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    Cherry girl in Soi 6

    Probably this is just my lack of knowledge, but recently I went to a Soi 6 bar (in the middle near Ruby bar), and outside seated was a girl that seemed "out of place", she was young and good looking. I decided to enter and mamasan immediatly assigned her to join me, she did it not in a very enthusiastically way, but come to me. She was very shy since the beggining, I offered a lady drink she gladly accepted, she was 20, working there for 7 months. I didn't forced anything but it was obvious she was there just for the lady drink. I am sure it was not a personal rejection, everywhere there are girls in Bars just drinking with clients, naively I thought in Soi 6 that wasn't supposed to happen. Long term customers probably know her, she was minimum a 8-9, I recognize it didn't seem a normal thing for her to be available. Perhaps she will be found one day online or in Go Go bar on WS. In some places (like Atlantis in Angeles city, the Mamasan advises previously this girl is just there for the drinks, but here nothing was said.

    Not upset but a little frustrated I ended up my day on a very, very uneventful body massage in Sabai Room (definitly a tourist trap, but it was not lack of advice).

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    Trip Report, Saturday, Day 6, August 23, Part 1

    Trip Report, Saturday, Day 6, August 23, Part 1.

    I went for an early morning walk along BR, having not slept well. I saw a dozen busses full of Chinese unload to get onto boats for Ko Larn I supposed. Good for them. I don't think I have commented much on the weather here but it has been delightful. There is rain in the area but very little here, and what little there is has been very light. It is cloudy, which helps with the temperatures, but I have barely been breaking a sweat walking around. Yesterday and today it was sunnier and some sweat was broken, but this weather has been awesome.

    I am pain over how things went with Secret and that she didn't come to see me last night. I guess I could have bar fined her and she would have come with me, but I wanted her to actually want to be with me and she would not say that, just that I needed to pay the BF. Why was she hung up on the crazy notion I didn't want to pay the fine? I texted her to tell her she broke my heart and I didn't understand why. Stupid? Perhaps, but at the time I thought it made sense, as I wanted us to discuss what was happening and see if we could salvage it. She replied that she was sorry she disappointed me. I said it was probably me that was a disappointment, in that I had not been showing her more fun. I mean, we were fairly quiet at the bar (language issue), and we had only gone to Terminal 21 and WS to listen to music. I promised I would take her to some places, but we both know Pattaya is not exactly a good dating spot if you don't like loud music and drinking. Then I tried to explain what I was saying the night before and she was still on the "if you don't pay the bar fine I can't go with you" bit. This issue seems to have pissed her off and she won't let it go and I don't understand! I try to veer off and tell her I have been a bad boyfriend and I want to take her to the Temple of Sanctuary. She likes that idea, but says she has to leave town Sunday to travel to her old factory city to terminate her apartment. Hmmm, does that mean she has decided Pattaya is where she will be for a while or what? If so, that could be depressing her and making her moody.

    I say I can BF her today and she says up to me. I should have paid right then but noooooo. I tell her she is not my bar girl so it is up to her. She says nothing really. I say if she wants to see me then text me, otherwise I may be by later as I get bored when I am not with her. She repeats again that if I don't pay the bar fine she can't go with me because she follows the rules of the bar, then adding that if I am not willing to pay she can't go. Sigh. I just say "I know" and add "I will only take you if you want to go with me. " She replied "even if you are a boyfriend, I have to follow the rules". Yes yes yes I know that! Why is she making a big deal out of this? But I say "It seems like you don't want to go out with me. " And she says "because you said this before, like last night you don't want to pay for my bar. " Argh, what is going on here? Had I been a smarter man I would been less upset about her bringing up the issue and would have actually listened to her. To me, she was in a bit of a mood and I kept trying to explain more, but at least I finally saying we needed to talk as we had a huge misunderstanding. While that was all true, she was trying to tell me something and I should have been hearing it. I simply should have said yes, I want to BF you, please go get the check. That is what she wanted to hear I guess, not me continually telling her I didn't want to call it a bar when, in fact, it WAS a bar fine. My trying to be politically correct was not helpful at all! What an idiot I was.

    I said I would come by the bar and even take her upstairs for some privacy to talk. Isn't this what women like?! I got no reply. I was confused for if she wanted to go with me, just say yes, and tell me to come by to get her and pay the BF. If she didn't, just say so, or lie about her being busy. Say some dude was Australia would be coming in that afternoon or something. But she would not answer yes or no, so I think my assumption she didn't want to go with me was valid. But still, she was upset for some dumb stuff and I guess I am being stubborn to get her to say yes or no when all that mattered to her, I guess, what that I agreed to pay the bar fine. But this hides a bigger issue of should this relationship continue, or should it die slowly or quickly? If she can't even say yes, then what do we have? She had said she never considered me as a customer, but here she was doing exactly that.

