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    Post of the Year

    Linyjo has definitely read the shit out of the forum before his trip to Thailand and shared much of what he learned:

    Quote Originally Posted by Linyjo  [View Original Post]
    I am planning my next trip as a visit to Asia, specifically to Pattaya. Being the responsible monger I am I read back the forum from October of 2018, roughly 130 pages.

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    OK, thanks, would be nice if you.

    Quote Originally Posted by LuckyNuts  [View Original Post]

    1st Trip. General Report.

    1st trip to Pattaya.

    9 nights.

    Nov 16 - 25.

    Just got back from my 1st trip to Pattaya. Below is a general report of my key takeaways / experiences during my stay.

    Hung out with Monkeypaw (2nd time), FL Hawk (1st time), Banana Boi (1st time), Lew Ashby (1st time).

    Feel free to reach out if you'd like any additional in-depth details..
    Gave more specifics. Lots of advice and generalities, but no prices, no detailed experiences.

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    Useful insights into Thai Visa / Immigration pov

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    Amazing Writing Style of Kumbu!

    Simply amazing! Very few reports with such lucid writing style!

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    Line Friend Groups

    A great review of a Line Friend group and how to use it:

    Quote Originally Posted by Siamsin  [View Original Post]
    .Now here's a bit of intel for the guys who have the time and don't mind picking up girls online.....

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    A good review of Nana.

    Quote Originally Posted by GrapeMan  [View Original Post]
    Trip report from Nana plaza.

    Note: I didn't get any action on this night, if you're just looking for that info, you can skip this post.

    Arrived at Nana plaza fairly late 11:30 pm or so after a long, very hot day. Wasn't planning on getting any action but to check the place and ladies out for the next round in a night or two when I'd be back and have some beers and a show.

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    Day and Night options

    Patrick's good report on BKK options:

    Quote Originally Posted by PatrickTravels  [View Original Post]
    Here are some more impressions from Bangkok experiences:

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    Caucasian friendly bars

    Given all the talk of the Koreans and Chinese getting all the good girls, a list of Caucasian friendly bars:

    Quote Originally Posted by BananaBoi  [View Original Post]
    There are still areas in Pattaya at least where Farang is King.

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    Awesome Pattaya First Timer Report!

    1st Trip. General Report.

    1st trip to Pattaya.

    9 nights.

    Nov 16 - 25.

    Just got back from my 1st trip to Pattaya. Below is a general report of my key takeaways / experiences during my stay.

    Hung out with Monkeypaw (2nd time), FL Hawk (1st time), Banana Boi (1st time), Lew Ashby (1st time).

    Feel free to reach out if you'd like any additional in-depth details.

    Little about Myself.

    *Asian-American, 27 why / o, Chinese / Taiwanese background.

    *Not the rowdy type, generally more quiet & prefer discretion.

    *Prefer stunner type: tall, slim, pretty face, fair skin, no baby damage, girls that would make you hard just looking at them, etc.

    **Given my preference. I'd just like to preface my report by saying that I can come off as a super picky motherfucker (LOL).

    But at the end of the day, I didn't come here to fuck "normal" looking girls that I wouldn't have much trouble getting back home.

    Hotel#1- Hilton (1st 7 nights).

    *Pros: Great overall experience, fantastic views, good breakfast, nice rooms, friendly staff, NO joiner fee, mall w / food & banks, great pool.

    *Cons: priciest 5 star option, not walkable to & from WS (especially with a girl), gym could be better.

    *Misc: while it may not be a huge factor, I'm sure girls are more receptive to a nice place as opposed to a dump.

    Hotel #2- WAVE (last 2 nights).

    *Pros: Spacious rooms, smaller hotel / fewer rooms = more lowkey, NO joiner fee.

    *Cons: pricey for a 4 star option (comparable to Hilton), not walkable to & from WS (next door to Hilton), ground floor pool, exposed to street noise, etc.

    *Misc: Hilton WAVE. Pretty straight forward, it is what it is. Breakfast is AYCE but comes in set menus, not as good as Hilton.

    Regular Daytime activities.

    *Pros: if you like beach / water activities, seems like there's definitely enough to keep you entertained.

    *Cons: aside from beach / water activities, not a whole lot else to do. (But then again, I didn't come here to "travel".

    *Misc: I really didn't do shit during the day, just chilled by the pool, smoked cigs, drank & napped.


    *Pros: lots of cheap eats, no shortage of good thai food, lots of seafood options.

    *Cons: fine dining is lacking, overall not great. (especially if you come from a major metropolitan city IE: NYC, LA, Hong Kong, etc.).

    *Misc: fine dining generally not cheap even compared to what you'd find in 1st world countries. Not worth the price.

    Soi 6.

    *Pros: cheaper alternative to WS, opens before WS for you to pump one out before evening, lots of girls.

    *Cons: if you're like me & are looking for "stunners". They'll be harder to come by here. After all, there's a reason why they're here and not in a top GoGo.

    *Misc: never ended up taking a girl from Soi 6, but from what I was told. Girls are likely to try harder & provide better service than their WS counterparts. Makes sense.


    *Pros: several within walking distance of each other, cheaper than Bangkok, convenient.

    *Cons: overall quality of girls not as great as Bangkok, fewer establishments than Bangkok.

