with. She has a friend also quite attractive but I don't know her name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClubTed  [View Original Post]
    Seems like SXM is coming back to life. Kudos to those that have navigated the bureacratic paperwork to make it to the island. A shout out to my friend Knotebuoy. I knew you had the itch and couldn't wait to get back to the friendly island! LOL. Wonder if they ever recovered in Oyster Pond where we met and were both staying.
    CT; It was long wait between trips. Definitely had an itch that needed scratching. Did not venture back to Oyster Pond this time given the reports of border blockades shortly before arriving. Last time I was there it was not fairing well. Our former haunt had some signs of recovery but still had a long way to go. Happy to report decent selection at the 3 clubs I visited; Carolina's, Crystals and Empire. Unfortunately I have no knowledge about Casablanca, Sunset or LE Petit Chateau.

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    Some comments / thoughts


    About 12 girls working, but more coming in Wednesday (according to bartender margarita). Most girls are asking $60 now instead of the $50 it's been for the last decade. My first thought was "hell no", but then I thought about what's been going on all over the world and remembered that almost everything else has increased in price, so I've come to peace with it LOL. If they ask for $50 I give $50. If they ask for $60 I'm not going to lose my shit. The general quality of girls is good, including Catalina (who was a regular fixture in Curacao under her real name), Eva who is a great time and will let you put it in her ass, and Paola who has an incredibly cute face and incredible massage techniques.


    I second the hotness of Alison. Had a threesome with her and her friend Magali. Was planning to take both of them out the next day but started getting some fucked up drunk texts from Magali, so that didn't happen. It's not an SXM trip if some chick doesn't volverse loco conmigo. Other than those 2 there was maybe only 1 other that I saw that was worth my time, so probably won't go back there again. Prices are still $50 here.

    El Capitan.

    At least 15 girls here. Lots of good selection. Went back with Valentina a couple of times (tall, dark skin, braces). She offered take out at $230 for the afternoon or $360 for 24 hours (plus bar fee), but I didn't bite because I can't fuck 4-5 times a day like I used to. Otherwise I thought the rate was pretty great. Prices are $50 here, but you'll get a knock on the door if you take too long.


    $60 here, and a few good options, but you have to be aggressive because all the girls do is sit around on their phones with their heads down. Unlike El Capitan where you practically get molested and they don't take a hint. Lots of guys hang out here, and many bring in their girlfriends. Still worth the drive though.


    Made the drive out there, saw cars in the parking lot and dudes going in, but couldn't hear any music playing. This place is called something else now (can't remember the name sorry). Had Mel in the back of my head talking about shots fired here so didn't even get out of the car and drove back to empire LOL.


    Lots and lots of independent Colombians and Venezuelans are working Tinder. They charge $150/ hour (can be talked down to $120). They'll even drive out to you. The price is reasonable if you consider room fees. Haven't pulled the trigger on this but may try it out just to get a report on it.

    If anyone has more info on the former Casablanca I'd love to hear it.

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    DR girl. Kimberly

    So, was in Caro again tonight, chilling at the bar, was not intending to do anything as my friend went in back with Katalina.

    I got approached by Kimberly the little DR girl, trying to brush her off but ended up getting her a drink and she then said she will give me a massage at the bar. So she started massaging my back for like 5-10 mins at the bar and I decided to go into the back as the massage was good so would be happy to pay for just that.

    Get to her room, she strips down to just her heels and goes to wash her pussy, I take my top off and tell her just want massage and that maybe I give her a pussy licking after.

    She then proceeds to give me a real hard but great massage, she got rid of some knots I did not know I had, and then she proceeded to sit her arse on my head so I could feel her fucking pulse. Then she takes off her shoes and walks on my back, almost brought a tear to my eye as she continued the message.

    The message finished after like 15-20 mins and she then rides my face as I eat her pussy, with her hands she undoes my jeans and starts sucking me off without a condom, was getting very aroused so ended up have a quick fuck involving cow girl and lots of doggy.

    After spurting my load we both proceed to get dressed and I make a comment that she wearing panties tonight, she then grabbed those same panties and rubbed them under my nose asking if they stinked of piss the dirty *****. They were actually ok so she proceeded to put them on and I gave her the cash and left.

    She is pure filth this one, gives good service and is a lot of fun, is very wild and her English it better than I thought, will raise the score to 9/10.

    There was also another new arrival tonight, my friend said the girl was really hot but I did not get good look at her so will provide update when I have more intel.

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    Is TLN available in SXM? I looked back and haven't seen anything about anyone arranging for a girl back at their crib for an all nighter. If it had been five, what price were they quoting? This might be my scuba dive haven in between my cartagena trips.

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    Nice Reports, and some random thoughts.

    Seems like SXM is coming back to life. Kudos to those that have navigated the bureacratic paperwork to make it to the island. A shout out to my friend Knotebuoy. I knew you had the itch and couldn't wait to get back to the friendly island! LOL. Wonder if they ever recovered in Oyster Pond where we met and were both staying. Seems like Carolina's and Crystals are ground zero for the mongering. Has anyone ventured to Casa Blanca or Sunset Retreat, or does anyone have any intel about these places? Also, what about LE Petit Chateau? Guess they call it something else these days. Mel, might have some insight.

