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    Try these

    Fax: (506) 2222-4722. Old Email:

    Quote Originally Posted by Caffrey
    Need your help again Prolijo with morozan. Couldn't get through over their direct phone. No response to both e-mails. I am leaning towards clarion amon. What are the constraints with clarion amon for non spanish speaker like me for a first visit. How far is the taxi ride from delrey/keylargo. Is it easy to get a taxi in the night time. Do chicas from KL or delrey would accompany to clarion. Is there any short time place near kl or delrey. Thx

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    Need your help again Prolijo with morozan. Couldn't get through over their direct phone. No response to both e-mails. I am leaning towards clarion amon. What are the constraints with clarion amon for non spanish speaker like me for a first visit. How far is the taxi ride from delrey/keylargo. Is it easy to get a taxi in the night time. Do chicas from KL or delrey would accompany to clarion. Is there any short time place near kl or delrey. Thx

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    Re: toll-free, I copied some bad info there. It kinda surprised me when I was typing that they now had a toll-free number. Apparentlly, they still don't. Have you tried the other number, e-mail (for either the hotel or Jose the manager) or website contact form. I should have given you more than enough to be able to make a reservation there.

    BTW, for you and others, when it comes to calling ahead to CR from the US, to make pre-trip reservations and other inquiries (and when they don't have a US toll-free number as most of them don't), it really is worthwhile to purchase a prepaid calling card on the web. For example, has a $10 card that will buy you nearly 3hours of calling at 6.2 cents/min. vs. about 3 minutes with my home Verizon account at $3.30/min. Pingo does have a $1 monthly maintenance charge that can eat up whatever minutes you have left over (some other cards don't) but it is hard to beat those rates and, if you go as frequently as some guys do, you usually have some minutes left over for calls for future trips. Your local phone provider's rates may a little better than Verizon, but I bet they're pretty sucky too. It is really easy to waste more than 3 minutes just on calls that don't go through all the way, follow-up confirmation calls, or trying to reach someone who speaks good enough English to understand you, etc. And with your left-over minutes you might also want to call a local driver to arrange for his services or call a tour outfit to ask questions directly rather than going back and forth in e-mails that might not get answered so quickly or call your "novia" to tell her you're coming down.

    One last thing, though not strictly necessary, its also not a bad idea to have a spanish speaking friend nearby when you make the calls if you don't speak any spanish yourself, just in case you run into any language problems. The Morazon and most tourist-oriented businesses will nearly always have someone who speaks english even if its not the person who answers the phone, but some of the other places you might want to call might not. For example, I called a hotel near Rincon de la Veija for my last trip and ran into trouble finding someone who spoke decent English (it was a major hotel but caters more to Spanish speaking tourists from other countries like the Barcelo). Fortunately, on my earlier calls I understood enough spanish to get some answers to my questions, but it was not as easy as I would have liked. You don't realize how much your communications rely on the help of body language and gestures until you try to speak a foreign language over the phone. But, once again, I digress.

    Anyway, what I have written should be MORE than enough information for you to make reservations at the Morazon.

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    Thanks for your time and response. the 800 number you provided seems to belong to clarion hotel. do you happen to know the 800 number for Morazon.

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    Thanksgiving (or any US holiday weekend) is a VERY busy time for mongers to visit CR. Book as early as you can (and hope it is not already too late). I believe all of the rooms at the Morazon have been fairly recently renovated (they've even reportedly fixed the quick elevator doors that had left bruises on my shoulders ). When I stayed there I used to try and stay on the 3rd floor so I could use the stairs. A lot of guys prefer the higher floors which might have a little less street noise. The room 501 junior suite is one I've heard some guys recommend and it has a nice balcony.

    BTW, you should visit the CRT site and see about joining some of your fellow gringos for their big Thanksgiving dinner at the Sportsman's Lodge (even if you're not staying there).

    Thanks a whole lot! Its because of guys like you and Caff that I stick around here even though because of the stupid arguments I too often get into with a small handful of others I often wonder why I still bother. I know I should let it go and rise above it, but I'm not that noble or find that so easy to do when I've become so frequent a target for some guys.

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    Thanks a lot Prolijo. I appreciate your time in clarifying the correct link and the toll free number for newcomers. Are all the standard rooms renovated or should I ask any specific floor or a junior suite. I am planning to visit during the thanks giving week nov 23-30. Is that a busy time to find room reservations or should I book early.

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    Soprano discount

    Prolijo, Haven't heard that one in awhile, it sure brings back laughable memories from the CRS board. You handled the recent heat wave well, amigo. Though I don't thing we ever met, I remember your sage advice from CRT where I posted under a different handle. As an original member of CRT and a member of CRS as well, I know the story and the truth is you were not responsible for the ruination of the forum. Trying to defend one's self on these forums is a lot like playing Wack-A-Mole. Let it go and rise above it.

