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Thread: 2003 General Reports

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    I live in Thailand now. I have been having sex with so many beautiful women. Some I paid for and some I didn't. I speak fluent Thai. Now though I want to take pictures and videos so I can look back on each of the girls. I would like to find someone else living in Thailand who we could help each other in taking pictures of different adventures. I am 30 year years old and fairly good looking and I would like someone around that same age (+- 10 years.) Let me know if you think that sounds fun.

    Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

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    Strikesfun, if you're heading to Thailand strictly for mongering, then for a first-time visitor Pattaya is the best choice. If you plan on doing any sightseeing or touristy-type activities then you're better off in Bangkok. They're pretty close to each other, so it's also a very simple matter to divide the trip between them, but if you're only going to be there for two or three days (far, far too short, btw -- some people take that long to really get over their jet-lag; a week is more like it for a trip that takes you a full day in each direction) then you're better off choosing one or the other.

    Travel time from the airport to either place depends a lot on what time of day you arrive -- airport to Bangkok is only about half-an-hour during slow times, well over an hour when it's busy. Figure anything from two to three hours to Pattaya by cab.

    As far as places to stay -- there's tons of discussion on that in both the Bangkok Hotels and Pattaya sections so anything I'd say would be repetitious.

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    Hello All and Happy New Year,

    Planning on my first short trip 2-3 days in Thailand. Where should I head, Bangkok or Pattaya? What is the taxie time from the airport to Bangkok? to Pattaya? Coming from the east coast will be doing the trip when airfare is reasonable.

    The board gives a lot information but additional info is welcome place to stay etc. Thanks Frank

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    Hi Jackson,

    I am posting this message again in this section, just to make aware all the people going to Bangkok, not to fall for this scam and loose their hard earned money anywhere else than mongering.

    Please check out this link.

    As per the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), they want to make the tourists aware of the BIG GEM SCAM going on in Bangkok. Day in and day out 100's of tourists are getting victimised by this highly organised scams which are executed to perfection.

    This is a warning message to all the tourists (1st timers and regulars).


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    fair enough. any monger wanting or needing info on bangkok let me know. been over a dozen times and all told have probably spent close to a year there. i go every september. the good news is this info will provided free of charge. post your question here. btw, speaking the local language is obviously going to be helpful. it's just not worth the 500 baht per hour for a translator. for the price of 2 hours of translation/guide service you can get one of the following: night at the dynasty inn 2. st from any beer bar fare to and from the airport with change to spare 4. bj and a beer on soi cowboy (including tip). get the message? like i said before, the locals know where their money is coming from, so the monger business definitely caters toward the english speaker. thousands and thousands of guys continue to go there every year not knowing one word of thai and by my observations, they seem to have a pretty good time. also, like i said before, this forum contains more than enough information for any newbie (or veteran for that matter) to have a great time in bkk. i am not trying to knock your endeavour. it just seems like selling ice to eskimos.

    also: anyone needing info on south africa let me know. a very underrrated mongering destination. (also free of charge)

    hi stinkfinger,

    i have no idea why you are so much against globotto trying to make a living offering his services, but let me try to give you another perspective.

    since i moved to buenos aires last year and started meeting a lot of guys visiting the scene here, i've come to observe that the sport attracts all types of personalities.

    some are the experienced travelers with "type a" personalities who step off the plane and brashly attack the city without a second thought. this would probably describe you, and that's cool.

    however, there are other guys who are less agressive in their mo, and who would simply be more comfortable, at least for the first few days, exploring the scene in the company of someone who has personal experience with the city and the local customs. it's precisely because the sex scene in bkk is so "in your face" that these guys feel more comfortable being with another american who can run interference for them.

    in addition, there are also a sizeable number of well heeled "type a" guys who have a lot of experience, but who like to hit the ground running, and are willing to pay somebody with the local knowledge to show them around. to these guys, many of them professionals themselves, the money is nothing, but their time is valuable. they see value in being shown the local hot spots, receiving immediate answers to their specific "on the spot" questions, and generally getting up to speed quickly.

    i'm not sure exactly why you are so agressive in voicing your objections to my friend offering his services, but i'm going to ask you, out of respect for the fact that i provide this free service to the mongering community, to refrain from deliberately undermining his endeavors in the future.



