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    Hilarious report

    Myrrh has a complete disaster

    Fair play for admitting it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaywellington
    I will be flying into Schiphol airport next week in the late afternoon and need to fly out again later that night.

    Does anyone have any information on any "PriveHuizen" within a shortish distance of the airport where I could relax for an hour or so?

    Any recommendations gratefully accepted!!!
    Hope this helps.

    [Link deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited to remove links to a competing Forum. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines and the Forum's FAQ for further information. Thanks!

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    Friday at Ying Yang sauna club

    A detailed reporto on a very Happy Friday at Ying Yang sauna club.


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    Need information

    I will be flying into Schiphol airport next week in the late afternoon and need to fly out again later that night.

    Does anyone have any information on any "PriveHuizen" within a shortish distance of the airport where I could relax for an hour or so?

    Any recommendations gratefully accepted!!!

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    Cocksure fucks in CandyClub

    Great report by this budding pornstar on the rarely reported on Candyclub!!
    Watchout Rocco there is a new cock in town, and this cock is sure!!


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    Really useful report on Amsterdam Sex shows

    congratulations gamma ray 007, i'm surprised nobody has recommended this report before....


    Quote Originally Posted by gamma ray 007
    i planned an overnight in amsterdam and determined to make the most of the rld with emphasis on the "live sex" shows. i booked a room near the central train station via expedia at the orange tulip hotel--cheap and small. it might be girl-friendly if you could manage to fit a tiny girl into the room with you.

    i actually do have some mongering experiences described at the end, but i wanted to record my marathon "live sex show" experiences that preceded my visit to a window girl and massage babe. i realize that some hard core mongerers will exclaim, "wtf, grammer-ray! i don't read isg for show reviews!" so skip to the end already.

    it was only a short walk from my hotel to the main drag of the rld so i moseyed over there. i bought the "package" for the casa rosso show (with one free drink) that included admission to the banana bar as well. it seems there was yet another freebie--admission to a related "live porno" show down the street from the banana bar. when i walked in there was the usual video porn on the screen, but after ten minutes the lights dimmed, the curtain opened, and an older lady came out and shimmied and stripped for the three of us lurking in a fairly large theater. soon she pulled a large rubber dildo--the kind with balls--and, as i was in the very first row, she recruited me to help her insert it into her pussy. my task was mainly to do so without blocking the view of the other punters, and despite the total lack of lubrication my task was soon done and after a few pumps i was dismissed and the curtains closed.

    next, a very hot babe appeared--tall, with great breasts and an amazing ass, doing a very energetic rhumba kind of number. she cast off garments right and left and ended her act with her legs spread-eagled into a "v-for-victory" position very close to where i was drinking it in like summer moonshine. instead of closing the curtains, however, a powerful black-light came on and she plucked from her pussy a brilliantly glowing orange string. after six inches, pop! --a marble-sized bead emerged, then more string, another bead, and so in. she pulled out several meters of this and wound the string back and forth across her body in a most artistic way. then, sadly, the curtains closed. this act was definitely worth the whole show, by the way. not that i would have paid to see this show separately, however.

    the final act of this freebie show featured the lady from the first act all robed up to the eyeballs, accompanied by a tall gent in something like a dracula cape. when the music started the lady dropped her robe, sank to her knees and began to suck on the fellow's dick, and i was quite concerned for him that he might not be able to get it up. they transitioned to the floor, and she sucked diligently while the gent diddled the ladies pussy with his fingers, and eventually he hardened a bit and proceeded to a series of vigorous thrusts--first missionary, then lady with legs up, then doggie, etc. i wish i had kept better notes, as the act was actually better than i'm able to remember.

