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    Today was a big failure, after changing the arranged time twice the lady finally turned up at my hotel, she was far from presentable and I couldn't do her. Lucky for me I met her outside in the car park first, I have learned a lesson today Skopje is a place to avoid.

    May the force be with you.

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    Skopje newbie

    My first time in Skopje and I searched the forum and it seems the city is dead, I have not posted for a long time but have been a member for 20 years approx. I was told to go a restaurant near my hotel (Hilton Doubletree) the name was Trocadero and the food is excellent, a limited menu but enough, big portions and the liver is amazing. Whilst I was in there I got talking to the locals and suggested I was lonely, this guy I got friendly with said he knows someone who can arrange a meeting. All is set for tomorrow at midday, she is coming to my hotel for 1 hour and anything I like is on the cards.

    I will post afterwards how everything goes and I hope I can make a good contribution to the Macedonia section of the board which is very quiet.

    May the force be with you!

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    First time in Skopje

    So I arrived at Skopje airport in Friday afternoon.

    Took a taxi to Best Western hotel where I had booked a room.

    Had a quick shower before I went downtown to have lunch and coffee.

    After I had walked around in the city, I walked back to my hotel to shower again before.

    I went out again.

    I had read about the erotic massage in Valijant 3, so I wanted to try that.

    Found the massage place without any problem. The redhaired girl stood at the counter.

    And I asked for a massage.

    50 euro it will cost she said, and I said OK.

    I undressed and lay on the bed. She had a black bra, panties and high heeled shoes.

    She started the massage, and after a while she removed her bra and gave me some.

    Kind of B2B massage.

    After maybe 15 minutes she asked me to turnaround and began to touch my penis.

    I asked her to remove her shoes. She asked me why, and I told her that I liked feet.

    50 euro extra it would cost, and since I wanted her feet very bad, I agreed.

    She only removed one shoe, but I did not care. I kissed, licked and sucked on her feet.

    When she jerked me off. She fake moaned which was a big turnoff, but ok.

    I came, and she said thanks, gave me a tissue and left.

    Well, maybe it was not worth the money, but her feet was nice.

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    Searching for Independent Escort in Skopje, any idea?

    Hi there,

    I will stay in Skopje in January 2020 and need some help, finding some Escort. Is anybody here who can send me some links to Escort Sites? I didn't find anything useful. If here is somewhere who knows Skopje, please PM me.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Traveller16  [View Original Post]
    I understand that prostitution is illegal in Skopje but how hard is it enforced by the police and hotels? I am considering ordering an outcall to my hotel from the below erotic massage site, would I take any real risks in doing so? To be clear, I am not not looking for sex, just some nice erotic massage.

    Any recommendations for 4 or 5 star hotels wear I wouldn't have any problems?
    One thing is for sure, any girl who will want to visit you will have to show her ID to the receptionist. To answer your question, if the receptionist knows the girl, what she does & is friendly with her than you should be okay. Otherwise, if the receptionist knows the girl, what she does, but she is not playing for his team, than you might end up in trouble. I hope this info will be helpful to you.
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    I understand that prostitution is illegal in Skopje but how hard is it enforced by the police and hotels? I am considering ordering an outcall to my hotel from the below erotic massage site, would I take any real risks in doing so? To be clear, I am not not looking for sex, just some nice erotic massage.

    Any recommendations for 4 or 5 star hotels wear I wouldn't have any problems?

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    I've been to the sexshop you mentioned. The redhead was sitting there in a leather outfit and I immediately asked for the 50 erotic massage whit the duration of 45 minutes. Communication was not that easy, but she understands and brought me to a room and asked me to undress and to lay on my stomach. She leaves and came back after a while in lingerie. She started the massage and it was nice. Many oil, touching the right parts and some body to body massage with also only top off. After some minutes she asked me to turn around and it didn't took long before she started the handjob. I was allowed to touch here body.

    It was she who asked me for a upgrade; another 50 for a covered BJ. I agreed and she walked away for getting a condom. You might think a girl who does this job while have a kind of experience, but she couldn't put on the condom om here own. I had to help here. Than she started the BJ but it wasn't that good and she was pushing me to finish. But whit tat BJ it won't work so I asked here to finish with handjob. Because of the many oil she was using that also was working and she was getting upset and looks hurried but she was working hard for it. Finally I helped myself and it was done quick. She gave me a piece of paper and said goodbye. No time for a chat or something. I hadn't even cleaned your put my clothes on ans she was gone. And I saw we only went in the room for 38 minutes, not the promised 45. When I left the shop I didn't saw here but another (dark haired) woman was sitting there. The redhead was better looking to me. So the massage was OK, but the upgrade was a bummer.