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    I beg to differ with your opinion. Speaking Thai helps one immensely with Thai girls. I know this first hand because my pulls have improved since I began to communicate in Thai.

    There are always new girls entering the scene that do not speak English. Also just teaching a newbie some key phrases and words would help. Not to mention if you read about my services I offer more than translations.

    I do not want to spend lots of time defending myself against your assumptions. You have posted only three times.

    If you want to help, start posting information about places, prices and experiences. But then, on second thought, I think that a guy who believes that speaking Thai doesn't help in Bangkok is probably not a very good source for tips.

    I think it would be best for all of you who are against what Jackson and I are doing just ignore my ads and continue to post information on this great site.

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    I get no kickbacks or commisions from any girls or establishments.

    I am simply sharing my experience and knowledge and hopes to help newbies. Each client will have different needs and questions.

    Certainly a couple of hours of my time may be sufficient.

    I often see tourists standing around with Thai touts out on Sukhumvit. These touts do get kickbacks and will not bring you to the best places. The best places do not need touts.

    I have often considered to "butt in" and help a farang who is about to get clipped by tuk tuk drivers and touts but have felt that might make me some enemies.

    Lots of guys slate a couple thousand dollars for thier first trip to Thailand and stay only 2 weeks. Thier time is valuable and they may choose to tap my experience.

    I also offer the phone call. I call you. I pay the call. I give you tips to help plan your trip before you come.

    This is great site with lots of good information and some bogus information. I remember a time I went out to Prague District 6 looking for a brothel that a guy bragged that you could take the girls out. The brothel did not exist.

    Jackson suggested that I try promoting this service on the Forum, and so I am just testing it out. I do not mean to anger any of you regular posters nor am I twisting anybody's arm to use my services.

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    Point taken. I was in BA this past October and used Roxana's services with very satisfactory results. The mongering scenes in BKK and BA are very different. My Espanol isn't that good, so basically I needed an agent/translator for the internet chicas. I was able to do fine in the clubs, Sante Fe, etc. without any help though. In BKK there is no need for a translator as the mongering scene is geared primarily towards the English speaker. The mongering atmosphere in BKK is much more 'in your face' than it is in BA. The fact that Globotto doesn't accept gratuities or kickbacks does lend credibility to his endeavour. With my experiences in BKK, I still believe that there is little need for a paid guide unless you are exceptionally timid or are planning on living in Thailand. This forum has covered every question a newbie might have and in many cases, several times.

    BTW, Roxana DOES receive commission from sales resulting in her city tour.


    I am aware that Roxana makes a commission from the rental car, and also from the leather shop that she always trys to get the guys to visit. She even makes a commission from the restaurants that you visit. I've told her several times that she needs to be more transparent and simply tell the guys that she makes a commission, especially on the leather goods. It's funny, though, on those rare ocassions where somebody in the Forum actually has the gaul to mention that Roxana is making a commission, he gets flamed by all her supporters. Go figure.


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    Can't blame Globotto for trying but anyone who needs a personal guide in Bangkok or Pattaya should just give up mongering. This forum contains more than enough information.

    Getting laid - actually it would be very hard not to. Don't worry, the pussy will find you.

    Transsexuals/Ladyboys - When in doubt, ask them to whip it out. Chances are the guy on the barstool next to you will be able to tell you the places to avoid.

    Language - I've been to Bangkok/Pattaya over a dozen times and still don't speak a lick of Thai. Never been a problem. The locals know where their money is coming from so most places are English language friendly.

    Where to stay - Again read the forums. Plenty of information for every budget/taste.

    Bangkok, like most other places in the world, is increasingly becoming more westernized every day. There are thousands and thousands of guys who visit each year for the sole purpose of having fun and getting laid. The Thais realize that this is a huge source of income and as a result have catered to the English speaking visitor.