    when the act was over i emerged, blinking in the light and wandered north to the moulin rouge and bought the 25 euro ticket (with two free drink tokens). i went upstairs to a very intimate theater and joined a trio of brazilians in the first row (two ladies and a guy, all in their forties). an amazing live sex act was in process in which a tall and beautiful blond with beautiful breasts and "plenty of meat on her bones" was getting drilled from behind by a fellow with crotchless black leather pants and little else. they swung into an amazing series of positions, highlighted by the way the couple would grab arms and the guy would swing her about while simultaneously boning her with great vigor. at one point he stood erect while they were engaged in sixty-nine, and the blond continued to suck and be sucked on while upside down. she even had enough wit to make a hand gesture to the audience that we interpreted as "a little applause at this point would be appreciated." the guy held onto the brass pole and the galís legs were supported by his arms, clasped tightly on the pole. she sucked; he munched--it was marvelous. the front row went nuts at this--those brazilians make a really good audience!

    the next act was done by a nicely-built spanish-looking woman in a short frilled outfit and matching top. she danced energetically to a latin beat, at first with a feathered mask on a stick, but abandoned that as well as many layers of clothes (top plus two bras; skirt, pinafores, boy-shorts, and g-string). at one point she came down from the stage and teased us front-row flunkies. the gal next to me got a full-on lap dance with hands on bare breasts. but at my turn all i was invited to do was brush her cheek with my hand! wtf? when totally naked she lit a candle and, the house lights being dimmed, she waved it erotically over her body (and it did look really cool), but the main event transpired when she poked the non-burning end into her pussy and began a series of poses and transitions that emphasized the burning candle in her quim. while i would have preferred to have a better look at her interesting pussy, it was not to be.

    next the extremely hot blonde from the live sex act came back with a cute baby-doll outfit. she was constantly interacting with the audience, and when she came down to the front row we had a great time--laps, booby-face rubs, lots of teasing and joking. to my shock she took my hand and led me back on stage with her. she did a very sexy hip-shaking little dance, and i imitated it to the limits of my ability. my brazilian friends were giving me great encouragement, by the way, despite the fact that we had nothing in common but a few words of spanish. she stood me against the back wall and pressed her bottom into my crotch and threw a wiggling frenzy at my 'nads. i tried to uphold my end of things with a constant stream of hand-gestures, facial expressions, wiping of imaginary sweat, etc. then she had me unsnap her bra, and my hands were put to use massaging her breasts while she wiggled her butt into my crotch.

    then she began to unbutton my shirt, which she removed. next, my undershirt was stripped off and blondie indicated that i was to lie on it. i did, and at the last second handed my glasses off to the brazilians, and just in the nick of time. in seconds i was getting a full-on lap dance mixed with booby rub on chest and face--and it wasn't by half-measures. i was actually afraid i would shoot a load right there on stage. when i was released, the blonde sat me on stage in a chair and poked her bottom in my face--"remove the panties" seemed to be the instruction. i pulled them down--seeing nothing but smooth buttocks--and she turned around holding a narrow colored ribbon which i was to hold. i realized that this ribbon was coming from her pussy, and she proceeded to crawl on hands and feet around the brass pole to a position in front of the audience and lay back spread-eagled. i could see pretty well too, and my job seemed to be to pull steadily as yard after yard of ribbon emerged. she would periodically kegel-up her pussy and shut off the flow, and no amount of tugging would get any more out. eventually i removed every last bit of string, wild applause, and i left the stage.

    she was so kind--she came up later to be sure that i was ok (not overly humiliated, i guess). i told her i've never been better, and it was one of the most fun experiences of my life! all the brazilians clapped me on the back and uttered enthusiastic expressions of approval in portuguese.

    the final act before the cycle repeated (and i stayed for another full cycle) was when the candle-girl came back and brought five of us on stage. we were first to dance with her, one at a time, and only the brazilian did that well. then she cut up a banana and had us eat it from various parts of her body--her belly-button, perched on a nipple, or still-in-the-skin held near her pussy. it was actually a very tasty banana. one of our "volunteers" was a cute young girl who had come in with her boyfriend. i noticed that the cangle-gal was partial to girls.

    i was sorry to leave the moulin rouge, as i loved the high degree of audience participation, and the live sex show was far better than i would have ever imagined. erotic, interesting, explicit, funny--it was really a wonderful thing.

