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    Salinas is described as a beach resort town, however, only the area along the Malecon can be deemed as a beach resort area (the beach is constructed from the erosion of rocks and is gravely and hard) and this area is marginal. The rest of Salinas is third world undeveloped with mostly dirt roads, dilapidated houses and limited infrastructure and civil developments.

    Due to time limitations, I found two options for transportation to Salinas from Guayaquil. One can take a bus for $10 or hire a taxi (through the hotel) which cost $80 one way. The bus terminal is located near the airport. The hotel clerk said the buses leave from the terminal regularly with the destination clearly marked on the bus. The bus ride takes two hours and stops in Libertad first then continues onto Salinas. I do not know where the bus drops off passengers in Salinas.

    The taxi ride to Salinas takes about an hour and a half depending upon the driver. The travel time is impeded by traffic congestion in Guayaquil-getting out of the city took almost Ĺ hr. Once outside of the city it is open, paved highway. The scenery along the way reminded me of Arizona-open and barren. Interestingly there are no gas stations, convenient stores, restaurants and ,of course, no public restroom facilities along the highway.

    My driver was fatigued and pulled over at one of the numerous little shacks along the road which turned out to be a convenient store/restaurant/bar/rest stop. He poured some water over his head to wake up and I offered to buy him a coffee or soda which he gladly accepted. I had a beer and my bill came to a dollar. The restroom was a three sided outhouse with some gravel on the ground. While we finished our drinks, a couple of locals stopped, sat down and ordered lunch. Back on the road again, we passed several buses and each one was clearly marked Salinas and they looked packed.

    In Salinas I can highly recommend the Barcelo Colon Miramar and it is (P4P) female guest friendly. It is a modern high-rise located on the less busy end of the Malecon. During the off season I picked up a ocean view suite with a all inclusive package (free meals and drinks) including tax and service for $89.

    Do not stay at the Calypso located just up the Malecon from the Barcelo. The rooms cost $78 and are dated. No key cards, no safe and no minibar or rather after four knocks and intrusions, the minbar arrived. The mattress, pillows and towels are about ten years old. I pulled the covers back to take a power nap and my skin started to crawl so I immediately checked out of the Calypso and into the Barcelo.

    Some other hotels along the Malecon include, El Carruaje which has a restaurant with the same name (excellent food), The San Francisco and the Yulee. I donít know if any of these are P4P female guest friendly.

    Chongos (Sex bar) in the Salinas area: Embassy Club, Barrio Chiquito, Barrio Viejo, Kisko Raton.

    Chongos near Libertad: (mentioned in another report) Via Lactea-Amadeus II-Jupiter, La Cabana

    Salinas Chongos- Embassy Club was closed. As I understood (I am not fluent in Spanish) the taxi driver, it was open during Carnival or tourist season. It is a black building located about three blocks off of the Malecon behind the Barcelo.

    Barrio Chiquito is somewhere in Salinas located on a dirt road in the barrio. Couldnít pick up a street name as dirt roads donít have names or maybe they do in Ecuador. For anyone who has never visited a chongo, be warned they are disgustingly dirty, crowded, dingy pussy palaces. I figured out that the reason there are so damn many dudes just sitting around drinking beer and not doing business with any of the girls, is because there are no bars to just drink at or at least I did not see any. It is a weird atmosphere. The dudes sit at plastic tables on plastic chairs and every single one of them is facing the girls which stand next to their room with the door open, ready for business. This chongo had some of the best looking women-7, 8, and one 9 at door #11. I did not do any business here but I wish that I would have. I still canít get that 9 at door #11 out of my mind. A bit of advice-if your traveling alone take the taxi driver in with you (no cover charge) and buy him a beer $1, as I did not see any other taxis pull up to this place and I really do not think you could call for one. Also if you want to do business with the girl-just walk straight into her room and she will follow. Sex cost $6, +$4anal; so I was told.

    Barrio Viejo was less busy (only about ten dudes) no cover charge $1 beer and had three walls with rooms attached. There were five girls ranging from 5 to 6 and one 7 that was getting trained by a table of really young dudes. I was able to catch a glimpse of her as the dude exited and before another ran into the room and the door closed. She was the best in the place.