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    Perhaps you missed it because I posted it right before I was drawn off-topic with a flood of posts but you should read what I wrote just a couple of days ago in the general thread regarding these websites: http://www.internationalsexguide.inf...postcount=1466. I occasionally make an informative posts.

    In a nutshell, that first link that caffrey used (1-costaricalink WITH a dash) is a notorious ripoff site. Another member went through them to book at the Del Rey and was quoted the outrageous amount of $160 for a standard room, which was what prompted my earlier post. Apparently their quoted rates on the Morazon are equally outrageous. What makes matters even worse, if you go through them you have to pay in advance and are given a voucher to use at the hotel (I guess in an attempt to keep their customers from finding out what the hotels really charge) and they don't always pay the hotel. As a result several travellers have reported showing up with the vouchers only to be told by the hotel desk clerk that they did not know anything about their reservation or the voucher. Stay away from this outfit at all costs.

    The other link (1costaricalink WITHOUT a dash) which WT69 originally provided is a valid one. This outfit is entirely reputable but, as Caffrey found out, no longer takes reservations for this particular hotel. The page for the Morazon is an old part of that site that is no longer updated. If you look closely, you'll see that the date range for the rates are way back in 2006. BTW, the rates listed were the RACK rates at that time. If you knew to ask, at that time they had a $35/night "special" rate that was always running. Anyway, if you go to the hotel index page on that site, you'll also see that the Morazon is no longer even listed on it. And when you click on the link to make a reservation for the Morazon from that old page, you're taken to another page that provides the number that Caffrey tried to use. Look carefully at the number too. It is also an old number that hasn't been updated. Sometime in the past year they've added an extra digit to ALL Costa Rica numbers.

    And while I'm on the subject of websites not to use for booking at the Morazon. Do not confuse this hotel with the Hotel Casa Morazon which is nearby and unlike the Morazon NOT chica friendly.

    The correct and direct web address for the Morazon itself They have a toll-free number 800-575-1253 or their new CR number is 011-506-2222-4622 (note the extra 2). That will get you to the hotel front desk itself and not some middle-man agent. Unfortunately, they're notorious for not always picking up their phone (or maybe it's because they're busy on another line and have never heard of voicemail or answering machines). Anyway, you MIGHT have to try calling them a few times. Alternatively, you can also try reserving by e-mail at or by using the booking form on their website and hope they're more responsive that way. And if all else fails you could try e-mailing Jose the manager at

    One final note as to rates, their website lists their rates as $50/nt for standard, $75/nt jr suite, $90/nt superior suite and $130/nt master suite which do NOT include the 16.39% tax. I believe the current special rate for the standard rooms has gone up to $45/nt (or ~$53 AFTER tax) but you have to know to ask for it. I don't know what if any special rates they have for their suites. That special should include breakfast and if you pay cash you might even be able to get them to waive the tax. Also try to get them to confirm no extra chica guest fees or charges for a room safe when you book, which they sometimes try to tack on if you don't know any better. Depending on what time of year you go, how full they are and how regular a customer you are, there can be a lot of play in what you can get them to knock off or they try to add on. This place has always been rather funny with their inconsistent pricing and reservation system, which is my biggest gripe about it. However, even at the full rate, while it is not the steal it used to be, it is still not too shabby and is substantially less than the HDR for equal quality or better rooms while only 50 yards further away.And whatever you do, do NOT ask for the Soprano Discount, DO NOT!!!

    I hope this helps. Did I miss anything?

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    Thanks. This link doesn't allow you to reserve and also not able to contact them via telephone. This link doesn't mention about the junior suites when compared to the other link.

    Quote Originally Posted by World Travel 69

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    This link says $53.

    Quote Originally Posted by Caffrey
    I am planning my first to CR in nov. Trying to book at morozan. How do you guys get the 45$ rate. Their link states $79. Any help appreciated. Can you one provide their actual website for booking.


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    I am planning my first to CR in nov. Trying to book at morozan. How do you guys get the 45$ rate. Their link states $79. Any help appreciated. Can you one provide their actual website for booking.


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    San Jose
    Prices are cheaper if you use a CRT Card. Contact Bob at Sportmens Lodge or Eddie of Zona Blue about it.

    Another discount club:
    Some Hotels include the 16.39% hotel tax and some don't.

    1. Sportsmens Lodge (CRT Discount), 200 metros oeste de la rampa del hospital Calderon Guardia y 25 sur, Calle 13 entre Av. 9 y Av. 11 casa 949 en barrio Otyoa. Rates: US$49-$100. No Chica fees. Tel: 1-800-291-2798, 506-2221-2533.