    But I go to see her around 1 PM I guess, possibly to bar fine her to go see the Temple or to just sit alone together and talk and try to straighten out this mess or call it quits. I go into the bar and she is with another girl eating lunch. She is not all smiley and rushing over to hug me. I know I have a rough conversation coming up. I nervously laugh with her friend, saying I am in trouble. I decide I really have nothing to lose, other than maybe another date with her, so I take a the aggressive approach and go after the problems rather than simply say "I am her to bar fine you".

    So, I did go over a number of things, telling her I loved her but I knew there were things we had to fight, such as our age difference and distance. I said that maybe there was just too much to overcome but I wanted to try, that I was an optimist. She did scoff at the notion that age was an issue, but on most everything else she was dead silent. She would never say why things changed between us in July or why she was going to let our relationship apparently die. I know that she knows why, but whether she was simply being cold or wanted to avoid hurting me more, I do not know. After a while, seeing apparent boredom in her eyes (or maybe her trying to figure things out herself or wondering about this mess she created), I asked if she wanted me to leave. Silence. Not looking good here. A bit later I asked if I could BF her so we could go out and have some fun. Silence. Somewhere during this time a happy, fit, older friendly Australian came in and went right to her. He said he just got in, then he looked at me, smiled, and said "she is good", then he left. Awkward. For all I know, she had already agreed to BF him today when he arrived and was afraid I would BF her first and she would be stuck with me. He was probably more fun to be with than be, especially today. I mean, he was so full of energy and personality. That is not me, though we were close in age. But what woman would not prefer a happy, energetic guy than someone like me, so calm and rational? (Well, not rational about everything!

    I finally asked if we were breaking up. Silence. Well, too many questions answered by silence. I said that silence means no. Silence. Well, maybe a no is really not a no and she just wanted me to flat out ask to BF her or stop running my mouth. IDK. But at this point, I knew I was doomed. Whatever action I would take was really irrelevant. Achieving one more BF is not going to make a difference one way or the other. But I took a deep breath, pursed my lips together and manned up. I said "OK, I guess it is over". She barely reacted. I am thinking is it REALLY over? I mean, she had not agreed that it was, but I need end this thing and get it over with, and her silence and coldness sure made it seem that she was agreeing with me. I t was over. I stood up and she at least hugged me briefly and let me go. The mamasan was behind us at the next table, smiling, and I told her goodbye. Don't think she understood what had happened. She had liked me. I walked out waving to a few of the girls who knew of our once happy relationship and left the bar behind and headed back to the hotel.

    Now guys, the conversation was painful for me to recall. I had it all written out but some quick, misplaced keystrokes caused me to lose it all, and it killed me to repeat this, as well as part 2. But these reports are like a diary, so I wanted to be sure to record at least the highlights. But as I recall the details, it all seems like this happened over two days, not one day, though part 1 was in the afternoon and, yes, there is a part 2 from that evening. Sooooooo, in Part 1, we break up. Why would there be a part 2?

    Well, let me give a start. I walked back to the hotel. I considered heading east to BF someone to console myself, but I just couldn't do it yet. I rested a bit. It was dinner time but I had no appetite. But around 5 PM I suck it up and head back to Soi 6. I now had the full run of the street, with Secret out of the picture, but as I was still dejected I wanted to be with someone I knew would show a bit of love, and that was Bea at Ruby. The state of my mind showed in that I got totally confused where I was! I entered the street and saw the hot blond girl and went over to her. She looked different in the light and I said I would see her another time. Ok. Then I went to Ruby and asked for Bea. Who, they asked? Then I looked around and realized this isn't Ruby. The interior was totally different! So then I remembered Ruby was before the bar with the hot girl, so how was I here if I already passed the hot girl, and there was not corner bar nearby? I had enough sense to realize I must have looked like a drunken fool. Man, I had walked into Roxy! Haha Sheesh. Maybe I need some food. Nothing since breakfast, but I still had no appetite.

    But I found Bea and, briefly, bar fined her and it was a repeat so there is nothing to report. Same old same old.

    At about 7 as I head back to the hotel I pull my phone out to check the time and saw I had two messages from Secret! Yikes, she sent them while I was banging Bea. Low, dude, low. She said "You said you understand me, but you never understood me". I will pick up with the second message probably tomorrow.

