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Thread: Sydney Visitor's Guide

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    Japanese students.

    Quote Originally Posted by AussieGaigin  [View Original Post]
    Sorry this is a bit late, but about the only place you will find Japanese students working in Sydney is in restaurants and duty free shops.

    If you were enquiring specifically about the sex industry, I doubt there will be many, if any, to make it worthwhile looking.
    There's a Japanese girl at Machinery Road, her name is Kim. But haven't heard good reports from her, or any Japanese girls in general.

    If you're not too fussed, go to a reputable Asian brothel.

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    Has anyone tried Mona Lisa Escort services? How is it?

    Don't mind forking out AUD 400 if it is really that good?

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    Brothel Tips

    I'm planning on a visit to Sydney. I'd like to visit one or two brothel's and am wondering which ones are cheaper but still clean and safe. I get my fill of Asians in SE Asia and would like to try some local flavor so Caucasians only. I'd like BBBJ if possible along with FS maybe CIM but not required. I know the famous high end ones like Tiffany's has Caucasians of all types, but I hear they are very strict. If I'm paying that much, I want to have BBBJ at least. Also, I won't have a car so it would need to be near public transportation.


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    Great list!

    Wow. This is an amazing list man, thanks for this, I'm going to save it to my 'to do list'. As one who has a lot of business dealings in Australia, I'm surprised that I didn't even know about some of these places. I usually go to two, Sydney Select, and these guys for call-out services.

    Both are good, reasonably priced and most importantly, the girls are the same as those in the photos. No switcheroo like the nonsense that goes on in SE Asia. Dude looks like a lady stuff! . Anyone else have some that are not recommended here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigEightEight
    Hi brothers,

    I shall be coming to Sydney next week and would appreciate directions to find japanese students working in Sydney. Or where (best source) to look for them.

    Many thanks
    Sorry this is a bit late, but about the only place you will find Japanese students working in Sydney is in restaurants and duty free shops.

    If you were enquiring specifically about the sex industry, I doubt there will be many, if any, to make it worthwhile looking.

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    Add to the list

    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba Boy

    I have broken down the action according to the geographic layout of Sydney. . . . .
    You could add 'Heaven Can Wait' in Hornsby to the list of Sydney brothels. Been around for year. 1 minute walk from Hornsby station. Don't know their current prices as I haven't been there for years: having my equipment checked out for bugs is too much like an army medical inspection for me and kills the mood. Also, having to do everything with a condom is pretty ordinary. If I'm paying for it, I like to do what I like! Also, an hour passes too quickly and an hour later you want to go again! A street girl at $200 - $250 the whole night, in the comfort of your own home, using a camera to record the occasion, is much more fun and value.

    However, I recall it as a friendly enough place with the occassional really spunky younger woman.

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    I'm arriving on holiday to Sydney Aug 11 till the 26 and prefer asian girls any sugestions?

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    Interested in japanese girls

    Hi brothers,

    I shall be coming to Sydney next week and would appreciate directions to find japanese students working in Sydney. Or where (best source) to look for them.

    Many thanks

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    Does anyone know if there is a sex theatre in Sydney?

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    It is very difficult to learn more about price range of escort services in Sydney, and mostly because you can not figure out wich places are VIP and and which are dumps.

    In New York escort charge is anywhere from $100 to $2000. The level of rates is determined by the attractiveness of the escort and her popularity with clients.

    I am sure Sydney works like that as well, but that is difficult to figure out on the web.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jc373
    How on earth could you generalise enough to answer this question. The service levels and what is and isn't considered an extra would vary not only from brothel to brothel but also girl to girl. You will not get an answer unless you go to the parlour and ask a girl.
    Fair enough, but I just wanted to have an idea of the rough percentage of girls who accept to do DFK in Sydney, especially in the bigger brothels (Bubba Boy managed to give an estimate for BBBJ in his FAQ ).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ozouville
    Bubba, while your report is very detailed and useful, it does not mention the brothels' stance towards DFK. Do most brothels allow it, and if so, is it considered an extra?

    How on earth could you generalise enough to answer this question. The service levels and what is and isn't considered an extra would vary not only from brothel to brothel but also girl to girl. You will not get an answer unless you go to the parlour and ask a girl.

