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    Pre-visit contacts

    I have over the last couple of days enjoyed reading Hardknocks reports and, for a first time visitor to Thailand soon found them educational.

    "Man, I activated my tinder and thai friendly account a month before arriving, and had all these freelancer contacts set up. Guess how many I saw guys? F'in 0! The concept was there, but shit there were just too many options. ".

    This being the most relevant to me. My trip is in 2 weeks and like the quote above I have started to make some freelance contacts. I'm thinking of changing tact and to enjoy the hunt and save my contacts when things look a bit desperate. I do have a bi-sexual couple organised for a threesome and that will be possibly the only contact I will keep.

    Thanks again Hardknocks.


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    Closing thoughts I. E. More rambling

    All, thanks for the kind words! I wasn't sure how much substance my reports really offered as I didn't get into prices that much and wasn't sure what value all my "rambling" would truly offer. Reading back over them, I did leave some minor things out like I went back into Bliss after the shocker from Nam to see Dao, but she had a customer. She still came over for a drink and I could sense her customer staring so I went in for one last obnoxious make out session, haha. The cutie from earlier was also no where to be found, but I am not sure I would've taken her there as I wouldn't want to make Dao look bad. The soi 6 girl charged 2000 the first two nights and the last night didn't ask for anything. Just one of those "up to you" I hate when they say that LOL. I gave her 1000.

    I really should be saying thank you to all of you who consistently contribute throughout the year; reading your posts helped keep me focused on doing better this go round! During my first visit in March, I had 2 girls in Phuket over 3 days, 3 in Pattaya, and 0 in Bangkok as I fell in love with the beer bar girl Patty and brought her with me to BKK. Fun, but limited the trip. In one of my reports I actually said "I think I'm falling for this girl" LOL! A couple members straight up called me out (thank you BkkDog, MR E and BB) for not thinking rationally.

    The only rule I broke this go round was that I said I wouldn't repeat with any girls, and I did twice; Once in Bangkok due to there literally being nothing NYE and the soi 6 girl who loved sex and would do anything over the course of the night a steal when most providers consider long time 2 pops. Nam would've been 3, but I guess that one wasn't meant to be. Well ok I lied, I did break another cardinal rule and will be on edge for the next few weeks- I went bareback with a Bangkok bargirl, the soi 6 girl all 3 LTs, and a LT session with a girl in HCMC. God it felt so good. Please please let me come out of this unscathed and I will wear condoms! . until it just inadvertently happens during that next GFE. Fml.

    Man, I activated my tinder and thai friendly account a month before arriving, and had all these freelancer contacts set up. Guess how many I saw guys? F'in 0! The concept was there, but shit there were just too many options. Something for everyone in the land of smiles! My buddy loved Kinnaree, I am a fan of Soi 6, we BOTH loved Walking Street haha. I talked with a couple veterans who had been there more than a dozen times and one loved the beer bars (the fact that they are behind the bar just seems limiting, there can be a gem every now and then like Joy and Patty inside Simon), and others were all about the freelancers. We did do one lap through Lucifer one night but it was so damn loud in there, I questioned my ability to build any rapport or even negotiate prices. Myself being a binge drinking idiot, I also do not need to be buying full bottles of liquor as it never ends well! In the end, we decided that buying a 5 dollar lady drink in exchange for a lapdance, inspection of the goods, and establishing rapport is the best policy. I mean shit! In north America a lapdance is $20 and you MIGHT be able to touch. But even then you are stuck with blue balls as it's incredibly hard to pull them.

