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Thread: Morocco - Photo Survey

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  1. #136

    Some help please.

    Hi folks,

    I've just stumbled upon the story and downloaded 87 of Belguel's pictures (I think it has been removed from this site).

    Would anyone know where I can find the rest? (I've heard there are about 193). A link would be much appreciated.


  2. #135
    I agree with Mur and the Captain.

  3. #134
    Quote Originally Posted by Priamos
    he did not (as I now know) limit his rants to the congregation on this board. He posted them on discussion boards for ordinary Moroccans
    Were those later posts his? I mean, the Maroccan louts in Belgium or elsewhere were perfectly capable of faking his identity. On another note, it is a pity the Belgians don't raise hell every time a Moroccan in Belgium posts pics of his Belgian girlfriend on a swinging site. It would be about time we start giving those arm-chair jihadists a taste of their own medicine.

    All the same, the man's passion for pic posting and role playing was stronger than was good for him. Besides, in the circumstances rules of fairness were broken. So it was that he visited one of the African countries after I briefed him on that country. He didn't stay long and didn't like it half as much as he'd enjoyed Marocco but he did make some pics of the same genre as the Agadir pics (don't ask me where or if he posted them, the least I want to do is to trigger another hunt for Belguel pics). More importantly, so he told me himself, he had several girls posing for him under the pretence that he was a porn movie producer who could get them a career in the West. At least one of the girls travelled 500 miles from her home town and back to meet him and do a session, and, on his own admission, it was all he could do to give her some travel money: and this is where I start to get fidgety. Taking poverty-stricken girls for a ride in this way means drawing on a credit other mongers like me, who tend to overpay slightly rather than the reverse, have been consolidating over the years in less well-known mongering destinations like the African country -- the name of which, you may have guessed, I prefer to withold in case outsiders spying on this forum tried to use the information to add a sequel to this whole affair. This is a side-issue compared to the sadder implications of the whole affair but it is one that got me thinking. Apart from that, the removal of the pics from this forum was the best course of action for all concerned.

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    Throwing in the towel

    This is where I terminate my long-standing support for Belguel. NOT because I agree with many of the posters on this thread: most people on WSG have been egging him on (kindly look at the poll on the top of the page; more than 70% thought that they Agadir photos should remain posted) and I find it unsympathetic to come back now, when the whole thing has exploded in Belguel's face, shake ones head wisely and say "it went too far". That's the kind of middle-class hypocricy that George Bernard Shaw derided in the 1920s. He was right then, he still is.

    Why, then, am I getting disgusted with Belguel? Because I have been making some enquiries of my own, and even talked with a lawyer friend of mine. A guy is allowed to produce pornography and post it on the internet without prior consent of the models. They know, or should know, that he has the copyright and can do with the photos what he wants. That is the law. If the porn that the models consent to is of the BDSM type then he can post text of the type "that THAT b*tch!" as well, as this is in the character of the exposition. That too is the law.

    However, the comments cannot rise to the level of defamation of neither women, races nor creeds. And HERE comes the problem I'm having with Belguel: he did not (as I now know) limit his rants to the congregation on this board. He posted them on discussion boards for ordinary Moroccans with no interest in pornography, accompanied with text like "follow this link and see how I treat Arab women..."

    I'm sure we can all agree that shoving porn under the noses of people who don't want is tasteless in the extreme. If the purpose is to denigrate the target audience by means of phallocratic comments then it's probably racist as well - which is precisely why the Belgian justice is now taking an interest in the matter. (BTW, "Belguel" is not just a word game with belle guele, "beautiful face", it is also a phonetic prank on the main Moroccan newpaper TelQuel... a little joke among journalists.)

    Belguel has not done a great favour to us here on WSG either: I wouldn't have a problem with Moroccan fellow mongers taking a butchers at his photos on this site, where they come freely and of their own account. However, peddling them to the general public is hardly the kind of publicity we (and Jackson) would want.