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    Bubba Boy - A guide to the scene in Sydney

    I was in Sydney last week and went to Angeltown about 8. 30pm Saturday night. A friend and I were watching the Sydney Swans v Collingwood game at a pub up the road. I had been to Angeltown before about 2 years ago and had a great time there. I left my friend at half time and wandered down the road to Angeltown.

    This time however I was turned away at the door. I was told "fully booked.come back on Monday" I asked how much? And was told $400 an hour, $250 half an hour!

    I went back to the pub and told my friend who is Asian. We walked backdown the road half an hour later when thew Swans were getting smashed and this time he went to the door. He was told $150 half an hour and four girls were available! Talk about being pissed off!

    Anyway we jumped in the car and went to Mirages. I chose a Thai girl " Mickey" small tits but a hot body. She was fantastic!

    In fact I went back two days later. Massage only with HJ.

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    Bubba, while your report is very detailed and useful, it does not mention the brothels' stance towards DFK. Do most brothels allow it, and if so, is it considered an extra?


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    Sydney Visitor's Guide


    The scene is in Sydney is very safe because it is legal, the only trouble you are likely to encounter is the occasional 40 year old lady describing herself as a 20 year old on the phone or the occasional lack lustre performance in the sack. It is also cheap by developed western standards. The places I have listed should provide at least a passable service, hopefully much better and more importantly there are a few scam places listed here under the caution title, which should save you from wasting your time and money. Most of the action is within 5 kms of the city and at time of writing $1 USD= $ .75 AUD. I have based the info on my experiences over the last 10 years of living in Sydney.

    I have broken down the action according to the geographic layout of Sydney.

    **Northern Sydney or the North Shore:
    This area, is all suburbs across the harbour bridge from the City. It is generally an affluent area and very safe to travel around. If you are staying in the CBD the lower north shore is a mere 5kms away.

    **Inner East and Eastern Suburbs:
    This area goes from the Sydney directly east all the way to the eastern beaches, which include Bondi. This area also includes Surry Hills, Darlinghurst which house the most sex based action in Sydney ranging from street workers to large brothels and is only 3 km (2 miles) from the city centre. These two suburbs are still relatively safe because of the people wandering around at most hours of the day and night although if you do find yourself in a street which is deserted late at night it is best to keep your eyes wide open and avoid groups of youths or better still get the establishment to call a Taxi which will be there in less than 10 minutes. (taxis are generally pretty good in Sydney in that they wonít try and rip you off on purpose, although they may take you a long route by incompetence, prices are always on the meter and they are not expensive by western standards. 5k trip will cost about A$10 (US$7) maybe $15 in peak hour traffic, 15km trip about A$25).

    **Inner West:
    The North and East of Sydney is where the money is, the west is where the working class suburbs are.

    I have also broken down the establishments into the following:

    There are probably a dozen or so large, legal, professionally run brothels in Sydney. These places have been around for years, in Tiffanys case 30 years and will hence still be similarly run if you read this review in 3 or more years from now. That is where I would go for your first effort in Sydney. There are a lot of smaller places but they come and go and the quality varies. These larger places are very safe and although they will have a security guard on the premises (usually armed) you will never see them unless you do something very stupid. The smaller places are less professionally run but can still provide some great girls who donít like to work at the bigger brothels. Generally all places will have only about 75% of the staff on during the day as opposed to the night.

    When you enter a brothel in Sydney you will usually be met by a lady receptionist who will put you in a private meeting area where the girls will come by and introduce themselves. You then select which lady you want when the receptionist comes back and the time you want to see them, all places offer 30, 45 or 60 minutes stays (you can extend this time during the session or at the end of it). You then pay the receptionist and she will go and get the girl selected. If there are no ladies that are acceptable to you, you can leave or wait for more ladies that are going to become available. If you do leave the receptionist may try to keep you there with a bullshit sales pitch but just be polite and say you are not interested at the moment or that you will come back a later time in the day. All of the brothels in Sydney have no problem with you leaving without selecting a girl, except some are a little bit more pushy than others on trying to keep you there.

