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Thread: 2003 Pattaya Reports

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    hey, i actually couldn't agree more with you on this point! the girls really do get spoiled by their speedier customers. if you take a long time (anything over 15-20 minutes!) to come they tend not to like it. i'm often getting complaints of that type. and you're right, if they say anything during sex to hurry things along it totally spoils the mood. they also tend to be very unhappy to discover the customer is above average in endowment. but what can you expect, they're always just looking for the easiest money, so the smaller and quicker the customer the better.

    this problem can be avoided if you look for girls who are more service oriented. those will never be the best looking girls, however, and the worst of all are go-go girls. performance and attitude are in inverse proportion to appearance!

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    field report part vii

    same procedure as every day, checking out the beer bars at naklua, soi 2 and soi 6 - 9. nothing to my taste. went further to check out the gogos. finally ended up at caroussel in soi diamond, already 1am, but still two cute girls on the dance floor. choose one immediately since everything looks ok, face (most important to me), body and attitude. haven't seen any number on her but i was told that she got #72, 24yrs old, 1,65m, 46kg, sexy dancing, no kids. already forgot her name, but why should i remember it anyway ?

    bought ladydrink for her and one nice waitress. told her i want lt, no st. she said ok but mentioned 2000bt for it. tell her that i never negotiate a price beforehand cause i don't know what i will get, but that i will be fair and payment will depend on quality of services provided. she understands and no further discussions, so i paid barfine 500 (before midnight 1000) and finally went to marine plaza to dance a bit and to have a water pipe, love the smell.

    around 3am she wants to go home, not tired but horny as she told me. so back home she immediately drags me down on the bed, riding on me, turning and rubbing her ass against my dick and making me really horny. everything looks very promising. a bit foreplay, a quick shower with more foreplay and here we go. she is real horny and wet, loves to ride hard and seems to cum off
    fast. finally the downturn, after approx. 30mins she starts to complain why i like to take my time, tell her to shut up but mood is gone. finally i speed up to get it done and get rid of her. she tells me that all guys who had been with her before needed only between 3-5 mins. can't believe it, since others who complained on other occasions (only gogo girls though) told me average time is 20-30 mins. at least one more reason - besides the overpriced barfine and higher expectations of those girls - to avoid those chicks. a bit more funny talk and a nice 15mins massage before i finally wave her goodbye. no regrets, paid st (short but a quite good one though) so it set me back 1000bt.

    next night out with friends, checking the freelancers on walking street, all the discos like excite, tonys, marine i + ii, marine plaza and so on. couldn't find anything to my taste and still available, but as soon as i see a girl i like, i approach her and collect phone numbers and other details. already nice list for my next trip to prebook or to make appointments for the next days. most guys seem not to like it too much, but it is business and sometimes i use ex-gfs to get the info, so no probs occured till now.

    again i am too picky. sure, one has to be disabled down from the neck if he can't get laid in thailand, but i prefer quality over quantity.

    just called my regular who is working in an architect office in bangkok. told her to come to pattaya. she got a few days off and will come down to pleasure me.

    have fun

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    i am with you, a 100 - 125cc is more than sufficient to go around in pattaya. i also believe it is more convienient as well. you don't get stucked in the traffic jam like i do sometimes. a chopper needs more space and is harder to handle, especially for an unexperienced driver. a few nights before i saw a guy who tried to drive a small (400-500cc) chopper. it looked funny as hell, like a frog sitting on it, but it is also extremely dangerous if you can not drive it.

    furthermore, the girls don't know what kind of bike you are driving since you don't bring it inside the disco, gogo or whatever and they don't care at all. payment is their first aim, also your looks and attitude. you will get laid even when you only use taxis, so hiring a big bike is only for the sole ego rather than for the girls. anyway, most guys like to show off, but many of them you will see a few days later coming from the hospital with bandages around their arms and legs. driving slow and calm imho is much cooler and harder than speeding up.