    Oh the Pattaya / Thailand withdrawals are real! Fortunately, I took some good videos to perk me up, but they only go so far. Got a handful of line ids but you guys know how those conversations go- there's only so many "I miss you!" and "How are you" before you're over it. I didn't really talk money but I just looked at my spends. To be expected, fun had a direct relationship with spending. My budgeted spend per day was $200, it worked the first 2 days, but then doubled on my last planned day there as I wanted to do as much as possible. The impulse "hot route" return came in $700. Veterans can shake their heads here, I know it was reckless buying all the drinks and whatnot, but I guess we just like to have fun. Wherever you are in the world when you are having fun the girls can sense it and will want in. IMHO. Honestly, I am a pretty frugal person at home, but my buddy and I were talking and shit who knows the next time we will be here, healthy, and ready to go! It really is only money and you can't take it with you. Thinking of that 15 HR flight makes me want to throw up! I used to fancy providers in the US but we are talking 3-500 dollars per hour! Now I just fight the urge, think about how far that 9-16,000 baht can go in Pattaya, and jerk off / bone my girlfriend (I have issues I know LOL). I don't know how it was in Patts 10-20 years ago, but I've mongered in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Amsterdam, USA, Canada, Spain, Mexico, and Vietnam, and all I know is that Pattaya is my best available option NOW!

    TL; DR.

    My buddy and I are talking about coming back in September. I said it is one of the rainier months, and he said "what do we do in Pattaya when its sunny out?" I said "bone bargirls ", he said "what do we do in Pattaya when it's raining?" . Ahh the student has become the teacher. The quote of the trip was when we were sitting in Skyfall with topless girls grinding on us after we bought them a lady drink and he said "mutherf'er why didn't you prep me for this? I guess I just didn't want to tell him too much as it's best to experience everything yourself without anyone's preconceived notions. He did thank me for pushing the individual rooms. LOL. I met a cool at $$ canadian fellow in Skyfall while I was waiting for the girl to get ready my last night and we ripped some shots. He spoke very highly of Phnom Penh and said he was doing 10 days there after 6 in Pattaya. I may try and add this to the itinerary this fall.

    I think my game plan would be as follows:

    -Kinnaree at 2 pm to get a place on the couch and pounce on a worthy candidate.

    -Soi 6 from 5-7 to find another worthy candidate, Simon Beer complex to search out hidden gem at 8:30/ tequillas with mamasan.

    -Walking street at 9, NLT 10 (we were heading out at midnight and that was an oversight on our part, we could've already had a short time with a stunner by then!

    -Get a short time in, then back out to walking street to search out another ST / LT candidate while having Soi 6 / Kinnaree girls as backup options (key word backup haha).

    That's all I got fellas, hopefully next time I can meet up with some of the "brotherhood"! More the merrier imo! . My buddy and I were just talking about how hard it would be to describe Pattaya to people back in America. My buddy said "it is the end of the world", I call it "heaven".

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyPaw  [View Original Post]
    I'm sure you can find better looking talent on Soi 6 or LK Metro for cheaper and more value.
    That girl is much better than anything I saw on soi 6 in October.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EihTooms  [View Original Post]
    However, anything starting as late as 3 AM would not be a real "Long Time" as far as I am concerned anyway.
    The girl that I had stayed from 3 am to 1 pm. If 10 hours is not a real Long Time, then how many hours would you say is?

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    You are the man. I love your reports and you have me hanging for my 5 days in Patts and 2 in BKK in just over 2 weeks. I hope I have half as much fun as you guys.

    Thanks again man and its a shame I wasn't on the ground with you.


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    Here now!

    Hey guys. I'm here alone,3rd time in Pattaya. Having a great time so far. Any want to share some stories over some drinks. I'm 40 Hispanic form USA. Super chillin. Gets along with everyone. Just want to talk a break from all these LT sessions. LOL. Maybe check out other bars. Hit me up on line.


    Or PM me.

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    Kudos to you guys Hardknock

    As someone who is in Pattaya now, I've got to tell you that you guys have done super great! Hats off to you guys.

    I think the girls seem to truly like you! You've obviously got some game! Cheers and all the best!

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    Hardknock, I finished reading your trip reports a few minutes ago. They indicate a certain style and oeuvre while doing BKK & Pat with your buddy. I also like your taste in girls. Glad you had a good time. I know your reports are just the tip of the iceberg, but they are definitely ROD material. Welcome to the ISG. So, where else have you knocked about?

