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    I should be in this area very late in August.

    Next month I leave on amtrak train to hell Paso, Texas, then go thru Juarez and in the middle of August I should be in Mexico City.

    Then at the end of August I am down in to the Southern Mexico area of Oaxaca and Chaipas, and hopefully Cancun and Merida area first few days of September.

    I am still around, not sure about your buddy Johan. I thought he is in Paraguay this month. Is that true at all?

    Ok I keep you and others updated on this trip.


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    Are You A Troll Dude???

    Foxes many people think your a troll,, IS THAT TRUE?????
    Quote Originally Posted by FoxesHunter
    Hi, I now post this writing but I am sure here I will get an answer in 2-3 mounths.
    I need news of Chiapas, what mexican section have to see, please?
    I'd like to reach Chiapas and I'd like to know how much the girls are hot and how much it is easy to fuck regular girls (no pros).

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    Cancun Updates...

    I Might there in late feburary with a friend of mine From Shitcago But WE Want To Do The Local Mongering way,, Is there Any info or updates on the sleazy places in Centro??? Are There Sleazy SWS IN Centro too??? Where Is THE Cheapest Hotels these Days to stay at??? I would say Centro area or near the Bus Station not far from Centro??? Also ANY Good Watering Holes To Drink or pick up local girls in the centro area??? Also IF I must Monger in the tourist zone wheres the cheap promotion areas??? I think a place Called Coco Bongos has Cheap Sunday Ladies Night,, Can Anyone post on that info too??? I am Not too Crazy about Cancun just will be there like two nights then try to take a plane down to San Jose Costa Rica...
    Now on To Getting out of Of Cancun to either San Jose OR Managua whats The cheapest planes and prices to take down to get down there or should Me And MY Friend Bus it TO Belize then Ferry to Honduras then Bus IT TO Nicarauaga then on To Costa too??? That info I Need too..
    OK Back TO The Cancun area YEH Can someone finally post here IN the Nibu IN East Coast section????? Its Been A Very Very long time here,, I think foxes Hunter was the last to post here,, Come on post Tell ME updates,, ME and MY Friend Need to know for late feburary,,, NIBU....

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    Bussing It Down The Coast....

    ANY UPDATES ON Bussing it all The WAY Down THE Coast Until like THE border of Guatemala OR Belize??????? I would also like to know Any Updates ON Villerhermosa And other parts of Tabasco??? I Heard Man THAT Tabasco is finally coming out of the ashes of that big flood,, OK so Thats Great info,, If Anyone can update Me on this That would BE Great,,, NIBU.....

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    EAST Coast Update....

    OK Nibs Here always trying to find out about THE Mongering Scene in Latin Places And Beyond too.. I almost Had a Set Plan on going TO Veracruz For Carnival first kicking it off in The USA Thru Amtrak Going to Vegas LA And Thru The Border down to Way Inland Mexico and being in Veracruz Carnival for early Feburary I Was going to buy my ticket sunday But oh Well again Last Chance Bullshit things on financial and family set back this again,, NO Harm as I will Rebuild MY trip And Keep on saving up money,,, I still Will Try to Make thru Veracruz As I know a Busty Almost Morena Type IN Veracruz From AFF,, I just would want New Updates Here on The East Coast Scene,, Yeh updates ON Veracruz,Tampico,Poza Rica,Xalapa,Minititlan,Coatzacaolcos,Villerhermosa And Down south OK Man Nibs Is Still coming up with a Plan,, Guys Post New info Please,,,NIBU.....

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    New Updates???

    HEY Guys Might ON MY Next Trip come on thru Like Villerhermosa,Minititlan,Coatzacoalcos And Other Places Farther South Thru Too The Yucatan And Tabasco Probably Chiapas too.. I would Love some new updates on Whats up In These Areas???? YES Too New Updates ON Tuxtla Guttierez And San Cristobal LA CASAS Too.. Also info ON Tapachula and the Border Area of Guatemala And Belize too??? Any info There ON Chetumal??? Come on Guys I know there is info on these places,, How Come NO one Can Post this INFO???????