    I invited the one sitting closest to our table over for a beer. She slowly got up walked over and sat down. Not the prettiest-about a 5.5 to 6. She had short blonde hair a petite build and somewhat attractive face if she smiled and didnít look so damn apathetic! I decided that I really didnít care for her but the chongo scene was going from good to worse so I decided to bang her anyway. $6 + $4 anal.

    I didnít really want to look at her long face so I hit it doggy style. On a tightness scale of 5 being virgin tight and 1 being a loose sloppy hole, her pussy was about a 2. This kinda ticked me off so I pulled out and stuck my thumb in her ass and she got the idea. She lube up and I started to head in. It took a little work but she cooperated. I waited a little for her ass to acclimate around my member and then I stated pumping her. I was impressed that her ass was so tight! I remembered that I really didnít care for her attitude so I decided to give her ass a good hard pounding. To my surprise she moaned and glanced back over her shoulder several times with a genuine smile of pleasure on her face.

    As hard as I was hitting it and as loose as her pussy was, I expected her ass to really dilate and slop but it stayed tight. Turned out to be the best ass I have ever felt. I had planned to pull out just before I nutted and spray it all over her ass but that ass was so tight I couldnít time it right so I went balls deep and nutted. Pulled out, she removed the condom and slung it onto the filthy floor, rinsed my drip off and washed her ass. I grabbed the old taxi driver and left the place.

    The old taxi driver then drove up and down a few more dirt roads to another bar and almost ran over a pig right in front of the place we were going. He kept saying bailar and then gesturing then he said tu casa. I reasoned that these girls could be danced with and then for a fee taken home and fucked. I asked how much and he held up ten fingers and shrugged his shoulders. The girls were 6's all young with flat asses and the typical long, apathetic faces. We had a beer and left. I am still wondering about this place. No name on the door nor inside. I do not know the location, however, if your on a dirt road and see a pig, look around and listen for some loud inaudible music and you might find the bailar club.

    Kisko Raton (Mickeyís): As I got out of the taxi I looked across a empty field and saw in the relatively close distance, the back of the Barcelo. I felt like backhanding somebody! A chongo right behind my hotel. I was even more pissed when I walked in and saw the fine pussy lined up. The pussy that day ranged from 7 to 8. I hammered out a deal to bring one of them back to my room the following day. Bar fine $15 and one hour $50. Big ass Maria was ok, however, I chose her primarily for anal-she did not do anal. Dummy me, I should have not assumed and asked. She also gave CBJ and was a little immature acting. Next time I will hit it in the chongo first to see if I like it before I spend top dollar.

    Via Lactea-Amadeus II-Jupiter are located right next to each other at the end of a long dirt road.

    Via Lactea was the only one open when I went there at 10:30PM. Four dudes standing out front and two sleeping dogs. $1 entrance fee, however, they give you a beer. Place was dead! One door open so we (took the taxi driver in with me ) sat at a table right in front of the room. Two fat girls with long faces sitting on the bed talking-they werenít worth a second glance. Before I finished my beer, the smaller one got up walked out of the room and plopped her ass down in a chair. I half expected to hear a loud sigh come out of her! No action here so I had the taxi drive to La Cabana.

    La Cabana: One of the best strip performances that I have ever scene! Same chongo bullshit at this place, however, the girls are pushing 8's and 9's. It is also located in the barrio but most taxis know how to get there. The girls were getting most of their business from guys walking in the club and walking straight into their room-that is the way to do it. Saw a dude (actually a cop) wearing a motorcycle helmet, body armor and side arms go in and come out fifteen minutes later. I wonder if he left his motorcycle helmet on while he fucked her?

    I suspect that Salinas during tourist season is full of pro and non pro pussy. I saw two discos. The El Carruaje restaurant has outside seating and is a good location to invite a girl passing by to join you for a drink-provided one speaks Spanish.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mraughh

    Hotels arent always the greatest thing. The hostels can be cheaper and better in quality. My 1st hotel was $50 a night and was very loud and noisy. I moved to a hostel that was $30 a night with very low noise and more perks than the hotel had.
    Shop around for the best bargains.
    Great Report ! whats the name of the Hostel you stayed at? Is it girl friengly and would you reccomend it?

