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    Great trip report from KC Questor!

    Thank you sir for taking the time to share your experiences.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phordphan  [View Original Post]

    I'll add that confiscating the visa seems to be new. In January, when I flew to Chiapas, they just let me waltz right through. The did require my boarding pass to let me back into the USA.
    Happened to me out of cdmx to L. A. When I mentioned it to a Mexican Immigration official they wondered at it. Seems that similarly to many countries each stop may play by different rules.

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    Escort Agency Comparisons

    I've listed all the escort agencies, and summarized the quality of the reviews from the escort thread.

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    Thank you dear sirs for the wonderful report.

    Thankful that you are risking your lives us here.

    Much obliged,


    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainSolo  [View Original Post]
    Long Dong Silver writes nuanced reports of his sexual escapades with the pretty, sometimes spicy, young chicas of Mexico, with lots of immersive and factual details and his own assessments to help readers understand the beauty, minds, feelings and desires of the young girls he had sex with. I feel like I was almost there, negotiating with the chicas, doing hand to hand combat, embracing their warm, smooth, sexy bodies, immersing into the most erotic and passionate zones with these young girls.

    Long Dong has some of the best writing skills I have seen in any blog. He does speak adequate Spanish so he can communicate fairly well with the chicas to help us understand and enjoy their companies even better.

    I really enjoy reading Long Dong's intricate and nuanced sex reports and highly recommend the moderator to upgrade his status to a senior member..

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    Gradatgrad's All-2018 Trip Report. Fifty+ days over the course of 2018, with girls from agencies, Hong Kong, and social media. Great report, great tips.

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    Oosik is sick of Tijuana

    Oosik is sick of Tijuana. Condoms for a hand job you say? I would just go and listen to the mariachi bands.


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    I'll add that confiscating the visa seems to be new. In January, when I flew to Chiapas, they just let me waltz right through. The did require my boarding pass to let me back into the USA.

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    Long Don's Love Stories Chapter 6: The Raging Serpent.

    Long Dong Silver writes nuanced reports of his sexual escapades with the pretty, sometimes spicy, young chicas of Mexico, with lots of immersive and factual details and his own assessments to help readers understand the beauty, minds, feelings and desires of the young girls he had sex with. I feel like I was almost there, negotiating with the chicas, doing hand to hand combat, embracing their warm, smooth, sexy bodies, immersing into the most erotic and passionate zones with these young girls.

    Long Dong has some of the best writing skills I have seen in any blog. He does speak adequate Spanish so he can communicate fairly well with the chicas to help us understand and enjoy their companies even better.

    I really enjoy reading Long Dong's intricate and nuanced sex reports and highly recommend the moderator to upgrade his status to a senior member.


    Long Don's Love Stories.

    Chapter 6: The Raging Serpent.

    I cross the border around 9 PM Saturday. Cutie with glasses isn't working customs, but the hombre who checks me in just swipes my passport without stamping it. He also lets me go without filling out a visa. I ask him if I need a paper; he responds by asking if I'm only going to be there for a few hours, which I affirm. He says no problem. Cool guy.

    I know Farmacia Piri closes early, so I walk to the ZN and survey the prices of generic Viagra at different pharmacies along the way. First stop is the one across the street from the taxis. I don't consider checking it out until after I already walk a distance past the cabs, so the hill is pretty steep at that point. I see a dirt trail and attempt to walk down it, but it's so steep that I snowboard my way down instead, fortunately catching myself on a tree before I would have otherwise wiped out. This one sells individual 50 MG tablets for 5 dollars each.

    Next are the three shops immediately after crossing the bridge over the highway, just before entering the plaza. They all sell packs of ten 50 MG tablets for 28 to 29 dollars. Then there is the one just before the police station, which advertises on a sign outside that they have seven tablets for 20 dollars. By that point, I decide I want to try going au natural. So I pass the store without entering and make my way to the zone.

