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Thread: Domino in Thailand

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This blog is moderated by Domino
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    Gary Glitter's Twilight Reasoning

    Too much on. See OTG is gone, Nibu's Colombia htread is busy and Nibu seems to be in Thailand.

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    They shoot bunnies, don't they...

    A nice game for all in the family:

    It's fun to kill!

    PS Download link:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freeler

    You miss him, don't you?
    I pity your good friend. His is a good mind wasted on a small heart.

  4. #461

    Hmmm... Maybe you're onto something.

    Maybe future T-Terry posts might end something like this:

    khit theung thee soot
    duay khwaam rak

    lol... I shut up now.


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    You miss him, don't you?

  6. #459


    New incarnation sometime soon, anyone?

    Wonder if he'll make a better job of being a new poster than last time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by domino
    freeler has previously posted the exact names and locations of a large range of cheap hotels in very many places in thailand, bangkok perhaps excepted. however, because the traveler, a professional conman, has tried to get my credit card information and that of others, freeler no longer supplies this information. pattaya is full of good, cheap places and there should be no need for freeler or anyone else to repat the information all the time.

    the traveler, a self confessed child [CodeWord126], is yet again repeating that anyone who goes to the philippines or kenya is, like him, a kiddy fucker. the penalties for kiddy fucking in the philippines are quite severe and kiddy fuckers are not welcome.

    the fact that jackson gives the traveler free rein here speaks more about jackson's business model than anytihng else. i notice, incidentally, the venture seems to be over. i ownder if saint is stil selling brooklyn bridge. the traveler is not the only conman or kiddyfucker out there. the fact that kiddyfuckers and conmen are encouraged should get you to be cautious in proffering information. most people, like 2001 come here to jack off not to supply informatiuon., this is a business site where we supply information so others wil pay subscription fees and take out ads. of course, business breeds buisness and the conmen will use whatever chances they get. kiddyfucking is probably expensive and that, along with the danger, is why the traveler doeas not post his movements around se asia.
    i come here because its the best flame thread on the site and from what i see you dont supply any usefull information or else you would not have your own theread, but then again you are happy to have your own thread because you like the attention and have a inferiority complex so you really get off on this type of thing

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    no, because your interpretation doesn't describe the current situation in whole, just in part.

    The correct description would be :
    "The one that used to shit on the living room floor every day is now encaged and can only shit in here but those who are still free to move around wherever they want are house-trained and only shit into the corner that was appointed for it."

    Hope you still enjoy your infinite bubble

  9. #456

    Who was it that taught those little ones how to use the potty? Narak


    Didn't you mean to say, "not all, some are house-trained and only shit in the corner that was made for some by the well-mannered people who/whom grew tired of watching some(one) shit on the living room floor every day."

    Ah... Ok...

    I thought so.

    poster - just one man inside an infinite bubble

  10. #455

    not all, some are house-trained and only shit in the corner that was appointed for it.

  11. #454

    Shit Hole Hall of Fame


    This place is for people that don't take shit seriously because they seriously want to shit all over the place.

  12. #453
    Ralp Kramden,

    this section is the offical shithole of the Thailand forum and what do you do at such a place ? Yes, you shit, that's what Domino does and that's what I do. So this is the place where this bullshit belongs.

    I just wonder why some people, who claim to be smart, say that they have understood that Domino plays them and state that they would keep cool when being at my place can't control their feelings and feel anger when I dare to comment on their comments. That's quite contradicting, isn't it ?

    Why not just laugh about it ? Wasn't that their advice ?

    And why do they take this crap serious ? I don't anymore. It's more a bad habit to kill some spare time and sometimes it's even fun, Domino is very predictable and it's quite interesting to see that he really reacts as foreseen.

    Anyway, nobody forces them to read that crap or post in here but they still do. Seems that the bullshit they are complaining about is quite fascinating and entertaining for them. Why else do they come here ?

    Finally, the forum is about providing information but this section is about entertainment, and that's what we do. So enjoy the show, relax and laugh from time to time about the nonsense.

  13. #452

    Laugh And The World Laughs With You


    You are absolutely right about humor. I occassionally find myself laughing when I think about all the BS that has been posted on this thread. I am glad you can keep a sense of humor in face of all the senseless and useless blather spouted by the humorless "Fountain of Domino". BTW, I thought the animated "Dancin Domino" was a real gas attack. Still do.

  14. #451

    that's what I said, it's complete bullshit but obviously entertaining for some people.
    And let's not forget, laughing is very healthy. A laugh a day can prolong your life.
    I am glad that I could be of help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giotto
    PS: Again: Domino is right now sitting in front of his monitor and laughing is ass off.
    And he's not the only one.

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