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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristianG  [View Original Post]
    WTF, this fucking shitty Sizzler salad bar made me sick twice back in 2009 and 2010. The first time I wasn't sure, but the second time I put the restaurant on my blck list. Take care.
    LOL. Now that I think about it. When my mom and aunts came out to Thailand in 2012, my mom was scared to eat anything so they would eat at the Royal Garden Sizzler everyday. One of my aunts got sick for a few days as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mogwai  [View Original Post]
    It's better to let the diarrhea do its job to get rid of the virus or bacteria.
    That all depends. Sometimes you need something to go in and kill all the bad bacteria. In 2005 or 2006 I got travellers diarrhea after being down in Brazil. I did not know what it was at the time. I was going to the toilet about 18 times per day. I lost more than 30 pounds and my ass was so raw from all the wiping that all I could do was dab.

    After about 6 weeks I finally went to the doctor and she knew right off what the problem was. She told me to go to CVS pharmacy and get lactobacillus, a probiotic that you take with dairy which could be bought over the counter. That shit (pun intended) cleared up in 1 day. These days I keep probiotic capsules in my toiletry kit for such cases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLHawk  [View Original Post]
    On this, my ninth trip to the LOS, I have finally succumbed to the Hershey Squirts, apparently from the Sizzler Salad bar..
    WTF, this fucking shitty Sizzler salad bar made me sick twice back in 2009 and 2010. The first time I wasn't sure, but the second time I put the restaurant on my blck list. Take care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blakman  [View Original Post]
    ...........Girl #4 Thai girl 808 club. 12 HR 2000 arrangement. Very good. She walked out of the condo without collecting any money cause I couldn't nut. I was in shock and disbelief. Chalk that up as free pussy.............
    You sound proud of yourself. She worked her ass off for no pay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLHawk  [View Original Post]
    He gave me no anti-diarrheal for whatever reason.
    That makes sense because an anti-diarrheal is meant to shut down your intestines when you have to travel for example and don't have immediate access to a toilet. However the downside is that the virus or bacteria that causes the diarrhea stays in your body. It's better to let the diarrhea do its job to get rid of the virus or bacteria.

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    Pattaya Trip Report, Day 7, Tuesday, April 23,2019

    On this, my ninth trip to the LOS, I have finally succumbed to the Hershey Squirts, apparently from the Sizzler Salad bar. It started hitting around 6 or 7 AM and continued, I guess, until I had nothing left to squirt out. I had quite a bit of muscle tightness to go along, and later in the day I started getting a fever. I mentioned earlier that I am sleep deprived, and that situation is even worse now. I mostly stayed in bed after Mattie left, perhaps dozing off and on a tiny bit. I went out for dinner at 7 PM or so, and as soon as I finished I could feel the squirts coming back on. I rushed back to the hotel to drop the load, then I went to the pharmacy. The guy suggested Norfloxacin, paracetamol for the fever and some electrolyte power to mix with water. He gave me no anti-diarrheal for whatever reason. Great. No mongering today.

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    Pattaya Trip Report, Day 6, Monday, April 22,2019

    I changed rooms today to a mini-suit. It has more room but I don't like the style. There is no individual shower you shower in the tub, and there is no curtain so water sprays and splashes everwhere. Hate it. But oh well.

    But I woke up with tense muscles and so I went to the pharmacy to get some muscle relaxants. This issues seems to plague me for a day or two each trip, but the medicine helps considerably. Then I start to contemplate on what to do today. Jin should be back, and I would love for a repeat with <Redacted, but with my muscle tenseness, I decide to start with a massage. I can go back to Soi 13/1 and combine it with a BJ, or I can even go get a soapie. I am not big on Pattaya soapies, but I haven't done one in 1-1/2 years, so maybe today I should try it again.

    And, yes, I went to Saba Di in the mid-afternoon. The lineup was not great but I chose #38 who appeared the best looking overall. She was probably in her 40's but had aged well, though the lower part of her butt and some extra-long handlebars. I won't go into too much detail as it was the standard stuff. Bath, the body on body rub, then to bed for CBJ and sex. She did ok but wondered why I couldn't come, but I find the whole experience to be lackluster. I mean, you pick the girl, the guy asks for a tip, you feel obligated to buy drinks, you hand around while the bath is being drawn, you get into the tub for quick bath, then you get out to lay on plastic float while she mixes up the soapy stuff, then she slides on you for a few minutes then you get up to rinse off and freeze while she cleans up, so if you got hard during the body slide it dies while you wait, then she has to get you hard in bed again, and. Yeah, just not worth it. And, oh, there was no massage.

