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    Bars and how to score

    It's been a while but this is well written by Aussieguy, post # 6485.


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    Freelancer Venue in Phnom Penh

    I was lurking and this post by Natty Bumpo caught my attention because I prefer FL venues. I'll post in the ROD section so that it won't get lost in the board as other posts get added. Thanks NB.

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    Excellent rundown of Phnom Penh bars

    We should hope this is the first of many from BronzeMan?


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    Snooky Beach Bars

    Here is a nice little trip report by Oorvampu on the beach bar scene in Snooky. I wish we had more reports like this one.

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    Learn some Local language

    For once a positive report on Phnom Penh by GooberMonger. It helps enormously to learn the language:


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    Phnom Penh by Simian

    Cannot allow Simian report to be buried amongst the quagmire of negative postings permeating the Cambo threads:


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    Joe Lookings advice on mongering in Cambodia. GOLD!


    I Love the Price Debates!

    Supply and demand only factors into prostitution that does not occur in areas heavily traversed by tourists. By that I mean that the average tourist will have no problem dropping $200 in BKK for sex, although the price should be closer to $60. For a real world example, think about the over-priced items that are in all tourists destinations.

    I found that to get a reasonable p4p price in Cambodia you need to: get a freelancer, be prepared to buy a drink chat then go back the next night, get friendly with one of the other girls who will advocate for you or cross your fingers and hope.

    So why the high prices?

    At Horny and one of the other bars I went to the girls each received a salary. It was not a lot, but it was more than enough to sustain them given the local cost of living and their lifestyle. They were also not forced by management to fuck. I'm not sure if it is still widely the case, but I was told that in BKK and Pattaya it was once pro-forma for the girls to have to pull in a certain amount in lady drinks and bar fines per week or they would owe the bar. I was also told that many bars did not let women refuse a customer. Those sorts of conditions mean that workers have to fuck, which means the customer has a bit of leverage in the price. If most PP bars are like the two I mentioned, the girls can hold on until they get the price they want. At Horny, there was a girl who had only been barfined I think twice in 6 months and she did not want to drop her price below $40 and ST or LT she only wanted to have sex once.

    You all may want to ask if the girls get a salary before asking about the ST / LT price. If they have no salary there will come a time when they have no choice but to deal. For example, there are deals to be had in Cyrcee because at least when I was there last I was told that they get no salary. Not counting the BF you can get the girls for 30-40LT and maybe less if you are a repeat customer for them. When I was there in March one of the girls who works in 2s first offered me 2 girls LT for 90 then 80 then 60 and I later found out that neither had been barfined in 3 weeks. Things could be different now, but from what I saw the only chick who seemed to be in high demand was the one who took it up the butt. The rest stand there hoping most nights. There's also nothing wrong with asking the bartender who never gets barfined or how often a particular girl is barfined.

    Another thing affecting the cost is the USD. Many SEA business people are fairly ignorant of western ideas of capitalism. The idea of things like loss leaders, pricing for a local market and so on are largely foreign to them. That said, most of them probably throw out numbers like $50 because it is "big money" for them, but seems like "small money" for most foreigners. Kind of like how some freelancers in Vientiane charge 12000 kip ($15USD) for LT but others will ask for 2500 THB (70USD?) if they think you are on a border run because that is what men pay in Thailand.

    If you want bar girls for a reasonable price then be prepared to put some work in or try a different approach than walking up to the prettiest one and saying how much. Your goals are to get the girl and at least one other girl to think you are nice and to soften your main girl up. This means that you will probably walk away with nothing at least the first night. One really good thing to do is to get one of the other girls to advocate for you. I once bought a girl a drink because she was nice and spoke okay English. I then told her point blank that I was not into her. Instead of getting pissy she told me to point out the girl I liked. She then called the girl over, introduced us and stayed through the negotiations. Initially the girl wanted something ridiculous but the first girl talked her pretty far down. One subtle thing that is lost on many mongers is that a ton of women working in SEA bars do not actually consider themselves to be prostitutes, more opportunists. Because of that distinction you cannot approach them all by immediately asking how much. Sometimes you have to say you like them and want to take them home then give them the opportunity to bring up money.

    I found the Cambodians to be far less hardened than the chicks at agogos and some bars in BKK. You might have to work a bit harder for some of the Cambodians but I found that many of them are worth it. One guy put it to me like this. When he was in Thailand 20 years ago all the bar girls wanted to get married to a foreigner so if you could get them to like you or think you were a nice guy, you could get away with murder. Now many Thai chicks just want cash. In Cambodia some of them seem to want a nice guy and not all the money they can get, so if they like you then all bets are off.

    Someone mentioned spots for locals and I would advise that most members stay away from there. Many local men look for a different type of sexual gratification that the average foreigner. You may go to a local brothel and the girl may go for $5 for a quick fuck, but she may just spread her legs and close her eyes for the whole time. Or worse, you may realize that she is pretty much a daily mattress. I was in whatever town has the bamboo bridge and my motodriver would not shut up until I let him take me to the local brothels. When we found one that would take a black guy so I went in the room to do my thing. It was only $7, but there were no less than 20 condom wrappers on the floor and my guess would be they were all from that day.


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    Great overall information on SR

    I found this to be a very informative summary of other posts.


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    Sihanoukville update

    Sihanoukville update, situation as of July 2009.

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