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    Move on Puppy Dog

    FL Hawk dude. I totally get it. I do it too. You get so fixated on a girl you ignore all the signs and all the negatives. But Man you need to move on!

    My friend had the best advice when Thifany got engaged. He said to just get out there and start working again. That there is a BETTER Thifany around the corner. I thought he was full of shit. But he's done this a lot and he is right. There are literally billions of girls. Just keep working it and you'll hit gold.

    And sure enough. It was literally only two months later I scored my BA hottie and she is sooooo much better. Yet some day she'll be taken and I will lament it deeply. But I will then work for the next one. The even better one.

    I know when you are intertwined in emotions with to a girl it is really hard to move on. But dude you need to move on. You will find a better Secret2 as soon as you do!

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    Trip Report, Friday, Day 5, August 23

    Trip Report, Friday, Day 5, August 23.

    I spent until after 2 PM working on my reports and actually got 2 posted today! I then decided to head down to near Soi 13/3 to the High Five tailor shop, recommend by Mr. E, to see about a suit being made. If Mr. E recommends a place you know it is good. For $205 they will make a custom tailored basic suit, pants and a silk shirt. You can get higher priced options, but this seemed to be a solid suit and since I will likely wear it only a couple of times for the rest of my life, I don't need any higher quality. He can have one made in a day, but to get the most out of custom tailoring he needs a couple of days to get a couple of fittings in.

    Next I went to 13/1 to that massage place, Supinda, or whatever, with Aon, who I guess I mistakenly identified as Aom in past reports. She was there this time, sitting outside, and I almost didn't recognize her. She has gained a little more weight than I remember and her face was not quite up her Thai Friendly image, but it was her and the classic beauty of her face could still be seen. I went in for simple a massage. She sort of remembered me and during the massage she tried to sell me the "special", and she gave a free sample, but for the price I can get all of that on Soi 6 plus boom boom and, usually, BJ. She upgraded the offer to BJ, and it was tempting, and she had done a good job before, but again, you can get that and boom boom on Soi 6 from a young naked lass for less. I enjoyed the massage and the freebie HJ, which showed my Apcalis was working.

    Next I headed up to Soi 6, not totally sure of what I would do. But while waiting for Secret to text me and say she was ready to see me, I shifted mental compartments to, I don't know, Jerk Mode or maybe just Single Man in Pattaya Mode, and thought I would try to find a more full figured gal with plenty of boobs for a changed. I love petite girls but miss some feeling some real boobs on occasion. I found Pat at the Hero Bar. She was not quite ideal but she had the boobs and was pleasant enough. Her English was ok so I went in then ended upstairs with her. 300 BF and 1000 for her. She was not so great in bed. No BJ and she was fairly inactive. Boobs were large and real and felt good but we really had no chemistry and I was doomed to failure. Not only do I have to worry about a condom, but I had released some 14 hours earlier for the second time in two days, and for me to release every day BB is difficult, so forget a third time with now with a condom! I gave up as she started to go dry (yes, I forgot to bring lube, but at this point I would not have bothered to get it out had I brought it). But as there was no BJ and due to a lackluster attitude, no tip for Pat. Her face was maybe a 6, body a 6 and performance a 5. I suppose she satisfied by desire for big, real boobs for the trip, but back to more petite or regular sized women. .

    Next I went down to Ruby Bar, thinking I might pick up with Sai or even repeat with Bea. Bea always seems to be front and center, and she ushered me in with no pressure. She is really a sweet lady once you get to know her. I was looking for Sai and I sort of forgot what she looked like and I mistakenly waved over the wrong girl! It just happeded to be Noi who I had been with before. She remembered me, I had totally forgotten. My notes confirmed her last April but I have no notes about her looks. Today, she is overweight and face looks all pimply or something. She is not one to repeat, though she is a nice lady. Due to my mistake in calling her over I offered both her and Bea a drink but they didn't hear me I guess. I finally identified Sai but she proceeded to ignore me! I continued to sit there, on the front row by the steps, with some of the girls sitting on the lower railing in front of me. Sai, who was outside in the street, came up the steps but didn't look at me so I reached out to touch her to get her attention but she kept going. I was getting the brush off! What the beep?