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    Salinas report

    I was there a few weeks ago for 1 night. The hotels and food are expensive compared to the rest of Ecuador. I stayed in a place on the main street along the beach for $24. The room had A/C, refridgerator, cable, etc.

    Taxi drivers told me that Las CabaŮas del Amor is the cheapest option in the area. After reading Mraughh's post, I wish I'd made it there.

    Via Lactea (commonly referred to as Via Lac) is indeed out in an industrial district in between Salinas and La Libertad. It's much closer to La Libertad than Salinas, and all the chicas working here live in La Libertad. To get there from Salinas you'd take the main highway towards La Libertad and then take a left onto a rough gravel road a little ways before the huge cemetery on your left. Via Lactea is about a half a mile off the highway. A taxi ride from Salinas takes about 15 minutes and costs around $3.

    There were 5 girls working the night I was there. Big Pilseners are $1. There is occasionally a girl that strips. As usual, there are small rooms around the main hall where you can impale a chica for $10-12. I spent most of my time there talking to Monica from Ibarra. She was leaving that night to back to Ibarra- how convenient- so before she went to the bus stop i brought her back to my hotel. She gave good service for over an hour and I gave her $20. Actually, she was all about her orgasm but that's ok. The other girls in Via Lactea were very eager to give me their cell numbers- I called one the next day but i decided to leave town early. A lot of military/navy guys hang out in these clubs.

    Right next to Via Lactea is another club whose name I don't recall (this could be the Amadeus club referenced in Mraughh's post). It's more like an american strip club in that there are faux leather couches, strobe lights, more expensive drinks, etc. I think the girls are supposed to be a little hotter than at Via Lactea but I wasn't impressed. I chatted for 15 minutes with Diana from Medellin (this may be the same chica reference in Mraughh's post). She was skinny and very light-skinned, as are many Paisas. Sexo on site was somewhere between $30 and $50, though I don't remember the exact amount.

    There is a love motel just down the gravel path from these 2 clubs.

    I'll post a pic of Monica in the photo gallery.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    Salinas report Feb 07

    Ok just got back a few hours ago from Salinas. I had a pretty good time down there even though I'm not much of a beach person. Fair skin and south american beaches dont mix and i'm red as a lobster right now heh.

    The first point I'll make about all the chongos I found and went to in Salinas is that there are none anywhere near the beach, they seem to be lumped into either the industrial district out by the Coca Cola plant (Amadeus boat 2, Via Lactea, Jupiter and 2 motels which i didnt check out but were told they were chongos) , or near the race track which is kind of in the middle of the lower class neighborhoods(La Cabana [opens 8pm], and 2 very low end chongos). From Malecon street, which is the main drag for the beach, its $5.00 one way to the first set and $2.00-$2.50 to La Cabana one way.

    Arrived last wednesday and checked in at the hotel, which was right on the water. Took a walk and ran into a one-eyed guy who gave me a chongo card. The club was called Amadeus boat 2, which is out by Via Lactena. Its in the industrial district and you'll need to go by taxi to get there. Its under new ownership also now as advertised on the card. The club was very surprising to me. It reminds me of strip clubs back in the states with a main stage and poles, half circle plush lounge chairs and booths large enough to seat several people, red interior and multi-colored lights with latin music playing for the most part.

    It was dead since when I got there it was about 8:30pm and they had just opened. They stay open from 8-2 or 3 in the morning from what I was told. No cover charge to get in, nor did I have to buy any mandatory drinks. There wasnt any chicas present, but I talked to the manager of the place and he went somewhere and picked up a girl, Tatania, 25 from Colombia, dark skinned negrita with blonde hair, and brought her out to me. It turns out that Via Lactea is owned by the same people and the 2 clubs are connected. There are no rental rooms in Amadeus that I saw, but Via Lactea does have them. (I'll get into that later.) I bargained with him to take her back to my hotel for 2 hours for $60.00 in total. $40 for the girl and $20 for the house. The original price was $100 for 2 hours. Learn to haggle gentlemen.