    If you have an ounce of adventure in your soul, you will have no need for a guide.
    If you are, by nature, a fearful person or lazy, by all means spend the 500 baht (=$12.82) per hour and be led around.

    Also - be aware, many guides often get a commission for taking you to certain places(masssage, restaurant, etc.), and that cost is generally passed on to you.

    Hi Stinkfinger,

    I've been to BKK several times, and I appreciate your prespective. On the other hand, I felt the same way about visiting Argentina, and specifically making appointments with internet girls. Nevertheless, my friend Roxana stays busy every day making appointments for guys who would prefer to pay a relatively small amount of money for her insight and to insure that there are no problems. To each his own.

    BTW, I can personally assure you that my friend Globotto does not accept commissions or gratuities of any sort from any establishment or girl in BKK.



  10. #235
    Globotto is providing Guide Services in Bangkok.

    Tapping my experience will help you into action and save you money. Whether your looking for a wife, girlfriend or casual sex, I can advise you on where to go and what to expect to pay, where to stay and how to get around the city and country.

    I will help you to identify and avoid touts and transsexuals.

    I can provide thai language interpretations and cultural interpretations.

    My rate is 500baht/hour plus expenses if there are any. After 2 hours the rate goes down to 300baht/hour. If you pay by Paypal I can pre-book your room and /or greet you at the airport.

    Contact me via a private message by clicking PM button below.

    Pay $20 to my Paypal account and I will call you and answer all your questions to the best of my knowledge in a 40 minute telephone conversation via Bangkok so you can pre-plan your trip.

    EDITOR's NOTE: Globotto is a personal friend of mine, and he has my expressed authorization to promote his services on the Forum. Please keep this in mind should you feel the urge to post any criticisms. Thanks!

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    Hello extremely badboy:

    I think you mean Cha Am in the Hua Hin District. Yes you will find some nightlife
    the most of them are heading at the south of the town.

    There is on street a few blocks away from the beats there or abouth 8 bars, some of them ore closed and for sale but 5 are 6 where open when I visit them last time. There is also one go-go. The girls in this area are ok, but not super models, but a so some beauties.

    Further to the north I find one MP, but I did not like it. The girls look very young and some of them start to cry if I gat inside.

    I think you better head directly to the bar area.

    EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to fix dozens of simple, idiotic writing errors. To avoid future delays, please proof-read your reports before posting them. Thanks!

  12. #233
    Thanks for that information.

    I will now probaly just stay in Thailand for 1 month and forget about travelling to Vietnam.

    I heard a story about girl supermarkets? Where it was indoors and all the girls were behind windows with numbers for you too choose, a bit like Amsterdam. Is their such a place? Also, what about the costs, what do you pay in general for full sex, I'm not keen on taking anyone back to my hotel.

    Is it also easy to pick girls normally, like at the shops and stuff? Or beach?

    EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize proper names. To avoid future delays, please capitalize the first letters of proper names, including names of people, places, countries, cities, streets, nationalities, etc. in future reports.Thanks!

  13. #232

    Sounds like you've decided on Pattaya for dental. There is an overwhelming number to choose from. When getting a front crown it's somewhat important to have confidence in the outcome! :-) Little big man gave a recommend and directions & that is good but wouldn't hurt to have two for major work.

    I've already stated that I am more than happy with my bridge and root canal at 35% of USA cost, as well as the professional service at Pattaya Memorial Hospital. But I didn't leave a # or location.

    Phone: 38-429422-4 or E-Mail pmhos at

    They are located at 328/1 Moo9 Central Pattaya Road
    (1 block south of Central off 2nd Road)

  14. #231
    Thanks for the info. It's off to Pattaya for me.

    Hmmm… I wonder what it would be like to have a BBBJ while getting a teeth pulled……

  15. #230
    Dental work in Pattaya can also be done near the Pattaya Carlton in Central Pattaya also arcoss the road from the PIC
    Resturant. It's a small yellow building can't miss it, very clean
    and good work.


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