View Survey Results: What is your preferred method for purchasing a subscription.

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  • None: I believe everything on the Internet should be free.

    23 23.23%
  • PayPal: Instant activation. No membership is required. Charge appears as "WSG Charities".

    29 29.29%
  • WorldPay: Similar to PayPal, but provided by a Scottish bank. Charge appears as "WSG Charities".

    2 2.02%
  • CCBill: A popular adult credit card processing service. Charge appears as "CCBill".

    6 6.06%
  • Visa/MasterCard: Processed like any regular online payment. Charge appears as "WSG Charities".

    20 20.20%
  • Credit Card by Fax: Processed like any regular Visa/MC payment. Charge appears as "WSG Charities".

    0 0%
  • Wire Transfer: Direct from your bank account. Costs $15.00 USD more for fees.

    2 2.02%
  • Mail Drop: Mail cash or a money order to a private mail drop. Requires 1-2 weeks for activation.

    18 18.18%
  • Third Party Product: Buy a program on a separate site. Charge appears as "Acme Software".

    7 7.07%
  • Other: Please describe on the thread.

    2 2.02%
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Thread: Preferred payment method.

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    Sorry to see the CC payment option is closed for outside of the US as well.

    How about a CC payment provider outside of the US?

    Or pay with crypto. There are stable crypto coins out there that are tethered to a currency like the USD so no losses nor profits because coins move.


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    Mailed payment and its been around 4 week.


    I know it mention that possibility of an issue if we mail cash but I am just checking to make sure if it was lost or nobody got around to see if payment has arrived. I mailed cash $25.00 and it indicated 2 weeks to get updated.

    Any thoughts?

  3. #14
    How about bitcoin?

  4. #13

    Did pay for 1 year. But


    I just paid for 1 year member, did type in my nickname. But not an valid e-mail. Is that a problem? Hope it will work, as you can see my nickname on the billing.

  5. #12

    Delete credit card records

    One concern is that ISG could someday be hacked, and the credit card info obtained. It would be reassuring to know that the credit card file is routinely deleted (permanently) by ISG.

  6. #11

    Using a prepaid Visa card

    Hi guys!

    Don't know how it is in other countries, but here in Norway we're able to buy prepaid Visa cards from SpendOn at some of the the gas stations.

    You can load them with from about $34 up to about $850. No name connected to the card. I just used it to pay ISG.

    I used;

    - The name of the card as first and last name (as specified by SpendOn)

    - SpendOn's address, city and Zip (as specified by SpendOn)

    - Land code followed by XXXXXXXX as phone number.

    Went through, and seems to be a good way to pay anonymously.

    Already on my way now to purchase the penis training course that I don't want my wife to find on my ordinary card report.

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    Multiple years payment

    Is there a method to pay 4 to 5 years in one go? If so, please give me details.


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    For those of you, like myself, who filled out the Subscription form many times, but could never manage to work up the courage to hit the Submit button, you might try the mail drop option.

    I just used the mail drop to pay for my subscription and it worked fine. I paid for 2 years, since I didn't want to be doing this every year, and there is a $5.00 fee for the service, so the total was $45.00 for 2 years, but worth every penny to maintain my privacy.

    My membership became active in a little over a week from the time I mailed in the money. Not too bad. All in all, a great way to honor our obligations to Jackson.


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    What about accepting nochex payments, the same as paypal but you load your account from your bank account, and pay straight from there.

    The only thing that shows on your bank statement is 'nochex account'

    Hi MM,

    I can't use Nochex, PayPal and a number of other payment processors because most of them won't do business with the ISG.

    For Example: (and this is straight from their website):

    Nochex Acceptable Use Policy

    Nochex do not allow the service to be used for illegal activities, and we reserve the right to take preventative or corrective action to protect the service and the users. The Nochex Acceptable Use Policy has been developed to help users of the service identify activities that are illegal or may be illegal under certain circumstances and to identify certain activities which Nochex have chosen not to process payments for even though these may be legal.

    Acceptance and adherence to the Nochex Acceptable Use Policy, as this may change from time to time, is a part of the Nochex Terms and Conditions to which each Nochex user has agreed at the time that you registered to use the service.

    Unfortunately, the following activities may not be undertaken by Merchants, Sellers or Personal account holders using the Nochex service:-

    Escort Agencies;
    Massage Parlours;
    Mature Audience content;
    R18 DVDís or Videos;
    Sex Toys;
    E Gold;
    Gambling and Betting;
    Illegal products or services;
    Precious Metal;
    Prepaid debit cards
    Prescription drugs or devices;
    Products that are deemed to encourage Racism, Violence or Terrorism;
    Pyramid Selling and Matrix schemes;
    Savings and Investment products;
    Time Share;

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    Anonymity concern

    A few days ago I started procedure to subscribe.
    I think it is fair to support a forum that helps a lot: you can have payback for subscription money shortly in case you take advise from posts.

    However, after a few steps I stopped.
    I do not mind to pay by credit card but I am concerned, as Frank Furious, about traceability of me as a member of this forum.
    It is clear that is not Jackson I do not trust (he already knows other important info about me) but credit card companies or other entities or situations.

    Therefore, at the end to me maybe cash payment is preferable.

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    Paypal is Great


    I have used paypal for years on EBay and I think it is the best payment option. It's safe to keep your credit card info with them and there security is good, in my opinion too good - ie it gets annoying going through all the security hurdles to get your account verified if you are long term user.

    I wouldnt mind sending a money order to a set address though.

    Best wishes,


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    payment option anonymity concerns

    In second place (with the exception those who voted that things should be kept free) the snail mail drop seems to have great support.

    This is because it guarantees the highest degree of anonymity. Jackson, I know I recommended SMS billing, but I forgot about snail mail, that would also address my concern.

    For everyone that voted for anything else, I bet most of them would not support it if they went to google now and typed WSG Charities and saw the result.

    In other words PayPal or your credit card company can identify what your transaction is for (if they should so wish). Of course they couldn't care less that you have suscribed to the ISG forums.

    That's not the point. The point is that you have left a track that potentially identifies you as ISG forum subscriber.

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    Alternative payment method

    I prefer as it has a better country coverage. The current payment system does not cover Saudi Arabia-therefore I can not upgrade.

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    I trust in Jackson,

    but not in any PayPal or whatever organisation.

    Why not offer a normal bank transfer?

    Have fun,


    Hi Novize,

    Actually, I've considered a bank transfer option, but I don't believe it will receive wide support due to the extra fees which could double the costs. In addition, it appears that there are a lot of guys for whom masking their identity is the primary concern in buying a subscription, and a bank transfer option isn't going to mitigate their concern.


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    I understand managing cash money is not easy for you. Just make an additional fee for those who pay by cash. Who care's if it is 20$, 30$ or even 40$, as it's the best guarantee for anonymity. And that's how we always pay for our hobby...

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