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    Ripoff in the city

    Please watch this before you come to city and get a mongering tour on the street. I don't want to read one more post that someone get that sheet and complaining so I put here.



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    Does anybody know Russian girls phone number in &304; stanbul

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    The Russians are cuming, the Russians are cuming

    Thought I would share my Istanbul Russian experience.


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    Jana (Yana) from Ufa

    I have been tackling with this beauty for a while. I confirm that the following report is 100% true:


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    Istanbul report

    I like the story with Maryana http://www.internationalsexguide.inf...&postcount=778

    Written by Angvil

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    Street action in Ankara

    Showing that you can find everything at the streets without going to the bars.


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    Gokkusagi in Ankara

    Increases the number of alternatives and points to the places where you can find EE girls if you know how to look for.


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    Turkish girls

    Baran explains the mood of Turkish pros which is hardly found among the girls from other countries.


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    Kontes Bar

    Kontes Bar is a good place for everybody liking entertainments of all kinds in the night.


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    Dedeman area

    Swordlion shares a satisfying experience and gives an accurate description of Dedeman area.


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    Alaaddin gives an accurate description of 1001 Gece which is one of the best night clubs and telebar in Ankara


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    latest Aksaray scene

    June 2007 experience of a fellow monger


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    Two gems in Aksaray

    My second detailed report about Aksaray. I found two gems :-)

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    Thanks to Fisher Fritz for the great inside info of Serenda



    Thanks bro...please keep posting

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