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    Hardknock, thank you so much for all your Bangkok and Pattaya reviews. Nice to read things that aren't about the 'good old days' 20 years ago.

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    Pattaya unexpected audible return visit 1/7

    Man it sure feels good to be back! Checked into Grand Hotel and took a motorbike taxi to Kinnaree. Half the girls were ones that I had not seen before. I was actually interested in the one my buddy had last time (Thai?) as her body and face were ridiculous. My buddy found another one that was pretty solid, and ended up giving him the blowjob of his life! I was impressed with the patience and control that I was exercising at this point, when I saw a girl walk up to the bar that caught my eye. She smiled when walking by and I looked over in her direction. There is a friendly older provider here- Veeva? That is very nice and asked if I liked anyone. I motioned towards her, and Koy was her name. She said she would come over after she was done with her customer. 10 minutes later she came and I got her a drink. IT was now about 5 and she broke the news that she could not go with me as there is a 30 min wait on the rooms and she has to be at work in LK Metro at 6. Dangit! I asked my buddy if I could just take his room, and he said no problem, but the girls said we cannot as it was already charged to him. Then Koy said why don't I pay the barfine and she can come to my hotel. She said she has a motorbike, so she can just give me a ride back. Money! Paid the tab and off we went. I must say it is fun riding on the back of a scooter with a pretty thai lady. Back to the room and I was just going through the motions at this point, her tits weren't as big as I thought (pictured) I think my problem is that I just enjoy the chase. You know JFK said the chase is always better than the kill? I tend to agree. Pounded away doggie style and shot it all over her at $$.

    Now check this out. I walk out to smoke a cigarette and see this incredibly attractive girl pull up on her motorbike and park it outside the hotel. I'm thinking she must work at one of these gogos and I am going to find out which one. She turns the corner towards walking street, looks over her shoulder and sees me, DOH I've been made already, well there goes my career as a spy, haha. I just walk straight and grab some San Mig Lights from 711, when my buddy shows up out of no where. I tell him I found my stunner, and he seems interested in trying to find her. We walk towards that direction and at this point, I am thinking she is lost. All of a sudden I see her walk out of the 7/11 further down the walking street and into Bliss. OK I will see you latah!

    Taking the lessons learned from before we decide to hit the gogos around 930 this go round. We are ready around 9 so we go pay a surprise visit to mamasan in that simon beer bar. Only this time I notice a girl who I've seen in pictures with the girl I fell for last year. We introduce ourselves and her name was Joy, nice body and quite a beauty. We rip some shots of tequila and I ask her if shed be interested in long time wit my friend. She says yes. We head to Baccara, nothing doing, and move onto Happy agogo. My buddy spots a hot chick with some old Chinese man. I make eye contact with her and give her the drink motion and she nods. Not sure if she is coming over or not, she does leave them after 10 minutes or so. The dirty looks we got from the Chinese were priceless! She is a true beauty and my buddy said he will barfine her. I told him I'm going to Bliss and I'll meet him at the hotel after these short time sessions. I be-line it to Bliss, and see her on stage right when I walk in. She smiles and I ask her if I can buy her a drink, she says when she is finished dancing, her name is Dao (pictured). Another cutie in the place was smiling at me, and I honestly would have taken her if my heart wasn't already set on Dao. Well I did buy her a drink while waiting but told her I was going with Dao. I said maybe ill come back for her later and she perked up. Dao came over and man what a beauty. She had the makeup caked on, and I think I liked her more when I saw her earlier without it. 3000ST + 1000 Barfine, done, we go back for one of the more memorable sessions. Just when we got into the room, my buddy was coming back and I tell him he has to come see this girl, he is amazed. His girl was pretty sexy to, as she closes the door I say "I know you'll be thinking about that old Chinese guy" and she laughs. Now Dao and I get busy. Passionate kisses followed by a sensual blowjob, I am digging her vibe. Unrushed, just the way I like it. I am really feeling this girl. Rather than just straight bone, I can say we did a little love making. The rest is a blur, and I think my only regret from this night was not taking her long time!

