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Thread: Links to Reports of Distinction

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    Links to all the photos you have posted.

    This link works for every paid member that is signed in... It will give you a listing of every photo you have posted.



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    Juarez Today


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    Nogales Basics

    Nogales basics 101

    The report is 18months old, so some of the venues have changed names, but the game is the same.


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    Busted Noggie Cherry

    I just hope this encourage others to venture out, expand their horizons.

    Enjoy everyone.


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    Excellent Report for his first post

    Member "Mee Wee" details an excellent report of Cd. Juarez including bus routes, mongering locations, and price schedules. He writes an excellent post for his first ISG submission.

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    This is a true report of distcintion

    This is the best way to act in Juarez and really, in any part of the world where an American is a guest in someone else's country.

    People from other countries judge us on how you act.



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    Further Information Regarding Police Near Cathedral

    Meat Loaf details his most disturbing experience with Cd. Juarez police.

    Near the Cathedral (Salon de Bailes

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    Hooker Paradise: 24 hr. Service, SWs, Semi-Pros, Pros, & Cantinas

    Meat Loaf details his tried and true location for 24-hour mongering with over 100 girls available daily.

    Behind the Cathedral:

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    Meat Loaf's Guide to Cd. Juarez

    I've received PMs asking for more information, so here is the guide I created August 2007. Some of the locations (names) have closed or changed, but a recent visit to Cd. Juarez validated that much of the information is still valid!

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    Nogales report--oldie but goodie

    This Nogales report is old, yet makes for a great read and has some good info:


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