    I continued to sit there and ended up giving the girl setting on the lower rail a neck massage. She leaned back between my legs, and I continued the massage. She asked which one which one of us was on vacation! The girl was pretty but I had no sexual interest in her, but I brought some happiness into her life. I had tried to get Sai's attention again, but what did I do to upset her?? She had told me to come back to her today! I finally decided to leave and as she was still in the street I went to her, but she didn't want to talk. I asked what was wrong and she said because of me she could not boom boom as I made her V sore. Wow. I said sorry but gently reminded her that I had expressed concern that she was hurting but she had to continue one and that it was I who finally said no more sex as KNEW she was hurting as she was do dry and I didn't have enough spit. That seemed to calm her down and I think she appreciated me talking to her and I think I left with her willing to see me again. Regardless, though, to be rude like that with me was not cool. She knew about KY and because she didn't have any my session was cut short. Sorry for her, but sorry for me, too. But, she is also a newbie, so I can cut her some slack.

    But while sitting at the bar prior to leaving, I saw a hot blonde girl out in front at the Baku Bar. She was quite striking and I saw her hit on an ugy dude so I thought maybe I had a chance with her. So I headed that way and she indeed came over and I let her drag me inside. Her English was ok and her name was Kaem. She was quite pretty but I wondered about her attitude, given other hot girls I have had who were basic starfishes. But she seemed ok, not at all stuck up, and quite pretty indeed, certainly in the top couple of percent on Soi 6. I felt no need to prolong things too much and after 10 minutes I asked to BF her and she was happy and up we went. I wondered if she would look as hot naked as she did in her outfit I. Well, she kind of hid herself as we undressed and went off to shower alone. Sigh. In bed she revealed that she was obviously a mother with some sagging boobs, and her skin was a bit loose for being 24, but still not too bad to look at. Nice figure and legs and a pretty, shaved V. To my surprise, she loved deep kissing and there was no problem with FIV. Actually, she had recently some hot Thai food and her literally hot lips heated mine up a bit. The V, while not exactly tight like Sai, was good enough. There was lots of foreplay so in that regards it was near GFE, but lacking actual passion I think. Again, no BJ, and I didn't even inquire about it with those hot lips! I broke out an expensive Okomoto for her and I thought (like almost always) I had a shot of coming with her, but it was not to be. Again, I had an O the day before and day before that, so it was not going to happen, even though my body was capable. We did missionary, and a long bit of doggie, then missionary and when I was ready to give up, switched to cowgirl. But she started to dry so it was over for me. When I finally pulled out and rolled over, she was content to lie there and rest for a good 10 minutes, us close together. I gave her a 100 baht tip as she tried and was semi-GFE. I could see me with her again if I get no more sexual satisfaction for a few days. So, face a solid 8 and maybe a low 9, body a good 9 overall, relative to what is available on 6, and performance a solid 8, hindered by a lack of actual passion even though she was close to being a GFE. I left happy if frustrated.

    And that brings up Secret. She did not contact me all day. I exited via Soi 6/1 leaving her to work the job she hates and not calling on me to take her away. But if she actually regards me as work, then it makes sense. But things remain not looking very good and I don't know why.

    I came back to my hotel and rested and wrote a bit, then decided to head back to Soi 6. I entered from the west side and went to her bar and she was in the back, just getting up from being with 2 guys to get them drinks. The girls out front, seeing me, said I should go in and sit down. I went in but went over to Secret who was then at the bar helping to prepare the drinks. Really, I forgot what was said. It was a little awkward, but I am sure I said Hello, and she probably asked me if I wanted my soda and I said no, then I probably said bye as I didn't want to bother her as she was working. I did not want to stay and watch. Too awkward for both of us. I needed to let her do her job. As I left the entrance, one of girls asked if I was staying and I said no, she was busy. I got an awkward laugh. I presume these girls may know some of the truth. I walked eastward not sure if I would go into a bar or what, but ended up leaving on 6/1 and went to McDs for a late dinner. After 45 minutes of so I went back and I did not see her, but the ladies told me she was in the toilet and to go on in. I somewhat feigned a sad face and said Secret didn't like me. One of the girls quickly spoke up and said "No, she likes you very much!" in a way that was believable. IDK. I have never received any looks from any of them that I was old fool, but more like I was a good man and they were happy for us. IDK.

    She came out and I went back to sit with her. It was still awkward and our language difficulty really manifested itself. She sat close and held my hand, but I watched another girl in there to the same with a dude she just met and looked to be having fun. Secret is at least being somewhat honest and not going overboard with emotion for me. But I am seeing things slipping away and not sure if I should encourage it or try to hold on for a while longer. I try to play the romantic and I get up, offer her my hand to get her to stand, and I walk over to the exact spot where we first met. She did seem warmed by that, asking "You really remember?