    I stop for a couple tacos at the place that got me sick on my first visit, the cart on the SE corner of Coahuila and Ninos Heroes. I'll take some of that activated charcoal when I get back to the states. A shoe shiner offers me his services and I tell him I'll take him up after finishing my tacos. At this point, I want to really emphasize, fuck Dulce and Gabbana. And fuck Mermaids. It's the same guys all the time that offer to get me drugs, and I think there's two that call to Dulce and Gabbana and two that call to Mermaids. I've read in the past that these guys work with the police to set you up for a bust. This one douche bag keeps walking past me and saying Hi as I'm eating my tacos and getting my shoes shined, but I ignore him, making it clear that I'm disgusted by his presence. Then on his third attempt, he asks if I don't remember him. I say very loudly in a heavy public presence, "Yeah, you were trying to sell me drugs, weren't you?" he says he doesn't sell drugs but he can get me some. "I don't want any. " The shoe shiner confirms my suspicion by telling me that the pendejo sets people up for the police to bust. He offered to shine my shoes for two dollars, I give him three after he's finished. Good intel. I realize at this point that I should make sure to consistently develop a good rapport with the shoe shiners. They seem like they can be very helpful. Plus the ladies always take into consideration a man's shoes when sizing him up. Every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man. Leads to better service.

    I walk through the girls in el callejon and pass Yoana from Chapter 5, part 2. I want to hit it but I'm starting to wonder if I might have been better off getting some Viagra first. I was hoping to have an erection while walking the alley and that's not happening yet. So I pass her up and circle back from Constitucion to Coahuila. I head back to the pharmacy across the street from the police station back in the plaza, and take up their seven Figral for 20 dollars. Turns out it's actually eight; they come in two packs of four and I really like the marketing technique of giving the customer a pleasant surprise as such. I take one and head back toward the street girls. I thought I asked for 50 MG, but turns out the deal is even better now that I have an unusually raging boner and I check the packages to realize they are 100 MG and I just took a whole tablet. I've read in the past that a higher dosage doesn't product a stronger effect, but I beg to differ because this thing is becoming a force onto itself. For future use, now I have twice as much as I thought since I can cut them in half. Awesome. This deal is actually quite comparable to Piri in that case.

    I'm ready to tear up the first girl I see on Calle Coahuila after I cross Constitucion. She is dressed in a Wonder Woman getup, medium brown skin with blond hair, perfect natural dee cups, slim waist and big booty. The little head is practically jumping out my pants at her. She offers 20 dollars for a half hour todo sin ropa. Seems too good to be true and it is. When we get to the room she offers anal for an extra 10 dollars. Not interested. She makes me wear two condoms. I keep telling her that I can't finish with two and she cuts it short at about 20-25 minutes. I forgot her name but it either starts with a vowel or silent H. Acelia or something like that, I think. She has a very squeaky voice and repeatedly says, "Ok, very good" or something to that effect. She also wears heavy makeup. Straight up cartoon character. Next time, I think I'm going to tell the other more attractive girls that work out of Hotel Garcia that I would want their services but Ximena and Wonder Woman have killed all their reputations for me. I think I'll go upstairs and tell the front desk that, too. But I'm just one guy, so it probably wouldn't work.

    In need to cool down, so I get in line at Hong Kong, but it's about 20 deep out the door. I wait until there's three or four guys in front of me and realize that it's probably a sausage fest in there. I head toward Adelita and the Viagra quickly prevails over the experience I just had with Wonder Woman. I turn back around and head around Ninos Heroes and into the alley. I pass down the north side of the alley and Yoana's not out, so I head back down the south side and decide on Karla de Veracruz outside of Hotel Eduardo. She has a nice spinner body with be cups and a decent round butt. Medium brown skin with black hair, nice eyes, and a great smile. She seems like she could work at Adelita or even Hong Kong. We agree on 300 pesos for 20 minutes todo sin ropa, no suckie. 30 pesos for the room. I ask her for besos and she says she will throw in besos, sucky, unlimited positions, and two shots for an hour at 100 dollars. I counter with a half hour with all of that for 500 pesos. She insists that the one hour package is the only upgrade she's offering as such, which I decline.

