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    As an insider, Mr. Ho well explained sex scene in Japan is as follow:

    Quote Originally Posted by MrHo  [View Original Post]
    Yes, these bath houses in Japan are called " Soap Land ". This was originally made because in Japan, prostitution is illegal, but only intercourse is illegal, so you can do BBBJ, rimjob, DFK etc etc, but no penetration of penis in pussy. Oddly you can put finger in pussy and anal fuck, this is legal. Strange law, but you know how law works in mysterious way sometimes as some of them were written decades ago and politician is busy doing something else like stealing money legally LOL!

    So how soap land is from legal point of view is in grey area, you went to take a bath with naked women washing you service and you two fell in love privately in closed bath room and fucked, so at soap land, you can penetrate and some are bareback. And it got special bath chair with holes in middle where girls can lay down below under this special bath chair called sukebe isu and she can lick you anal and ball in comfortable position, you just sit on that bath chair with hole in middle and enjoy, she also lick you, rub her body to your body, then fuck you etc. Babreback clubs are more expensive. It is gathered in specific area only because it is left over of loophole of law, but this is good thing for visitor and you cannot open new ones, you can only buy old existing one and renovate, but usually owner do not sell and owner is often one foot in underworld LOL, so not recommended bunch to do business with beside mongering, soapland has no ripp off and safe as german FKK.

    I like Eurasian girls and not full asian, which I find few per year because my hurdle for beauty is so high, I have to look for them that I do every day, so now I am going to get attack that I am addict by some of "normal" forum members right? Well to those "normal" forum members, my name is mr ho, I am a professional prostitute hunter, who look and try to hunt them every day LOL! I admit it, if you are not fucking, I feel sorry for you, if you are married, oh holy molly, what have you done to you for turning you into organic ATM slave machine who do not know wife had put it in her mouth, anal and pussy by many guy around the block including me in her early 20's LOL!

    OK to continue, sorry, I got love and hate relationship with some "normal guys" here, OK I like some Japanese girl, but only around 170 cm model type straight out of vogue magazine type, so this is also hard to find, but I do find them.

    So tendency for my taste of girls that they are not often in soap land, and I find them mostly in what called delivery health, basically it is escort, this is only no penetration service, but if you are good negotiator you manage to go bareback sliding dick inside her during sex play called "sumata" basically sliding dick on her pussy without penetration, but I penetrate anyways, this delivery health for me is my favorite and I found all my stunner at delivery service like maria ozawa and rola takizawa etc. But these level of girls are expensive, but for professional prostitute hunter like me, as long as I am not ripped off, then such experience is priceless, I am buying good memory.

    The difference between FKK and soapland is basically price, soapland is around 500 usd or more for good one, around 500 usd, you are begin to enter stunner level, but I never liked line up of soap land comparison to delivery service, so what I do when I goto soap land is that, I check Japanese online sites that tells you where is japansese porn stars are working and if one that satisfy the optic is in certain soapland, I go there to have session with her, so this way it is secure.

    Also, saftey level, hygiene level is same as german FKK, but service is much better as in it is secure to deliver, I had service like this in german FKK like rimjob etc, but it is not sure thing, where as in soap land what promised is delivered.

    Another difference is you do not get to hang out all day, you go in, preferably with reservation, and choose girl, you do your session, then you are out of the door after session, it is not like one big spa, but more like building with many bath inside, and some bath rooms are funky with stone bed inside etc. But you do not get hang out all day like in FKK, usually play last for 90 min to 120 min, then you are out of door in let say 150 min, they won't hurry you to go out, but system is to leave once you are done unless you extend to another session.

    Soap land and other sex services used to be not welcomed for foreign visitors, but now they begin to relax little bit, but still little bit, they may hold back some stunner girls because if something happen and girl leave the job, it is damaging for them because girls are more in demand than client in such industry.

    For those asian women lovers, soap land is one of ultimate sexual experience because they got technique and there are many various types of soap land to satisfy your desire, but for me as a eurasian girl lover, I tend to go more for luxury delivery service where I found most of my stunners because soap land girls are more like last stand of sex industry here, even though you find normal girls, but more are professional.

    Where as delivery service, you really find university girls and legal age to tute is 18 years old here, so you find 18 years old Eurasian model etc. Like rola takizawa I found her when she was 19 years old till she debut in japanese av industry at 21 years old, I had one of best 2 years doing her every week, which was hurting my walled, but experience was priceless LOL!

    I tend to like both of world, but I prefer FKK in away because you go there, relax and sit back and see collections of girls just coming in and you take your pick and I like that more actually, but I tend to like being international to taste best of both world, so I like both. Each one has it pros and cons. I enjoy both.

    As for Eurasian, now we are opening door to immigration finally, so I expect to see more eurasian girls to be born between international marriages, so please immigrant marry or fuck Japanese girls once you immigrate and hopefully it is making future ground for professional prostitute hunter like me LOL! Ho, ho, ho LOL!

    These immigrants are blood line for line up for eurasian loving prostitute hunter like me LOL!