    my advice regarding insurance : try to pay with your credit card. many credit cards include an insurance without any additional costs. if there was no accident till the end of the rental, request the credit card slip back and pay cash. you can't do that after an accident had occured, since the credit card company knows when the transfer number was requested.

    at least, i hope it wasn't my chopper than made it work with the singaporean girls. i guess that my polite approach and my appearance did it instead of jumping on them like the french guys.
    tourist girls who are out for fun want to be pleased and therefore looking for a mature guy rather than a few youngster who will use them for a few minutes.

    have fun

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    Motorbike Rentals with Insurance


    I used Maipang in April 2003. Had a good experience with them. I dealt with a Thai guy named Jong. He had an English friend named Steve who owned (owns?) a small place called the Alloy Bar. Gave me lots of good info, helpful for my first time there.

    Check the attachment for numbers & map. I knew hoarding dozens of business cards would come in handy one day.

    Good luck.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails motorbikerentalmaipang.jpg‎  

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    Hey SR,

    You have now found out as I had said several months ago that going to Pattaya without booking a hotel between Christmas and New Years is taking a risk.
    I remeber that, and tried a bunch of hotels before leaving for LOS, but none of the hotels were willing to book for only 2 nights between christmas and New year.
    I could have gotten a room at Marriott or Hard Rock, but they are apparently not friendly.

    Rolling my large pieceof luggage down Soi 8, in front of hundereds of Bargirls, and their offers to take me in, was an adventure in itself!

    And as I posted earlier, although the sole reason for my goign to Pattya was find some of the chicks you guys always mention, but I had a very enjoyable night, without even barfinig any of the dancers.

    Conclusion: Should have concentrated on staying longer in Pattaya and shorten the stay in BKK. Well, you live and learn.

    More reports and pictures to follow...

  6. #1059

    In general, most rental do not carry the insurance, from what I understand about accidents, please someone correct me if I'm wrong, is that if you are not a local, whether the accident was cause by you or not, most likely you will be blame for it! It helps if you have a Internation driver license. Good for 1 year and it can be used for an I.D.

    Concerning insurance, I saw a rental place, advertising insurance, behind the Big C. Central Pattaya!
    Take second road and head north, just before the Big C, there a soupie massage ( Sabai ) make a right, go down to the end and make another right, just before your next right there are signs up on polls indicating bike rentals and insurance. Now whether they rent anything other than 100cc, 110cc, or 125 cc, is beyond me.

    In Pattaya, I see no reason to need anything bigger than the above mention size! Accept for ones ego! IMHO! Get the buzz
    off with the women! Although, Traveler seem to have done well with his chopper and the girls from Singapore.

    Good luck!

  7. #1058
    field report part vi

    went out as usual for an early pickup at around 7pm. checked out the naklua bar scene, soi 2, soi 6 - soi 9. no cute girls at all, guess i am too picky. spent the night as usual with meeting friends, party till the morning and always on the hunt. all good looking girls - there seem to be only a few around - are already taken, mostly for more than just a day. so nothing to my taste.

    when i finally decided to go home i saw two cute thai/chinese looking girls i had never seen before, quite tall, nice clean skin, white, dressed very well. they didn't fit into the pattaya ho picture and i thought they might be students from bangkok, spending a few days at the seaboard. as i intended to approach them a bunch of young french guys jumped on them so i thought they are taken and headed for my chopper. just when i took off with my bike i saw them again without any guys and so i asked them in thai to come along. they just looked at me and seemed not to understand me at all. so i asked them again in english. they were whispering to each other something in chinese which i couldn't understand and finally asked me in perfect english where i would like to go with them. i just waved a smile and told them "up to you". they got the message and seemed to like the idea of sharing the night with a white guy. later on they told me that they were from singapore and came to pattaya for a few days to have some fun. and we really had a lot of fun. no bj, but great hj and fs. they seemed to be bisexual since they turned on each other as often as they could. great end for an almost lost night and also for free.