    In the evening I went to WS and picked up a woman from Red Car. She (Mattie, I believe) looked attractive and had soft skin with a big smile and appeared in her 30's, but with the clothes off, not so attractive. Sigh. She was bubbly and talked and talked and thought she was great at sex, but it was horrible. Maybe a minute of oral and as she never really got me hard, sex was just not working and I gave up in short order. She spent the night, stayed for breakfast, and man could that woman eat! She downed 5 plates of food!

    But I am sick. Literally. Physically.

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    Pattaya Trip Report, Day 5, Sunday, April 21,2019

    By the time the 3-way girls left it was after 3. I was tired and a bit sleep-deprived, and sunrise would be here soon, so I popped an Ambien. I still work up at around 8 AM, meaning I am even more sleep deprived. Plus, the Ambien made me drag about for a few more hours. I forced myself to write a first draft of this report before I forget anything more. I finally managed to wake up and got ready to head back to Soi 6 to, hopefully, come, as this is the 4th day since my last come, which had been the 5th day from a last come before that. Sigh.

    Slightly depressed and totally frustrated, I vowed Sunday to be better. I ventured back to Soi 6 a little before 2, walking all the way along Beach Road. The day is hot and sunny, so I cross over on to the beach side of the road to enjoy some of the shade on the way over. Entering Soi 6, I walk by Halifax Bar. I have had a couple of ladies from here. One was a super energetic older lady who give PSE's, plus a young lady I dubbed "college girl", who had that college girl look but, when the clothes were removed, had body issues. And they have another older lady who swears I have BF'the her, but I actually haven't, and when she sees me she comes running after me. I have thus far not seem any of them, though the PSE lady is one who has managed to get me to come in the past.

    At the nearby Envy bar, a tall but pretty girl smiled as I walked by so I went over. She was Noot, and she was up there, around 5 foot 8 inches at least in flats. Cute face and curvy body. I went over to here and was surprised when she said she was 34 and had an 11 year old kid. Any baby damage was not obvious. She seemed a bit distant as she was not returning any contact I tried to make with her, but there was sufficient conversation that I bought her a second drink. Near the end I was about to cut my losses but she started to touch me and while it could be she was wanting another drink or what, I decided that it might be interesting to experiment with a tall Thai, so I asked to BF her and she was happy.

    After going upstairs and she making me shower myself, I felt this was going to be a bad experience. Part of that feeling might have been from the disgusting condition of the upstairs. Downstairs the bar had been remodeled, but upstairs it was the pits. Well, most of the Soi 6 bars are the pits upstairs, but this was the pits of the pits. But, she surprised me with her performance. She became passionate and started kissing and touching. I could not tell if this was pure acting as she turned on her hooker mode, or if she was actually a bit horny. Probably acting, but it was welcomed, regardless. I soon let her know about my "problem" and she gave it decent shot with a really nice BBBJ but after FS, it all fell short. I collapsed from my efforts. This is where the good providers will lie next to you and give encouragement, but when I said I needed a minute or rest, and she said "OK" then proceeded to take her shower. She started out showing some promise, but I failed yet again. Four freaking days since I have come! No tip for her! 7-1/2 face and body and 6-1/2 performance.

    I left and thought I would go back to <redacted. I sensed a special connection with her from before and had a feeling that if anyone out there might be able to get me off it would be her. I went over, didn't see her and was about to ask for her but I got a mental blank about her name. But as I started to check my notes she had seen me and came over. She was again looking cute and we settled down for drinks. Soon enough the conversation got down to business, and I told her I would BF her but I wanted to go slow. She agreed, and upstairs we went and she proceeded slowly. I will spare the details but this became a totally sensual GFE. Those who know me find me a very calm, logical person always in full control of my emotions, but she pulled me a bit of that comfort zone to a place where I was happy to be. Well, maybe SHE didn't pull me out, but her actions were allowing me open up a bit to feel the emotions, even if faked on her part. We became passionate and it became a GFE to as great an extent as could be possible in a business transaction. We were like lovers exploring each other and it very much seemed like she was feeling it all too. Our foreplay was certainly leading up to a grand experience. We slowly reached the point for me to enter her and as I move in I totally forgot a condom. But she didn't, and she said "condom?" That so ruins the moment, but it is necessary so I put one on.