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    WELL YEH Foxes Hunter its Two Months Later Here Not Sure What I can Say ON Chiapas But I do know its The Cheapest State TO Monger IN.. I know even in The Two Biggest Cities Its Really NO Problem To Find a Dump Hotel OR Dorm Room Hostel for 5 Bucks a Night.. I am Sure in The Villages 4 Dollars More or less But Maybe Careful to Go IN To That Territory Cause of EZLN.. Also If in That Area Say You Hate Bush and Love Cheney.. I wish I could Help You more on this,,, I hope Man This Helps out a little,, Maybe someone else can post here too AS I Have Never Been to Chiapas And Am a Bit Dumbfounded on this.. Probably Most or All Of the Girls To BE Had IN Chiapas Are Of the Indian Type So Yeh Man You would BE Fucking Those Cholita Spinners Damn Hard.. Also Before You Make it here try hooking up with one of them maybe on and,, Hope This Helps a Little BIT,,, NIBU.....

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    No One Can Tell Me On This???

    Quote Originally Posted by Nibu Raphael
    I Asked This in THE Nibu IN Gautemala Section.. Does anyone know??? UMMM If So What Buses would one take like vfrom Tuxtla Guttierez or San Cristobal Las Casas???? What About The Hoteles here??? How Bad or not bad is Mongering in Far Southern Chiapas??? OK If people can Respond cool,,NIBU.

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    Ron Paul On Leno Tonight...

    YES People Check it out Tonight on JAY LENO,, WE MUST SAVE THE DOLLAR,,, I DO NOT WANT TO Monger on THE AMERO Dollar in the future,,,,NIBU...

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    El Tri Anti Fox Concierto....

    YEH MAN YOU People SEE That Concert That Alex Lora Dedicated to Against Fox... YEH Lots OF People Pissed AT Fox People From THE USSA SEX Prison Hate Him And so Do People From Mexico.. I Had THE Book Revolution of Shit at MY Local Library But I Returned It,,, Had NO Time WAS too Busy Reading THE Hugo Chavez Book by Bart Jones,, YEH Fuck Fox And Bush,,, NIBU...

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    Revolution Of Shit Fuck Yeh...

    I just posted this too in THE Nibu IN Northern Mexico section as a rebuttal to Unsponge Bob... Yeh Man EX Presidente Drug Dealer Coca Cola man Now wants THE dollar to collapse and have THE US Fall,,, Fox YOU Racist Asshole Piece of Shit Fuck You,,, Say Never To YOU Piece of Shit,, With All MY Hate,,,NIBS,,,,

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    Larry Where Are You Now???

    MAN Damn YOU Were LOW ON THIS.. This Was Wrong.. I will Hate You Forever on this,, YEH Your a Baby Dude Again Thanks a lot...
    Quote Originally Posted by Gringo Loco #2
    Greetings Mexico Forum members.

    Who is Nibu Raphael? If you are curious, please see the Peru Forum and view the Nibu Raphael Thread. You will see just how dangerous this guy is and how he is using thieves to rob Forum members such as John from Holland and Larry DC.

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    Fox Book Tour My Asshole..

    THIS Guy Is Trying to Ruin tHE Dollar for US And Bush Let This Happen.. Soon THE Peso will BE Stronger then the dollar,,,,

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    AMERO COMING Soon...

    GUYS Have You Seen All THE Bullshit on THE TV Shows About Vicente Fox Promoting THE Nafta AND Upcoming AmeroDollar??? That Piece Of Shit Is Making THE AmeroDollar in to reality Man.. The Fucker Bush Is Letting this Happen MAN... YEH Man ON THE Daly Show Fox Had Shit To Say on Chavez,Morales And Correa.. Fuck Fox He is a Jagoff.. Its a shame Mexicans Voted for him Before Fox THE Monopoly MAN.. Yeh Man And Calderon is a Piece of Shit too.. This Just Sucks Whats Going on IN North America.. Now Costa Rica just got added in to CAFTA.. MAN I Hope I do Not SEE More OF Foxs Propaganda Hate,,NIBU...

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    Change Of Plans Again...

    HI GUYS not sure if I will Kick Off MY Trip TO Central America by starting off in Southern Mexico.. I have found much cheaper tickets now going to Costa Rica With Layovers in El Salvador or Guatemala City.. Yeh The First one SAN Salvador.. SO MAN Cheap Tickets like 250 bucks all included.. TO Cozumel or Cancun R.T. From Chicago All I can find somehow now is like prices of almost near 500 Bucks.. I keep you all updated on future changes,,,NIBU...

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