    It was a bit past midnight and we weren't making any more progress and my mind was frozen. I decided I wanted to get out of there and I got up, and told her I was leaving as I paid the bill. I asked what she was going to do, and she said go back to her hotel or apartment or whatever it is. I said she could come with me, and she asked if I was going to BF her. These next few works will seal my fate somehow. But I don't like for her to use that term with me, and I said whatever she wanted to do I would make it happen. She could come with me right then, she could stay and work and then do whatever (go to her place or, who knows, go on a BF, even though the bar was empty of other men), or come to me after the bar closed. She said I had to pay a BF. I said yes, but I didn't want her to call it that as I was not buying her. She seemed to fixated on that, but I repeated the options of go with me now, come to me later, or go home. And, don't worry about the BF. Seems simple to me, but that would prove to be a fatal error on my part.

    I walked back to my hotel and, after thinking some, felt that I would give her another chance in case she had forgotten my room number. I sent her the number "in case you change your mind. " And I expressed my sadness about how things were going. I sent her a crying emogi and, to my surprise, she sent me a sad emogi back. I wrote back "Why you sad? I am her for you. Whatever you want. " To clarify, I then said "That means: come by if you want" and adding "I am too tired for sex so don't worry about that. " She read them all before work ended, but no more responses.

    So I spent the night alone, but I left with a bad vibe when what I said was intended to let her know I wanted her and I would take care of her for whatever she wanted to do.

    I could say more here but I will wait until the next report.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David2  [View Original Post]
    I hope you meant to say "duds" instead of "dudes" FL Hawk. If not, then you're probably on Soi 6/1 instead of Soi 6. Just sayin.
    Apparently you missed the part where he said her vagina was almost too tight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLHawk  [View Original Post]
    Trip Report, Thursday, Day 4, August 22.

    I was having some doubts about Sai as I noticed she had a tad bit of fat around her tummy, but she was otherwise pleasant and these newbies can sometimes be awesome, while at other times dudes. Oh, well, why not take a chance?
    I hope you meant to say "duds" instead of "dudes" FL Hawk. If not, then you're probably on Soi 6/1 instead of Soi 6. Just sayin.

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    Trip Report, Thursday, Day 4, August 22

    Trip Report, Thursday, Day 4, August 22.

    Note: I realized my previous report was titled as being on Tuesday. It should have read Wednesday.

    I ate breakfast alone after Secret left. She didn't want to eat with me. For whatever reason she had to hurry back to the hotel room. She tried to explain to me why but I didn't understand. I could have grabbed the iphone for a translation, but did the reasons really matter? I could see her phone appeared to be working well but, again, for the whole day I never got a message from her.

    I worked on my reports and finally headed to Soi 6 around 3 PM. Maybe it was later, as the sun was right in my eyes walking down the street. I had thoughts of getting TF or Tinder girl over, but Soi 6 has a strong pull on me. I guess I was on a mission, as I pretty much seemed to head right to Ruby Bar. Bea was busy but a cute named Sai captured me and, with some hesitation on my part, I went inside. She was very petite, which I like. I order my drink and while waiting Bea was free and I waved to her. She came over and I said something and she thought I meant I was hot, so she went to get a cold cloth. She new I chose someone else but she was still cheerful so I offered her a drink to. That was good as she was able to interpret a bit with Sai. Sai was a newby to Pattaya, being there just one week apparently. This is where I learned Bea was 37 with two teenagers, which stunned me, and that Sai was 24 with two toddlers. I was having some doubts about Sai as I noticed she had a tad bit of fat around her tummy, but she was otherwise pleasant and these newbies can sometimes be awesome, while at other times dudes. Oh, well, why not take a chance?

    She was happy to be bar fined so up we go, to the same room I was in with Bea. But I have to shower myself. Hmmm. Not starting off so good. Then naked in bed, she keeps a towel on, and immediately starts a BJ. Sigh. This is not starting off so good. But, her BJ is interesting. She starts off slow and with just the tip, and she teases a little, and eventually she takes in the whole thing. Her petite hands makes me look massive so in due course she has me at full staff. She quickly puts on the my secret weapon condom my Okamo Zero One Large. No, I am not a large guy, but I had tried their regular and found it too tight and difficult to unroll. Their large fits me well. So time to finally enter this lady.