  5. #132

    Two Baht

    Quote Originally Posted by Havanaman
    Degradation of women, in any context, is wrong. Regards, Havanaman
    But most of us do pull in our horns and are not BTKs in the making. Indeed BTK is interesting in that the guy gets/got off on any remembrance of his horrible crimes, so much so that they do not want to give him crayons or anything else to summon up his demons while in jail. Most of us here are easily pleased and most fuck hookers just for relief. I regard them as a night cap and I am genuinely interested in their lives as it opens up doors (not trap doors) I would not otherwise see. However, there is a very dark side to this hobby as can be seen on the Thai Traveler board and with Belguel. It is to stop their poison spreading that vigilance is essential. We might degrade women by paying them for sex but that is a far cry from what BTK and The Traveler do. Although jail time would not worry me as it would allow me to catch up on my reading, yet I would not like to do the things BTK or The Traveler get off on. Moderation in all things, I guess.

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    Two Euros

    Degradation of women, in any context, is wrong.

    Regards, Havanaman

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    now that the btk pervert is behind bars, one has to wonder how many other such people frequent this site. there is no doubt that the traveler (who [CodeWord124] thai children but only in the safety of his hotel room) and belguel were two btk's in the making but we have to wonder how many others are out there. although the choirboys (uneducated trailer trash morons like iball who posts nude photos of children on this site) might get a fool's pardon in some quarters, yet americans and others who believe the desperation of third world women and little boys and girls give them carte blanche to abandon themselves to their lowest perversions (pissing on their faces like belguel and [CodeWord125] their children like the traveler) should be given no quarter. irrespective of our views on perverts and predators like the traveler and belguel (and they have their supporters and fellow travelers), we should not be surprised that others, muslims and thais for example, hate us and want to kill us because of what these btks in the making do to their sisters, sons and daughters. people who get off on their photos or on women having sex with pigs and other animals should ask themselves some serious questions before they too become another btk/belguel/the traveler.

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    Good Lordy.....

    I was thinking I had logged onto a Sex Tourist website. Not the Morality Militia website.

    Did you guys ever stop and think that prostitution is illegal in 49 states. (And you are here looking for some illegal tail). But you're looking out for women who willfully get theor photo taken by someone?

    I don't see the point to your arguements. I really don't. If these girls knew that their lives would be in jeopardy if pictures were taken of them getting fucked in the ass and posted on the internet, he babe it's called free will. You agreed to hop up on the table. You took it in the ass while watching a camera go *click*. It's time to think. hmmm maybe this isn't such a good idea.

    But now some of you want to try and ruin the "sight seeing" for the rest of us. I, for one, am happy the pictures were posted. A place I never would have thought was "fertile" is now on the top 4 places I will be traveling this season. (I may even pick up where Beguel left off. An "Homage" of sorts.)

    For those of you that wish to censure this whole experience: I think it's about time that you quit mongering all-together and go find Jesus. I think it's quite hypocritical of you to preach in the defense of women being paid to perform what is considered illegal in the states. Why else would you be on this Forum right now?

    Thats my two cents. Don't change a thing. The majority spoke, the pictures stay! Hell, I say post them all!

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    What a complete bastard he turned out to be...

    We play, we pay, we might post... We do not degrade women. That is wrong; I'm sure every gentleman here agrees with htis.

    Regards, Havanaman

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    Well said Mur!

    I completely agree with your comments.

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    Belguel: originally posted on Lisbon board

    gentlemen, read this:

    and if you do french, this:

    and for the forum’s response:

    belguel’s mad stupidity and cruelty are breathtaking. he told the girls his real name, he told the world theirs, he pissed on them, literally, then wrote gloating arrogant hatefulness. this, from an ‘homme du monde’ journalist, not a provincial half-wit. he has lost his celebrity job, risks extradition, faces death threats from the jihad battalions, and is belgium’s latest sleaze scandal. worst of all, horrifying, is that some of these poor girls have been imprisoned for offending public morality, in a country that treats its women like dirt but will sing and dance about a foreigner doing so in public.

    he has destroyed his own life, and those of perhaps 80 unfortunate women, who for money or an escape from their stifling existence, did his bidding for an hour and will always regret it. he must have had a death wish, but like the arsehole who drives at 180km the wrong way down the motorway, he needed to take others with him.