    The manager then loaded us up in his car and drove us back to my hotel. The sex was good, I fucked her for an hour and a 1/2 in which she had 3 orgasms and then she gave me a CBJ for 20 minutes until I came. We then took a shower together and waited for her to get picked up. At the end of the time he came back and picked her up. Curb side service cant be beat.

    Thursday - I went back to Amadeus, since I really enjoyed being able to take the chicas back to my hotel. I am not a big fan of the rush-job sex factories like many chongos in Quito are which is why Guajira is my favorite there. Had a chat with the club owner, who speaks english, and he introduced me to Dahana, 26 yrs old, who just arrived the day before from Colombia. She, being a hard barginer and fresh meat wouldnt budge from the $100 price, plus I had to pay $30 more to the club to take her back to the hotel as the house fee. Paid the money and took her back this time in a cab since it was getting busier and the manager wasnt free to drive us.
    CBJ to start, followed by missionary, 2 orgasms for her, then finishing in doggie style.

    Friday - A friend flew into town and we decided to head to La Cabana. La Cabana has no cover charge. Beer costs $1.25 for the big Pilseners and is similar to Via Lactea. The prices for the girls here are 10 minutes for $6 and then you can negotiate for more time with the girls. There is a large open space filled with wooden tables and plastic chairs where you can sit and drink or watch the stage. The girls rooms are lined along the walls and numbered. When a girl is ready to accept customers, she will stand in her doorway. They all only wear thong bikinis. They have a large stage with a stripper on the weekends, the friday night gal was pretty good.

    Guys, I was very amazed when I went in the club and looked over the chicks. Of the 10 girls that were there, 5 of them were in the 8-10 category. The others were around the 5-7 range being a little on the heavy side. I decided to take Margery for 20 minutes for $12. She performed like a champ but I couldnt cum within the time limit. She gave me an awesome CBJ and her cowgirl performance was excellent. It was too hot inside the small rooms and I felt too rushed. Told her I'd be back the next day though.

    Saturday - My buddy and I headed back to La Cabana. I really wanted round 2 with Margery so when I got to the club I was only drinking cold bottled water. $1.00 for a bottle and they keep it nice and cold. Paid $12 again for 20 minutes and this time I came while she rode me cowgirl.

    Sunday - Decided to just go drinking with my buddy and try and get some sleep before having to get up at 5 in the morning to see him off to the airport.

    Monday - Back to La Cabana right at 8pm to see what was happening there. Oh my, oh my, a perfect 10 walked in. Daniela, 20 years old from Guayquil. Long black hair in a pony tail, about 5' 2" tall. light brown skin with gold flecked hazel eyes. Perfect tits, literally. Almost a D cup and natural. Very perky, beautiful aerola, tits that you would see in Playboy with the airbrushing. I walk up and say hi in english and she invites me in. heh, first thing I ask her is why she's working here. "you could be a model in the states" to butter her up. I ask for a picture and she's agreeable, but says later. No problem, we get undressed and she leaves her top on, covering those gorgeous tits up. I beg with her to take it off and she uncovers them but is very adamant about not touching, only looking. I paid $30 for 30 minutes with her and unfortunately she's one of the ones who likes to let you know how much time you have left. Which really bugs me. Was too hot in the room again and too distracting to cum. Decided to see if I could arrange to get her back to the hotel for some more intimate action. She says $200 for 2 hours and the haggling starts. I get her to $100 for 3 hours and she says ok and to wait for her til shes done here. I hang around for an hour and apparently she asked her boss to leave early so she could go with me and he then wants a piece of the action, $20 more on top of everything else. I haggle again and she agrees to come to my hotel the next day when she's not working at 2pm.

    Woohoo, I really wanted this one. She said I could take lots of pics also at the hotel.

