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Thread: Links to Reports of Distinction

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    Chinese forum with a lot of contacts / ads from prostitution establishments

    I used this sites to pick up two girls in the Taipei area already. Damage was about 5k NT per but the girls were really hot. The forum has a code named the girls to be "fish (Chinese character)" so you have to read into it a bit. Unfortunately there is no English translation with the site but if you have any questions, let me know.

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    Excellent explanation of the mechanics of the outcall system in Taiwan.

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    MP Near RT Mart in Taichung

    The place is a little hard to find, but it's a pretty top-notch MP by Taichung's standards.

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    Taipei experiences

    As requested, try to post my report in the ROD, lets see if it works.

    PM me if you need additional info.

    Regards, Arthur

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    Textbook for all others!! Well done

    I must say, this was the finest report for a sauna I have ever read!! We all should take lessons from this one!!


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    Tooting my own horn.....

    I think this is very inspired report, high off a good morning.
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    Good report on one of Yuki's girls. Although not a lot of information leading to Yuki's services but he gives information leading to the services provided by one of Yuki's girl. Worth a reading for entertainment.


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