    i wandered off for a gyro and coke zero before taking on the main event--the show at the casa rosso. i took a front-row center seat (why didn't everybody?) and the opening act was a dynamite live sex act with a blonde model-class babe and a totally great looking guy. it started with a bang. as soon as the curtains opened, they were on a round padded bed of some sort, and the gal zipped her legs up into inverted splits. the guy stood on his knees behind and balanced her and looked lovingly into her totally exposed pussy--delicate, with small yet very nice inner labia--and gave her some very erotic back-to-front licks. then she cocked her hips forward so we could all see her pussy, pink and gleaming with spit, for a good five seconds of breathless stillness before the routine kicked into high gear. those two began--as did all of the live sex acts i saw--with the guy getting sucked up to full size. in this case, the gal would move from side to side to give the audience a full view of her pussy and the guy would caress it or finger-fuck her in the process.

    during this act a group of at least thirty students came in and filled up the entire right side, including numerous hot chicks seated in the front row-center. and there they were, getting an eyeful of hot and studly high-impact, ball-slapping sex just a few feet from their seats. this couple was a one-man-one-gal kama sutra show, and transitions from one position to the next were signaled by a slap on the butt. i noticed that they did a lot of smiling and even a little talking--you could tell they weren't just bored professionals, but professionals they were, in the best possible sense.

    this act ended with a kind of tableau that gave us all a final glimpse of the galís model-quality quim before the curtains changed and "smoking lily" emerged. this tall, thin, awkward babe traipsed back bank and forth a while before getting to her skill--smoking a cigar with her pussy. she displayed this by elevating her rump with the cigar sticking straight up. sadly, we saw little of her talented quim and the act lacked in variety and pizzazz.

    then another live-sex couple appeared, and the standout of this act was the amazingly hot strawberry blond with big eyes who sucked her partner to fullness, and got pounded in every conceivable position while--mostly--calmly and enigmatically smiling at the audience. she was particularly interested in the coeds in the first row. as the turntable stage revolved she would look them in the eyes one by one while she was being pounded, doggy style, by her beefy partner. huge ripples of her lovely bum would jump up and down, travel up her butt and down her thighs, and her dangling breasts would swing and sway and she would make eye contact with the audience with the greatest aplomb in the world.

    there were several other live-sex acts, but none quite as good as the first. a black couple was excellent, and he was ready with all nine inches with very little preparation. it was interesting to see how long his schlong was considering the modest size of this glans. and his partner took the whole length vaginally, and with a great deal of ball-slapping force too. one very humorous lady made two appearances, first as the "dominatrix" and in the finale as the banana-girl. as the dominatrix she selected a hapless soul from the audience--who could have had a good time with the a bit of courage and the right attitude--and made him doggy-walk around with a chain and collar, etc. it would have been a perfect opportunity to bark, pretend to piddle, try to sniff her ****, etc. but nope, he just went with the program. she "chained" him up against a wall and after each "whipping" would feel his junk and make disparaging faces and hand-motions. the audience loved it as he was apparently one of the schoolkids who had come in late. finally, she strapped a dildo to his forehead and gave him the opportunity to penetrate her, but he was just too lame. he couldn't find the hole; he couldn't get the dong in, when he thought he finally had done so it was just bending sideways against her pussy lips, etc. this actually made the act funnier, but i would hate to be that guy when his group got back home.

    her last act involved inviting volunteers to eat bananas from her pussy, which really meant bite off bits from the perfectly clean banana being held near--not in--her pussy. after she led her volunteers on stage she had them do a little dance with her--only one passed--then formed them up in a conga line. as the conga began, a chap in a gorilla suit equipped with a giant dick and set of matching balls joined the tail of the line and got many laughs when the last volunteer realized he was being poked in the butt with gorilla-dick. after the bananas were consumed the gorilla had a bit where he went all apeshit, masturbated furiously, and sprayed the first six rows of students. the screams were amazing!