    We enter the room and I ask if I can pay her afterward. She wants the money up front and I tell her what just happened to me with Wonder Woman. If I have a good time, I will give her a good tip if she lets me pay afterward. Still hesitant, I tell her the police are outside and she can call them if I give her any problems. That convinces her. She starts on top and her pussy is warm and wet; it gets warmer and wetter throughout our session. After a few minutes, we switch to mish and I bust my load in about 10 minutes of total action, maybe less. She has the best pussy that I've experienced in the ZN. I can feel her heat all the way into my lower abdomen. She is really wet and tight. She talks jokingly with me before and during the sex, telling me she's going to make me wear two condoms like Wonder Woman did. She enjoys the act herself, perhaps reaching climax but I'm not sure. She does clench up once as she's getting really into it. I try to slowly, gently kiss her on the lips, but she lets me peck gently right next to them and on her cheek. I pay her 400 pesos, which includes a 100 pesos tip in addition to our original deal. She takes her time afterward, chatting and walking with me to the sink and bathrooms in the back of the hotel and accompanying me as we exit. We exchange kisses on the cheek as we near the exit, and I tell her I'll be back for her tonight. If I find her again after tonight, I think I'll take her up on the one hour package, but offer 1000 pesos. I'm surprised the street girls and their hotels are still operating at the 10:1 exchange rate, not that I'm complaining.

    I head into Hong Kong and when I'm searched, the doorman asks me to lift up my shirt. Sorry to break it to you buddy, but that weapon you thought you just felt is my raging boner with 100 MG generic Viagra coursing through it. That's why they (meaning just me) call me Long Dong Silver. He lets me enter and I am ever so slightly disappointed. The selection is good, but appears to be missing the cream of the crop. They're probably all busy upstairs since it's around 11 or 12 on a Saturday night. I stop in the bathroom, and realizing the stalls are all occupied, I head back out. But not before the attendant asks for a tip. "I didn't do anything. " Should have told him that he didn't do anything. I finish my beer and head back out into the alley.

    I still don't see Yoana, so I stop at Brisa de Veracruz. I don't catch the name of the hotel where she works, but she's on the north side of the alley near the east end. She is tall, but I don't recall if she wears heals. Very thick booty and she seems thin otherwise, although she is wearing a corset. But I have a good feeling about her. Karla was also wearing a corset and she ended up having a decent midsection, so maybe I'm developing a sixth sense. Brisa wants 390 pesos for sex only sin ropa, and it's 90 pesos for the room. She tells her neighbor the price she just got from me, about which I'm slightly put off.

    But whatever, Brisa is really hot. Gorgeous face, medium-dark brown skin, medium-dark brown hair with blonde highlights, and when she undresses, her body is what I expected. She is slender with an amazing ass and a slightly loose belly, but nothing worth nitpicking over if you're looking for a real sexy thick girl. She has be cups that are not perky, but they're not too saggy either. Seriously, as far as street girls are concerned, if you're an ass man and you like morenas, no question this is the girl for you. I tell her that's a clever pricing system, 390 pesos, like how the stores offer something for 39.99. I just give her 400 pesos and tell her to keep the change. I ask her how many positions, which I often forget to do beforehand. She says two, but if we're having a good time we can do more. She starts on top, then we go mish, then doggie. I guess she's having a good time. Then we go back into mish where I finish the job. Man, nothing beats holding onto a nice, thick ass when the girl is overall pretty thin. She's probably 36-26-40 if I have to guess. She gets kind of into it when on top, then a bit more passive in mish, though she does still pant a bit. She takes it easy in doggie which I actually prefer because it just feels better for me that way. We make the usual small talk afterward while cleaning up and getting dressed, and she eventually heads out while I'm still getting putting my clothes on. I'm taking my time to get all my things together and she knocks after a few minutes instead of the cleanup guy. That's cool. I guess she was just giving me a few minutes of privacy at the end. So we walk out together and I give the cleanup guy two dollars since I took so long. Brisa and I exchange kisses on the cheek and I head back out to the alley.