    From here, I have missed calls from Nam, Oh yeah I told her that I would come see her at Whats Up at open,. Whoops! We head there and man she is looking as stunning as ever. I tell her that my buddy wants to do some more partying, but I will pay her barfine and come back for her. Was this not a good move? She said it was ok and I figured I was just reserving her for myself, no? We head to Skyfall, and my buddy still tries for that pornstar looking one, offering 12,000 short time. She says she will go but just to hang out, get the f out of here! I do see the girl that was dancing on me from day 2 though. She sits with me and asks why I never came back for her.

    We head back to Simon and rip more tequila. My buddy said he is just going to barfine Joy LT, I said you can't go wrong. I leave and say I'm going to get Nam and bring her here. Back at Whats Up she sees me and changes. I see the one with the glasses who told me I am too big and just offer outlandish numbers at her to see if she'the budge but there is nothing shed take to go with me LOL. I see Nam poke her head out an motion for me to come back. I do, and she gives me money back. WTF? She says she is on her period and that she's sorry. Damnit! Well there was no reasoning with her, I took that 4000 and walked to Skyfall and gave it to the girl from before. She seemed surprised, but happy and off we went. I think she was put off when we got back to the room as she saw the used shower cap and started calling me a butterfly. Oh well. She had great tits, meh behind. Probably the most painful BJ I've ever had. Like over the top sucking. Bruises on the shaft the next day fellas, not good. Anyway, this was the only girl that I could not finish with. She seemed distraught about it and said she would give me my money back. I said its not necessary, I've just had a lot to drink and also hate condoms. We went at it again, but it was obvious I was not blowing. She acted like she wanted to stay, but I had already made arrangements for my soi 6 girl to come by, so I had to shoe her out. She gave me my money back and walked out. I caught up to her, gave her half and said good night.

    At this point it is 4 am and I told soi 6 girl 3 am. Whoops. I call her and she said she will come. In the meantime my buddy pulls up on a motorbike taxi with Joy and says they had to go get her Dog. LOL! I am like, man it looks like you've been on some boondoggles. No worries though as she took good care of him thereafter! My girl finally pulled up and we got a quick bb session in and passed out. I woke up around 10 am and banged her out 4 or 5 times until late checkout at 1 pm.

    OK, now I feel that I've achieved my full potential. Until next time Patts. I'm out fellow mongerers!

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    Gogo time

    Last week I went to check out some of the gogos since it had been awhile. I usually only go to a few gogos when a friend is in town. We go to see something new, drink a few beers, fondle the girls, buy them some drinks, and then move it over to the clubs. I liked one of the girls and had good vibes from her. I already knew the barfine was high and I'm not a barfine guy anyway. I told here where we were going and suggested that we can meet up later (if she didn't have a man). She gave me her number / line ID and off we go. A few hours later after 2 am, I sent her a text to see if she was still ok with coming to my room. She texted me back and was getting off soon. Then she hit me up for 3,000 her st price. I countered with 1,000 for ST. She said ok. I told my friend I was leaving and jumped on my bike to go back to my condo to meet her. She showed right after me, still in a great mood, and everything was fine. Had a sweet session and then she hit the showers. I put a 1,000 baht bill next to her purse and I went to shower. I came out and she was in bed waiting. I turned on the tv thinking she was leaving soon anyway. She snuggled up and we both fell asleep. I woke up a few hours later and started round 2. Same great attitude. We got done and she went to shower and got dressed to leave. I gave her an extra 200 baht for taxi. I figure she had to take a taxi to come to me and go home. Plus she was great, so why not. I know, I don't want to start a trend or anything with paying her taxi but at the same time, I'm thinking of a repeat visit. Had she stayed a little later, I would have given her a ride home but I wanted to sleep more.

