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    A fascinating city

    After a cruise visit to Puerto Limon, I gave this report in Other Areas (not knowing a Limon section existed):

    Puerto Limon.

    On a short cruise stop, I had no time to indulge. But putas seemed readily available in all the grogshops around the port. A tavern called "Washington" had a couple of tables full of them. Also around the nearby waterfront park. Language may be a problem. I spotted a truly fine older woman (early 40's) sitting alone at an outdoors table. We exchanged glances and smiles. She did not speak any English beyond telling me she was working and a "service woman. " Quoted $40 and hinted a "casa" was available. The language gap and lack of time kept me from finding out what was what.

    Now let me add the following update. I'll be back in Limon in another year and look forward to it. I have an appetite to find out more. Limon is a fascinating city, with lots of history. During our one-day stop we took a nice tour in the morning (lunch included). Visited a banana plantation. took a short river tour. In the afternoon, I went to see the Black Star Line Restaurant, a remnant from the times when Marcus Garvey worked as a timekeeper on a United Fruit banana plantation. In this town where hardly anyone speaks English, it had a sidewalk sign that said: Fried Chicken. It was only on the way back, when time was short, that I met that fine older woman. My eternal regret. Muy linda. Who knows, maybe we meet again?

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    Not Much Action

    Took the bus from San Jose for 1,500. A beautiful 3 hour trip. Highly recommended for the majesty of the mountain rain forrest just as a day trip. Busses leave at least hourly between 5 am and 7 pm. Go there in the morning, have lunch, return in the afternoon for the price of a few beers at the Blue Marlin.

    Got a room at the Park Hotel for $50 a night 2 double beds with A/C no breakfast included although a full service restaurant is open from 6am to 10 pm. ($50 was for 2 people) it may have been $25 per person. Nice room with a balcony overlooking the bay and Vargas Park. Stayed here two nights. Made friends with the desk clerk immediately and had no problem bringing back girls. Didn't really ask the policy.

    On arrival, we walked from the bus terminal towards the park on the second street (walking street from the market to the park). I remembered from 10 years ago there were many bars and sodas along here, especially the last block before the park. Most of them had been converted to other enterprises. We stoped at one on the right in the last block. They were very accomodating and beers were 600. There was one more bar at the end of the street with a few working girls. We returned after checking into the hotel about 7pm.

    It was my wingman's turn to buy and he got really pissed when we were charged 1,000. One of the working girls bummed a cigarette from me and he made a point by offering to buy here a beer. With coins in hand, he said how much. When she said 600, he said fine we are going next door and these chinese can go frig themselves. We left with two of them, went to the next bar (our earlier one), had a beer and cut the deal. 5,000 each.

    By 9pm the streets are pretty deserted and erie. We were in a local bar about 6 blocks west of the hotel one night at this time. After making friends with the proprietor and waitresses he suggested we take a cab back. We walked but watched our backs the whole way. You need to score in the late afternoon / early evening on the walking street. 5,000 seems to be the going rate.

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    Puerto Limon is not a monger destination. The scene there is purely for local population and expats who live there.
    I went there two times. Both times with girl I picked up at Del Ray. Both live near Limon and they wanted me to drive them near to their home. I had rented a car. But they made me stay on the main road and wait for them for obvious reasons. They did not want their family know what they do.
    One of the time I went there was a fiesta going on which was lot of fun. Also there is a island you can visit and it was good.
    There are no good hotels. Some young tourists go there for island hopping and beach fun. As for being dangerous , it used to be a major transfer point for drug traffic. But it has almost died down.

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    Any Updates...?

    Does anyone have any updates on Limon?



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    I was in Puerto Limon in March of 2004. I took a bus from San Jose. It cost about $4US and takes about 3 hours. It is a good trip on a nice AC bus. The scenery is beautiful going down the mountains. Everything is green. At the bottom of the mountains you see all of the banana fields. Before you get into town you see the chinese cematry on the left. This was from the building of the original railroad thru CR.

    When arriving in Puerto Limon, at 2pm. I caught a taxi to the nearest beach. He took me north about 5 miles to a small village called playa Bonita. I walk in a small bar by the beach and had a couple cold ones. The owner came up and asked where I was from. Come to find out he was from New Jersey and had moved to CR 4 years earlier. I told him that everybody says the east coast was dangerous. He said the government didn't want tourist there, scared it would ruin the economy for the farmers.