    next day almost the same story. went out early but couldn't find anything till 10 pm so i called tuk, the girl from tonys who selects the guys she goes with rather than being selected. she agreed in meeting me and told me to get ready. half an hour later she called me back, saying that when she took a shower she acknowledged that her period had just started but she will make good for it in about 4 days. so again changing back to hunting mode but all nice girls seem to have been taken. checked out all the gogos at walking street, diamond gogo, superstar, superbaby, living dolls, happy gogo and so on, you name it. but nothing to my taste. only superbaby had a nice one, oy #18, tiny cute girl, but she only wanted to go st so no deal. living dolls showcase has a few hotties but i am not willing to pay 1000bt barfine. i will rather overpay the girl than the bar. i just don't see the point why they raise the barfine.

    went to marine and marine plaza but no success. many girls there muslim styled, blond hair and a bit chubby or too much make up. nothing to my taste so i finally headed to soi 8 for some rice soup and checking the left overs or returning girls. just when i turned into soi 7 i saw that very young girl i had taken a few days ago with one of her friends. so i asked her if she want to come with me, bringing her friend along. answer was "yes" and after having some food we headed home. both a bit shy but still a nice threesome. very juicy, like that. no interaction between both but nice constant changing between them. did both twice and finally slept between them. in the morning (or better early afternoon) one more session with each of them before final goodbye. again night was rescued by a nice circumstance. hope my luck will not leave me in the future.

    walked down the beach from soi 8 to walking street to check the beach scene. it can be described with one word : crap.
    97% of the females (not girls anymore) are just ugly as hell, far beyond everything i would consider to take with me and even to pay for it. another 2% are katoeys and 1% seemed to be ****d girls. one of them quite nice but far too young. had that girl from soi 7, also ****d, but fully developed. anyway, i am not up to something like that. that's for the perverted.

    pattaya is packed right now. juicespike asked me to get a room for him since all hotels seem to be fully booked. checked almost all hotels at the beach strip in his mentioned price range but no way to get a room before jan 10th. will try further, maybe in the jomtien area there will be some rooms available.

    have fun

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    Thanks for the info, though I don't quite follow what you're saying. While trying to rent a bike, I haven't found a place that offers insurance on it. Rather, if I had an accident I would be paying out of my own pocket, to repair the bike,in leu of an "insurance" company, like I am accustomed to back in the States. Although, the Harley rental requires a decent deposit, I assumed you would still be required to pay for any damages or for a stolen bike. Anywho, from asking around, I found no places that offered insurance on the rentals. To clarify, I asked specifically I could purchase insurance to cover the bike. They generally smile and give a resounding No. If you have additional information on this, I'd be interested in it.




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    I was many times in Thailand. In my last trip i travelled from Bangkok to Ho Chi Min City (most time in Cambogia).
    My personal opinion (1 to 10)
    Thailand Cambogia Vietnam Philippines
    Hotel(pr/quality) 6 8 8 6
    Girls (beauty) 8 6 6 7
    Girls (price) 6 8 7 7
    Girls (Quality) 9 6 8 7
    Rest.(pr/quality) 8 6 8 7
    Funny life 9 5 7 7
    People 7 8 8 7
    Transport 8 5 7 7
    Beach 9 8 7 9
    Day's cost in USD 60 35 45 45
    (room aircon - breakfast+lunch+dinner in typical rest - some beer
    and 1 good looking girl for 1 night)
    I 'm looking opinion and comparisation about Burma.

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    You have now found out as I had said several months ago that going to Pattaya without booking a hotel between Christmas and New Years is taking a risk. Hotels here run at close to 100% during this time. About the Americans, were you in the same Pattaya that I have been for the last month? Lots of Americans can be found everywhere here. Just walk down Soi 8 and you can't help but run into several fellow Americans.

    The girls have been uncovered here for a while now, the covers went on just before the Queens Birthday and came off around the time APEC hit Thailand. So only about seven weeks of no showing here which is not really that bad.