    There is a transition period from foreplay to actual sex when you have to stop for a condom, for sure. What should be a smooth transition becomes an abrupt transition, and you really can't go back. I try to get the passion back. I try very hard to come with her this time, but it is the same old story. We try all the standard positions until I collapse next to her, full of frustration and even shame. But unlike Nook, she continues to lay with me and apologizes for not getting me off. I again explain the situation, then I think she asks if I have an STD. I say "what?" but she does not replay. But the lust doesn't die as we continue to touch and probe and kiss. I am sooo in need of a release. We are on our sides facing each other and sort of doing some dry humping. I remove the condom for some skin on skin and wonder if this is a way for me to come on her stomach. The passion is rebuilding so our bodies are almost subconsciously moving my Johnson closer to her vaginal area, so that instead of rubbing her stomach I am now in between her legs. I am so desperate for a release that she offers no resistance as I slip inside her and then immediately flooded by the heavenly feels of her wet pussy. I roll her over for missionary and in 20 seconds I finally come, and it is major. I allow myself another 10 seconds to enjoy the aftermath before pulling out and going for a shower.

    In a few days I may find I made a huge mistake, and I know that it will not have been worth the few seconds of pleasure I derived. But, at the moment, I felt relieved and relaxed. This is the closest to real girlfriend sex I have ever had.

    So, the reason I am redacting names is that I don't want any of you to go to her begging for BB sex. I have not discussed if she does this very often and if I asked I do not know if she would tell the truth. I am single and if my foolishness gets me a disease, then at least I won't be going home to give it to a loved one. And I don't go around asking for BB sex. I have had it offered to me on more than a few occasions and I most always say no. If the lady isn't afraid of me having a disease, is it because she has a disease too? And even if a lady thinks she is clean she oculd have a disease she is not aware of.

    So I present this review so show that even older dudes may be able to find a sweet, young Thai girl who will give them an incredible, loving experience. The love may be faked to some degree, but this type of experience is what I have craved and is so rare to get from bar girls. To those who think they may need to warn me about falling in love with a bar girl, don't worry. It is a fantasy, and while I may continue to indulge in this fantasy a few more times, I know it will. The only Thai woman in my heart at the moment is the one a few hundred miles away who thinks I am home half a world away and, I hope, trying to get her visa to come see me. Note: Funny, but a text from her just a few hours ago said she had a dream that I, and some friends, were in Thailand. Strange.

    But to continue, it was late in the afternoon when I left. As I walked past Halifax, Whan, the lady who claimed I was with her came out of the woodwork to latche on to me and, as in times before, I bought her a drink. She tried to get me upstairs and was feeling me up all over, but I was basically out of bahts at that point (well, I had plenty of US cash on me to exchange, but my Baht notes were gone) and there was no way I was going to BF her. And as I left the bar the "college girl" was outside. She recognized me as well and asked if I wanted to buy her a drink. She again looked reasonably attractive but I remembered her dress covered some flaws so I used the excuse of no cash to decline, and I headed for the hotel.

    After <redacted, I was totally sexually satisfied and I wanted to nap. But after that, what would I do? Go to WS? Stay home and bask in the afterglow? Return to Soi 6 and search for Jin or even see <redacted again? Oh, I said I had a story about Jin earlier. Last night I got back to her at Horny Bar at 10:30 PM. She said the LT BF went down to 600 at 11 PM, so I hung out for half an hour to pay the BF and take her home. I must admit that my speech comprehension is getting poor in loud environments, and her accent is difficult to understand, but she was talking and was only picking up bits and pieces but I get the part where she asks me for 250 baht. Um, well this is the amount of the BF she wants me to pay, so OK. Then 11 PM comes and she asks for 600. Huh? Well, OK, my fault for not hearing something and not asking, so I give it to her so we can leave. She has to wake early so I wanted to get back to the hotel so I could do her and then get her to sleep. Then she tells me goodnight as she is going upstairs to sleep. I am not exactly a happy camper but I said goodnight, walking away confused. I think she said she would make it up to me, but whatever. Methinks she may be expecting too much of me now. I may need to reign in any expectation she has for me to pay her for stuff that doesn't involve me.

