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    Requiem for the Vaca Brava

    I have been informed that the Vaca Brava is no longer in business.

    It was located at the intersection of the Panamerican Highway and the feeder route to Barranca.

    I have driven in front of the place during what used to be business hours and the place is locked down.

    Not a big loss in my book but it was a good place to stop and hydrate oneself on the way to the beaches.

    Sorry for those who were patrons.


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    From a very old list:

    Everyone I asked did not know these:

    ~~Mon Cheries~~
    ~~Nuevo Rythmo~~
    ~~Maria Teresea's ~~

    Newer from mellowg post:

    El Porton Verde (the green door), On Avenida 1 at Calle Central. 8 Chicas.
    Busted for drugs. Dont know if they will reopen..

    Good Fortune Pension and Bar, On Calle Central between Avenida Central Centenario (Ruta 17) and Avenida 1. 6+ chicas. Prices: c15 k 30 min. Hours: 11 am to Midnight. More chicas on Weekends. The rooms are upstairs.

    Miramar Pension & Bar, next door to Good Fortune, the blue one in the photo (sort of). 7+ Dominicans. Rooms are barely acceptable. Prices: c15 k 30 min. More chicas on Weekends.

    Out of Town:

    Vaca Brava 12 Chicas. Hours: 4 pm to 1 am. On the Pan-American highway near Barranca and the "Spanish House" in Esparza.

    Pass through the Town of Esparza, go down the last of the big hills, and come to the first LARGE river bridge (Barranca river).

    1 km west of the bridge you come to the intersection of the Road to Barranca town or you have the choice of continuing toward Puntarenas or yet to Liberia. There at the intersection is also a very busy BUS stop.

    Right at the Bus stop is the Vaca Brava.
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    Update Casa Espanola and La Brava

    Last night (Saturday) around 23:00 tried to pay a visit to the Casa Espanola.

    It was locked tight not a lightbulb burning anywhere. Guess we can take it off our list.

    Motored down to the old Vaca Brava.

    It has been renamed "The Brava" (an uptick in PR relations), the inside was spruced up a bit. Gone are the old uncomfortable couches, replaced by 4 seaters tables.

    As far as providers were concerned, there were 8 sweethearts (Dominicanas) willingly hanging around. On my scale, they never rose about a 4/10. So beware.

    The place is clean and seemed safe. Did not partake.



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    Update Porton Verde, Miramar Pension and Good Fortune Pension

    Downtown area (near Fischel Drug Store).

    Miramar Pension & Bar.

    Not much change here. Same environment, good ambiance, safe.

    On Friday, 7 Dominicanas who are a little beefy for my choice. Well to each his own. Rooms are barely acceptable. Price c. 15,000 (exchange c. 533 = us $1).

    El Porton Verde (the green door).

    Janet is the owner / bartender. Her management style is very peculiar and you have to adjust. Some weekend she will have girls from the provinces show up as a gang (7 10). Among them you sometime get a gem. This will last a couple of weekends and the number goes down again to one or two local girls for the next couple of months. Hit or miss.

    The environment is good, same for the ambiance when the girls are in as a gang, safe. Janet conducts a one person war against druggies so you won't find any on site.

    Should you be one of the regulars, she will direct you to the room which is under the stairs, to the left of the men's bathroom. That room is decently clean, the other rooms are unknown.

    Price is again c. 15,000.

    The Good Fortune Pension and Bar.

    New appearance for the Bar. They have gotten rid of the old kitchen / bar half way through the premises, and have gone back to a long bar with a new kitchen / eating counter close to the sidewalk, the rear half of the premises have been closed off. New paint (ahem) new administration.

    Overall because of its open floor plan to the sidewalk the place is safer than before. The former owner just picked up it's toys and went back to the US, leaving the former mamasan to be demoted and become one of the regular girls. So on Friday there were about 10 girls on the floor, mostly Ticas with a sparkling of Nicas, age range from young 20's to the regular grandma who hunts (haunts) the place she must be in her high fifties, absolutely no accounting for tastes.

    The rooms are upstairs and I cannot vouch for them as I have never been. Always took-out from here. Price again in the c. 15,000.

    That is for the availability in beautiful downtown Puntarenas. There is still the "Vaca Brava" on the Pan-American highway near Barranca and the "Spanish House" in Esparza which I hope to be able to comment on in the next few weeks.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Capistrano  [View Original Post]
    Anybody here experienced to go in double tree resort? How about their rates? Are there plenty of girls out there for a night? Any comments and suggestion please,


    -84. 07808327465818&z=15
    Yes, I stayed at the Doubletree for a week last Christmas. I was with family, so was behaving. But I did not see anything remotely looking like a lady looking for business.