    The service provided will be oral on you with a condom and full sex for around A$270 (US$200) per hour, A$200 for 45minutes or A$150 for 30 minutes. At the start of the session you will be asked to take a shower after the lady has a quick look at your dick for signs of disease. The lady will usually leave the room while you have a shower and come back in 5 minutes. If you wish to perform oral on a lady it is at her discretion, 50 % will probably have no problem with this. Anal sex is rarer in Sydney but not impossible I would say about 10% of girls will offer it, maybe a little higher in some places and a little lower in others. For extra services like this it may be best to ask the receptionist for a list of which girls provide it or ask the girls directly at the introduction. Do not ask for Bare Back Blowjob (BBBJ) in the large brothels as this is a no no and is likely to get the girl offside. If you do want BBBJ try one of the Asian brothels or some privates will provide this.

    Busy times at most places can be 7pm Ė10pm and then midnight to 3am, especially on Friday and Saturday night and hence if you do visit at this time your selection of ladies will be a bit more limited unless you are prepared to wait a bit until girls come available. Most places will provide a couple of free drinks while you wait.

    **Massage only place:
    There are probably a similar number of massage only places in Sydney that operate along the same lines as the full service place except the girls donít provide full sex. They generally give you a massage followed by some body to body sliding and finish the job with a quick handjob. The prices are usually about half what you would expect to pay at a full service place. Some of these places allow the girls to do ďextrasĒ which include French or full sex although it would usually work out more expensive than going to a brothel in the first place.

    Due to prostitution being legal in Sydney there really is not much of an escort scene. In fact there are a number of escort places operating which cater to tourists only and attempt to charge outrageous prices and have very bad reputations. They use the same girls that work in the brothels or in many cases much worse girls but instead of charging A$250 per hour attempt to charge A$500 to A$1000 per hour. If you do want an expensive escort that would you would find in Europe there are a handful of very good private girls operating in Sydney.
    You could try , a collection of semi privates, I have never heard a bad word about them.

    2 Great private escorts working Sydney are:
    I have heard very positive things about them in service and looks. Both around A$500 per hour (USD$350)

    Sydney, being close to Asia has a number of Asian only brothels and massage joints. Most are a little dodgy, the service varies a lot, and some come and go very quickly. Some operate on the ďfringeĒ of official immigration policy and do get raided every now and then. A raid will not affect the punters, just the owners and girls that are here illegally. Punters will be just told to be on their way as they have broken no laws.

    The Daily Telegraph has ads in it everyday but most of the ads are misleading and hence I would avoid unless you want to turn up at a ď23 year old supermodels apartmentĒ to find a 40 year old overweight hag.

    One of the most notorious escort agencies aimed at tourists in Sydney over the last few years is Madamfliess. They have burned a number of girls and punters over the years.


    La Petite Aroma, 26 Railway St, Chatswood. 9419 5590 aka LPA (large brothel 10+ rooms): Located about 10km across the Harbour Bridge on the North Side from the CBD, which will cost about A$25 in a taxi. You can catch the train to Chatswood which is relatively safe. LPA is right next to the train station. This is probably the busiest place at the moment taking the title away from Tiffanys which held it for 10 years. The ladies are usually young and attractive with a good mixture of all nationalities including Australian ladies, probably the best looking girls in Sydney at the moment. This is one of your best chances of finding Greek in Sydney with probably 25% of ladies providing this service, ask the ladies at the intro or ask the receptionist which girls will do anal. Anal will usually cost you A$100 Ė A$200 extra depending on the girl.

    The introduction system at this place is the most uncustomer friendly of all the big brothels in Sydney IMHO. When you ring the doorbell a receptionist will let you in and lead you to a small waiting room, and I do mean small, a cat could just sit next to you but you certainly could not swing it without collecting all walls and doing serious harm to poor kitty. The girls will slowly come by into the room and speak to you for about 30 seconds. The next girl may come by in a few minutes or maybe right away depending on how busy it is. After maybe 10 minutes the receptionist will come back and ask who you will like to see, it is not uncommon for the lady you wish to see not being available anymore because of the time delay and the chance a person also waiting in another room who has been their longer than you has selected her. This is the only place in Sydney which does this, most places usually get all the girls to meet you and then once you have made your selection go onto the next punter. It is not uncommon to have to wait a bit at this place until you can find a girl which is not grabbed from under you. All girls wear lingerie at the intro so you can get a good look at their bodies.