    *Misc: never ended up taking a girl from soapies, I think I ended up getting spoiled w / my trips to the Lord in Bangkok.

    Walking Street (found all my girls here).

    *Pros: shit load of GoGos, shit load of girls, more entertaining than BKK scene (if you enjoy a challenge), best overall quality of girls IMHO.

    *Cons: shit load of girls, so again if you're looking for true stunners. You'll still have to search. Not cheap, expect to drop $$ if you want the best.

    *Misc: lots of tourists. Some can be rude & just plain obnoxious, annoying fuckers trying to sell you on sex shows etc.

    Favorite GoGos.

    1-Palace, 2 (tie) -Panda / Baccara, 4-Sensations, 5-Sapphire.

    *Overall, Palace just had the highest concentration of "stunners" & IMHO the best ambiance / setup.

    Small in size, harder to find seats, but keeps you closer to the girls on stage & more interaction with girls walking around.

    Girls here definitely hustle you more than other bars due to the close proximity, but its fun if you're not cheap.

    "Stunner" Experience.

    Just like with non-hookers, the prettier the girl, the more options she has, the more difficult it is for you to get what you want.

    Thus, its only natural that the top girls will naturally be more receptive to youth, good looks & overall charm / game. (Money being an obvious pre-requisite, IE: can't be CHEAP).

    Highly doubt this fact would change regardless of where you go to monger.

    So to be completely objective, if you are older or less attractive or lack charm / game. You are going to have a harder time getting the best looking girls plain & simple.

    Regarding customer demographics, the "top" GoGo bars are predominately asian. Live with it, you're in Asia. It's the same in Bangkok.

    Do we smoke? Yes. If you don't like it, don't come or sit further away. With me, I make it a habit to blow my smoke away from others but that is the extent of how much I care about what others think of my smoking in a GoGo.

    From what I've seen, not just in Pattaya, east asian customers are less likely to be rowdy / disrespectful, less stingy / cheap & are overall more chill / relaxed.

    These traits aside. These are ASIAN girls. Don't be surprised if they are more inclined to go with ASIAN customers.

    EX: lot more similarities between Thai culture / behavior vs. Chinese, Korean, Japanese than say Thai vs. Non-asian American, European, etc.

    These girls are still human after all. Not mindless fuck machines. They'll go with what they're most comfortable with.

    EX: on more than 1 occasion, girls have told me after that they like the fact that they can be seen walking with me in public & it look like they're with their boyfriend / guy friend rather than a customer. I suppose less shame / judging looks from others. Which seemingly translated to them being more comfortable in bed as well.

    (not have it been completely obvious that they're about to fuck me for money).

    Overall tips / advice for getting stunners (not exclusive to Pattaya).

    **Be mindful / respectful, but still have fun.

    Yes you're in a GoGo bar or w / e, but you're not at a frat party or a den of sex slaves. Staff aren't going to appreciate you making a mess or bothering other customers.

    Top girls aren't going to appreciate being groped & treated like sex toys or you asking them to bareback the first time you guys meet, etc. Besides, not cool to knock these girls up, spread shit around & ruin the fun for others.

    Girls talk, so don't think that if the girl hasn't seen you or been with you that she doesn't know about you via her friends.

    (A girl I took from Palace showed me her group LINE chat w / other girls wherein they talk shit / give feedback about customers LIVE).

    Ultimately, girls will be less likely to go with you if you have a bad rep / image.

    **don't be cheap / stingy. But this doesn't mean flash / flex like an idiot. Spend where you SHOULD spend. Tip when it is appropriate.

    Flex like an idiot and girls will just see you as an easy target for money. Spend too little and girls won't even bother with you.

    **know what you want. Unless what you want is to fall in love. In which case, don't come LOL or else you'll be the one getting fucked the hardest.

    While these girls might not be the most educated / book smart, they're queens at bullshitting. Keep your lies believable & be honest / direct with what you're after.

    Between Bangkok & Pattaya, haven't been turned down by any girls. Doubt it's because of any one factor I've listed but rather a healthy balance of them all.

    Won't guarantee you good service every time, as I've had my fair share of bad experiences. But will better your chances overall.

    EXCEPT #174 at Palace. Who seemingly has also turned down everyone else on this board LOL. If anyone manages to get her. Share please.

    Cheers you fuckers.

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    Bkkdog's how to treat a hooker like a lady

    Quote Originally Posted by Bkkdog  [View Original Post]
    Alright guys. Enough of this nonsense. Back to business.

    BKK Dog.
    How to treat a bargirl properly so that she does the same to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goferring  [View Original Post]
    Bkkdog's description of numerous Bangkok options.
    Oops, beat me to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bkkdog  [View Original Post]
    So many debates and so many questions in my PMs and the Bangkok thread, I thought I would put together my take as a kind of newbie guide for mongers on where and how to find girls in BKK.
    Bkkdog's description of numerous Bangkok options.

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    Back to the Future

    Banana Boi's quick report from the future. This one has got to be the funniest post on all of ISG this week.

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    FanFinFin. Online Mongering Site Targeted At Locals

    A solid report on FanFinFin by Crocodilexp. Need more like this.

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    An excellent breakdown of Pattaya options for mongering

    Easy-to-read and perhaps the most useful dissection of what is on offer, pricing and value for money by Blanquiceleste (see Learning 3).

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