    2. Hotel Castillo (CRT Discount), Avenida 9 and Calle 9. Rates: $49-89. Tel: 011 (506) 2221-5141, Fax: 011 (506) 2223-2357. E-Mail:

    3. Del Rey Hotel, 1st Ave. & Calle 9. Rates: $90+ Chica fee $10. Tel: 1-866-765-8037, (506) 2-257-7800 Fax: (506) 2-221-0096.

    4. Hotel Morazan, Avenida 7, next door to the Del Rey. It's a bit quieter then the Del Rey. Rates: $45 per night, $3 Chica Fee.

    5. The Sleep Inn**, Ave 3, Calle 11 11 Frente Al Parque, behind the Del Rey. Rates: $85+.

    6. Presidente Hotel***, no chica fee, but they have a dress code and only allow 1 chica at a time. Rates: $89-$155. Tel: 506 2222-3022, Fax: +506 2221-1205.

    7. Clarion Amon Plaza**** (CRT Discount), Avenida 11, Calle 3 Bis. Rates: $91-$250. Tel: (506) 2523-4600, Fax: (506) 2523-4614. Contact Nixon to get the $70/night including tax casino rate and have the Clarion's usual $25 chica fees waived).

    8. Aurola Holiday Inn, 5th Ave. and Calle 5. Rates: $80+, Chica fee $25. Tel: 1 888 HOLIDAY (888 465 4329).

    9. Best Western***, Avenida 7 and Calle 6. Rates: US$54.50 - US$64.50. Tel: (506) 2255-4766.

    10. Hotel Ambassador, Calles 26 & 28, Paseo Colón. Rates: $45-90. Tel: (506) 221-8155, 221-8205 Fax: (506) 255-3396.

    11. Casa Vino (CRT Discount), Ave. 11 and Calle 5. Rates: $50-$190. Tel: 1-206-774-7900.

    12. Inca Real (CRT Discount), Ave. 9 and Calle 3. Rates: $49-$89.

    13. Dunn Inn (CRT Discount), Ave. 11 and Calle 5. Rates: $62-$99. Tel: 866.858.8882, (506) 2222-3232. Email:

    14. Hotel La Amistad (CRT Discount), Calle 15 Avenida 11, Barrio Amon and Otoya. Rates: $65-$109. Toll-Free +1-866-468-8684, Tel: (+506) 2-258-0021, Fax (+506) 2-258-4900.

    15. Hotel Britannia***, 3rd Street, between 9th and 11th Avenues, Barrio Amón. Rates: $102+. Tel: (506) 2223-6667, Fax: (506) 2223-6411. Toll Free Number: 1-800-263-2618 (USA and Canada only).

    16. Hotel Balmoral***, Central Avenue, between 7th and 9th Sts. Rates: $75+. Tel: (506) 2222-5022, Fax: (506) 2221-1919, Toll Free: 1-800-691-4865.

    17. Hotel Freebird (CRT Discount), #239 Calle 11, 25 meters South of Avenida Segunda, or a block and a half north from the Tin Jo Restaurant on the left sidewalk. Rates: $35-$85. Tel: +506.22.21.1150, Fax: +506.22.21.1143.

    18. Royal Dutch Hotel, Avenida 2 and Calle 4. Rates: $44-$50.

    19. Hotel Doral, Avenida 4 and Calle 8. Rates: $32-$59, $5 chica fee. Tel: (506) 2233-0665, (506) 2233-9410, Fax: (506) 2233-4827.

    20. Gran Hotel Costa Rica***, Ave 2 Calle Central. Rates: $72+. Tel: + (506) -2221-4000.

    21. Hotel Zona Blue (CRT Discount), Avenida 9, Calle 3B S.E. (Gringos). Rooms are $200 a night and time with a Chica, it is a lot cheaper than some other places. 20 Chicas. Prices: 12000c 30 min, 17000c hour for CRT members and 16000c 30 min., 24000c hour for non CRT members. It has a Cigar Bar. Tel: 257-8624. Hours: Monday to Saturday 9am to 9pm, Sunday 10am to 6pm.

    22. Hostel Marruecos (CRT Discount), Calle 3 and Ave. 5-7, norte, across the street from Europa 2000. Senora Arias, propietaria. Rates: $15-35. Tel: 221-0468.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammerin Hank
    BTW, Prolijo I met you at the SL one evening during Shawn's birthday party. I don't remember if you went to Le Grillion with us or not(there were 12 of us in the van)
    See guys, I really do exist. I went to Le Grillon but not in a van. The van guy we talked to outside the HDR wanted some ridiculous amount so I went with 3 other guys in cab. I ended up becoming really sick later that night from something I ate earlier at Cafe Mundo making a real mess on the floor of my room back at the Castillo. I'm glad there were no cracks on the floor of my room or the guy below me would have had a real nasty surprise. Fortunately, there was still water at the point to clean it up since I didn't have the heart to leave that for the maid. (I'm sure you're all glad I shared that with all of you).