    She was quite tight. How, with two kids? But she was hard to get in and she appeared to be in pain. Once inside, it felt good, but if I pull out a little to far it was light the tightness would pull me out of her. That action happened a number of times. But that tightness felt amazing, but seeing her in apparent pain was unsettling. I asked her if she hurt but she didn't seem to understand. She was not exactly super wet and I tried to use saliva, and I was cursing myself for not bringing a small bottle of lube. I brought some with me to Thailand, but failed to take it with me today. We managed a few positions but the spit was losing effectiveness and she thought she tried to put up with it, it was too much and we had to stop. We said to come back tomorrow and she would have KY. So, yeah, I have to pay another 1000? I don't paying 1000 and while I know I can ask them to drop the price, I don't bother. But, if there is a next time, I think I will ask for lower. I got jipped! Why a BG doesn't carry KY with her, beats me. But certainly many do not, hence the reason I bring my own. Except today.

    I think that I won't bother to see her again, as Bea was much more fun, but as I think about it I may indeed see her again just to experience that tight V. When there was wetness she actually felt pretty good. After the session I did talk to Bea and said the session wasn't that great so maybe she will talk to Said, IDK. But, we will see.

    So I left and I think I had it in my mind to go to Secret. But I had to get past Jin.

    Actually, yesterday when I left Bea, I say Jin but she was looking away at the time and didn't see me. But this time, she was out front and saw me and, yeah, I could ignore her, but she is alike a friend now so I went over. After a bit she asked me where I had been yesterday. I was honest and said I was out there and didn't see her. She said she knew I was there and I bar fined a girl. I asked what I did after that, a little perturbed she was invading my privacy. She was upset but she kept most of it to herself and asked if I was going to BF her. I ignored the question and she didn't raise it again. After some awkward minutes I said I needed to leave. I paid for the drinks and gave her a tip, which I said to use to feed the cats. We both love cats and she takes care of strays at home, so I have before given her money for that. She was happy enough to hug me, and I left to go to Secret.

    The street was still not busy and Secret was alone and very happy to see me. I am seeing she seems different in the bar that alone, and that does not bode well. I mentioned about the night before and her not kissing me and she either doesn't quite understand or she whatever, but she brushes it aside. Here and now she is overjoyed. My cynical part is saying, of course, she is at work and now she knows she can make some money. Sigh. But after a while I am getting hungry and ask if she is and she says she is so I LT her. We eventually go to Terminal 21 and she seems to enjoy just walking around and is not embarrassed to hold my hand. She is also wearing more appropriate clothing. She is not interested in expensive food and is happy with KFC. At first she was not going to each much, but she orders these egg tart things which are really pretty good and we end up stuffing ourselves. Then we go back to WS and Stones House again. Some of band members there have gotten to recognize us now and they were happy to see us. I was getting super tired by 11:30 and if I closed my eyes I would dose and wake up immediately as I started falling. She was getting tired too, probably after being home and that long trip on a bus back at night, so by 12:30 we headed to the hotel. I think our session went better. We had a brief talk that I will keep private (though our language barrier makes is difficult and we never really know if the other understands), but I think she had a better big O. It all felt amazing for me. But it was more of the same after the sex ended.

    Then this morning she had to get up early to go to her apartment to do the laundry. Once again, she is leaving me. I point out asked her if she had a BF. Her eyes opened up in shocked and she said no. I think I believe her. But I still have not sat her down with the translator apps and tried to figure things out. Maybe I am scared to end this, to end the bareback sex, to lose the possibilities, just yet. I still have over a week here and not yet ready to end this thing.

    So, this day was not great, but not bad, and the uncertainties continue. I am acting like it is ending, by seeing other girls, so if I have no faith, how can she? I am basically cheating on her from 100 or 200 yards away! In her own backyard! But if she had not changed in behavior 5 weeks ago, she and I would be preparing for our trip to Phuket. Well, tomorrow is another day. At it is about time to head out. I do what to hit up a tailor, one recommended by Mr. E. I will do that tomorrow, then maybe seen Aon while I am down there, then see what happens of Soi 6!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrEnternational  [View Original Post]
    Hilarious. I met the same chick on WeChat or Tinder last year. I went up there to see her in person and that was about it. My impression is that she is just on the site to get you to come up to the shop for a massage.
    Well, if you don't go for the HJ "special" she will do a BJ, but that is it. But I swear she looked hotter last April. She does a decent job, but as I said, her clothes stay on. A year or two earlier a girl there would do boom boom, but I have found you get better value on Soi 6. Go there for a massage, but control yourself as she give you a free sample, and go to Soi 6 for a real happy ending.