    Only three Go Go Clubs are now using Dolls in their name, Dollhouse, Living Dolls (AKA Living Dolls I) and Living Dolls Showcase (AKA Living Dolls II)

    Hope you enjoy your trip.


  11. #1054
    First night in Pattaya and no sex?
    Yes. That's exactly what hapened. Didn't see anything enticing at the beer bars on Soi8, but didnt stop long enough too get a good look.
    Headed to Pattayaland 2 (non-gay section). Lots of go-gos, bi\ut didn't see the one I was looking for, Dollhouse (I am not sure why I was looking for that one).
    So headed down walking street...Whooaa...Bunch of bars and go-gos.

    Walked past Tony's. Wait a minute, there are 3-4 Dollhouses or Baby Dolls or the original doll and the like.
    I was alone (no buddies) and was kinda getting bored.
    After watching a bit of thai boxing outside the Peppermint (Go-Go), went up the escalator to the bar.
    Bunch of decent looking girls. The BEST part was that they were actually performing chreographed/themed shows.
    Started to enjoy myself. One show where a "master" (tall, dark TG) is whipping two cute/petite "slaves".
    She was actaully striking the girls with her whip with enough force to cause pain/marks on the skin. I could see it clearly as I was sitting right by the stage.

    After seeing several exotic performances headed out and visited a couple of the "Doll" places (dolhouse, baby dolls).
    There too the performances followed some theme and were choreographed.
    None of that useless shuffling of the feet that I had seen in BKK. These girls were actually enjoying themselves. And many were topless and/or even without a bikini.

    I was enjoying myself thorouoghly and was so caught up in the shows, that I forgot that I had to barfine one of the girls.
    When I realized and looked around, it was 1:30 am and most of the girls that I would have liked to barfine had gone.

    Well, had no regrets in going home alone. A throughly enjoyable experience, with NO sex.

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    No rooms in Pattaya...
    After several unsuccessful atempts at finding a hotel in Pattaya (both before arriving in BKK and from BKK), decided to just get to Pattaya and look for a hotel there.
    Taxi cost= Bht 1500, including tolls. May be a bit much, but the driver drove me around Pattya to different hotels, so it's OK>
    No rooms at both Flipers and both Eastinys, and a couple of others.
    Then stored my bad at the Flipper Lodge and took of down Soi 8 on foot.

    The Sunshine Hotel & Residence had a Superior room in the new wing for Bht 1600.
    Was in no position to negotiate or try any other hotel so booked 2 nights.
    The hotel room was actually disappointing. Nothing more than a cheap Motels that we see in the USA.
    Room was big but had a stale smell and was the only room available. No alarm clocks in any of the rooms.

    You can blame the room shortage on holidays and the Europeans. Didn't hear/see a single American!

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    Diver - you fell into the trap of getting on the first bus leaving Ekkamai with the tout yelling "PATTAYA". IF you don't go INSIDE the terminal and get a ticket (different bus line, actually), you get the "local but gets you there" bus that takes _4_ hours to get there - _2_ hours on the non-stop. Did that my first trip, too, so you're not alone. When you return, go to the bus station on North Pattaya road and get a direct non-stop ticket (oh, yeah, it costs about 10B more. 55555 (laughing in Thai - "ha" is 5) saves a LOT of time, runs last bus north at about 8, I sort of remember)

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    so, after a couple of days in bkk, i took the bus to pty.

    i must have taken a private bus at the eastern bus terminal - i was waved to board a bus that was just leaving the terminal. thiking goo, this will get me there faster, i hopped on. the freaking bus was stopping at every wave of a hand, and about an hour into the trip, the a/c broke, and then, they stopped by the side of the road, and loaded everyone into another bus with standing room only.

    anyway, finally made it to pty, and shared a baht bus with a farang couple. got a room at one of the sawasdee hotels. it was ok. but i found a better one and moved on the 2nd day.

    i was so beat, i just slept the 1st night.