    However, as a vacation spot, it wasn't bad value.

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    Double Tree

    Quote Originally Posted by Capistrano  [View Original Post]
    Anybody here experienced to go in double tree resort? How about their rates? Are there plenty of girls out there for a night? Any comments and suggestion please,


    -84. 07808327465818&z=15
    Double Tree being an "all you can." style hotel, I doubt it will be companion friendly. But my experience with this hotel is zilch.

    I can tell you if you have any option of other hotel I would take it. There is sometime a "eau de toilet" bouquet in the air that can put a damper on your holiday. Enough that we sometimes hold our nose when we pass beside the hotel.

    In Puntarenas proper, the selection is minimal (mainly gordas and very low class providers.) 15, 000 colones will get you an hour (exchange rate +-500/1). The selection increase when cruise ships are in port, but so is the number of punters.

    Suggest you give a look see at the "Vaca Brava" in the town of Barranca, (closest to your hotel anyway, any taxis know where it is) , there are sometimes valid spinners. Most will be imports from Dominican Rep. Same price range as in Puntarenas.

    Good luck and enjoy.


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    Anybody here experienced to go in double tree resort? How about their rates? Are there plenty of girls out there for a night? Any comments and suggestion please,


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    Good Fortune Bar

    After being closed for a little more than a year, it is running again (but still under renovation). Rated safe and barely passable in cleanliness.

    Visited last night. 5 local (from Puntarenas) girls and during my short visit 6 more (from Limon) arrived. All were latino bronze to latino white, I my opinion 3 were doable.

    Going price is 15, 000 colones (exchange rate 494 to us$1)

    Where these girls get their customers aside than from the few visiting cruise ships and merchant marine I cannot fathom as Puntarenas was dead early evening till 10:00pm.



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    Good Fortuna hotel and bar

    Well this place has again reopened.

    I personally am not attracted to the place. But tonight, during a very rainy Friday, there were 3 local providers available.

    Hoping things will improve, in quality and quantity.

    Location: 2nd traffic light westbound in the center of town, then 40 meters north.



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    Vaca Brava, Barranca. Update

    9 providers present, most of them Dominicanas, a few Colombianas.

    If you like more meat on the bones you will be satisfied. Only one could be called spinner, and that would be VERY kind on my part.

    To each our own.



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    Porton Verde update

    Had a beer at the Porton Verde tonight, and I can report there was 8 service providers.

    I MHO half were very acceptable, and 3 of them were height challenged. But you don't come to C. R. To met tall Nordic Amazones.


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    Manuel Antonio

    Is the place and there is one high end strip bar there called Sirenas. I never went there as the local boys said it was really really expensive. MA is a beautiful place, the beach is fantastic and the national park worth a visit, overall a very family oriented place.

    The closest place for reasonably priced women is about 5 minutes away, Quepos, much more low key and slightly run down. There are a couple of bars on the main street where freelancers can be had but the prices they were asking and the poor quality were disapointing.

    There is one nightclub / puteria just outside of town that had a lot of dominicanas and nicas there, no super beauties but I did a middle aged Nica and I think it was around 11, 000 colones in a back room. Cheap cold beer and not a bad place to hang out for a while if you're comfortable in that kind of place, a bit low end and slightly seedy but the women are friendly. As usual speaking Spanish will help a lot.

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    Maybe be / see that's not the name of the place?

    I think the place you're thinking of is called Manuel Antonio. That may help with your search for info. There are a couple places there in the town (muy caro though).

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    Visiting Miquel Antonio in Late July


    I'm going to be in Miquel Antonio but can't seem to find any info about the area that is anywhere near current.

    I will be with a mixed group for a wedding and was hoping to slip away during the day or after dark and do some mongering.

    Is Puntarenas the closest place. What's the going rate out in the hinterlands? Should I ask a cab driver? How far is it by car for some action?

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    Yate bar

    Quote Originally Posted by Mellowg  [View Original Post]
    Found a small restaurant / bar on the main drag in front of phamarcia Fischel. Well light. There were two local girls passing the time there and waiting for customers.
    Well, probably due to the "enormous" business, this small restaurant has closed.

    The Girls have transfered to the Yate bar, same side of the street about 30 meters to the east, still between the two traffic lights.

    The Yate is an old hunt, working class place, was popular some 5. 7 years ago. As safe as all the other joints.



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