    The same evening I asked a taxi driver where the action was. He said the only change were some mostly not good looking hookers in a park. He brought me there and we saw 1 ugly girl so we drove on. There was only 1 other person. I didn't have a good view, but the taxi driver told me it was transsexual and moved quickly. It isn't my thing, so that was OK. After that 2 'girls' we saw nothing more so he brought me home.

    After all not much action in Skopje.

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    Took one for the team.

    Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Skopje was a paradise for our hobby many many years ago. But, as all the posts here suggest, its dried up considerably. But, there are some options. Was there a few months ago, just posting now.

    On google maps, the valijant 3 location.

    OK, a few other posts here over the years on this shop, they do offer erotic massage at the location. So, I decided to check it out. Website says 50 euro for 45 minutes. But their facebook site has an offer of 35 euro (2000 local) for massage only and 50 euro (3000 local currency) for vibrator show, and massage.

    When I got there. Was greeted by a cute mid 20 something redhead. I asked for the massage, she said 50 euro, I said only want the 35 euro version. Out came the 40 something older lady (but decent body), that you see on the facebook page pics. Who clearly just finished a massage (was half naked)- spoke great English, and was joking with me that the 50 euro deal is much better. I assumed it would be with her, so I declined. She reluctantly agreed to take the 35 euro, but to my surprise the 20 something was giving my massage! This was starting to look up. BUT, quickly fell apart haha. She spoke almost no English, or didn't want to, and was VERY upset that I didn't pay the full 50. When it came time to remove clothing for full body massage. Only the top came off, said bottoms were part of the 50 euro deal. Touching, very limited. And again, only part of the 50 euro deal. I offered to upgrade and pay the extra 15, but my point wasn't getting across. On the flip, went right for the frank and beans, with little fanfare. I asked what else was available, and, I could be mistaken due to our communication issue, but I believe she was trying to tell me that for another 50 euro, a BJ might be available, but again, ONLY, if I had taken the 50 euro option to start with haha.

    Summary. Just pay the 50 euros upfront. Tell them you saw the ad on facebook and you want the vibrator show and massage for 50 euro. And then have a 50 euro note ready to go, and some extras might fall your way.

    Stay Safe out there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woeto  [View Original Post]
    OK, thanks. Will try to met some girls in bars and clubs. Any tips.

    So no striptease or brothels. Pity.
    No, there is no stripclubs nor brothels not from what I saw.

    First night I went bar hopping and met some dudes which weren't shy trying to get some girls and I noticed it was difficult in that place. We ended up in some kind of trance, rave-ish music which wasn't really my taste.

    Second night I went alone to che cafe bar which got live music some days, across the main street were few more bars which wasn't any of success. Thought I was going to check old town out and found a bar with Latin music. Ended up in a bar called saloon and had a few good chats and the last girl I was talking about.

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    OK, thanks. Will try to met some girls in bars and clubs. Any tips.

    So no striptease or brothels. Pity.

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    Just had a weekend in this fine small city. Wouldn't say that I noticed something that stood out. You just have to bring your A-game and try to make contact with someone who is interested in you in the clubs or bars.

    I had luck that I met a girl that likes Asian guys, we had no sex but I got BBBJ and CIM. She was still virgin. I went also to a bar and met somebody who got interested, tried to make her come with me but she had to work in a few hours, asking me to come back tomorrow but I was going to catch a plane in the morning so I didn't go because I did not want to get too tired, which I got anyways so I regretted that I didn't go.

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    Any recent news about Skopje? I'll be there end of September and in to some fun. Where to find?

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    Looking for a girl in Skopje.

    I am looking for a beautiful in Skopje I would pay as we deal and I would pay extra anyone who find me a that beautiful girl, please let me know this week.

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    I asked multiple taxi drivers they all say now allowed here. Also hardly to find massage saloon.

    Please send me email if you know girls, I am prepared to pay for this of course.

    [Email address deleted by Admin]

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    Quote Originally Posted by DudeNextDoor  [View Original Post]
    I could not find and info on online escorts or he massage parlors. There was no luck on Street walkers.

    I tried the cafes and bars around. Most places are packed and all vanilla folks.

    This all changed when I went in to a disco to check out the scene after midnight. It was all young crowd. It just opened midnight so I was already sleepy. I kept buying everyone drinks. Guys and girls. Being a tourist with Access cash shows. I ended up paying a tab of 40 euros and a young student non pro came with me to my near by hotel room and spend the night for 50 Euros!(from 4:30 am till 9:00 am).

    I am 40 now so I hate being up all night but she was worth it!
    Sounds good! I am in Pristina now, leaving for Skopje tomorrow! Staying near the Holiday Inn!

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