    Not feeling overly tired, I head to WS with no real plan. I was totally satiated and really had no sexual desires. I ate and walked back and forth WS a few times before deciding to enter Baccara. It was busy but not quite full. I was seated at the front end, but the smoke was awful.

    The gogo did have a quality lineup and seeing a few of them aroused some stirrings within me. I finally had to get out of there though to get some air, and after a while I went into Palace. It was packed and the smoke even worse so I quickly exited. I then hit up Red Car, the one smoke-free refuse on Walking Street, which was just getting started with a few tables still open. The stirrings within me had subsided and I enjoyed watching the videos they were showing. After a while Kim the Nerd arrived and by then the only free places to sit other than the bar was close to me. She didn't see me until she was sitting down. We said our hellos but didn't interact much, which was good. She left after a while for another spot and then a mid-30's woman in a fancy dress entered and sat down close to me. We smiled but I didn't sense any interest from her so I didn't go over to her. As the night proceeded a couple of Aussie's came in and stood between me and the woman. They were here for a few days and one quickly went after a short, semi-chubby Thai woman and I think they later went off together. I finally went over to the woman and told her I thought she had a pretty dress. She said "Thank you", but not still not sensing any interest I went back to my spot. Two other girls had come in and sat right across from me, very close, but other than a quick glance they seemed to totally ignore me.

    The girl with the nice dress got up and went to sit at the bar. I think I noticed her glancing to me a few times, and my plan was to hit the toilet then at least act like I was leaving and stop by to wish her a good evening. If she was then receptive I would stay, and if not I would leave.

    But then the Plain girl from last night shows up and comes over to me. She was obviously trying to scope me out to see if I was interested in a repeat. She pointed out Hot girl on the opposite side of the room. I wasn't sure if Plain girl wanted me alone or if she thought I was dumb enough to do a repeat with both of them or what. I pretty much said I liked her but not the other girl, but that I was not likely to take anyone home with me that night. She awkwardly stuck around, and I sort of had the feeling she liked me (yesterday she had said I was the only one to every call her "sexy" but I didn't want to take any risks with either of them. But I noticed the woman in the dress was now with a fat old dude, so I had pretty much lost my chance with her now.

    I was a little reluctant to simply take off alone when there were some decent woman there for the taking in exchange for a touch of game, but after having such a fulfilling sexual experience earlier, I wasn't quite ready to have a ho hum session with a random stranger just yet either. I finally told Plain girl I was leaving but that I would tell Hot girl Hello, which I did, and as I walked by Dress girl. She looks at me as I wave goodbye while she is being grabbed by the ugly fat dude. Will our paths ever cross again? While in the tunnel walking out a woman was coming and she said Hi and made clear she wanted me. I said high but that I was done for the night. While I was not sad that I was going home alone, I still thought about when I get back to the US will I have regrets? I spent thousands to get here and here I was passing up pussy that I can't get back home, especially with the young, slender Thai babes.

    But to summarize the day, there was Noot at Envy, who was decent, and the heavenly unnamed girl who sent me into a higher plane. Haha.

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    28 days In Pattaya, March to April. 20 girls. 1st time.

    I was in Pattaya for first time. Stayed for 28 days. Had sex with 20 girls. 5 Africans and 15 Thai girls. Soi 6, sabaedee, thaifriendly, 808, flexx, insomnia, and ibar. Had issues with 4 women. One complained I fucked her too hard and cut 2 hrs into 20 minute (700 damage). The other complained that I was fucking too long without cumming and actually stop, got dressed and left without accepting any money (lucky day for me). The third girl again tried to pretend dick was too big (took her out to breakfast to get her out the apartment and paid for breakfast and left without paying for her service (damage 450). The fourth woman wanted me to give her the money first. Told her no then wanted me to pay for mototaxi back to walking street. Walked her out the building and told her you pay for taxi for wasting my time (damage a slap in the face LOL). Other than those incidents things went well. Africans were not GFE experiences but I was able to get good nut with all. Thai girls was very much GFE. Every time I see a Thai girl brings back Pattaya memory.

    Looking forward to possibly doing it again next year. Though spain and Africa is first priority.

