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    Banned: Member #1825

    Reason: Requesting information about finding she-males in the Czech Republic section.

    Hello, I'm interested in meeting shemales. Do somebody know some in prag or in czech rep, or maybe in germany ?

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    Report post icon


    See the little triangle thingy with a red outline and an exclamation mark in the center of it, located at the right corner of the upper border of the post? If you click on that little icon you are taken to a "report bad post" window.



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    What happened to report posts?

    Check out Alias in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic, NEEDS ATTENTION.

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    Latin Ass

    Wow -- astonishing! I'm sure he'll be sorely missed but at least he chose an appropriate user name...

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    Banned: Latin Ass

    Reason: Insulting the webmaster:

    From: Dave Dave
    Subject: hey dipshit..
    Sent: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 15:34:26 +0000

    Hey anal about sending me my password so that I can log in to the forum..this is the second time I have asked for a password retrieve and the second time I have not recieved one...and yes I did confirm my account how about taking your head out of your ass for a second and doing something that is not prone to [CodeWord140] off 95% of your user community..

    spelling, and punctuation on a sex have to be joking..

    Latin ass
    What else do I need to say?


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    Just for fun,

    Pete Rose was banned from the baseball hall of fame. I saw the documentary and it would apear that from their dramatic (could be exagerated I understand) display of his actions it might be justified. However, should Pete ever show up on this board, please don't ban him from this game too.

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    just out of curiosity i read about lookingforlefty after reading oosikman's report on him. that was definitely [CodeWord123]!


    i hope you don't condone this type of activity by mongers and should be enough evidence to band this scum bag.

    beer guzzler

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    Banned: Bolt98

    Reason: Using the WSG Forum to promote a personal forum in the Toledo, Ohio section.

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    i'm not asking for a ban yet, because he's had some very entertaining posts. but lately lookingforlefty of the milwaukee, wis., board has made a couple of posts where it sounded like he was describing a [CodeWord123] and not pay-for-play between two consenting adults. please keep an eye on him. thanks.

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    Banned: Fenster

    This member has the distinction of being the first Forum Member to be banned under the new "Serial Antagonist" rule, which essentially states that any member that has 5 or more reports that were edited or deleted due to personal attacks on other Forum Members will be banned.

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    Waiting on your response, I wish I could block receiving PM from Nightcrawler. He posted this on queens section for not providing info. HE KEEPS INSULTING ME.....

    Regular Member
    Reports: 35

    Just to show you all how much of a DUMB ASS lover boy is, he copies what I emailed to him giving LE more ammunition. Stupid Ass

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    How does the banning work? Won't they just sign up again with another alias and use a different IP address?

    I appologize for the noobness of this question.

    Yes, but it slows themdown having to go through the multiple step procedures to re-register and get approved to post reports.



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    I had no idea there were no many nasty mo- fo's out there.

    Thanks for watching ALL the boards. Everyone should read this section for insight on what not to post.


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    What's with Domino calling everyone a "kiddyfucker" time and time again? He's been so busy expressing anger that he has all but stopped providing useful posts.

    You know I'm always good for a suggestion, but this one speaks for itself. No need to say the B word here.

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    Banned: Terror

    Reason: Insulting the webmaster, as follows:


    You delete my post but you don't delete shit like this written by KOS: </quote>Panamanians are socially low class people without education whom cannot be trusted. You cannot trust Panamanians at all. I believe the movie "blow" is the summary of the Panamanian people. The poor guy was robbed of all of his money due to the Panamanians stealing the money. These Panamanians are socially disgusting people.</Quote>

    So if we are all socially low class people then what does that make you? Lower than a snake's belly i would imagine.

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