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    Gaijin Fun in Osaka Tobita Shinchi

    A detailed description of a visit to the Tobita brothel district in Osaka, with prices and how to get service for gaijin who speak no Japanese, and how to get there from anywhere in Osaka.

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    Detailed research on Outcall, and Supergirls.

    Nice story about play after work, in Tokyo.

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    Great J-chick rundown

    Sim45 has posted this great take on the litany of Japanese chicks he's encountered in his 12 years here. Good study in multitasking and J-sociology/psychology.


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    Transition/Prep Point Before Love Hotel

    Good suggestions by Azure Knight about the tricky jump from a "regular" date spot to a love hotel (heaven's gate). This has always been the part that I've struggled with most.


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    Deaikei kissa - Kirara Cafe Shinjuku, Tokyo

    Takadondon has posted this excellent report of a deaikei kissa, a unique Japanese mongering venue.

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    Osaka's Tobita

    Great information on Tobita by Izanagi

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    Kamiyamada Onsen

    Fun and variety at a competitive price in this Nagano Prefecture spa town, readily accessible from the Tokyo area via Shinkansen.


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    Experience in Tokyo with zero Japanese skill 2

    Experience in Tokyo with zero Japanese skill 2

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    Experience in Tokyo with zero Japanese skill 1

    Experience in Tokyo with zero Japanese skill 1

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    Experience in Tokyo with zero Japanese skill

    Experience in Tokyo with zero Japanese skill 1

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    This is great

    Tokura Kamiyamada Onsen


    After reading Dendo's May 8 post about Kusatsu Onsen in Gunma Prefecture, this story looked interesting; does anyone have firsthand experience with this (Chikuma city,) Nagano Prefecture phenomenon of the Tokura Kamiyamada Onsen p4p scene? It looks to be that you take the Asama Shinkansen from Tokyo to Ueda, change to the Shinano Tetsudo line 15 min. to Togura station.


    To get wet with a gaijin, head for the hills

    June 1, 2009

    “It’s 25,000 yen for a ‘rest,’ and 35,000 yen for all night,” the female proprietor explains to the customers. The subject of these negotiations are three Korean women, who, seated beneath the glow the shop’s subdued pinkish illumination, appear to be in their mid-20s.

    They’re clad in one-piece dresses that, the customers note approvingly, reveal plenty of cleavage.

    “If you opt for overnight, she’ll stay with you until 10:00 tomorrow morning.”

    You’d think you were in a red-light district in Seoul or Pusan; but this is a spa town in Nagano Prefecture.

    Noboru Kiriyama, writing in Jitsuwa Knuckles (July), explains that over the past several years, the authorities have been cracking down on red-light districts in the greater Tokyo area, and as a result not only Kabukicho but other notorious havens known for libidinous male cavorting, such as Nishi Kawaguchi in Saitama, Koganecho in Yokohama, the “Tambo” in Machida City and Horinouchi in Kawasaki, have found themselves the target of a determined drive to stamp out pink.

    Call it “erotic cleansing” if you will.

    But as long as there are willing ladies and horny johns, the purveyors of prostitutes are not the type to give up without a fight.

    “When I was young, I used to visit brothels three times a week,” an elderly resident at the spa recalls to Kiriyama. “After the anti-prostitution law came into force, the hookers would meet up with customers in cafes or ryokan (Japanese inns). It was around then that more foreigners began coming here.

    “Recently the number of Filipinas has gone down, but there are still plenty of Koreans and Thais.”

    One of the rural places to which foreigners have flocked is the Tokura Kamiyamada spa in Nagano Prefecture, where business is mainly conducted in “take-out snacks,” such as the establishment first mentioned above. These are much like the system that came into force soon after houses of prostitution became illegal in 1958.

    “After our payday, we often head for the hills,” says one of a group of four middle-aged male visitors from neighboring Gunma Prefecture. “We drive along the Chikuma River and take girls to a love hotel.

    “If we indulge in too much food or drink it’s harder to get it up, so we always bring along some Viagra,” he grins.

    Some 100 snack establishments in the town are said to be offering goodies, of which some 60 percent are estimated to be from South Korea. The remainder include mostly Japanese and Thais, but if you’re tempted to try something really different, one shop reportedly has a few Mongolians on the menu.

    As long as there are males in this world, Kiriyama concludes, places like this are absolutely necessary. It would be a mistake to drive them out of business. (K.S.)

    Source: “Koredakara onsen baishun wa yamerarenee!,” Jitsuwa Knuckles (July, pages 98-99)

    Note: Brief extracts from Japanese vernacular media in the public domain that appear here were translated and summarized under the principle of “fair use.” Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of the translations. However, we are not responsible for the veracity of their contents. The activities of individuals described herein should not be construed as “typical” behavior of Japanese people nor reflect the intention to portray the country in a negative manner. Our sole aim is to provide examples of various types of reading matter enjoyed by Japanese

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    "Chinese esute FS option, for those of us who still miss Paprika"

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