    Saw a few posts on the Aruba board. Guess San Nicolas still has some action. Not sure how that is working out, if the chicas have tourist visas. Are they getting their weekly health checkups?. Or are you just rolling the dice being with one of them.

    Someone posted something on the Curacao board about Campo, close to reopening. Wishful thinking. From what I can gather, the place is done. Will more than likely be bought up and developed into a resort, or condo complex, based on it's proximity to the airport. Also, it is beachfront property, but the water is rough on that side of the island, but nothing that man made breakwaters can't control. Glad I got my one and only visit into Campo before it closed. Kicking myself I didn't go earlier. A veritable Adult Disney World that will sadly be missed.

    May try to venture down to either Aruba or SXM after the first of the year. Seems this COVID crap is becoming old news. Waiting for the next big news headline to get everyone crazy. For those on island, party on!

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    Update end of week 1

    So since last time I posted I have had 3 more girls.

    Diamond in Crystal club, sexy black chick with lots of Tatoos and amazing hot body, I really like this girl. She is from Antigua so English is perfect and she fucked me so hard it hurt my cock. 8/10.

    Angie from Empire, very attractive Colombian MILF with small natural but not firm body, good fun and would do again, did not feel like I was on clock with her, very pretty face. 7. 5/10 (does not speak English).

    Diva from Carolina, small little natural spinner from Bogotá, fantastic and loves riding cock, very attractive with massive titties and no ink. Think going make her my girl in Carolina for now unless one of favourite girls return. 8. 5/10, speaks very little English.

    Other girls that's my friends had, their ratings.

    Allison in Crystal, little Colombian spinner with small arse and smaller pussy, very hot girl that one of my friends adores. He gives her 10/10.

    Viviana in empire, my friend really likes this girl and buys her presents and wants to take her out, very pretty Colombian. 9. 5/10.

    Daniela in Carolina, my friend had her tonight, small decent looking Colombian that gives a great massage and passionate, 7. 5/10.

    My friend really wants Sammy again from Carolina who is a smoking hot blond that usually sits by door to Chinese but he has had bad timing recently. He says she the best in Carolina 10/10.

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    Wife and I ventured out in Simpson Bay for her first SXM strip club experience. Due to it being last minute availability (on our part), we decided to just hit Red Diamond. Got there at 10, and they had at least 10-12 girls working. I was shocked, as I'm used to the states, where we joke that "stripper time" is more delayed than "island time" LOL, so I was not expecting any girls to be there yet. I believe there was only 1 girl we didn't find attractive. The rest were all very attractive to a few smoke shows. Got a dance from Alice, a statuesque Romanian dancer, that we'd happened to notice at Mullett that morning (ok, I noticed her). The convo started it out right! Just ended up going back for a few couples dances that hit the wife settled in.

    Would have loved to get some OTC with her. But, we are sharing a room entrance with friends that aren't aware of our lifestyle choices LOL.

    She wants to hit Caroline's or Defiance next, as she was told they have pretty girls as well.

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    Nice to hear that while the bars are not packed, there are at least a few gems. Looking forward to touching down in a couple of days!

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    Caro DR girl

    So started the night in Empire but it was very quiet, only like 6 girls on the floor. Owner was outside and told me and my friend that 10 more girls are arriving early December.

    We moved onto Carolina and that was fairly quiet too, sat in the corner by DJ booth and chilled for 45 minutes with beers. Popped over to Crystal where there like 6 girls, that Brazilian Luisa was there, she is quite a beauty but I got approached by the beast in there so quickly left after 1 min, this is per course for me in Crystal past few visits.

    Went back to Caro and Katalina, small Colombian spinner got my friend and the DR chick me friend had previous night approached me. After bit of bump and grind at bar and her hands down my pants stroking my cock I decided to go in the back with her.

    Now I heard she only does like 15 min session and the guy who fucked her previous was back in the bar after 11 mins so I was expecting this was 15 mins tops.

    35 minutes later I am emptying my sacks over her, did not feel rushed at all which surprised me. She is really attractive and has fantastic body and is quite aggressive. Dominican girls are certainly different from Colombian girls, they are very hard in my experience after being very close to two in the past.

    She was pretty passionate and likes to be fucked hard, would certainly give her 8/10 like my friend advised but experiences may vary as she does not always give you the full 30 mins so be warned. But from what I got I cannot complain so I recommend her on my personal experience.

    My friend always has good time with Katalina, she very small Colombian spinner with tight pussy, so you can't really go wrong with that can you, so on his advice I recommend her too, she is also passionate with DFK. 9/10 from him.

    P.S. I did not get my toes sucked by the DR girl which I am ok with as it does nothing for me, though i did keep my socks on so who knows.

    Not sure if hitting the clubs tomorrow but for sure Monday. More reports to follow during the week.