    I need to get out more often and rebuild my numbers.
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    Pattaya Day 3: 12/29.

    Checked out of the Stay and into Grand for our last planned night in Pattaya. I highly recommend this hotel for its proximity to Walking Street, it cannot be beat!

    We checked in around 3:30 then took a motor taxi to Kinnaree. Nan came over and asked for a drink, but I called her out for not replying to my message on Line. She gave me some nonsense about how she didn't have wifi, ok. Well your loss. Had 2 drinks before we would call anyone over to make sure our eyes were 100% adjusted, then started making moves. My buddies girls from yesterday came by and talked with him for a little while. The first girl I had also came by and said Hello, and playfully joked if I was going to have 2 girls today, I said we will see what happens, maybe 3 haha. 2 stood out that happened to both be with customers: Lisa and Thai?. We decided to wait for them as they had amazing bodies. When the girls were finished with their customers they came over. We were both satisfied with our choices and had them book rooms. Man did Lisa have a great ass (pictured). When those clothes came off I could not believe the body! I knew this was going to be fun. As I was admiring her body, she playfully asked if I was going to fuc* her or just stare. So we got busy. The sight of that ass in doggie will forever be in my spank bank. Great session! I got her line and we went out to wait for my buddy. I asked what she was doing and she said probably working out at the gym. I said we should all grab some dinner, and she said ok but we just couldn't leave together so she'the pick me up on the corner down the street. My buddy came out and I told him the plan, and he ran it by his lady, but she said she had plans. Darn that would've been money. Oh well off to dinner we went. Lisa drove like a maniac and my adrenaline junkie self was loving it. IT was pretty hilarious- the taxi driver my buddy was with could not keep up and they ended up losing us half way haha.

    After dinner we parted ways and walked to the hotel. Showered and headed out. My buddy was obsessed with that Skyfall girl so we went there first. The one entertaining me from yesterday was not there and nothing else really caught my eye so I told my buddy that I was going to go see what else was out there as he said he was going to barfine this one (again we did not realize she was a coyote). I headed for Whatsupp and locked eyes on one. Her name was Nam and what a beauty (2nd picture below). She said 3000 short time plus 1000 barfine and was standing pat with the blowjob with condom only. She said she would not be hurt if I chose someone else. I did a quick survey of the room and decided that she was Mel Kiper's best available. My buddy hit me up with the news that his goddess could not be barfined and met me at Whatsupp. I could tell he was jealous I had Nam haha. I told him to his some other agogos and I'the meet him when I was finished. Back to the room, I had instant rapport with Nam, she was a real sweetheart, and kept calling bullshit on all of my lines I was feeding her. The truth is that just looking at her made me hard, so I figured I wouldn't even need a blowjob. Clothes came off and what a body! I cannot even describe in words as at this point I was in a state of euphoria. Damn condoms taking away the feeling. Is it ridiculous that as I was nailing her doggie I was imagining barebacking my soi 6 girl later on? LOL. Standard procedure I got her Line ID and asked what she was doing later. She sounded like she had plans but said she could see me tomorrow. We walked outside and there was my buddy smoking a cigarette. I told her I loved her and she gave me another one of her cute "bullshit"s and we headed to some other agogos. Not much happening at Dollhouse and Windmill, we stopped back into Simon (I forget the bar but it is the first to last in the back right corner) to see my favorite mamasan. Bought her a tequila and told her I was leaving tomorrow so she in turn returned the tequila. 3 shots later, I could tell my buddy was still bummed by the Skyfall girl. I don't blame him, she was a true stunner, what a tease! He said nothing could compare and said he had a girl he met in Ruby Bar when I was upstairs is coming within the half hour. I decided to hit up my soi 6 girl for another fun night of banging. She said she would be there in an hour. OK I decided to stop back by Simon to see if anything caught my eye nope, but did rip a couple more shots of tequila with mamasan. She offered up a young thing that looked fresh, but I passed. I decided to close down whatsup and bought a drink for one of the other girls that caught my eye earlier. She is a pretty little thing with glasses, you can't miss her. She said I was too big though. Yeah right, I am below average in the US! Haha. Closed down the bar and as I was walking to Grand my soi 6 girl was pulling up on her motorbike taxi. Talk about impeccable timing! Thinking that was my last night with her, my body was ready for one of those sex marathons 7 fucks later and it was time to check out. Off to Bangkok we go. I got to say I feel I could've done better during my stay here.
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    Pattaya Day 2: 12/28.