    After a couple hours I caught a taxi to Washington Square in Puerto Limon. Here I walked in the American Bar. There were a few women looking at everybody walking by. I just had 1 drink and went an found a room. I stayed at the Las Vegas hotel, not much but it did have a bed. It was then about 8pm. I had dinner at a pizzeria. There were many women walking the streets at that time. There were also many police cars visable. I found one bar that was doing karoke. I stayed there and met a few girls. I took one back to my room and had a very good session for 5000 colona. The next day I went back to San Jose.

    I have been working in Asia for the last 14 months. I have made 4 trips to Thailand and 2 to Singapore. I will say Thailand is pure heaven. Every man needs to try it at least once. Costa Rica is still one of my favorites. I hope to make it back there in October. I will also visit Puerto Limon to explore more. I am a gringo who speaks very little spanish. I have had a very problems with communicating, but nothing major. I have never had any problem in any of my trips to CR.



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    Thread Starter.

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    Even More on Limon....

    Hey William Walker check this out on Limon>>>>> People rise early in Limon to beat the heat,go about their buisness,then take a long break until the worst of the sun is gone. Buisnesses stay open late,and music blares on all streetsfrom record shops,bars and restaraunts. The Sounds are Latin and Soul,reflecting the population division. Sailors,Hangers-on and Prostitutes frequent the bars,many of them open 24 hours. The Best show in Limon is the streetlife,the commerce and hustling in the market and open squares,and under the concrete overhangs on all the main streets. Limon at first glance is probably a disappointment ,rich in culture and tradition but a bit rundown. Fruit and sodden garbage sometimes rot in the streets waiting for a tardy pickup,buildings decay in the salt air,ironwork balconies and tin roofs rust away. But Appearance is a relative manner. compared to the towns of The Central Valley,Limon is Shabby. Compared to ports on the coast like Belize City,Puerto Barrios in Guatemala,La Ceiba in Honduras- Limon is Pristine with its paved streets,functioning sewers and cleanmarket. Ok another thing mentioned here is American Bar At Calle 1 and Ave. 2 Opposite Parque Vargas. Sailors and Available Women and Persons on extended visits and even a few locals hang out here,more for the booze then food.

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    Regarding Limon, I would suggest mongers to be careful as it is quite crime infested. Walking down the parks in search of SW at night, it is better to beware.

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    More on Limon

    I was dating a cruise ship nurse about 12 years ago who related an interesting story about Limon.
    Her ship's crew got shore leave in Limon and the guys visited "the American Bar" where they went bang bang with the local chicas for about $25 a pop.
    About one third of the crew who visited the chicas came down with the clap.
    My nurse friend treated them on board, which cost them about 100 dollars each.

    I can only assume they did the deed without using condoms.

    Not a nice experience nor cheap.

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    What else I know on Limon.

    This is the Great City of Costa Ricas Caribbean coast,birtplace of United Fruit and Capital of Limon Province. It is in so many ways still unremoved from San Joses sphere of influence. Around here,buisness is measured by the truckload of bananas not busload of tourists,so do not expect much pampering. Cruise Ships do deposit passengers here almost daily from October through May. I need to get going again but I will try to post on Limon more stuff later. Hey Now besides the bars where there are working girls are there also SWS In The Streets of Limon? I think The XXX Action is by Parque Vegas. I also think a 24 hour Internet place exists in Limon. Got to go. All info on Limon a must especially How To go booking a Hotel for Carnaval and the cost of prices for The Hotel and How to get there the best way from San Jose. Later,Bye,NIBS.

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    More on Limon?