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    Pattaya Trip Report, Day 4, Saturday, April 20,2019

    Songkran is over! I am determined to show some extra energy today. After breakfast and posting a report, I finally head to the Supinida massage place (spelling is approximate) on Soi 13/1. Finally, the cute girl is out front and we go inside. Her name is Aom, and going inside she didn't ask me what I wanted and took me straight upstairs for a full body rub. I guess she can tell I am horny and we head straight upstairs for a bully body massage. She tells me to remove my clothes (all of them? Yes) and to lie down on my stomach. She gives a normal mongering massage and drops a clue early on with a quick peck to the balls that extras were to be offered. After the flip, she drops a few more hints which and the quick touches to my Johnson and me absolutely wanting FS with this girl go met hard, and soon she asks if I want "the special". Well, my limited experience has been that sex in the massage parlors is rather clinical and relatively expensive. I remain non-committal. She continues on until only my Johnson is the only muscle that hasn't been properly rubbed. It appears that FS in not on the table with Aom, but a HJ or BJ is. I don't want to bother with a HJ and I figure I won't be able to come with a BJ, though it would be possible with FS. Regardless, a BJ always feels nice and we negotiate 1000 for her. She gets between my legs, fully dressed, and starts a decent BJ like she is a BJ-giving machine. She does really good and gets me close but I just can't cross that line for reasons I simply don't understand and is as frustrating as hell. Maybe had she gotten naked or was in a position where I could at least rub her boobs? I did drop the hint that I would like to see her outside of work but she gave no response. I actually like the girl and will likely go back and will try again.

    But yeah, Aom is not a good masseuse, but it was as good as massage I have received from sex worker. I am guessing her age to be around 30. She was a bigger boned girl, by which I mean she is not a spinner, not that she is fat, as she isn't. She is a real girl, with a non-Issan looking face I found almost beautiful (and it could be with the right makeup). The body massage was 300 and I gave her 1100 for her service.

    I left frustrated at myself. This was Day 3 and it was time for me to be able to come again. I can rarely come orally, and since I got close, maybe it would happen on Soi 6, which was where I was headed. I stopped off at Central Festival to cool down as the day has been hot. Despite knowing better (I am trying to lose a few pounds), I was a bit hungry and stopped at Burger King. While there, I met a Canadian expat, about 75, who lived in Pattaya with his family a Thai wife and daughter. He was fun to speak with but highly opinionated. His dad was American but he had never attempted to get US Citizenship, but he spoke quite favorably of the US, and poorly of the Canadian health care system. I asked why he didn't apply for citizenship and then get on Medicare. He had some reasons, but I am borderline on politics here so I will stop. But he was fun and encouraged me to have fun.

    Arriving on Soi 6, I first stopped by Lust Bar and went in with Tik. She first seemed to be a spinner, with a sweet body and face, but further investigation showed she had a few extra pounds around her waist and she showed me the padding in her bra! But she was nice and bubbly so I broke down and took her upstairs. She turned out to be a delightful young lady. She started the a little too quickly but she did good and when I entered her and started to bang her hard, she was smiling and soon said "You are not old man". She said that a lot. The condom continued to interfere, but the sheer delight and happiness she was slowing make me really try hard. I think she came once or twice and when done she was begging me to come back. Of course, when you are shown to be a nice man they will say anything to get a regular, but there was some sincerity to this girl. Anyway, give her body a 6-1/2, face an 8 and performance an 8-1/2. There was no emotional experience with her as with <redacted , but it was fun because she was clearly having fun. There are plenty of girl there who put up with the sex for the money, but she was having blast with this "old man".

    Leaving Tik I went to see Jin and with the chaos of Songkran over we sat together for a while. There was a another younger girl there who looks sort of like a younger version of Jin and who was sitting next to her totally bored. When Jin got up to go to the back I bought the girl, Boom, a LD. She was totally surprised and started talking a little. Jin will have Sunday off so I am thinking I will see if Boon will let me BF her. I am sure Jin will find out, but later I will relate while I don't care so much.

    Jin came back and said nothing about the LD, but asked for a third LD for herself. I am getting a little uncomfortable at all the LDs. Jin is clearly hung over and she will be going home tomorrow for a day and hopes I will come get her after 10 PM. I guess she wants to spend a few hours in my hotel so she can get a few hours of decent sleep. I would probably feel guilty if I made her have sex with me, so I don't know if I will BF her. I do not make any commitments, but say I need to leave and will try to see her later. I leave, but head back to see <redacted . Well, she is there but she is entertaining some dude, so I leave Soi 6 and head by to my hotel to take a short nap.

