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    Yet another great 2-part report from an expert of the Wawa scene.

    Please follow this link to know more about the Warszawa scene :


    (and then scroll down a few messages to find his Part 1)

    Monsoon is a very knowledgeable punter!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Adamus
    Link to a report from Szczecin - nice city close to German border.
    Thank you Adamus. Jen qu ja.

    You are the master of mongering inthe Tri Cities.

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    Warsaw scene

    Excellent report on his Warsaw experience from the very knowledgeable Monsoon64...


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    Action in Szczecin - close to German border

    Link to a report from Szczecin - nice city close to German border.

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    One week in Warsaw

    Excellent reports by Watsa Dikfor.
    It was posted day by day and gives a realistic insight of what you can expect in warsawian parlors.
    8 nicely written and informative reports starting from http://www.internationalsexguide.inf...349#post888349

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    Latest adventure in Wroclaw

    With a busty babe who knows her deed in Wroclaw

    Hope the link works

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    A quick tip for all

    When you call girls from Odloty and talk in English, even if they say they speak little english in the advert they will normally disconnect.

    But easy way to get them to talk is by saying the following - Mowie Po Angi-elsku. (Do you speak English). So far for me its been a 100% success for getting them to start talking to me.

    They normally disconnect thinking its a wrong number when you call em up and start chatting away in English.

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    Josť Beauvit in Wroclaw


    Report reviewing the situation in some agencies of the city last August.

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    Josť Beauvit in Warsaw


    Alpha Tester's map was very useful.

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    Lukasek in Wroclaw

    Thanking me and mentioning my map is a serious advantage for ROD Apart from that, he did better than me in Wroclaw and wrote a comprehensive useful report.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Buddy

    Be carefull!

    RomanoV likes giving links infecting your computer with viruses.

    He gives wrong information and links infecting your computer.

    Do not go to sites he recommends.

    Hi Wise Buddy,

    With all due respect, you are correct about links provided by RomanoV, but in this case RomanoV was only linking to a report here on the ISG that was posted by another member.



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