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    Thank for the intel Erasmus be Dragin

    Thank for the intel Erasmus be Dragin.

    If you stay in kowloon area, this is very much alive and worth checking out.


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    First time HK


    I'm looking for any assistance I can get. My business partner and myself have to go to HK later this year for two meetings but will probably stay 4 nights.

    Where should we be looking to stay as in area for good bars, nightlife etc?

    Where should we be staying to get the best selection of hookers for overnight calls?

    Any help much appreciated.

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    Temple Street scene

    Excellent report on the Temple Street scene by Erasmus B Dragin. If this doesn't help a newbie find some relatively inexpensive street action, I don't know what will:

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    An update from SE Asia

    The newbies should thank him for this useful overview and recap.

    Saves quite some RTFF and represents no excuse for the class managers not capable to browse a bit and wishing to be spoon fed.


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    141 vs. Wanchai

    Lots of people wonders what he will be getting at the 141 premises vs. A pick up at Wanchai bars.

    "Ramn HK" has done the ideal survey. Read it here:


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    Excellent short summary update written by esteemed Senior Member Natty Bumpo. It begins by pointing out that Wanchai bars are 99% South-East Asian girls, but then continues on to mention 141 girls, spas and other possibilities.



    By the way, my previous post, written on 09-06-2011, made reference to an excellent post by a newbie "Chantik" who had written only 4 posts at that time.

    Well, "Chantik" is now up to over 173 posts and has provided much useful info on the HK board. Thanks!

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    Great Summary Report on the Wanchai Bars

    This excellent and informative report on the Wanchai bars was written by a newbie with only 4 posts, proving that it's possible for a new poster to actually contribute information (instead of asking dumb questions such as "what is the address for 37 Dundas?).


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    The Dummies Guide to K-Pressure

    Flyboy 2000 does an excellent report on K-Pressure in Kowloon. It is really remarkable the detail his report contains. Thanks brother.


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    HK - My experience and information

    Jj1973's detailed report on all the various options available for having fun in Hong Kong including the following:

    Massage places
    bars in Kowloon Haris and Sticky fingers
    Street Walkers
    Massage places

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    Hong Kong v. Macau - Especially helpful comparisons for first timers

    Here is a very good overview of what to expect in Hong Kong v. Macau. Thanks to Uncle Wayne!


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    Wan Chai & TST vs HG's, Walk Ups & OK's

    Comparison, pros & cons including pricing and availability.


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    Friday night Korean in TST

    One of my absolute favourite girls.


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