View Survey Results: Is Macunaima a Serial Antagonist?

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  • No, I believe he's completely innocent.

    16 13.45%
  • No, but I believe he should try to moderate the tenor of his reports.

    6 5.04%
  • No, I believe his writing style provokes people, but not to the point of requiring action.

    29 24.37%
  • Yes, and I believe he should be restricted to his own thread.

    30 25.21%
  • Yes, and I believe he should be suspended from posting for 30 days.

    9 7.56%
  • Yes, and I believe he should be permanently banned from the Forum.

    29 24.37%
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Thread: Is Macunaima a Serial Antagonist?

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    Give the Guy a Break (Figuratively Speaking)

    Macuniama isn't the only one of us that strays off topic, and he manages to write in complete sentences when he does (with good grammer, appropriate punctuation, and correct usage of capital letters), making his posts a quick read. Personally, I've found many of his posts interesting even when I disagree with them -- the disagreement forces me to reassess my own logic for my beliefs, which I find useful. Of course, my reassessment usually leads me to conclude I'm right :-)

    It seems to me that Macuniama deliberately tries to provoke on occasion, to help him gather data for his research from a fairly diverse cross-section of mongers (research on prostitution without considering the demand side of the equation would be kind of useless). If members find him offensive, the best revenge would be to not respond; that would skew his sample population and lessen the validity of his research, forcing him to provide more useful information for the rest of us to entice greater participation (yes, I used to design research studies in an earlier life, before I discovered better ways to make a living).

    Whether he is given his own thread, or left to post as he does today, I support continuing to have him on the board. I've found I often learn more from opinions I disagree with than the tenth repetition of warnings about overpaying at Help. I would urge him, though, if he does continue on the board, to think what specific he can contribute that will be useful to other members, even if it is just his favorite feijoada restaurant. For example, Marcello, the bouncer at Le Boy Bar, spikes patrons' drinks (why was I at Le Boy Bar? A long story involving a cute femme tourist from the Netherlands I met in March who wanted to sing "Like a Virgin" to the butches there on karaoke night, but I won't bore you with the details of lugging her unconscious body back to her apartment and having Marcello trying to beat the door down at 4:30 AM) -- Macuniama, give us that level of finer detail that we can apply on our trips, and I suspect there will be fewer complaints.

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    I voted No

    "No, I believe his writing style provokes people, but not to the point of requiring action."

    While he's not a monger, he's no different in his contributions than those hawking guide services, tours, apartments, intros to girls, security, etc. There is value in his contributions, maybe just needs to be in the Brasil-General area. He doesn't need to be quarantined. I just think the truth hurts.

    I definitely don't agree with everything that he says, but it does sound like Rio is still Rio. I haven't been there in a couple of years. The game is still the same. Newer gringos are soaking up the game, while getting high on the supply.

    I just think Mac's research findings are contradicting some monger's perception of reality, when of course, it's really all fantasy. Some guys don't want to hear the truth. Dudes contemplating bringing garotas back to their home country. Someone who apparently had been recently cyber-sparring with Mac about his experience, when the dude mentioned "LOVE." Another was stridently defending the honor of another garota. Seems Rio is still Rio. It's a fantasy. Rio is a helluva drug!!!!!

    I vote to just leave him alone. I don't recall him being disrespectful to anyone here (unless they persisted), while he's had all kinds of negatives launched his way. Those that don't like him, can just use the Ignore This User function. You (Admin) have it available for a reason.

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    Ban Him

    Ezinho just posted a comment not all that different from something Macunaima might say. (However, Macunaima contradicts himself so often, it is hard to figure out exactly what he is saying.)

    The main difference is that Ezinho is in there playing the game. He is not lecturing me. He is offering a perspective of someone who has lived and breathed the experience. I might not agree with him, but I respect him.

    When I was in law school I had a professor who had taught a particular subject for eight years, yet had never been in the courtroom. Prior to law school, I had been involved in that area for several years and was considered an expert. I regularly attended court just so I could observe what was going on in the "real world." Naturally, this professor didn't have a clue and I would regularly point that out in the classroom. I even invited him to attend court with me. He never did, but he did let me teach some of the classes.

    While outside of Help one night I ran into a couple of students from a university in the US. When I asked them what they were doing they said they were in Brazil studying among other things prostitution. In the course of our conversation they told me that their professor said that Help was filled with transsexuals. I said, as usual, most academics have no clue and invited them to come into Help with me.

    I have taught in both undergraduate and graduate programs so I am no stranger to academia. I have a tremendous respect for those who actually are experts in their fields and have something worthwhile to say. The problem is that Macunaima is like my law school professor, he really doesn't know what he is talking about, yet keeps on talking.

    It is not the message I have a problem with, it is the messenger. This particular messenger needs to be shot.

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    No, I believe his writing style provokes people...

    I voted "No, I believe his writing style provokes people, but not to the point of requiring action." I believe that Macunaima's writing is provocative in the best sense of the word: thought-provoking.