    As I approach Constitucion, just after the beauty salon, I get pulled back by a girl that I see outside regularly. I don't remember her name but she's decent. She's wearing a corset and I can't tell, but it seems like she might not have such a great body. She's turning me on though. Medium brown skin with dark hair, eyeliner curls up past the outside of her eyes. She has the tattooed eyebrows. I don't like that but it's not necessarily a deal breaker. I keep telling her that I just got done and there's no mas leche, but she's really persistent and she lets me stand close to her with my crotch pressed against hers while I grope her ass, which I enjoy. She's offering 20 minutes for todo sin ropa for 20 dollars and I'm thinking this is awfully similar to how it started with Wonder Woman. I tell her I just blew my load and I need to rest for at least a half hour, but she's still persistent and I'm still enjoying all the groping. Then she starts offering massage and I tell her if I'm going to have a session with her, I want todo. And I'm not finishing in 20 minutes right now. We continue back and forth as I try to get in as much groping during the negotiation as possible. She eventually asks for a dollar for a coffee and I offer to take her for a walk to get some, but she declines. I tell her my eyes are raining because I don't know how to say crying in Spanish and it probably sounds romantic to her. I eventually put a dollar in her bra and fondle her breasts while I do so, then I leave her to check out Adelita.

    Right when I walk in, I see a girl who I think might be Karin from Chapter 4, but she says her name is Griselda de Gualdalajara. She is wearing tight jeans with an ass straight from the gym where every day is leg day. Her top is covering her midsection, but it stops just short enough for me to tell that she has toned abs. Huge natural dee cups, medium brown skin with blonde hair. We sit down for drinks and she asks how many girls I've been with today. I tell her two and she acts a little too impressed. A light-skinned girl in a bikini with light blonde hair comes up to our table and faces her ass towards us and subtly dances to the music. Griselda tells me to give the girl a tip, and I oblige to cop a feel on her gym-toned, slightly smaller than Griselda's ass. She sarcastically thanks me, so my stupid ass gives her another tip as I cop another feel. Griselda wants me to take her friend up with us for a threesome and I tell her I don't have money for that. Plus, I personally don't find added value considering the additional cost. Her friend eventually leaves us alone, and Griselda's trying to get me to bring her upstairs for 1000 pesos. Her face is not too great and it's still slightly lacking even with heavy makeup, so I bargain her down to 800 pesos.

    We get to the room and she instantly tells me to pay her. I should have walked out the door right there. When I pay her, she starts asking me to give her the 20 dollars that she sees me take out of my pocket with my pesos. I tell her we agreed on 800 pesos. We undress and when we go at it, it turns out she wants to give me a bullshit session since I apparently lowballed her. Dumb * should have just declined my offer if she's so offended by it. She starts out on top which goes well, but then in mish, she insists on me keeping my knees lined up with her ass and gets really moody and irritated when I try to bring them further down the length of the bed, borderline yelling at me in anger. I try to ask her to come down lower on the bed so I don't hit my head on the wall; this by the way seems to be a common problem with the chicas. I'm not excessively tall, but 5'11". She reacts with the same irrational anger when I ask her that. She takes off the condom and tries to finish me manually, but I tell her it's not going down that way and put another condom on me. Back in mish, she keeps her hand in a ball just above where the genital action is going on. It's irritating me so I move her hand and she snaps her arm away from me with all of the aforementioned irrational anger. Now she's calling me a pinche carbon. Then she digs her knuckles into my ribs while I'm on top. I pull her hand away and she reacts the same way, getting up after 20 minutes and telling me the session is finished. I tell her that I paid 800 pesos for garbage and she is acting like she is the one who paid me. She gets dressed and leaves while I'm cleaning up. If there is ever the time to slap the shit out of a dumb * now is the time. But of course I recognize it's not worth the likely consequences.