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    Back on island finally and hit Carolina only last night, was pretty quiet. Got jumped on by a curvy Venezuelan girl called Pamela who spoke good English. Went for a Chinese and came back in to get drinks and a black Dominican chick who called herself Puta 🤣.

    Was not interested as in middle of my dinner, came back in after I finished to sit on the hand chairs by DJ booth and Pamela came over again and started bouncing up and down on me, she was getting me aroused so told let's go to her room.

    Paid 10 bucks to the bar and she wanted 60 up front, rate has gone up last year or something. Anyone she was decent, solid 7/10, big fake tits, quite passionate with DFK, condom BJ, followed by missionary, doggy, some spoons and finally cowgirl where she finished. She then proceeded to finish me off with handjob and blowjob. Was in the back for about 40 mins and did not feel rushed which was nice.

    Had chit chat with her at bar while waited for my friend who had the DR chick after warning me she was not good.

    He said she only asked him for 40 bucks for a fuck though she is very rushed (about 20 mins) but pure filth, she sucked his dirty toes, so you prob don't want to kiss this chick if you get with here as if she sucks dirty toes I dread to think what else goes in that mouth. My friend rated her 8/10 and she is attractive.

    There was about 15 girls in there, not really any superstars like a Vanessa, Alexa or Yessica but did not see any Rotters either so it's ok, hopefully clubs fills up between now and December.

    Going to empire tonight to try out the delights.

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    2nd Day and Already in a Rut

    Went back to Carolina's to check out the line up. Not much had changed with one notable exception. A slender blonde appeared. Unfortunately she chose to approach the younger more handsome version of my self standing next to me. Waited to see what was going to happened only to watch her disappear into the back with her catch. I have put her on my to do list.

    Disappointed but not deterred I decided to cross the street and check out Crystals hoping to run into the cute spinner or Luisa. Was disappointed on both counts. Even fewer girls than the night before and none to my liking.

    Decided to skip El Capitain and go back to the Empire Club to see what the line up would reveal this evening. Headed to the bar and was quickly approached by my shadow. Yup; the same girl I had been with the previous evening. After much foundling I decided what the hell. Went back for another round. This time with fingers deep inside her pussy I felt her convulse in orgasm. After which I bent her over the side of the bed and took her from behind. She then treated me to a very nice massage. What I am lacking in variety is being made up for in customer service.

    Looking forward to working on my To Do list.

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    Arrived Tuesday and went on a reconnaissance mission.

    First stop; Carolina's. Stopped at the bar to pick up a beer on my way to the restaurant. Was immediately approached by pleasant young lady who spoke English. I told her I was going to get something to eat and would be back. While having dinner one of the girls came in and made some gestures indicating a good time could be had. I indicated back that I would be visiting the bar after dinner. I left the restaurant through to front door to put something in my car then entered the bar thorough the bar entrance. I no soon got the the bar when I was ambushed by both of my previous chica contacts. I mean full on race to see who got to me first. Now that is what I call a welcome. The girl that won out provided an extensive massage to the little guy while offering BBBJ with CIM finish. It was hard to say no (pun intended). I explained that I was just there for a couple of beers and was leaving. After all I had some important work to do. In all I counted only about 8 or 9 Chicas at around 9 pm. A couple I found attractive and will check out later this trip.

    Next stop was Crystals. Here there were only about 5 or 6 girls that I could see. Only one was working the room. There was on very cute spinner who ranked high on my "doable" list. I asked about Louisa and was told she was off but would be working the next night. Will need to return and "visit" with her later in the week. Other than the one cute spinner the rest were pretty average.

    Following Crystals we were off to the Empire Club; formally Defiance. Here the line up as again about 8 or 9 girls at around 10 pm. I didn't have to sit at the bar long before being approached by a charming female companion. There were several girls I thought were worth checking out a bit closer but could not be distracted from my mission. I said farewell to my new friend and headed to El Capitain.

    El Capitain again only had about 6 or 7 girls on the floor, non of which were to my liking. Left after one beer and headed back to Carolina's. It was about 11 pm and wondered if the line up may have increased. It had not.

    My work was done, as far as I was concerned and decided to was time for some R&R. Back to the Empire club I go. This time I am approached by an attractive Colombian lady (surprise) who again spoke good English. She introduced herself as Shadow. I in turn introduced myself as Tripod. I mean if we are using fake names why not fantasize a bit. She had a good laugh then proceeded with the Colombian hand shake followed with placing my hands on her firm breast; and I mean firm. The session was good and she seemed open to anything as long as it was covered. Unfortunately my reconnaissance work had taken its toll and I was pretty inebriated by this time. May have to go back and revisit this girl to explore the limits more fully.

    In general the number of girls is down but there are still some good lookers in my estimation. Most of the girls I spoke with spoke decent English. The clubs all had someone at the door providing hand sanitizer but no one wore mask's inside. Also very few customers so the girls are more aggressive and all that I spoke with asked "drink for me?" All in all there is still lots of fun to be had by all.

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