    The fact that he is not a mongerer just seems to disqualify him in some people's eyes. I always thought the purpose of the forum was to provide information on how to get laid with women. IMHO, this does NOT specify that this sex has to P4P or "free" sex or that you have to be a mongerer to be able to make contributions here. The fact that he is an academic conducting reseach on the topic of prostitution also seems to throw some people way off base. Still, I still fail to see why this should be somehow incompatible with the stated purpose of this forum. While his contributions might be unconventional by most posters' standards as Macunaima addresses the topic from an unusual angle, they are related to the topic at hand and do provide useful information. Something that I can NOT say about members who have nothing else to say than "hey, great pix" or go on boasting about their sexual prowess. I don't see any reason to ban these members, and I don't see any reason for banning or restricting Macunaima. It's about diversity, right?

    I say, judge Macunaima on the merit of his statements, not on who he is. Personally, I enjoy his contributions and insights, although I do not always fully agree with him. I believe that the forum as a whole would lose by banning a member like him.

    At the time I am writing this, seven people have voted to have Macunaima banned permanently, but not ONE has written a comment as to why. They must be people who are so unable to view beyond their own little world and so lacking in using scroll bars or ignore lists that they feel compelled to shut people up who present unpopular view points. Why doesn't it surprise me that those people don't have the guts to state who they are and actually explain why they think so?

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    He's welcome to his opinions

    I have no problem that he has strongly held opinions. They're just not consistent with the goals of the 2005 forum. On the other hand, it would seem perfectly reasonable for him to have his own forum & he can go on and on . . ad nauseum . . . engaging people as they desire.


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    macunaima! what does that mean?

    I read with some interest the remarks written by Macunaima. Yes he may be sometimes provocative, but in a specific way.

    He knows what he is speaking about; I mean he knows Brazil and some of its history and sociology.

    Who among the fellows who hate him do know where the word of "macunaima" comes from? Who can read and understand a brazilian text? Who knows "os sertoes"?

    Having a fat belly and and plenty dollars does not replace reading, hearing, viewing and understanding.

    We see some wavelets around the world these days. Sometimes a cultural an political tsunami could spread against all westerners seen as cow boys. It is in the interest of nobody.

    So I propose to my colleagues to stop one day drinking one caipirinha and with the money buy some brazilian newspapers during one week. That could be a good first step towards mutual understanding between north and south.

    Peace and love!

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    I don’t think he is a serial antagonist, on the contrary I think he is providing an excellent service by reminding some posters what the true intentions of most Brazilian hookers are.

    I admit that reading the true facts may offend some of the na´ve, self-deluded love tourists that frequent this board (senior members or otherwise), but they will hardly offend any monger that really knows what the whole game is about.

    The vast majority of Brazilian hookers only are after money. Period. And they will play any game with any of these love tourists in order to maximise their returns, be it providing occasional ‘free sex’, simulating orgasms or whatever else is needed. This is Macunaima’s message, something so obvious that shouldn’t even be posted if it wasn’t for the presence of these love tourists writing all the time about their adventures in dreamland and confusing their dreams with reality.

    As someone put it, the fact that you go to have a good time in Disneyland doesn’t mean that you have to believe in Mickey Mouse.

    From what I’ve seen all of Macunaima’s posts have been spot on, polite and to the point. The fact that they may destroy some people’s dreams is another story.

    The only annoying aspect I find is that all those silly discussions take place, mainly, in the Rio board when there should be a specific thread for them called ‘Brazilian women’, as there is in other countries’ sections.

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    Macu is an academic and he is used to arguing with other academics. When on this forum he does the same thing which provokes anger. Given that he is not a monger and does not post trip reports in the trip reports section he technically should be banned for life. However, he will probably just sign up as another user eventually.

    Banning MAcu for life would be unfair. But I do think he should be nice enough to stop posting in the trip reports section. If he does not do so then he should be banned.

    Do not give him his own thread. He is no more knowlegable about Rio than others. He has strong opinions but so do others. If I was so inclined I too could argue academic points about the Rio sex scene. But this IS NOT and academic bulletin Board. There are plenty of academic web sites and journals out there where MAcu and others can make their arguments. He should not be rewarded for making these arguments here. His points are no better, or worse, than others, just different.
    Last edited by Sunset Strip; 10-17-05 at 15:12. Reason: added more info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Admin
    Greetings everyone,

    In addition to your vote, I would also encourage you to post your comments.


    Putting him in his own thread allows him to still post and allows whoever wants to read him to still read him. It just means he won't get off-topic in threads like the Reports thread. Seems fair to me.

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    Is Macunaima a Serial Antagonist?

    Greetings everyone,

    While I have not yet established a specific threshold for initiating a Serial Antangonist survey, complaints from 7 Senior Members is enough for me.

    Pursuant to the Forum's Serial Antagonist Policy, I am posting this poll to ascertain the Membership's opinion regarding the cumulative reports of Macunaima.

    You may review the Serial Antangonist Policy at http://www.internationalsexguide.inf...ntagonists.php

    Please remember that this poll will close in 7 days.

    Please remember that votes by new members (registering after today's date) will not be included in this poll's final vote tally.

    In addition to your vote, I would also encourage you to post your comments.


    Last edited by Admin; 10-21-05 at 20:19.

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