    Hey Colorado Dan Thanks for the info. Yes I want to come to Limon For The Carnaval in October. But How do I book a good place. I would of course come in from THE U.S. To San Jose then take A Bus But I even heard buses are so full that week of Carnaval that you must book in advance. But I heard there are extra buses running at that time. What If I just took a Taxi there? What is the most I would spend on going to Limon? I think you can get there by Air from San Jose By two differnt companies. I think Sansa and Nature Air. But I also would not like to go that route. I am hearing rumours that international filghts should be going to Limon by now. But Who knows. OK On To Woman You Said Big Girls and overage I do not mind that. If Its Big Chunky Black Girls with Huge Tits And Big Asses I am in. I also love Big Hairy Bushes too. Can You explain more on how these working girls look like? What are the prices? What are the names of the clubs? How much do Taxis cost to get to these clubs? What is take out service cost for these girls? I did also here lot of The Hotels in Limon are run by Chinese. Is That Good or Bad? I think The amater Action is in places called Ninja Bar and Springfield. I am off and up for the challenge of A Big Chunky Black Mama With huge 44 D,s doing me good. Got to go. Post more info on here soon if I get a chance. Thanks Dan. yes October I would love to Come to Limon and San Jose.

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    hey nibu! i was in limon c.r. a few years back with a good buddy! dont waste your time there!!! at night it becomes a ghost town because of the crime situation, which is bad because of the many gangs and big drug problem! we did find some bars near the large park that had a few working women, but they were all way over weight and over the hill! the only good thing about limon is that the women there are about the most sexy black and mixed blk girls you will ever see! even the older 60-70 year old ones will make your eyes pop out!! but forget getting close to any of them! they are really religious there (not catholic) and they take it serious. the ones that go into yhe business go to san jose to work. we were there during a national holiday with street parades all day, a lot of sey women in the parades and on the street! at night we sat on the porch of the hotel and watched the police in thier pick-ups speeding around chasing the bad guys, and we heard gun fire several times!


    colorado dan

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    Why no info on Puerto Limon part 3?

    Sorry on this again had to check out some things. OK Then This is What else I know On Puerto Limon>>> ACCOMADATIONS>>>> Be cautious of ultra cheap places they usually do not have strong locks. Most Hotels have electronic locks,so may have to wait to get buzzed in. Hotel Continental and Hotel Internacional are both two blocks north of the norteast corner of the mercado ,25 m from the beach,and share the same owner and prices. Basic rooms have fans and baths. Continental 798/0532. Internacional758 3500,with A/C 4000;doubles 4000/4800;triples without A/C 5000. Hotel Miami half a block west of the southwest corner of the market,has large rooms with fans,hot baths,and lots of light.More expensive rooms come with A/C,telephone,and TV. singles are 5500-8250 phone 758 0490 and 758 4888. All these prices of course in Colons. I will try to post a part 4 on Limon later today. I think Jackson actually should have a section for Puerto Limon here. Why it is not here that sucks. Cum on Guys post info on the Brothels and XXX Action here. I will try to back for more info On Puerto Limon as soon as I can get more info here for you guys,NIBU R.

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    Why no info on Puerto Limon part 2?

    ORIENTATION AND PRACTICAL INFO>>>>> Like most major Costa Rican Cities,Puerto Limon is laid out in a grid section of north-south calles and east-wast avenidas,but finding street signs is nearly impossible. Orient yourself by the mercado municipal,AV. 2/3,C.3/4,where busesdrop passengers. All hotels and restaraunts are within a few blocks of the mercado. I will post more info on part 3 here I am looking for new info here. Be right back Gents,NIBU R.

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    Why no info on Puerto Limon?

    Hi I wonder Why not much info on Puerto Limon? This sucks. Puerto Limon is kind of like Colon in Panama but safer. I heard not too many Gringos go here. That is Great for my side being a 36 Year Old Polish American Gringo from Chicago. I am planning two trips to come up either one later this year and another one for Brazil early next year. Now I am changing my plans again thinking of going in october for my one month trip. It would be for the second week of October. First starting out in Costa Rica and trying to check the Carnaval in Puerto Limon that happens there the second week of October before October 12th. I would come for two days to do this then visit like Puerto Vijo and Sixaola plus places in the San Jose Metro area then off to Peru. Here is What I know on Puerto Limon>>>> Limon boasts a cultural diversity found nowhere else in Costa Rica,and is also a launching point for excursions to Tortuguero,Playa Bonita,and other Caribbean towns. At Night Taxis are advisable,the city has a reputation for crime. The annual October 12 Carnaval celebrating the Dia De La Raza>>> Aka Colombus Day now officially named Dia Da Las Culturas,demands attention as music, dancing,and drinking spill out into the streets for almost a week. Be back on Part 2 of this soon,Nibu Raphael.

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