    If you donít find a girl you like you can always tell the receptionist that you want to be on your way, the receptionist get paid a commission if you stay and hence will go into a sales pitch about how many goddesses are going to become available in 5 minutes (this place must have no clocks because 5mins can drag out to 30mins easily). Politely but firmly say you have to be somewhere and get the receptionist to take you out of the building. This is the only brothel that will desperately try and make you stay, all others will have no problem with leaving if girls are not what you like. Generally all brothels in Sydney do not let you walk around the place unescorted by staff. The dťcor at LPA is passable, just.

    Victoria Secrets
    161 Victoria Ave, Chatswood. 9267 4414. (medium brothel 6 rooms): Owned by same people as LPA but a bit quieter and friendlier. Not the same witch like receptionists. Greek is available here quite readily as well.

    Cocos 9929 6997. (Medium sized brothel) 3kís from CBD: Has maybe 8 rooms with usually quite good quality ladies that offer a sometimes conservative but generally friendly service. A good choice if you donít want to travel to far. You could even catch the train to Milsons Point to get there. The view back to the city is worth, well several million dollars, judging by the prices of apartments here.

    (small to medium brothel). 81a Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest. 9439 7262. Some gems here but generally older more mature housewife types work here.

    126 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest. 9906 2799. (large massage 12 rooms): Not a bad place to spend some time. The place is large and hence you can get a good selection although it does get busy at times when you may only have a selection of 3 girls. This is a massage only place although girls are allowed to offer covered French as an extra ($50 depending on lady) but not full sex. They also charge extra for body to body ($30 depending on lady). So an hour massage is about $130, with French and body to body it would work out to be $200 which is what you would almost pay for full sex at a brothel. Some nights I have been here when there have been some serious glamours here other nights nothing but dowdy housewife types.


    Surry Hills and Darlinghurst/Kings Cross.
    Despite what the tourist brochures say Kings Cross is not the real red light district. This crown belongs to Surry Hills which has 6 big brothels and about 20+ smaller asian brothels.

    99 Albion St, Surry Hills. 9212 1195 or 9211 3804 (large brothel 15 Ė20 rooms), This place is probably the most professionally run of all brothels in Sydney. It is also nice and close being at the southern end of the city 1 km away from Central station about 3 kms from circular quay which is the CBD. About $A10 cab ride from CBD, maybe $A15 in traffic. Being in Surry Hills it is best to get a cab home when it is late at night just to be safe.
    The girls are all less than 30 years old and will wear dresses at the intro which looks OK but it is hard to make out how good their bodies are underneath. Generally the rooms all have spas and are maintained to a high standard. It has been around since 1970ís which is sort of the theme of the place, heaps of red wallpaper, mirrors and disco balls everywhere. The one reason it is not as busy as it used to be is the girls are a little conservative and sometimes can be a little bit stuck up although over the years I have found some absolutely fantastic girls there. Anal was virtually unheard of here although new owners just bought the place and I think this may change as there seems to be more anal around in Sydney of late which can only be a good thing. When you knock on the door a receptionist or working lady will take you to a private room where she will ask if you would like her or if you would like to see the rest of the girls, unless she is a knockout ask to see all available ladies, of course be careful if she is just the receptionist!. All the girls will come and stand in front of you, you will make a selection there and she will take you to a room, if nothing takes your fancy ask to see a receptionist and discuss when more ladies will be coming available or wander onto another brothel in the area.

    A Touch Of Class:
    (large brothel 15rooms) 377 Riley, Surry Hills. 9212 2646 , Very similar to Tiffanys and just around the corner. Very professionally run. The girls here tend to be just a little bit older but do tend to give a friendlier service. In summary if you want a 18 Ė 25 year old girl that may be a little cold go to Tiffanys, if you want a girl that is maybe 25 Ė35 years old go to A Touch of Class. A Touch of class needs to be renovated, although you can see that once upon a time it would have been very plush judging by the old furniture in the place.

    (large brothel 10 rooms), Owned by the same people that own Golden Apple and Tudor Court in Kings Cross. Some good looking girls here and it may be worth a visit. The place is maintained OK, although not to the same standards as Tiffanys.