    The nap is nice and I set out for WS at about 8 PM. The place is packed and I search for the Pad Thai cook and, finding him, enjoying his delicious cooking. Except later I look up the calories in Pad Thai and they say it can be nearly 1,000 calories! I have slowing been putting on a few pounds here and there and I need to reverse the trend before I truly become fat!

    I then went to see Noi at What's Up. Not really sure why as I don't intend to BF her. I am not even sure how much she likes me (not that it matters), as she was a bit of a dude when we had sex. It was 8:25 when I entered, which was a few minutes before the club actually opened. A waiter who remembered me came over and took my drink order and told me Noi would be out in 5 minutes. But first, Uri sees me and comes over, all happy. I have no idea who she is at first, but in talking I remember her from my last visit when Monkey Paw was with me. She is a hot girl and I am crazy for not feeling the hots for her. I see Noi and wave at her, but she sees I am with Uri and goes away. When I see her again, I wave her over and she said she thought I was there for Uri and was simply waving a Hello, of recognition with her and didn't want to interfere. But, Noi seems to be showing her age a bit now (aren't we all). She did say she thought that something didn't go right when I BF'the lat time, but I denied that, claiming I left Pattaya soon after, even though it was true in that she was not a good provider. She pointed out the girl who had cheated me a year ago, and I reminded her that the girl had cheated me. She said "but you bought her a drink last time" and denied I was cheated (maybe she got the girl's side of the story) but I said I was just being nice. Whatever. I took my leave after two LD's. There are some hot girls in there, but pricy, and of the two girls I have bar fined, one cheated me and the other wasn't more than a starfish. A nice starfish, but not really worth the money.

    With hugs, I left and decided to check out Play Pen, which was fairly full but not packed. Filled with mostly Asian men, there were a couple of us aging white dudes. The girls are mostly slender young things who are most all reasonably attractive but none who really got my attention. As you study them, flaws start to come out, but there are a couple of girls in there that are quite doable.

    I then went to Red Car and easily found a place to sit. There appeared to be few possibilities, but soon an attractive lady comes in and, after standing for a few minutes, notices there is a chair at a table next to mine and she comes over to sit down about 3 feet away. After a while I finally make eye contact with her and get a smile. A while later a sort of Chines-looking lady goes to her, so I assume they are friends. Both girls were probably early 30's, the first dark and attractive and the second a bit larger and not as attractive with blondish hair and plain face. She is Thai, not Chinese, and the first girl, I will call there Hot girl, is sharing a hotel room with the other girl, Plain girl. Soon, Hot girl asks if I want them both. Long story short, I am invited to have a 3-way with them!

    Let me interject that a while back I had been in contact with a girl with the Line name Tanmay Shop. I had made contact a year ago but never followed through with meeting her and her lez friend. I did try to re-contact her last week but never received a replay. I did not relate these two girls (I can't remember the names they gave me) until the hot girl said we had been together before. No! I would have remembered her and my only Thai 3-way was in Phuket. But it made me think of the Tanmay Shop girls but I was having trouble digging up the photos I had been sent. I later found them and the Plain girl seems identical, but I am not sure about Hot girl. But someone from here and told me these girls were great so, if these were the girls, I felt safe to go with them.

    So I agreed and they came to my hotel, but things weren't looking so good. The plain girl told me she was unattractive one. I said she was crazy as she had a pretty good body with super nice boobs. Hot girl was loud and quickly started turning me off. She was not a seductiveness. We all showered, me alone, and they raided my refrigerator for beer. Plain girl starting playing with me but as soon as I was reasonably hard, Hot girl puts on the condom and has Plain girl get on top. But rather than cowgirl, she assumes the horizontal position, such that my Johnson isn't getting a lot of stimulation as she moves. Hot girl encourages me to come, and I am wondering why so soon? We negotiated 2 hours, and if I came would they then take off? No, I wanted to experience both girls and see the two of them in some lez activity! Well, the condom isn't feeing good and eventually Plain girl gets tired and sweaty, so Hot girl puts on a new condom. She almost reluctantly does reverse cowgirl and seems like she is deliberately attempting to prevent me from playing with her boobs or even seeing them as she is not totally naked! Plain girl is lying next to me and lets me kiss her deeply, so she is at least trying to help, but I am simply not feeling that much, both from the condoms and from the lack of mental stimulation. I know, having two girls there should have been stimulating, but with my discomfort of how things were going, I simply count not pop.