    Anyway, I'm sorry you were so disappointed with the room you got at the Castillo. It sounds like you got a standard room although I'm not sure why it cost you so much even with the CRT discount. The green season rate for a regular room is $44/nt plus tax, IF you pay cash, with a further 10% CRT discount off of that. Otherwise, it is 15% more if you pay with a credit card. That's a pretty damn good discount for just the relatively slight inconvenience of having to bring down a little more cash to pay your bill. The only thing I can figure is the $56 rate you paid included the tax and you also used your credit card to pay the bill. Besides, you can't really compare that to a suite you paid twice as much for. Like I said, I've never stayed in the regular rooms and heard less than stellar reviews of them myself, but if they aren't up to your standard or you'd rather pay a bit more for something nicer, maybe you should give the Castillo another try with one of their deluxe rooms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prolijo
    I've nearly always stayed in one of the 5 deluxe rooms on the 2nd floor of the new section in the back. There are also another 5 deluxe rooms on the first floor of that section. And half of all the deluxe rooms supposedly have small kitchenettes, though none that I've ever stayed in. The rooms on the 2nd floor also have nice views of the mountains (Barva & Poas) if you don't mind leaving the curtains open. Unfortunately, the walkway to the other rooms passes right by in front of that window, so ask for the room on the end if that is an issue.

    I believe the 2nd photo down on the right with the corner window might be from that end room so it might also have even better views than the other rooms (someone else who has stayed there please correct me if I'm wrong). If it is, I'll have to ask for that room next time. The 4 photos at the bottom of their photo gallery are all definitely of the new section as I'm pretty sure is the one on the top left. I'm also pretty sure the one on the top right is from the old building, though which room I couldn't say. It shows wood flooring and I believe all the new rooms have tile. That leaves the 2nd one down on the left, which I think might be of a standard room (because of the slightly smaller double bed and the door placement).

    One time they had to move me to one of the rooms on the very top floor in the original (old) building, but I believe that was deluxe too. It was a little larger than the newer rooms out back though oddly shaped (with some sloping walls from the roof) and, like the new rooms, had a/c.

    I believe most of the standard rooms, 12 in all, are on the 2nd floor of the old building. There may also be some on the first floor if you don't like taking stairs and I'm not sure where their "Ambassador Suite" fits in all of this (perhaps the other room on the top floor?). Again, I haven't stayed in any of the standard rooms (or even taken the time to check them out personally). I believe they're all a bit smaller than the deluxe rooms. I've particularly heard some complaints about some of the bathrooms being really tiny. The other perhaps significant difference is that the standard rooms only have fans (no a/c). Personally, that would not necessarily be a showstopper if I wanted to save a little money. SJ is normally cool enough, particularly at night, that a fan usually suffices to keep things comfortable.

    Oh yeah, the deluxe rooms all have room safes (w/key deposit) that are big enough for your camera and other small items but not for a laptop. I'm not sure about the standard rooms but would assume they're similarly equipped. Electricity voltage is not a problem in SJ although occasionally you'll run into outlets that do not have a ground (3rd prong and slightly wider prong on one side). I'm not sure what they have at the Castillo or what you have to plug in, but my cellphone recharger plugged right into the wall in the new rooms with no problem at all. If by some small chance you run into a problem (and the front desk doesn't have an adaptor you can use), standard adaptors, like you sometimes use on your power tools back home, can easily be found at most stores for a buck or so. OTOH, while 220V is probably not going to be an issue, power surges might be another. If you have something as valuable as a laptop pc, you might want to invest in a small mini-travel surge protector.
    I stayed in room 6 at the Castillo on July 3. I checked out the next morning cause the room had a very small bathroom, no A/C, two full size beds one of which the mattress was completely worn out. It had 1 ceiling fan in the middle of the room, no blinds on the window. The worst thing was the key safe was in the corner and I had to get down on all fours to access it. the hotel seemed quiet and rustic but my room sucked. I paid $56 with CRT discount. Also you could see through the floors into the room below. An older TV but it worked okay. I moved to the Morazon and paid $88 a night with tax for a junior suite on the 5th floor. It was great except the water was off for 24 hours. I went to Europa to take a shower. I love the location of the Morazon and there are plenty of resturants to eat at nearby. BTW, Prolijo I met you at the SL one evening during Shawn's birthday party. I don't remember if you went to Le Grillion with us or not(there were 12 of us in the van)

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    Regular Member

    Thank you for your replies, which were quite helpful, especially for learning, that some rooms don't have windows.

    Did you book a single without having to pay chicafees?

    One more question (also asked directly at Castillo) does the 25% VIP-CRT discount also apply to the already 20% weekly discount?

    Thanx again Smily

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