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    Hi need some help.

    So I am visiting Macau on 17th for 2 days, and wanted to book a decent escort for full day who can show me around the city, and can give me a good time around the day with all the extras throughout the day.

    Can anyone recommend me a good agency or preferable an independent for this.


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    Familia Nobre. 1st timer

    What a place!

    I was staying in HK for a few days so decided to drop down to macau for a quick visit. I had heard a lot about the saunas in Macau so just had to try one.

    Nothing could prepare me for this experience. ON walking in the manager explains the rate card for models, europeans, locals etc etc. I had no clue what's he talking about and then the girls line up. O MY FUCKING GOD! There were atleast 50 chicks there all of them atleast a 7. Thais, Viets, East Europeans, Chinese and even a couple of blacks. The manager again starts to explain something, I have no clue what he was saying. The line up staring at you a, couple of them teasing you to pick them (a cpl of them looked bored, but lets focus on the positives.) its too overwhelming.

    I picked a cute local chick and headed of to change my clothes. Since it was my first time I didn't know what I was actually supposed to do. But came to know later you can use the jacuzzi as long as you want and then ask for the line up when you want. After changing into the robes, I headed towards the rooms. I ran into 3-4 girls from the line up and they were literally all over me, asking me where I am from, where I was staying. It might be a part of their job but, having 6 pairs of tits on you and 3 soft hands feeling you you, who the fuck cares: the.

    So my chick manages to pull me away and we head to the room. It was quite a walk to the room and all along she had her hand in my robe playing around.

    On reaching the room she asks me to remove the clothing and enter the shower. After a decent soapy B2 B I ask her to get on the shower bed and fingering her. She gives you this look, we see in hentai. So fucking hot.

    We dry up and move to the main bed. She starts of with the hot and cold BJ. It was a bit awkward to begin with but a good exp. Banged her in mish, cowgirl, reverse then asked asked to blow me till I come, which she willingly did.

    As she was escorting me back to the main hall she again had her hand in the robe tugging little john all long. After a decent meal I relax on the lounge chair for a HR or so. The line up of girls would walk right by me every 2 minutes for a new customers. There were a couple of girls who were downright 10's. One asian chick in particular caught my fancy.

    So I had a "complimentary" thigh massage left which I opted for later. A viet chick comes by and takes me to a room. I was like "damn I am tired, legs are hurting thigh massage would be really good". We settle down and she sits right across and removes my shorts so quickly I am like WTF just happened. What proceeded was the best 20 minutes HJ I ever had. Negotiated a bit with her to take her cloths off. She didn't agree to that but let me feel her up.

    Spent about 4 hrs in FM and must have cum 4-5 times. Was completely spent but extremely satisfied.

    Coming back very soon.

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted because it contributed nothing of value and in fact constituted a complete waste of bandwidth.

    The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange if information between men on the subject of finding women for sex. Let's stick to the subject.

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    ATexGuy's "Eighteen and East Spa"

    Sometimes you need a well-written report like ATexGuy's to bring you back down to reality.

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    Seamaster811's report on Sanado Sauna

    Whenever I read a report that wants me to get on the next flight to Macau, that report needs to be re-posted as a Report of Distinction. This is what a report is suppose to cover: details, details, details.

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    A good overview on Macau, how to get there, and sauna rates

    For someone who's never been to Macau and its saunas, here's a good report by "Canyon" that covers travel, a hotel, and sauna rates.

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    What can happen in a sauna and develop later on

    Can sound a bit of a pretty woman script but the report seems genuine and informative on Sauna 18.


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    Familia Nobre by Natty bumpo

    Great and informative report about what this sauna is all about in terms of girls, services and. Additional hooking for those interesting to.

    Well done. Thanks.


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    East Sauna & 18 Sauna reviewed by Crazy Travel

    Newbies should read this and be thankful to Crazy Travel for his contribution.


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    For the lazy ones

    A quick survey for those lazy enough not to RTFF.


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    Details Street walker scene

    Dars Veider was so kind to write a good report about street hookers in Macau.


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    Outstanding report of East, Sanado, Golden, Rio and Eighteen Spas

    Ibn Buttita wrote an excellent report about the main spas in Macau! Outstandingly detailed!

    Part 1.


    Part 2.


    Part 3.


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    Great general information for newbies like myself

    Here is a post from Lattelatte on 5/26/2010, #1898 from the General Info Thread.

    This post includes information about currency and hotels, as well as the saunas and WG's, that I found very helpful. (I am in the process of planning a trip for next year and am doing some research now.)


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    Great details about Sanado

    Mrpatsfan's report on Sanado is nicely detailed and makes me want to go there!


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