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    Cost of living in Russia, excellent post

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    Jake's post is a great advice for newcomers and non russian speakers.

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    Thanks for the Yummy's great efforts to prepare this. Definitely deserve to be in reports of distinction.

    Moscow's different monger related locations map. He started with Bars and Nightclubs.


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    Great report and funny

    Great report by Protocol and awesome writing style. Made made LOL.
    He tells it like it is.


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    This informative link tells you how to search and discover WGs within related sites. Save yourself some headache and read it before going on a mission.


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    I loved this report, full of advice and experience

    We have all experienced the risks, rewards and disappointments of our hobby, made so much more difficult by language and cultural differences mongering abroad.

    This tale of a randy and hopeful Turk all alone in Moscow in pursuit of pussy is sad and funny, full of useful information and written with real feeling for the benefit of others.

    Certainly a report of distinction!


    Daffon (about to try in Izmir and / or Istanbul)

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    Any men should understand below is the right way, instead to waste money and time and life with wives and prostitutes.



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    The pionneer spirit

    Well, it sounds "gay" to put two times in a row posts from another member in the ROD (smilie) , but it would be a shame that this extremely well-written and entertaining story of Borderland got lost.


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    Why we love Russia

    Wonderfully well-written post by Borderland.


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    City sizes

    Interesting perspectives and comparisons from Latexian2.



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    Pleasures of the sauna in Moscow

    A fantastic report by Jake993. I have been to Moscow a few times but never had the pleasure of testing these saunas. Never knew how it works.


    I'm less an idiot now.


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    Another ISG pioneer

    Dogger862's excellent report gives a great overview of Nizhny Novgorod.


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    It's Vladivostok Time

    Great perspectives of Vladivostok in Nickc's elaborated and inspiring report.


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    Pizdyet's' Moscow Tochka Adventure

    Part report, part first person narrative, Pizdyets' tale of Moscow misadventure is as thoroughly entertaining as it is informative.


    Well done Pizdytes. An excellently written piece that will, IMHO, have them lining up for the film rights.

    AM (Berlin & FKK thread)

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