    mur remembers seeing the photos months ago, disliking the sneering comments more than the pics. reactions on the forum varied: there was applause, sorry to say, but also voices telling ‘belguel’ that he was putting the girls at terrible risk and that he himself would soon be in trouble.

    but now we should all ask ourselves if we are ‘belguels’ in the making. ‘there, but for the grace of god, go i…’ mur has just read the entire lisbon board from beginning to end, and browsed many other countries.

    like belguel, murilloa would lose everything if exposed. he would be crushed by the scandal. many who know him would be shocked and disgusted beyond words. but he believes that none of his own words have denigrated, humiliated, and much less endangered a woman. on the contrary, apart from some disgust and some frustration, most of his shit demonstrates that mur is an adoring respectful worshipper of femininity. unlike ‘belguel’, mur could perhaps face his aged mum and try to explain.

    the same goes for the other regular writers here. perhaps it’s because lisbon is not a genuine ‘sex tourism’ destination. hobby visitors always enjoy the city, while residents - well, by now you know what we get up to. but nobody comes to lisbon only for prostitutes, and our section has not yet attracted the obsessive woman haters who are elsewhere. look at the china board, look at the thai board, and others: you will see the grim evidence. the photography buffs seem especially prone to triumphalist close-ups and sadistic “take that, b*tch” attitudes.

    the point of this? not to be complacent. of course, but of course, our feminist friends are not wrong when they tell us that we are exploiting economically disadvantaged women in giving free rein to our ignoble sexuality. point conceded, if we must, although it never felt that way during today’s loving and glorious encounter with martinha of alges-via-são paulo, the tiny, plain, absorbing, orgasmic fifty-euro leading lady in mur’s life just now.

    no, mur’s only aim is to invite comment, to beg lisbonites to post more, but to do so with tolerance, respect, humour and above all, appreciation of our girls. look at some of the merciless misogynists elsewhere, and do otherwise. don’t expect jackson to hammer them: censorship and suchlike authoritarian practices never work. what works, is the civilised consensus among honest peers that we shall do what we do in a kind and decorous manner.

    sorry to bore on. truth is, the servaty story has been food for much painful thought.

    anyone tried most-expensive portal privado chica bianca yet?

    or will muri, “..sigh..” have to shoulder this heavy responsibility for the common weal?

  12. #125
    i got the cofee tables and i will be glad to repost if someone wants to see them. Well I might have to think about it and maybe i can sell them on ebay. I have to think about it

  13. #124


    No more coffee tables?? Whaaaaaaaaaahhh ha ha ha!!!

  14. #123
    Belguel is a fucking retard to post pornographic photos of Muslim women living inside a Muslim country. Even if he posted photos of Muslim women who live in Western countries(like Europe), it is foolish, and puts these women in danger.

  15. #122

    Spurter, I'm here

    Since you honour my memory by noting that I'm "...strangely silent now, by the way!" I don't mind piping up. (If not for other reasons, to show I'm not a coward...) I don't want to engage in (yet another) lengthy polemic, so let me just make three brief points:

    1) My "lightning bolts" last year were not motivated by a value judgement regarding the taste or appropriateness of Belguel's posting, but by your reaction to his predicament. Call it a "female" reaction on my part, but when a fellow poster on a board I frequent gets into trouble, my instincts are to try and support him (regardless of his faults). Responding with vindictiveness and schadenfreude I hold to be unsympathetic. I stand by this position.

    2) If you, I, a Moroccan semi-pro or Paris Hilton allow a bloke to produce pornographic photos of you then you know (or should know) that he holds the copyright and is free to publish them where he wants. There's not much point in claiming afterwards that "it was all his fault": it takes two to tango.

    3) I understand and support Jackson's decision to delete the offending photos. For a long time he upheld the basic principles of point 2 ("let us assume adult people know what they're doing..."), but with storm that is now blowing he needs, in his own and all of our interest, to shield WSG from being drawn into the controversy.

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