    Black Cat:
    (large brothel 10 rooms). 479 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills. Big brothel quality of girls probably not up to standard of other places in the area. You only need to find one glam I suppose to have a good time.

    Golden Apple & Tudor Court,

    GA is 169 Victoria St, Potts Point. 9357 2555. TC is in tusculum st just down road.(large brothel 10 rooms each). Being situated in Kings Cross, which can get rough at night with drunks etc, it charges about $100 just to enter the place. This fee comes off the hourly
    rate if you decide to stay however if you find nothing you like you wonít get a refund. I find this practise particularly galling and hence will not visit the place on principle. A bit of a tourist trap. This person also owns Laisons and he may try to introduce this policy there. Basically the only people that go to this place are tourists. Service is average but if you are staying in the area and canít be bothered to go to Surry Hills it may be worth a shot but only if you are desperate.
    Fetish, B & D:

    Salon Kittys:

    Have been around since the year dot and I have never heard a bad thing about them although I have never visited them as BDSM isnít my thing. 9310 2865. 310 Cleveland St, Surry Hills.

    The Kastle: 9690 1150. Again similar to salon kittys, never heard a bad word about them. Located in Chippendale, about 2 km from City.

    Bondi Junction:
    About 6 kms east of the city. For some reason this place has many massage only places but only 1 forgettable brothel, which is so forgettable It ainít even worth mentioning here. Bondi Junction is in the wealthy heart of the Eastern suburbs of Sydney and hence it is very safe.

    Suite 2, 29 Newland, Bondi Junction 9389 7700. (large massage 10 rooms). Nice place although at the time of writing the girls generally are a bit conservative in that they donít all let you touch their pussies and the official policy is that they do not allow their girls to perform extras and generally they donít. The massage part can be a bit boring so I would only stay for 30mins unless I know the girl.

    Mistyís L5 503/29 Newland St, Bondi Junction. 9387 6004 (large massage 15 rooms). Misty used to work for Michelle. She went out on her own and now operates on the same floor as Michelles (which used to make for the odd catfight until Michelle moved on and is there in name only). They both operate the same in that each girl has her own small flat in the building, donít be fooled by the rather bland residential building it is housed in, once inside the flats they are quite nice. For introduction purposes you go to the main reception room and Misty or a receptionist will tell you what flat numbers are available and you go and knock on the doors until you find a girl you like. 50+% of the girls will offer French as an extra and it is usually $50. The girls at Mistyís tend to be attractive and quite raunchy with most not having a problem of you rubbing their pussies. Staff turnover is high though.

    Michelles L5, 505, 29 Newland St, Bondi Junction. 9389 5686. (medium massage 5 rooms). Operates exactly the same as Mistyís, although the rooms are slightly nicer inside. For better choice of girls and amore raunchy service I would try Misty.

    Newland St, Bondi Junction. (medium Asian massage 8 rooms). This place used to be a favourite of mine until it changed hands 1 year ago and is not as great but still good. Basically it is a Korean massage joint and with a 1 hour booking you actually get a really good hard massage with hot towels etc. Some girls are great some are not so great. See Midas for what this place used to be like.

    (Sydney central business district). The CBD is quite long being about 4kms from one end to the other. Three main train stations run along George St which is the easiet way to break up the CBD. Nearest to circular quay (the harbour end) is Wynyard, nearer to the middle of the CBD is Town Hall, and the furthest end of the city is Central Station.

    Lower Ground Floor, 250 Pitt St. 9264 6868. (large brothel 10 rooms + swimming pool, near Town Hall). This place is very conveniently located on Pitt St in the heart of the CBD. Entrance is via a secure door which requires you to be buzzed in. When inside you will find a bar layout where you can mingle with the ladies until you find someone you like and head off to the rooms. It is not overly private so if this of a concern you may wish to try somewhere else. The drinks at the bar are free. The rooms are quite new and nice. There have been some gems there over the years however the quality of the ladies has varied of late, with me being disappointed at the last 5 visits I have been there over the last 2 years. You can of course leave if you do not find a lady you are happy with.

    248 Pitt St, Sydney, 9283 5888. You will see a lift entrance off the street which takes you to the floor marker Zanadu which is level 4 or 5 from memory. Sometimes an asian guys stands out the front but never really says anything?