    Hot girl actually berates me as I try to explain my condom problem. I point out I need to be on top but she balks. But she relents to let me get on top of Plain girl, but I am too upset at this point to have any chance. Plain girl is sympathetic and lets me try until I wear myself out. Hot girl uses that as an excuse to leave. We are less under an hour into a two hour session, and Hot girl, clearly the leader, says I am too strong, whatever that means. Certainly not physically, and certainly not because I am pounding on them. Hot girl says something that if I give them both 500 baht more they will ensure I come. Well, the only way that will happen is if I can go bare, and I don't want to do that with them. I ask for clarification and now she says it is for taxi fare. I say no, they have their money and they had agreed to spend 2 hours with me and not even an hour had gone by. Well, ok, they said 100 baht each would be ok. She had Plain girl come over to me to asked for the money. I held her hands in mine and said "you promised to spend two hours and did you? But, I like YOU so I will give YOU 100. " Of course they deserved nothing, but Hot girl was clearly in charge and Plain girl had been sympathetic to me, so I gave in with her. So, guys, feel free to criticize me here, I deserve it, but please don't get taken in by these girls yourself. Sorry that I don't have the name they gave me. They used to be on Thai Cupid I believe, and they apparently make periodic appearances at Red Car.

    Anyway, at least on paper, today was good. There was Tik from Lust Bar, then Hot girl and Plain girl from Red Car, for 3 girls, including a disastrous 3-way. If I want a good 3-what I may need to look at Soi 6.

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    Pattaya Trip Report, Day 3, Friday, April 19,2019

    Song Kran was in full effect on this, it's last day. Thank God! A day or two has been fun, but it is getting aggravating now, but whatever. I remain mildly jet-lagged and didn't decide to get outside until later in the afternoon. I wanted to exit the hotel and head down to Soi 13/1 to that massage place, hoping to remain reasonably dry. I left by that hidden drive and made it close to Central Festival before the drenching started. Second road was down to two lanes due to all the people and a sort-of parade going on. The crowds and water decreased south of CF, but I got hit with more water on the way to the massage place. I walked by but the girl I fancied was not there. Sigh. I continued on down to Beach Road, which was shut down to autos and was full of people. All of us were getting drenched, most quite willingly, and even the fire department was out in force spraying water on those in the street, with the gangs of water-gunners ensuring everyone was drenched and their faces coated with mud. I continued to walk all the way to Soi 6 where I went to Horny Bar to see Jin. She was busy with guys and again barely recognized my presence, which was ok. One group of young dudes discovered a loud buzzer and they kept pushing it and pushing it. Some of the girls were pissed, but they had to put on a happy face. I couldn't take it and since Jin was busy with drinks I decided to leave. I left and looked around the street but headed back down to <redacted and found <redacted.

    Note: Why the redactions? For personal reason I do not wish to identify the lady. I have said before that reviews which leave out the names are next to worthless, but I will continue with the review to show what is possible, although the best part is to come.

    She was sitting out front and I noticed her very nice figure and smile. She isn't quite beautiful, but she has that very pretty girl next door look that I like. Thankfully her English was decent. I did not ask her age, but would guess mid to late 20's. She had a nice body, nice legs, nice face definitely a girl next door look. She did a little reserved kissing and touching to show me her interest, and I finally asked her to go upstairs. She readily agreed and up we went.

    She revealed a very nice body. Small but maybe half-a-handful boobs nicely shaped and nice to feel, plus a really slender figure with curves, long legs and pretty face. Viewed from behind, she was exquisite. In bed, after a nice shower, she didn't lie down to get things started to fast, but engaged in some actual foreplay. She was not rushing anything and it was some time before she began a nice BBBJ. She teased and licked just the tip of my Johnson and sucked on my balls a little (I don't really like that painful) before sucking me deep. It was above average, though not amongst the best I have had. I returned the favor and spent a fair amount of time going down on her with FIV. Her V was super nice, having that heavenly feel and man, I would be coming in seconds were I to go in bare. But, that was not happen, so I settled for a nice round of come-less sex with a very pretty young lady. She really enjoyed my tongue work, tensing her body and eyes rolled back. If she came, it was mild, she was ready for me. I started off slow with kissing and licking and got between her legs and when she thought I was about to try to enter her, she asked for a condom. I think the one I put on was the Slimzero 001, which was ok, but nothing has yet compared to the Okamoto 01 Large.

