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    Picking up girls at the mall

    How do you pick up girls at the mall? Do you wait to make eye contact with a girl you like and go up and start talking? I want to try this when I arrive in the Philippines because I would love to meet a non pro. Do you wait till she gives you a second look or smirk / smile?

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    I have met one girl who was onnher lunch break sitting and having her packed lunch at the food court in SM Clark. We agreed to meet in the evening after her shift. But I was never hunting in the malls. Sometimes it just happens. And she was a great lay. She was approached by several bars for work but didn't want to get into that even though the pay was almost 50% more. She was working in the shoe store. I treated her to shopping at ayala next morning. She didn't want to let go of me. Got her groceries as she was adamant she will not take money. Even when I tried to stuff 3 k into her bag. She would return it to me. I ended up treating her about 5-6 k worth of shopping.

    Sometimes you do hit a diamond in the malls. But never go looking for them.



    Quote Originally Posted by AsianPursuits  [View Original Post]
    Malls in Manila, Makati & Cebu I have had success. I personally have never had luck in SM Clark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammon  [View Original Post]
    Malls are not a easy place to meet girls. If there are they are usually well seasoned. Regular girls keep to themselves.
    Malls in Manila, Makati & Cebu I have had success. I personally have never had luck in SM Clark.

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    Central Park hotel

    Post Covid.

    They suck.

    No robes, no room slippers, no personal hygiene amenities and Luke warm water for shower.

    Stay away from this place.

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    Short Report

    Had a great time in my 4 days at Orchid Inn and 2 days at Treasure Island in Subic. Regarding the former I saw my main squeeze from Vikings who is pretty, slim and stacked but now wants 4 K even on her day off. Plus she doesn't like me to take pics or vids. Bummer. Still a good fuck, tho. So, I only saw her once and replaced her with another 22 year old little cutie with nice tits and small frame who I saw three times because her blow job skills are top notch plus she swallows and likes being filmed. 1500 short time plus 300 p tip and she was a happy little hooker. Works for a hole-in-the-wall bar across from Margarita Station near Orchid Inn. I will definitely see her every time I return to AC. Regarding the latter, Subic, my other main squeeze was a no-show so I got a referral from a trike driver for a 26 year old with ok tits, ok body and pretty face who spent the night for 5 K. Yikes - plus 2 k for her girlfriend and they took turns on me. They were fine. Didn't really do the bar scene too much in either location. But I'm sure the girls of Voodoo in Subic will blow you in the back for 3 k if you want. Any questions PM me. DG, wish I would of had a beer with you if our schedules coincided. Next time, buddy. Oh also had a layover in Cebu and always visit Tenderbody Massage across from Appleton Hotel in Mactan which is an inexpensive ok place to stay. Tenderbody does not do anything sexual but if you just want a great massage with no happy ending ask for Rozelle. She will give you an amazing 90 minute massage for 450 p. Cheers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark585  [View Original Post]
    One can still get BBFS and CIP in the Philippines.

    What destination do you think is best for BBFS CIP?
    Well its available almost everywhere but in Philippines due the influence of the Catholic Church, BBFS is the default. The girls don't carry condoms and many non hookers have never even seen one. You can get it in Thailand and Indonesia as well bit it can be hit or miss. There are many clubs in Germany where it is the standard offering as well. But most anywhere if you have a regular thing with a girl it will almost always go to BBFS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RakSopheni  [View Original Post]
    Yesterday was a strange day but cleared my mind on a number of things including that it's time for me to move on.

    My first attempt was with a freelancer on PinaLove late afternoon that I messaged to come over. Her profile said she was 18, small spinner-her photos looked ok but a little bit unclear. We agreed on 2000 and she said I could do anything I wanted. She was at my hotel in about an hour, but there was trouble at the desk. Her ID and vaccine card did not match, and then she tried to bring up another vaccine card on her phone and my concierge lady quizzed her about the info on it and she gave the wrong answers regarding birthday, etc. I was just sitting on a couch in the lobby the whole time watching this whole thing go down. The girl's body looked OK from a distance, but her mask was on and I asked her to pull it down. Ouch. Face did not look good at all- sort of matched the profile but that's some serious angles and doctoring. A closer examination of the body revealed post baby saggy tits and other baby damage. Was providence stepping in to help me out? The end result was yes as my concierge ultimately was having none of this and sent the fugly girl on her way despondent. She sent me a few begging desperate messages a few minutes later saying we could go to a short time hotel and I could take her "anal virgin" along with an unpalatable photo of her naked body. I just politely declined and waited it out until she left the area. Phew, dodged a bullet.

    Later in the night I decided to crawl around the GoGo Bars with the option if not intent of taking a lady. I saw a more diverse mongering crowd than the weekend crowd, but again the talent was not there. I had drinks with about 5 ladies, and all but one expressed they would be open to short time from 3500-4000 pesos, but the important detail is that except for one they didn't seem excited or eager about the possibility of it. I'm not going to take a girl who's not DTF and is going to perform poorly. By the time I got to the last girl who was excited, grabbing my dick, etc- my money was depleted- so the night amounted to nothing but a bunch of expensive drinks and boring conversations with a handful of girls. They were bangable but not for 3500 pesos. I have to be honest, the whole process here is a drag and it was at this point I decided that Angeles is just not working for me. Let me say one time I'm not a bad looking dude- very fit in my mid forties- the issue is not that I'm a total revolting slob. Aside from the fact that Asian women generally aren't into bearded men, there is nothing that should give these girls hesitation about going with me for boom boom. I got plenty of pussy in Pattaya and girls there were happy to take my business.
    One can still get BBFS and CIP in the Philippines.