    (large Asian massage, near Town Hall, 2doors down from Penthouse). This place is your classic Asian massage joint that you can find all over Asia. It has been there for years and hasnít changed much in that time. When you walk in you get given a key to a locker and tell the lady how long you want a massage for, 45mins is plenty. You strip and put all your belongings into the locker and keep the key, I wouldnít leave valuables in the locker but to there credit I have never heard of a problem in this regard over many years of visiting this place. You will be given a flimsy bath robe which you walk around the joint in. After you have your robe on you can have a spa which may have other naked men in it (no it is not gay just an Asian thing), this doesnít appeal to me so I go straight to the shower and from there to the TV/Bar area where I tell the lady I am ready for a massage. At this point you can get a foot massage, which costs extra, but I skip this as I am not here for the massages, although some groups seem to spend all night here. When the lady has organised a lady you will be taken to a room. Unfortunately you donít get to choose the lady, they choose them for you. The ladies are generally Ok, although they are not oil paintings and donít exactly wear sensual clothes, more like Asian tracksuit pants, it is dark anyway. The lady will then massage you and walk on your back and then with about 20 minutes to go will ask if you want extra. I usually ask what extras are on offer and then ask the price. All will offer a handjob and try to get A$50, if they are a bit older just say the last time you were here you only paid A$30 and that will usually do it, if they whinge just say I will have no extras today and they will fall in line. The handjob is usually done with their clothes on. If they are young and attractive you may have to pay A$50 but get them to take some clothes off and agree to allow you to touch their pussy (probably without finger penetration). Some offer full sex for A$80. This will nwork out to be more expensive than going to a straight brothel for full sex. When the business is done you do not give anything to the girl. When you present your key back to the receptionist she will ad up the bill including what you agreed to pay the girl extra (they relay it back via intercom when the girl gets back to her room).

    79 Goulburn St, Sydney Cnr Pitt St. 9212 5152.
    (large Asian massage, in between Central and Town Hall). Exactly the same as Xanadu although the girls seem not to offer French as readily as Xanadu. Some times late at night they will ask for money upon entry which is not a problem as they have been there since the year dot. They have started to offer all nude body to body Korean massages however they are pricey for what you get, last time I was there it was $160 for an hour. Normal massage like this goes for $130 for an hour at other establishments and you can get to choose the girls so I donít think this is great value.

    (medium massage) 80 Erskine St. 9299 7771. This place essentially offers a conservative massage with most girls not letting you touch their pussies during the massage. Some will offer extras but it is expensive. I would basically go a few doors down and get a better service and a cheaper price at City Touch.

    City Touch
    (medium Asian massage, near Wynyard). 70 Erskine st, Sydney 2000. 9279 2885. All asian place although every now and then a white chick will appear in line up. This place is classified as a massage place although over half the girls will provide full service usually for an extra A$50, you can ask them at the introduction stage if they offer extras. This place generally provides good cheap service. 30mins A$70 + extras, 45 mins A$100 + extras. I like this place and generally have a good time here. Girls are usually aged 25 to 35 although generally better looking than your average.

    Table Top dancing:
    Most places are in Pitt St, Sydney. Try they have 2 clubs in the city at 92 & 252. They are very similar to American Clubs where you get to look at girls and put dancing dollars down the g strings but canít touch. You certainly cannot take the girls out of the club so I would not bother trying to ask in this regard. There is another new place just opened a few doors down from 92 Pitt st that has better looking girls but I seldom participate in this look but not touch enviroment.


    The western suburbs of Sydney is traditionally a working class area. The further out you go the more working class you get. There are areas in the west that are a safety concern but not really comparable to other big cities in the world. To put things into prospective, the worst areas in Sydney would be an average suburb in Detroit or Amsterdam or a good suburb in Africa or South America. Sydney is generally a pretty safe place, but of course if you are careless you will find someone to relieve you of a few dollars or worse.