    Tuesday - disappointment. oh woe is me. No Daniela. She blew me off. Drank some rum and cokes while I contemplated those perfect tits. Debated on going back to Cabana to find out what happened or maybe fucking her there again. Decided the hell with it, and went to Via Lactea at 8pm to drink beer and see if there was going to be any strip shows or not. Tatania is there again, with 2 of her co-workers. Both very cute and good looking. I buy the mandatory 1 beer and watch some latin music videos which the girls are also watching. I'm the only customer in there at the moment since its so early. I offer to share my beer with Tatania and move over to sit with her and her friend. She curls up against me and I start giving her a one hadned neck massage while we drink beer and listen to music. 2 hours of this goes by and I finially decide to take her back to the hotel with me again. I ask her if she wants to and she agrees. And we agree to hang out some more with her co-workers til midnight then we go back.

    Damn, I'm really glad I gave her that massage for such a long time. The first thing she does when we get back to the room is get me on the bed and strips off my pants and gives me a BBBJ while she kneels on the floor fingering herself and moaning. OK I hadnt expected getting her that turned on. After 10 minutes, I get her up on the bed and we strip off the rest of our clothing. We get the condom on and she dosent need any K-Y. I slip a pillow under her ass and start fucking her in missionary for 1 and 1/2 hours. Unfortunately, my back and chest have scratch marks all over them when she started multi-orgasming and clawing the hell out of me. Hurt like a ***** the next day in the saltwater at the beach heh. But definitly worthwhile.

    All in all worthwhile if on the expensive side in regards to Quito. Some points.
    I did not see hardly any crime while I was there. No pickpockets, a couple street kids and beggars. Salinas is a very safe town. I have alot of experience in security and know what to look for. There may be some areas of town to stay away from like in the residential districts, but as far as the tourist area was concerned there was nothing for criminals.

    The food is awesome, but as always be careful if you arent used to ecuadorian food, especially ceviches.

    Hotels arent always the greatest thing. The hostels can be cheaper and better in quality. My 1st hotel was $50 a night and was very loud and noisy. I moved to a hostel that was $30 a night with very low noise and more perks than the hotel had.
    Shop around for the best bargains.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.
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    Via Lactea & Las Cabinas

    These are the 2 places outside of Salinas correct. My question is which one is open during the day and what are the hours of the other place? Are there any others around Salinas and which one in your opinion is the best?


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    Salinas' Nonpro Scene is SO Seasonal

    Season is just ending now, but last April I found a couple freebies just cruising along the beach by Hotel El Carruaje (where I stayed). Get a room with balcon and you can chat them up as they walk by or go in the small store next door.

    Will post a report here after I return. Any info on Manta appreciated as I hope to get up there this trip.

    PS for horny Euro girls on Holiday, Montanita is FULL of em. Easy pickins if you like average looking white girls (I prefer Latinas).

    Here is my post on Salinas from last year.

    Salinas, on the other hand, is HAPPENING. EASY to pick up non pros, even for a middle aged guy with average looks IF you look American. Season "temporada" is over but still fair bit of action on weekends (weekdays VERY deserted now) along the Malecon.

    If no luck with amatuers, go to Las Cabanas del Amor (near the race track JUST as you enter Salinas by passing under the arch). If you hit Supermax you went too far. Offer a taxista a dollar to follow him as you will have GREAT difficulty finding it on your own. There is another "chongo" (local term for brothel) called Salsipuedes (get out if you can) one block away. Other posts here describe it accurately. Best looking girl was a 7.5 IMHO.

    Hung out in Montanita, 70 minurtes to the North. This is the Surfer/foreigner haven of the coast. Lots of easy white chicks if that is your thing, and locals fill the town to capacvity on weekends. I prefer Salinas where gringos are more rare.
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    Not far from Guayaquil

    Salinas isn't too far from Guayaquil, about two hours or so by bus. I'm not really sure why there is a Salinas thread on here, but not a Manta thread, which is a much bigger city than Salinas. Anyways I've never been to Salinas, but if you go, post a report and let us know if there's any reason to visit. But I think Manta or Esmeraldas might be better cities for women, especially darker girls.

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    So where is Salinas geographically, for those of us who haven't yet been to Ecuador?

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    Doom back in the house

    I have finally gotten JACKSON to add a section on the Ecuador board called salinas, that is for all you beach goers that were always PM me about all the hot non pro action going on in salinas so don't sit back and admire it post up, let us see how many people respond.

    Peace out.

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