    What destination do you think is best for BBFS CIP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor2522  [View Original Post]
    Well said. Jakarta, Saigon, Phnom Penh, Bangkok and Pattaya offer much the same, with variations in environment. The English-speaking 'advantage' of Filipinas is a bit of a delusion.
    As regulars know, this is what I have been saying for a while. My view is that AC has deteriorated over the years. It used to be terrific but sadly no more. I suspect one prime reason is over paying tourists who dream being Mr. Big. As businesses say, charge what the market will bear. But this is not just about costs but also poor quality and bad attitudes. The town is also quite run down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NapaSlapper  [View Original Post]
    I think you will find that many south east mongering destinations also provide one stop shopping with far better infrastructure, safer surroundings and far slimmer girls at very similar if not cheaper prices.
    Well said. Jakarta, Saigon, Phnom Penh, Bangkok and Pattaya offer much the same, with variations in environment. The English-speaking 'advantage' of Filipinas is a bit of a delusion.

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    AC New Clark airport

    The new CRK terminal is nice and spacious. Looks like the same design as Cebu new terminal.

    Quite new as few restaurants are there. IMO a little design flaw in the carpeted floors in checkin and other areas. Apparently the designer never rolled their luggage on carpet to checkin! Looks nice but another beautiful design over function!

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    Bye Bye AC

    My last night here. As usual I end my stay with proven performers. For me there is nothing worst than to leave with a couple new BF duds.

    As I get older the recovery time takes longer. The first one performed very well just as expected. That was at noon. My second girl arrived at 3:00 and did an outstanding job. My third girl could not make it for my last minute call.

    I was lusting for the second girl again and called her. She was cooking dinner for her kid and would get to my hotel around 8:00. She arrived on time. I wasn't sure if I could rise for the moment. Good thing I had taught her a little about how to do a Jelipsum massage. She slowly performed the Jelipsum and then a BJ. During the BJ she cups and massages my balls. That was the trick!

    I rose to the occasion for the final good bye.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuriousGeorge  [View Original Post]
    My brotha I have been looking for a place like this. But are you saying the handywork only goes for 10 minutes? I'm looking for a place ideally that does a long edging session.
    I am sure you can request a shorter massage time and longer jelipsum time.

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    My brotha I have been looking for a place like this. But are you saying the handywork only goes for 10 minutes? I'm looking for a place ideally that does a long edging session.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dg8787  [View Original Post]
    I found a place that does Jelipsum massage.

    Kakao Massage.

    736 Don Meliton.

    Korea Town.

    Angeles City.

    It is 2 blocks on the other side of Friendship Road. Other side of intersection from Jollibee. 2 story bright Yellow building.

    P1500 cost.

    10 minutes sauna.

    60 minute massage.

    10 Jelipsum.

    10 minutes body scrub / shower.

    Massage in private air con room with shower.

    Lets not debate the price or value.
    For informational only.
    You either like it or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldAndUgly  [View Original Post]
    Pardon my ignorance, I even googled, but I couldn't find it: what is "Jelipsum massage"?
    Balls and exterior prostate massage and hand job finish if you like. Koreans generally don't like a finish as Jelipsum prepares them for a better fuck.

    I have found it prepares me for a better fuck later.

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    6 day trip report

    Did a 6 day trip last month. Stayed at central park, great location as you all know.

    Did a day walk down walking street and it was dead nothing going on. There were some little bars around central park streets with girls hanging around not that good looking asking to come in for drinks and BJs.

    Night time it was a bit better. Actual street pretty dead, inside the bar there is plenty of girls of all flavors and sizes, there were some hotties. Popped int 123 and found this super tiny girl with HUGE tits talked for a while and I was going to bar fine but it was shark week for her. We traded numbers and left. Pirates was gull of girl, found this super cute tiny girl "barbie" prob a solid 8+ bought her a couple drinks and we left together BF 3500, shy was a bit shy at first but she gave really good head and shows she likes to fuck.

    Next day I wanted to get a good massage to I went to Reign Massage, they are really good It is not a happy ending place if you must know, right next door I found this mexican tacos place Tacos Amigo, WOW! They specialize in slow cooked pulled beef tacos, they were amazing.

    Later that night decided to check out the smaller bars. And walked into chocolate bar. Much smaller bar than walking street more quiet for sure. But they had some real hotties. Ended up talking to this girl Cathy, super funny decent english and likes to laugh and had good attitude. BF 3500, we were hungry grabbed a bite to eat. She like tequila and gets her super horny. Once in the room she became super passionate and a great lay. I repeated with her again the next day. Definitely a highlight of the trip.

    Some bars I got told they open at 11 but I didn't see anything in walking street in the am.

    Other days were meh nothing to crazy couple dead fish that I won't bather you with.

    There si definitely lots of girls in the bars, but it is more expensive than before across the board.

    Lowest BF I found was 3000 plus tip.

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