    Stiletto: 82 Parramatta Rd, Camperdon. 8594 8800. (large brothel 12+rooms). 3 km west of CBD. This place opened in 2003. It was rumoured they spent A$12m building it and it shows. The rooms are without doubt the highest quality in Sydney and Australia and all have spas in them. The foyeur has fountains, plasma monitors and indoor plants. They really have gone to great effort to make the place look special and it does, think of a cross between a 5 star hotel and chic nightclub. The girls are OK with one or two stand outs. Over time it will get better and I hope some of the better girls from other establishments move here because the rooms are so good. $A280 60min, $A230 45, $190 30 min. I desperately would like this place to work, only time will tell.

    83 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville (next to NAB Bank building).PH: 9557 6999 or 9557 633 (large Korean massage joint, 10+rooms). 8km west of CBD. The previous owners used to own Mirage in Bondi Junction when it was at its peak and used to be the best Asian massage joint in Sydney. They sold Mirage and took a break and now have opened up Midas in brand new premises. The premises are of the highest standard of any massage joint in Sydney and really only Stiletto (see above) would have better rooms. This place has great girls, attractive and provide a great service. The service basically starts with a genuine Korean massage which is quite hard. They apply various moisturisers and facial cleaners. About 20 minutes before your allotted massage time ends the fun will start where the girls get naked and slides all over your body with oil/moisturisers and then jerks you off. This place gets really busy at night so you will have to book a few hours in advance. If you donít know any girls that you would like to see simply book a time and they will show you the available girls when you get there. This is not the ideal solution as the best girls will be booked out in advance, hell my favourite girl is usually booked the whole shift out before she steps into the place for the night, hence for your first time you may get an average girl. A good tactic to employ would be ring up in the afternoon and enquire to who the busiest girls are on the night shift and then make a booking with them. I have never heard of extras being performed here so it is probably best not to ask. Being situated in Marrickville it is best to catch a cab in and ask for a cab to be booked for you by the receptionist on the way out. Not the best suburb in the world. 1 Hour $145. 1 Ĺ Hours $210. Worth booking an hour at this place.

    (large brothel 10+rooms). 7km west of CBD. 474 Parramatta Rd, Petersham. 9560 8066. This place is laid out like a Bar. You will see other punters milling about so if privacy a problem you may want to give this a miss. It is in an area historically populated with the Italian and Lebanese community, hence in busy times like 11pm+ on Friday and Saturday night it can get quite rowdy with young guys from the area. I avoid at this time and only go during the week. A number of girls here do provide extras like Greek and I have had some great experiences here over the years and still do. A$280 60 mins.

    Angel Town
    638 King St Newtown. 9565 1236. (large Asian brothel 12 girls on all time) 5km west of CBD. Another Asian only place. This place is run by the chinese community. They get the girls into the country from Korea on student visas and make them work off a large fee before they get to keep any money themselves. Usually these places are very sad in the fact that the girls usually always look very unhappy and I usually would not visit for ethical reasons. However this place the girls seem quite happy and the service provided by them is usually very good. Standard service is girl gets in shower with you and washes all over, BBBJ is provided as standard. 50% of girls provide rose leafing (lick your ass). If you especially want this service ask the guy (only male receptionists here) to only show you girls that do it. After BBBJ and rose leafing condom is put on for sex. $170 for 30mins, $220 45mins, $270 60 minutes. 10 % discount if you go before 6pm. Every time I have been the girls have all been very very attractive asian girls. The service at these places can change very quickly though and sometimes disappear over night. Despite indications that it is run by organised crime, the punters are treated like kings and you will not have any trouble with the owners. In fact they will go out of their way to make sure you are happy when you leave. I would not want to be one of the girls though if you say you were unhappy with her service.

    (small brothel). 35 Parramatta Rd, Anandale. 9519 3555 4km west of CBD. Small brothel with maybe 4 girls on at any time. Does usually have a number of girls that provide greek. If you are after this service call the receptionist and ask who his on.

    The Site 8 Wentworth St, Granville. 9897 7788. Near Parramatta about 25kís west of CBD. Good enough spot if you are staying out in this area. I have been a few times and sometimes you will find a gem or 2.

    If you want some upto date info on Sydney it is worth joining this site, it is free. I have found it to be good in some respects but bad in that it gets a bit spammy in there and a lot of the posts are by people who have self interest in the places they are supposing to give independent reviews on. Anyway it may be of use to some.

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