    In fingering her, I could tell she was tight. I had just a little resistance entering her, but she got used to me quickly and she felt as nice as she could feel given the condom. She enjoyed the banging but of course I couldn't come. I apologized and simply mentioned I had trouble with condoms and that was that. She expressed no sympathy, but after I rolled off she continued to lie next to me and curl up close. Thanks to the Apcalis I remained hard and she let me re-enter her a few minutes later, which was nice. But still no come. She was sweet, mature, very cute and someone I want to see again, maybe long time. Give her an 8 for body, close to 8 for her face, 8-1/2 for performance. I am hoping a second time will get me more of a GFE. I did not note the price of the BF, probably 400, but she was 1000 and I tipped her 200, partly for being a nice girl and partly for the hope for even better service next time.

    It was getting dark when I left so with BR still closed I headed on foot to WS. It is a long walk and I, with a ton of others, made it down there, only to find all the gogos were closed. I was slowly drying off so on my walk back north I considered turning down Soi 13/1, but I could see the jets of water and, not wanting to get re-drenched, I stuck to BR. Of course, there were still the random water soldiers taking pot shots at the unprotected, but it was not until I turned down Soi 8 for Subway and dinner that I got re-drenched. I had to eat in haste as the air conditioning felt freezing in my wet clothes. I then went to the hotel to change and shower, but did not want to go back out and get wet all over again, so I stay inside.

    To summarize, today was not the greatest mongering day for me with only the delightful <redacted on Soi 6. Well, um, actually it WAS a pretty good day as great as any mongering experience I have ever had! I think I would have headed back out had it not been the last day of Songkran, but regardless, I let sleepiness prevent me from going back out and possibly meeting another lady. (Please ignore the rest, as this is for me to ensure I remember the girl's name, sorry. First letter is the first letter of my hometown. Second is the first letter of my dad's middle name. Third is the second letter of my amateur radio license. I can figure the rest out from this. As for the bar, first letter if the first letter of my Bangkok semi-GF; second letter is the middle initial of my brother, third is the grade I received for my second calculus class; fourth I will skip; fifth is first letter of the manufacturer of my first car, and the fifth is the first letter of my Grandfather's name, etc.).

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    Quote Originally Posted by BananaBoi  [View Original Post]
    'We' meaning you're bringing a girl and you need to find a male or you are 2 men looking to find a girl. Can't help you if you are looking for a man but if you are looking for a girl as long as both guys are paying full price and the girl makes double I'm certain there will be many takers just about anywhere in Pattaya. You may want to try Beach Road or the Indian bars on Walking Street as I'm guessing girls there hear this proposition often.
    "as long as both guys are paying full price and the girl makes double". I doubt that Indians would be in this group. From what I have read, they apparently want multiple guys to fuck the girl for the same price as one guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BananaBoi  [View Original Post]
    'We' meaning you're bringing a girl and you need to find a male or you are 2 men looking to find a girl. Can't help you if you are looking for a man but if you are looking for a girl as long as both guys are paying full price and the girl makes double I'm certain there will be many takers just about anywhere in Pattaya. You may want to try Beach Road or the Indian bars on Walking Street as I'm guessing girls there hear this proposition often.
    Yes. We I mean Me & My Male Friend, thanks for your advice. Will try my best to follow the same. Any Other suggestions are also welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lunks  [View Original Post]
    Just wanted some help in regards to having a threesome experience (MMF) as to where can we find it, please don't take me wrong, I am no cheap Charlie, its just a fantasy of mine and I don't think any other place other than LOS where it can be achieved.
    'We' meaning you're bringing a girl and you need to find a male or you are 2 men looking to find a girl. Can't help you if you are looking for a man but if you are looking for a girl as long as both guys are paying full price and the girl makes double I'm certain there will be many takers just about anywhere in Pattaya. You may want to try Beach Road or the Indian bars on Walking Street as I'm guessing girls there hear this proposition often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EngineDriver  [View Original Post]
    Sorry, my mistake. You specifically asked for a MMF experience. In that case, just ask a Tuk Tuk driver if he can help out. In the Philippines, the trike drivers would be more than willing to assist.
    Could enlist the help of a ladyboy and tell him not to put on his costume.

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