    well, this was all a lot of awesome visual foreplay. i headed off to find a window girl to take the edge off. i turned right from the theater, took the first right, and there were a group of windows all labeled by management with the words, "rooms for *****s." dutch is such a frank language! there were two nearly-identical barbie-types inside one door and so i thought i would at least get the lay of the land. they were czech gals, nice bolt-ons, slim, curvy, sweet, and i made sure i told them exactly what i wanted: "get naked, look and touch you all over, finish with slow hand-job (no condom)." they both objected to any pussy touching, so i gave up on that, and finally selected the non-smoker, natalie. when she turned the lights out i saw that her whole place was decorated in black-light orange and blue with a seashell theme. my gray underpants transformed into a pulsing robin's egg blue! natalie was such a sweet and agreeable little thing, with a world-class pussy, lovely bum, and breasts that were compact yet dangled well, and we had a great time before she moved into the excellent hj ending. she remained firm on the "no touching pussy" but was happy to put her crotch where i could see every shell-like curve of her yummy labia. well worth the 50 euro, and i'm very glad to the many mongers who insisted that everything be clarified in advance.

    now that i was thoroughly drained i wondered how interested i would be in the pussy shows at the bananenbar. quite, it turned out. i checked in, giving them my ticket and name, and found that only the ground floor bar was open. it was lit with a surreal pink glow, and my aging peepers were having a hard time seeing anything, let alone the babes lounging in their altogether along the bar. i took a seat at the end and ordered a rum and coke. warning: don't try to order any of the following: banana daiquiri, margaritas, pear cider, any other kind of cider, or kentucky bourbon. you would think that a banana daiquiri at the bananenbar would be a natural, but no . . .

    i asked the babe closest to me, who sadly seemed to be the only one wearing a string bikini bottom, about the package of tricks and, reasoning that it will probably be a once-in-a-lifetime thing, decided to plop another 50 euro. i was happy to do it right in the middle of the bar where i thought the light was marginally better, but the ladies absolutely insisted on doing their thing at the end of the bar.

    first up was the "booby-in-the-face" rub. definitely kind of mild, right? one faces away from the bar, leans waay back, rests the head on a pillow provided at the last second, and are immediately inundated by soft boobiness of the massive variety. i apologized for my bristly stubble, but made the most of the 90 seconds or so. at the very end she took my 50 euro note, balanced it on my face, and lowered her twat almost into contact before snatching the note with her quim. nicely done!

    next was the "shooting dildo" gal. she was a real sweetie who hunkered at my end of the bar, spread her legs while squatting, and proffered me a bright yellow (what else?) dildo of very light weight. i did some exploratory poking, wondering if i could drag that out by acting dumb, but nope--she popped it in and immediately made it pop out. she had wonderfully developed kegel muscles, and she could exert a great deal of expulsory force. after the manual part was over, she said, "get ready to catch." she popped the dildo in, squeezed her thighs together, and in a rocking back and forth motion she pendulumed her lower body with a cry of, "one--two--three!!" . . . and launched that dildo so fast is whizzed over my head. i'm glad it didn't put my eye out. i retrieved it, she cleaned it up, reloaded, and this time i stood back 5 feet from the bar and dropped into my catching stance. this time i caught it dead on, and won cheers from the rest of the gals. apparently it is seldom caught. i attribute it to dumb luck.

    third up was the "oil rub." one of the bar babes presented her front and a bottle of baby oil and invited me to slather it on. i asked, "everywhere?" "everywhere but the poosy!" was the response. still, it was nice and i got to put it on all along the inner thighs and admire the "poosy" more than i had expected. as i finished, i remarked, "you know, i'm quite a skilled masseur--would you like a back rub?" wow, the magic words. she lay down on her tummy with her ass in my face and scooted towards me until i had a lap full of bare bum. i oiled up and massaged her spine, shoulders, shoulder-blades at considerable length, mostly because i liked the feel of her squishy yet firm bottom pressed against my tummy. the other gals were quite jealous when i turned her loose and we de-oiled each other with a towel.