    day two - went to the mall (marine plaza i think) - couldn't find any of the chicks that other wsg'ers mentioned could be found in the mall. so, basically just hanged out and rested. on my way back to the hotel, walked by this massgae place that's right beside the hotel. was enticed in by the girls sitting outside. went in, the place looks like a a real massage place, with the mattresses on the floor and only curtains as separators between customers. but i was the only customer there. my masseus (sp) was a girl with a cleft (sp) chin. a little round, but good fuck none the less. i kinda enjoyed fucking her on the mattress with only a curtain around us - the thought that anyone walking by could hear us and can peek in was kinda exciting. paid her 700b plus 300 for the massage, which was quite good.

    checked out the scene on the beach around 8 pm or so...saw a few sw that i was kind of interested in, but decided to check out walking street before choosing my girl for the night. couldn't find anything spectecular on walking street, so, walked back the beach walk. that's when i saw dan. walked up to her and said hi. and here's where i love about pattaya - you know why she's there and she knows why you're there. it's none of that barfine, lady's drink bullshit. hi, how are you. sit down please (on the bench), you do short time? how much? 500b. great, let's go.

    walked back to hotel, she claimed to be 18. she does look young and you gotta see those lips of hers.....i can still feel them on my cock. anyway, after shower, it was suck and fuck time. she was an ok fuck. but i tell you, youth has its advantages...the tight body and pussy....snapped a few pics of her (clothed) after the deed and sent her on her way. told her i'd look her up the next night.

    you can find her standing by the beach just south of the mall.

    next night, same drill, went to the beach and purposedly avoided where dan was coz i wanted to try someone else. found nong a bit north of where i found dan. nong is 26, but has a pretty face and skinny body. same thing, hi, what's your name blah blah blah. 500b s/t. average fuck, but friendly.

    you can see pics of dan and nong at my site


    now folks, i've tried several place in asia, including kuala lumpur and tawau in malaysia, bkk, chiang mai, chiang rai, tachilek in burma, danuk in thailand south, hat yai, cebu in philippines, china, macau, but i really really really like pattaya. i especially like the beach sidewalk scene. it's cheap and it's easy. now, some of them you wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole, but there are some lookers to be had there.

    check out my other reports in:

    malaysia - kl
    hat yai, bkk
    phi - cebu
    china - shenzhen

    unfortunately, i'm back in the real world now and won't be in los until later this yr, and even then, it'll be a family trip and i may not get the opportunity to monger.

    have fun.

  15. #1050
    i was in Pattaya only 2 nights last time (i travelled from Bangkok
    to Ho-Chi-Min by land) and, coming from Cambogia (not funny and
    very cheap) i had 150usd/night to spend ). It's not so easy in
    Pattaya, but i tried.... hotel: Honey Inn in soi 11 (good, with
    a nice pool) - 450 bath for a big room, aircon, tv sat, hot water.
    Day: sleeping, swimming and drinking beer in the pool area
    Nignt: starting at 7,45pm at Peppermint (Walking S) -
    5 beer (40bath x 5=200) 3 lady drink (85bx3=255) some 20bath balls (20bx3=60) - total 515 bath = 13 usd (funny and cheap!!!!)
    ok, i looked for spending my usd!!!!
    Bar (i didn't remember which one) only one beer (70 bath), not
    funny - 2 usd
    Go-Go bar (Dollyhouse????) 2 beers (total 100 bath) and 2 lady
    drinks (200 bath) = 300 bath = 7.5 usd
    barfine a nice girl 500 bath = 13 usd
    long time = 1500 bath = 38 usd
    total = usd 73.5
    too hard to spend 150 usd, i stopped
    The girl was incredible: starting ad 11pm, i put her out of the room
    at 4.00am!!!! I wanted to call the police: she forced me to have sex with her too many times!!!!
    And it was only the first night......
    The second, i did the same, and i found a girl....a real pornostar!!!!!!
    Please, answer me: every girl is like those in Pattaya or i was
    Hotsam (going to Africa or coming back to Brazil)

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