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    FL Hawk and Girlfriends

    FL Hawk buddy keep it coming. I love to read the real life soap opera. It is soooo much easier to be like Mr E and others and just treat it as a business transaction. Soooo much easier. But I am like you and like treading the girlfriend line even tho it leads to pain. The high is so worth it IMO.

    Was it totally painful to see my Thifany cavorting with her new husband on Instagram? Absolutely. Happy for her. But it totally sucks too! So did I go back to transactional only?

    Nope. Picked up a new SB type "girlfriend" in Buenos Aires who is better and more real than Thifany the unicorn if that is possible. And it's totally awesome. I know factually some dude with more coin will come along and she will ghost me. But in the moment it's magical and can't be replicated with transactions. (Not that I've quit that!

    So keep riding the thin girlfriend-line on that slippery slope man! Rock on FL Hawk!

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    Hahaha so true

    Quote Originally Posted by MrEnternational  [View Original Post]
    They do not need your advice. They need money. Unless your advice is going to pay off dad's truck, pay the mafia loan they owe, get them some land, and put a house on it. I guess this has to be reshown every so often.
    Yep. Pretty much spot on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLHawk  [View Original Post]
    possibly see Aon at Supivida (spelling) massage on Soi 13/1.
    Hilarious. I met the same chick on WeChat or Tinder last year. I went up there to see her in person and that was about it. My impression is that she is just on the site to get you to come up to the shop for a massage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve9696  [View Original Post]
    There is definitely something to that. Like they don't feel like they deserve it and almost seek out to make sure it doesn't get serious. Another thing I've noticed is I tend to want to help them and end providing what I think is helpful advice. They usually don't want it. I think a lot of these girls are fiercely independent and don't need daddy telling them what to do. They had that already!
    They do not need your advice. They need money. Unless your advice is going to pay off dad's truck, pay the mafia loan they owe, get them some land, and put a house on it. I guess this has to be reshown every so often.
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    Damaged Goods

    Quote Originally Posted by Falcon95  [View Original Post]
    In my experience, the girls become cold when you keep going back to them. It's almost like they don't want you to repeat with them.
    There is definitely something to that. Like they don't feel like they deserve it and almost seek out to make sure it doesn't get serious. Another thing I've noticed is I tend to want to help them and end providing what I think is helpful advice. They usually don't want it. I think a lot of these girls are fiercely independent and don't need daddy telling them what to do. They had that already!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLHawk  [View Original Post]
    Trip Report, Tuesday, Day 3, August 21.

    So, this second day in Pattaya ends mixed. I am with Secret and I just had one of the best lovemaking sessions of my life. But her lack of emotion, other than when she first sees me, is telling. I need to clear this up. Is she holding back out of fear (logical) or has her feelings actually died down. Her reaction in the bar was not fake and it was real. So, I don't know. I should not be trying to over analyze this. But as I have said, I already know it is ending. But exactly HOW will it end?.
    In my experience, the girls become cold when you keep going back to them. It's almost like they don't want you to repeat with them.

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    Trip Report, Tuesday, Day 3, August 21.

    Day 1 was a very long day with the travel but I think I actually held up quite well. Jin came over as I mentioned at about 10:30. We ate breakfast then she crashed while I went out and got a SIM card then tried to correct issues with my phone. I got a new phone and I am using the old phone for my travel phone, I had some problems with Viper and Line as a result. I unwisely decided to go to McD's to sip a Coke while I worked the issues and, well if I am here, since I didn't stuff myself for breakfast at the hotel, I will stuff myself now with a cheeseburger and fries. Oh well, it lasted me for the rest of day.

    While I was out I decided to contact Secret again. To my surprise she texted me back fairly quickly. I learned she had been home and was just now returning to Pattaya and would bet here at the start of business. So, she was not with a random dude last night and she just completing a 10 hour bus ride. Well, ok, now what do I do? Rather than discuss the possibilities I will simply tell you. Once Jin left at 2:30 I headed to Soi 6, still no really sure what I was going to do. I considered going back to Ruby to partake of one of the other lovey ladies I had seen the day before when I was with the delightful Bea. I did make it to Ruby, and Bea was right there and she was tempting, but I had to accept that my heart wanted Secret at that point. I mean, the only reason I am here in Pattaya in August was to see her. That was the original intent of this trip. So I spoke to Bea and said I liked her and would likely come back to her, but I had to keep going. She understood and then I beelined to Secret's bar, not sure if I might find her with a dude or how she would react to seeing me. I went inside and didn't see her at first, but I hear a cry and there she is, in the back, and she is totally surprised and she comes out to give me a very firm hug. She seem super happy, and hugs me a few more times, and the other girls are happy and she shows me off to her new friend in the bar. And all seems right with the world for a little bit, seeing her pure happiness and repeated hugs. Even the bar manager gives me a big thumbs up.

