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    Wingman wanted for October or November 24 two week trip

    Looking to find someone to travel to Pattaya with and plan out a well-designed trip with….. for this October or November. I can be flexible on my end. We do our own thing, share stories, maybe even share the girls, possibly travel over together, and hang out once in a while, sharing some “war” stories. I'm
    Easy going, age 50, fit, active, love Thai women. I live on the East Coast and travel about the states weekly on business. Maybe we could arrange to fly over together. Rent a limo straight into Pattaya and start the fun. Typical day for me would be to start with a massage, some good food, relax by the pool, and chase around the ladies late into the evening, early morning, sleeping in… bringing one back to my room or maybe two or three. If you have similar interests as me a need for a solid wingman, hit me up, let's plan it out.

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    Pattaya Feb25- March1

    Will be in town for these days. Centrally located near the Hilton. If anyone wants to tag along.

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    Pattaya first week of April

    Hey all,

    experienced monger in Morocco Europe and Colombia, first time in Thailand. Would love to meet others. Staying at LK empress March 29 till April 10.

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    BKK and Pattaya next week

    Hi everyone,

    Will be in BKK from 12th to 14th and then 20th to 23rd of this month.

    In Pattaya, from 14th to 20th.

    I am 35 years old, from India! And wouldn't mind grabbing a beer with someone.

    Mostly looking to find freelancers and MPs.


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    Bkk conops

    Heading to Bangkok from May 20th to June 10th to see if ID possibly like to make the move permanently once I retire in 2026. ID love to meet up with other expats / military retirees to discuss your experience.

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    I will bin BKK from 23rd to the 28th of January. I am mid forties, German and outgoing. It would be great to meet for a beer and / or mutual mongering.

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    Bkk & Pattaya in December

    Pattaya. Dec 23-25.

    Bangkok. Dec 25-27.

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    I will be in Thailand in January.

    Don't have the exact date yet.

    I will be staying in Bangkok for 1 night and 6 nights in Pattaya.

    I am Dutch, 34 and fit.

    Anyone want to meet up?

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    Visitng BKK and Pataya

    Hey Everyone, First time in Thailand, the forum is hotttt. I wish I would have read more about this forum. I've been to FKKs (were my favorite, but post pandemic it's different), Tijuana, Colombia, Panama and Brazil (my favorite). I think I'm going to love Thailand. I'm in my late 30's, in shape, and love women. Anyone want to meet up this is my schedule.

    Bangkok Dec 8-13, staying at the ParkRoyal, one of the suites has a mirror infront of the bed.

    Pattaya Dec 14-17 maybe 18.

    Bangkok Dec 17/18 to the 24th.

    I'm looking to do it all and I'll have mostly no obligations during this trip.

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    Bkk - 28 thru 31 Oct; Pattaya 31 Oct thru 4 Nov

    Boots on the ground in BKK now.

    Would love to explore the city and be a wingman.

    DM is open.

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    BKK Nov. 03 to 08

    I am in BKK on above dayes.

    Stay in the Sima Kempinski and I am looking for a wingman.

    PM me if there is interest in exploring the highlites.

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    BKK Nov 13


    I'll be in BKK just for 1 night and am looking for a wingman.

    Was even considering heading to The Pimp.

    Please DM if you will be around and want to have a couple of drinks.


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    Bangkok Nov 20-22

    Arriving in Bangkok November 20,2022.

    Although it has only been a year, looking forward to seeing Bangkok again. Love the energy of Bangkok!

    Plan to return to Sakura-Akasuri for a sea-salt body scrub. Then to Madame Claude.

    Then on to the Crimson Room and / or The Saxophone Club.

    Have 60-day tourist visa, and plan to extend another 30 days.

    Will be spending most of my time in Chiang Mai.

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    Bangkok and Pattaya September 16 - 25 for now

    Hey all,

    Bangkok 16 - 23, Pattaya 23 - 25 in September for now. Might extend my time. Also will be back in November for the entire month, will post again then. Feel free to DM if you want to meet up.

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    Bangkok & Pattaya in November

    A friend and I arrive in Bangkok on the night of November 16/17 until November 20 when we depart for Pattaya until the evening of November 26.

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