    I head back down to the bar and ask the first mesero I see who is in charge of the girls. He tells me to talk to the door man. So I go to the door man and tell him what happened, and he tells me to go into the bar with the police doorman and try to find Griselda. I walk through the crowd, looking very carefully for her, then her friend stops me and asks me where is her amiga. I'm tempted to ask her if she really thinks I'm stupid enough to think that Griselda didn't put her up to that, but instead I just tell her I don't know. She and the policeman exchange words and the policeman turns around and heads back outside. I continue searching the whole area to no avail. I go back out to the door and ask the guys working there what's going on. They haven't found her, but the hotel employees are looking for her upstairs. There appears to be a more manager-type guy involved now. I end up waiting for probably close to an hour before Griselda finally emerges from the hotel and I call her out to the guys at the door. The manager pulls us both into the hotel doorway and she explains her side of the story, basically telling him that I was being cheap with her. Yeah, but you agreed to it. The manager tells her that they are trying to run a respectable business; she works for him and she is making him as well as the whole place look bad. He tells us to work this problem out. I tell her I want all my money back, and she says no. Manager says that I still got some semblance of service from her and that she should give me half, to which I reluctantly agree. She gives me back 400 pesos and I go back into the bar to use the bathroom. I consider another drink but I just don't feel like being in Adelita any more tonight after what just went down. So I head out the main door and tip the door man a dollar for his help. I offer to tip the manager but he refuses, telling me this is my home. If only, that would be heaven on earth.

    Back to Hong Kong I go, and I get a Red Bull for my entrance fee instead of a beer. Good, I was starting to get tired anyway and I was hoping to get another pop off. This should help get me going. The morena in big glasses with really long, really curly, really light blonde hair, pony tails on each side, is dancing and by the way she dances, I bet she knows how to screw. But I don't have money for a bar girl and I just need to chill for a few minutes. I finish my Red Bull and head out the back door in search of Karla. I really had a lot of fun with her earlier this evening. I spot her at her post outside Eduardo, but she is talking to a potential customer. We make eye contact while she's talking to him and she motions me over to her. The guy quickly leaves and I head her way.

    I feel like things are really smooth with us and we don't even talk prices or services. I just ask her if she's ready for another; she says yes and we go to the room. She starts on top and she's really getting into it. I'm pretty sure she climaxes twice in cowgirl. Then she tells me there's three minutes left, so we go into mish and eventually I have to go number 1. It kills the mood whenever I go to the bathroom, so I try to finish first. The session is implicitly extended but I eventually realize I'm not finishing as long as I have to go, so I go. When I return, she's getting dressed and apparently the session is over, to which I oblige since it's usually not fun getting things going again after that. She asks for 500 pesos for the half hour, which is cool because she's giving me a bit of a bulk discount off the 300 pesos for 15 minutes, without me asking for it. I pay her and she kisses me on the cheek as we leave the room. She posts back up against the wall and I start looking for a cab to the border when I realize the Viagra is still working and my boner is raging to finish the job. So I turn around and walk back to Karla, asking her for another session for 20 dollars. I'm out of pesos and have 47 dollars left on me. She obliges but keeps her top on, and I'm able to finish my tres leches for the night. This time she allows a few light pecks on the lips while we're going at it. She is very playful, friendly, and comforting. We already have two or three inside jokes between us. I have a new favorite; Ninfa from Chapter 4 is still missing in action. I wonder if she's on vacation or retired or something.

    It was quite a mixed bag tonight. Two horrible sessions along with three really good sessions, including one girl that I felt was worth doing twice on the same night. I would have gone again with Brisa as well if it wasn't so late. Her ass alone is enough to make her contend as my co-favorite. Maybe I'll try to arrange a threesome with them. They're both from Veracruz, so maybe they'll get along well.

    I take a cab to the border, arriving around 3:30 AM. I wait in line for about an hour before making my way back home around 5:30. Man, I thought these late nights were well in my past, but that was before I stumbled upon La Coahuila. Good times.

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    Phonrphan, report #2399, Nov. 6, 2014, Adelita Bar Reports thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheTallMan  [View Original Post]
    Rapid1, where the report? Its just a simple picture of a black hoe.

    The Tall Man.

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    Rapid1, where the report? Its just a simple picture of a black hoe.

    The Tall Man.

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    Just be happy!

    UltraHappy provides a well-written, detailed report of his excursion across the world's busiest border crossing.

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    10 Things Learned in TJ

    The 10 things learned contains great information for someone making there first Tijuana trip. The rest of the report is a great read. Check it out.


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    Nice long report from Chris long

    This report provides details on how to get from the San Diego airport into Tijuana and into the zona norte where the girls are (basically start to finish).



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    Forgive the ALL CAPS posting. The info is good.

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