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    Murilloa and the Lisbon scene

    The accurate description of the way it goes, served with your inspired touches of genial humour makes this a true Report of Distinction.


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    the 1st SW

    Detailed report of a first close encounter with a sw:


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    Test Drive

    A lengthy report of the kind of experiences one can find in Lisbon:

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    Three hot places in Lisbon

    Here you'll find a short and recent report (May 2006) describing two apartments and one famous pick-up joint in Lisbon:

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    Links to Reports of Distinction

    Greetings everyone,

    I've started this new thread to provide a centralized location to catalog the Forum's best travel reports. Here's the idea:

    If you have written one or several detailed travel reports, or if you know of such reports, then please post the link here.

    You may also include a short summary of the nature of the report.

    A sample report would be something like this:


    Here's a great series of reports by Young & Restless on his trip to Rio in January of 2005.


    You can copy and paste the link into a report, or you can do it the easy way and use the [post] tags, which you would format like this:

    [post]Post ID number here[/post]

    You can identify the Post ID by moving your mouse pointer over the "Quote" button and reading the Post ID number in the Status Bar at the bottom of your browser window. It's the last number at the end of the link text, just after the letters "p=".

    Please note: In order for this thread to be effective, it cannot turn into a discussion forum. I don't want to have to be so tough about this, but any reports that do not include a link to another report will be deleted.


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