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Thread: 2006 Banned Users List

Closed Thread
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    Banned: Straight Shooter - Roadrunner1 - Road Warrior2000

    Reason: Straight Shooter was posting under multiple aliases as verified by IP checks. His other two aliases Roadrunner1 and Road Warrior2000 were started with the sole purpose of posting reports supporting his Straight Shooter posts.

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    Banned: Zyzy Pasi

    Reason: Posting requests for information about ladyboys in the Hong Kong forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zyzy Pasi
    ladys or ladyboys

    iam going to in hong kong at the end of month & looking to see a lady or ladyboy & is it better & safer to see a lady like the ones on & how do i find a lovey ladyboy . what are the ladys like in bars & is it safe & where & what bars do i go to . thanks everyone
    Quote Originally Posted by Zyzy Pasi
    hi all i like to know is it safe to see a lady like the ones on>& where can i find a lovey ladyboy . iam going to be there for 2 days & iam from Australia . thanks

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    I've been curious about this rule ever since I came across it in one of the Thailand threads.

    If I recall correctly an interest in TS males is more commenly associated with hetero-identified males than with gay-indentified.

    Quote Originally Posted by Elijah B
    Jackson, it is, after all, your forum... and you do have the right to set whatever rules you like... but, frankly, banning Prov 01 for "admitting bisexual interests" (or, more accurately, saying "I am bisexual") sounds more than a bit absurd!

    Yes, this forum is for men seeking women, not those seeking other males, transsexuals, or transvestites... but I think we should stick to banning those who request information on finding males or shemales, rather than those who merely admit to being bisexual, but only ask for info on girls.

    Hi Elijah B,

    I respect your opinion. However, Prov 01 is actually another handle for a well-documented serial antagonist on this forum, and in this case his proclimations that he is a bi-sexual is simply another way to fuck with me and this forum.

    Nevertheless, anyone who expouses bi-sexual tendencies on this forum is self-terminating his membership. Believe me, I know from experience, these guys have a homosexual agenda, and I'm not going to wait until it's in full bloom before I put a stop to it.



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    Banned: Edern

    Reason: Requesting information on finding ladyboys in the Cambodia forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by Edern

    Hi everybody !

    I went to cambodia several times but I never met some Ladyboys. My next trip to PP is in August. Do you know where I can find some of them ?


    Edern from France.

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    Banned: Mecomeon

    Reason: Posting photo with embedded text. Posting telephone number of innocent third party.

  6. #33

    Banned: The Moon

    Reason: Requestiong informaiton about TVs in the Malta forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Moon
    Hi Pumpingjack and thanks for the report. Infact I noticed as well that both in Marsa and Gzira they lack a lot. Used to go a lot near phoenicia but seems dead now. Seems as well TS are asking for a tenner now for an anal fuck. Last time I was in Marsa was about to get a TS when a PC car stopped and had to move on. If anyone has any contacts for TV`s or TS would be highly appreciated. In Marsa I met a TS from BBugia which was very pretty and nice CIM and not looking for money. She had said she worked as well from home but I lost the phone number.

  7. #32

    Banned: Happy Traveller

    Reasons: Requesting information on TVs in the Netherlands forum.


    Hi friends,

    I will be with a business friend being a TS lover in Amsterdam next week. Is there any special place (street) in Amsterdam's RLD where to find several TS? Thanks for your help mates.

    Happy Traveller

  8. #31

    Banned: Pty Sexy

    reason: requestign information on where to find 17 year old street walkers in the managua section.

    where's managua action?

    where are the hottest places in managua? where i could get a sw in the 17 or 18?

    what happen if someone catches me with an **** girl (17)?

    please be honest gran pollo, you know the place, forget about politics and share your knowledge

  9. #30

    Banned: White Widow

    Reason: Requesting information about TV's in the Thailand forum.

    Nice katoeys

    Katoeys are what I'm into - just one of them things. But I do realise that there are a fair share of dodgy ones.

    Where is good for genuine, friendly Katoeys with great service?


  10. #29

    Banned: Farmatseft666

    Reason: SPAMMING the forum with multiple links to various pharmaceutical websites.

  11. #28

    Banned: Marc Molle

    Reason: Insulting the webmaster via email.

    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Molle

    You scum,am I doing such a good job,writing my reports,that you can't stand it,seing them out in full view,you fucking wank,sorry yank mother fucker,you systematicly censor what I write wich is a prove that I'm kicking some ass on this fucking thread!!!too late butt holle my point has being made already,this thread was dying before I showed up,it's going to die after I leave,are you a belguel ass licker yourself to behave in this outrageous manner,sure you are just a big fat **** that hides in the cyber world,I cannot believe what a biased redneck you are,calling yourself a moderator,what a joke!you are a fucking pervert extremist.(don't bother emailing back,it gone go straight to the trash).

  12. #27

    Banned: Pat Cat

    Reason: Spamming the Forum with multiple links to off-site photos.

  13. #26

    Banned: Got No Jaffas

    Reason: Requesting information about ladyboys in the Beijing, China thread.

    to lend some diversity to the beijing thread, does anyone know of any ladyboy transvestite activity going on in beijing? a friend did mention seeing some streetwalkers somewhere.

  14. #25

    Banned: Honolulu Jimmy

    Reason: Insulting the webmaster in a PM.
    Look clown.
    All I ever did was want to have a warning put on poste that groos and you let the lil wimps tell you how to run you board. I was banned to only the sectioin you put up...I have great pics from my last trip and will take more in a few weeks...I was a guest and now I have to pay...NO WAY, your fiends didn;'t like that I had more material cause I spend alot of time in Thailand when the spend alot of time in there sorryassed home countries. When in not in LOS I'm in Honolulu and have many nice micro bikini shots from Wakikik an a few of the Nude Dancer girls as I know where they Sunbath to get no tan lines......None for this board cause you let people tell you how to run the board and do so with lies....Sorry, it will take a bit to get me back!

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    Banned: C Relax

    Reason: Posting she-male information in the Portugal forum.

    If you intend to go to Algarve and love shemales don't miss Aline Estefany.

    Photos available at

    If any doubts please post them on site's forum!

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