    Woke up and grabbed lunch at Hooters, man there were some serious stunners there! You guys think they are ex bar girls with sponsors now?

    I did not get a chance to hit Kinnaree during my first visit here, so that was high on my list as well. We headed down via Baht Bus, got off at Phra Tamnak, and walked the rest of the way. Ok it was a little farther of a walk than I thought haha. Got in and was surprised how dark it was inside. We got a spot on the couch (best seat in the house IMO) and had some beers while our eyes adjusted. I made a classic rookie mistake and let the first girl who asked to sit sit down next to me. Nice body, ok face, was into me exciting my Johnson pretty quickly. Continued to survey the room and all that caught my eye was a girl with blonde hair in a tight red dress that was with a customer. Well back to my girl, started making out and gave the body a feel. Ok ass, minimal stomach fat (my pet. peeve) and the assurance that she will make me happy. OK we will see about that. Booked the room and 10 minutes later off we went. In the light her face showed some acne but outside of that my assessment was not far off. Showered together and then got busy. I cannot recall much about this encounter, but I do remember she put in a lot of effort, particularly in the blowjob and riding me. This however was all overshadowed by the fact that when I was finishing doggie I noticed she was super wet and then looked down to see a bloody condom. Goddamn, put it out of my mind so I could finish and then showered. Paid up, thanked her, and didn't wait up. Went back to my place on the couch and who is standing alone behind me but the girl in the red dress. Drink? Ok. Her name was Nan, and I got hard the moment she sat down. Did some light kissing, and she reached down to my crotch and seemed to be turned on that I was that erect for her. "room?" she asks. Yes go book it. My buddy told me he was going to get a threesome so I knew I had some time. As she got up and walked away, I saw the first girl I went with give me a sad puppy face. I bought her a drink as a peace offering and told her I'm a butterfly. She gave a smile and seemed to understand. Off to the bedroom with Nan, and she was the full package, showered up and onto the bed for a great blowjob. She asked if I wanted the rubber, and I said no I was enjoying this too much. 5 minutes more and I couldn't wait to enter! On the okamoto. 02 went and she went at it with some memorable reverse cowgirl. Loving the view and impressed by her sexual stamina, I enjoyed the show. Turned her around so I could suck on those titties and she rode away. Sensing she was starting to tire, I pushed her back for some missionary. Then had her get on her knees and pounded away doggie, Tugged her arm to get into position and erupted on her tits and her face as she stared me down. Loved it. Asked what she was doing later and she said she'the be at I-Bar. Got her Line and said I'd see her later. No man, do not do this to yourself, there are a plethora of options in Patts!

    My buddy seemed happy with his 3 some and said that it was well worth it for the BJ portion, and to be able to pound one doggy while the other sucked on his balls. He said the cumshot was also amazing to. Hmm maybe I'll have to partake.

    We moved on to Heaven around 5, and what a waste of time that was. There were 2 girls there and we walked out. Took a Motor taxi (so much quicker! Well worth the extra 2-3 bucks haha) back to the hotel and showered up. Headed north thinking I might partake in a soapy. Stopped into both Sabai Dee and Honey Body 2 and man were there some stunners in there. Keeping in mind the mechanical session (s) I had during my last visit, and the fact that you can't really establish any rapport with these girls beforehand, we opted to take off to Soi 6. We walked down just to before Red Point and turned around (not trying to get roped in by the girls from yesterday). My buddy said he wasn't ready for another round so would just follow my lead. I had my eye on one of the stewardesses dressed in blue, but then saw a nice spinner at the bar next door called Ruby Bar. Bought her a drink, and ended up liking her a lot. Got a room and pounded her out. Got her line and asked what she was doing later, she said long time 2000 because she likes me. I did make her cum, so maybe that's partly true haha. We took off for Walking Street.