    next to last was the dildo gal who came back with the "banana trick." this was much less impressive than the imaginary version that i had cooked up. i had *thought* that they would peel the top of the banana, shove the bare banana in their pussy--peeling the rest off as it went it--and then proceed to pinch-off chunks. possibly to be made into daiquiris. the real thing was much more tame--the partly peeled banana was put barely into the galís twat and i was invited to munch. i suggested that it would be much nicer if it was pushed way in, and was gently chided for my horny daydreams. so i nibbled bit by bit, and made the most of the last most pussy-proximate bite of banana.

    finally the tricks were about over, and the last one was the postcard trick. one of the ladies (and the only name that sticks is "terrible"--blame the rum and coke) brought out a block of wood about 6" on a side, inserted a sharpie in her crack, asked me my name ("schwarzenegger" "no, i'll use johnny") and proceed to pen a missive of considerable length in a style of penmanship that was better than any i could master using any available appendage. "to johnny with love from pussy" is what i believe it said.

    my pockets nearly empty, i hung around a bit while the gals propositioned me for lap-dances (pricy!) and decided that i might have enough left for one more window-girl. i left into the semi-darkness (it was almost like white nights) and just happened on the club 21 love club thai massage joint. a cute thai girl named bee met me and showed me the price list. i opted for massage, body massage, and handjob for 70 euros. i know, it was expensive, but i felt that an expert in hj's might be able to do the teasing required to get me up for the third time in 24 hours. i am, after all, in my sixties!

    bee was not tall, but full-figured. she had lovely breasts, a cute poochy tummy, and, as it turned out, a lovely asian pussy. i showered, and don't make my mistake of being too efficient. i should have waited naked in the bathroom and she would have joined me in the shower. the back rub was predictable with a bare minimum of teasing. apparently touching the perineal area would have been extra! i jokingly waved aside all upsell offers and on the flip she oiled me up and applied her squirmy yet full body to every inch of my front. i was attracted to the possibility of a titty fuck, but knew that would be extra, so just sat tight and enjoyed the ride. when she got to the hj she was happy to keep her pussy close to my eager peepers and coaxed an outstanding orgasm out of the poor fellow. she was quite amazed to hear that she was my third, but i've heard that kind of line from enough wg's that i don't take it at face value. ("oh! so much come!" or, "wow, you shoot so far! how old are you?")

    after another shower i dressed, kissed bee on the cheek, and promised to let my friends know that she's a good one. i staggered back to my cheesy hotel stopping only for a bite of "new york" pizza (hah!) and some of amsterdam's excellent baked goods.

    what i learned: a window girl can be a wonderful treat, and the quality of the shows at moulin rouge and casa rosso was much better than expected. there was a very high quality of showmanship, and while many on the web commented negatively on their being "mechanical," i felt that they were simply well choreographed and rehearsed. i can't imagine getting it up six times a day, fucking a model's brains out for ten minutes, and then not coming! my hat is off to those performers who set a world record for poise, aplomb, and a willingness to let what is almost never seen in public "hang out" for our entertainment and edification. if you have an open-minded wife or girl friend, i wouldn't hesitate to take her to either the moulin rouge or casa rosso. maybe you could have a quickie back in your hotel and pretend she's a window-girl . . . .

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    The Hague: Ruen Kaew Thai Massage -- Joy

    If you are in The Hague, Dutchie525's post says it all, especially if you want hot sex with or without a Greek experience .

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    Sounds like a girl to visit

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    Casa Cherda by AlexBaron

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    Here is a trip report of my virgin visit to Sauna Club Yin Yang (I've only used Amsterdam window ladies previously and not even FKKs) and posting here on suggestion of Ed - hope you like it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Konijnen
    It's a shame, but YY will close in December 2007. Even the mayor of Amsterdam said he 'regrets it'; according to the newspapers it has to do with money laundering and mob activity.
    Can someone takeaway the quote from Konijnen.

    Holandmales YY = YinYang in Roermond

    and Konijnen is speaking about YabYum = YY in Amsterdam.

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    That's right! But don't go there before 3 pm, most girls come later.


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    That's right! But don't go there before 3 pm, most girls come later.


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    It's a shame, but YY will close in December 2007. Even the mayor of Amsterdam said he 'regrets it'; according to the newspapers it has to do with money laundering and mob activity.

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