    But our language problem shows up quickly, but I guess we overlook them and before long I ask if she wants to get out of there and she says yes. She goes to get her stuff and I am little taken aback that she comes back wearing her bar's shirt and shorts. I am not keen on my girl advertising the bar where she works when she is out with me, but oh well. Maybe I will offer to buy her some more appropriate clothes, but yet I don't want her to think I am ashamed of her, either. Sigh. We head to my hotel and she says she is tried from the very long bus trip, and I am still jet lagged, so we nap for a few hours. When we wake we head to WS and listen to music before coming back. She is being somewhat affectionate but once in bed, she starts to chill. This is repeating a pattern from last time. What the heck? She simply lies there, playing with my Johnson, but not even moving her fact to kiss me. I am about ready to just roll over and sleep, but I have been stupid before when a lady is not showing affection and I simply calling it off, as I don't wish to have sex with a woman who is not showing any desire even if I paid for it. Yes, possibly stupid for me, but I can sleep at night too. But, this was different with her as we have expressed our "love", and this might be my only chance of bare back sex as we could break up at any time, and, thus, this could possibly be my only chance for some relief for this whole trip! So I decided to romance her best I could. I did tell her there was more to me than just my dick and I started to try to get her more excited. (At this point her V was still dry.) I was a little bit aggressive with the kissing, but I kept it gentle and dry (no wet tongues), and I tried to be like two lovers who had not seen each other in 3 months and was ready for some passion and that she was simply exhausted but still ready to be made love to. It worked. After I did oral on her she got soaking wet, but I delayed intercourse until I literally thought I might explode. It was pure heaven when I did enter her, and I alternated between giving her oral and giving her my Johnson. She started moaning and I believe she came. I continued with the changing tactics, then got her into doggie where I finally let lose. Awesome. There was certainly tons of affection from me, but she has never really been aggressive with me. (No idea how she is like with the other random dudes.).

    So while she did as I wanted, and she was enjoying the physical pleasures, I still didn't feel the love. And after the shower, she kept her distance from me, just like our last night we were together that I found so confusing. After the sun came up she was a bit fitful in her sleep, but she did come close to me and wrapped me her arms around me. At 10:30 she got up, saying she had to go to her hotel. Yeah, the day before she told me she couldn't sleep at the bar (not sure if that meant the sleeping conditions at the bar made it so she slept poorly which is what Jin had hold me or if she was not allowed to sleep there). Anyway, she had a cheap hotel room and she needed to go there. Possibly she kept her stuff there and, not expecting to be BF's that first day, she had not brought her normal street wear to work that day. Or, and the thought hit me, she may have a boyfriend there. I mean, to me it seemed like her feelings for me cooled very quickly, like she got a boy friend but, like most BGs, they won't admit they have one. But I could be wrong on that. I can understand her getting a cheap room (and she maintains an apartment in the city where she used to work before becoming a BG or it belongs to a BF! So she may indeed have a cheap room simply for sleep in Pattaya.

    But without a lot of affection she leaves. I ask if she wants to see me again and she appears to ignore me, who knows. I get a kiss and she leaves. I went into the bathroom and see she left her toothbrush kit. I texted her to see if that means she wants to come back and she says yes. Sigh. I tell her I will see her later. I can probably extend this so-called relationship a little while longer. I would like to sit down with her and try to figure out what happened. As I said, we HAVE to breakup. A breakup is inevitable. Maybe it has already happened in her eyes but I am that good friend. Maybe I crossing from her thinking I am her lover to a client finally. I don't know.

    So, this second day in Pattaya ends mixed. I am with Secret and I just had one of the best lovemaking sessions of my life. But her lack of emotion, other than when she first sees me, is telling. I need to clear this up. Is she holding back out of fear (logical) or has her feelings actually died down. Her reaction in the bar was not fake and it was real. So, I don't know. I should not be trying to over analyze this. But as I have said, I already know it is ending. But exactly HOW will it end?

    I want to add that editing these reports takes a very long time, and sometimes I try to rush things so I can get out there. So if I get my tenses mixed up for leave out some words or use the wrong words, please forgive.

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