    The moment we got there around midnight, we were both thinking why the f did we waste our time at LK Metro? Went into Skyfall and each spotted some hotties. I liked my buddies girl I am sure you have all seen her. She looks like a pornstar and will give one hell of a lap dance, but will not leave with customers. I met a fellow from Canada my last night there that said he was taken for 5 drinks from her as well. Such a shame. Or maybe she is just super selective? Either way, one hell of a body! Still had Nan in my head so I sent her a message on Line but no reply, probably for the better. We took off and I had to stop in to see my favorite Mamasan at one of those beer bars in Simon. Yes part of me wanted to see the girl I fell for last time, but she was on holiday. Probably a blessing as I probably would've barfined her. Did some shots of tequila and said we be back later / tomorrow. On to Baccara for some beers, but nothing really stood out. My buddy said he was tired so I said ok, we can go hard tomorrow. Back to the hotel and I hit up my Soi 6 girl. She came by at 3 am and we proceeded to bang all night bareback. Oh why do you do this? So reckless, but damn did it feel good. Woke up just before checkout and got another session in. Gave her 3000 and headed for a cooking class at 1 (got to look busy so I have something to tell the girlfriend / fam back home that I did haha).

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    Pattaya Day 1: 12/27.

    Intro: OK- stoked for my triumphant return to Patts. My first time, I got a serious case of oneitis, and although the girl was great, I seriously limited myself. Not this time! We will be here for 3 nights.

    Checked into The Stay a little past 10 and headed straight to Soi 6. Oh how I've missed you 10 baht buses. Walked down to Beach Road and back, a couple at Red Point stood out from the pack so in we went for drinks. My buddy and I bought the 2 drinks; the one with him was much more playful and outgoing, I would've taken her in a heartbeat. Mine seemed disinterested and did not speak much English so I moved on after the drink. Bought a drink for another cutie that seemed ok, but she was not ok with CIM or rimming, I said no thanks. At this point my buddies girl and the mamasan were playfully calling me a butterfly, and I chuckled (I am what I am! Ha!) Scanned the room and found one that had a tall slender body and passable face, bought her a drink, negotiated terms and off we went. Aside from the picture I have of us in the room, nothing else really comes to mind. I needed a release and she served the purpose.

    As I never got to hit LK Metro my first time here I figured we could ease ourselves into the agogos and go here our first night since it was close to our hotel anyway. We had beers and watched the rotations at Ninja, Paradise, Touch, and a few others. I honestly did not see anything that truly excited me, but bought a drink for a girl with large natural hooters at some agogo around closing time. She said she would come to my hotel after she got off. Yeah right haha. Not the opening night I was hoping for, I will have to hit the ground running tomorrow!

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    ET, I agree not worth waiting if barfine only 800 baht but, unlike BKK, greedy gogo bars are charging 2000 barfines here. My favorite thing is when girls get barfined by a Korean or Japanese guy, Lines me before she leaves the bar to tell me she will be over to hang out in about an hour. No barfine, no 5000 baht bill. Just feed her and make her happy.
    Ouch. Yeah, in the case of a mid-evening meet up, your scenario is a clear winner. Of course, there are go-go bars in Bangkok where the barfine for many (Coyote type) girls is 2,000-3,000 baht. But to be honest with you, unless the girl was gorgeous and as fully accommodating as one of my real GFs, I probably still wouldn't wait until after 3 AM to shag her on those terms in order to save the 2,000 baht and the cost of a couple of Lady Drinks. LOL. As an expat living here, that is.

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