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Thread: 2006 Banned Users List

Closed Thread
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  1. #23

    Banned: Smokemylungs

    Reason: Another new member off to a bad start. 4 posts in the Malta section, all referring to TV's in some way or another, and all a complete waste of space.

    Here's his first report, and it went downhill from here:

    Quote Originally Posted by Smokemylungs
    First timer

    Ok I'm gonna be straight here, I'm an 18 year old virgen male and I'm getting big sexual urges and I just can't wait 8 months in a relationship, because I have a huge libido and plus I'd rather do it with a professional the first time, cos the first time is probably gonna suck and I'd like to hear about my performance (girls in relationships wudnt dare tell you .. you suck) .

    I need to know the jack of the trades, as I do not like being ripped off or getting an STD, as 1: Its just ugh 2: Painful 3: I still live with my parents.

    a) What I need to know is what is the going rate of paying for sex.

    b) Do I need to arm myself just incase? (flik knifes..etc)

    c) Is there a chance I might get a sex soliciatation addiction on the first time?

  2. #22

    Banned: Vaiojr

    Reason: A new member off to a bad start. Three reports, all critizing the same forum member. I've seen this too many times.

  3. #21

    Banned: Crist Lepre

    Reason: Requesting information in transsexuals in the Malta forum.

    ts numbers

    Does anyone have any numbers of ts?

    Please, I desperatley need one.

  4. #20

    Banned: Acompanhantes

    Reason: Posting multiple spam message in the Lisbon, Portgual forum.

    Hi guys,

    If you go to Portugal you can check for girls in
    There are girls from Lisbon and Oporto.

    What's so stupid is that he would have been welcome to post these links in the classified ads section.

  5. #19

    Banned: On The Go

    Reason: Insulting the webmaster.

    The Spineless Yellow Bellyed Coward Jackson

    Hey Jackson,

    You are a real ignorant spineless yellow bellyed coward for you do not even have a clue what the fuck is even going on. Are you really that clueless Spineless?. You better do some more research before you come to the conclusion that I am all these ids you seem to think I am, you fucking coward. Furthermore you respond to YELLOW SHOWER BOY Prov 1 by addressing your comments to Guinness. What a stupid fuck you are, as you really just showed your stupidity!. As others have stated to you all along that Guinness and Prov 1 are all of the same person, which you denied you lying fuck, and now you go and let all the members know you knew it all along. Your stupid ignorant ass deserves the company of these ladyboy lovers. What the fuck they get off on having people uriinate on them, and you consider them your friends?. Sure speaks volumn of your stupid spineless ass.

  6. #18

    Banned: John2001

    Reason: SPAMing the forum with links to a pay website.

  7. #17

    Banned: Spokane Boy

    Reason: Requesting information of finding "ladyboys" in the Bangkok, Thailand section.

    Question? I was wondering if any one can tell me how the Landmark hotel compares to the President Solitaire hotel. I have stayed at the Solitaire and I was very happy the service was great the staff great and the rooms great, the only thing I didnít like was the distance to action. I was also wondering where is the best place to go see cute Ladyboys. I was also wondering if hotels are ok with ladyboys or not .
    I have been to Bangkok before but I always book online for hotel ahead of time. The question is do you think it is better to book before or to wait until you get there? I was also wondering I have stayed at the Pres Solitare and it was great the staff food and girl friendly. I was thinking about trying Majestic Grande this time but I was wondering how it compares to Solitare? Also wondering where to find good looking lady boys because some of the girls I know want me to take some pics and I was wondering if the hotels ar Ladyboy friendly?

  8. #16

    Banned: Kerry Travers

    Reason: Requesting information on finding ladyboys in Thailand in an email to webmaster.

    To: Jackson at ISG Forum <>
    Subject: Help with meetingLadybioys

    Cna omeone kindly durect me to a Dating Agency for LadyBoys in Thailand???
    There must be one....and I am looking for a serious relationship with the right ladyboy..So Help anyone???

  9. #15

    Banned: Bareback Bonker

    Reason: 1. Posting reports in the Cambodia section in blue font specifically intended to mimic and/or imitate Admin's reports. 2. Personal attacks and derogatory remarks directed towards other forum members.

    Report deleted by Bareback Bonker

    Bareback Bonker's Note: Admin's edit was deleted because previous reports were deleted unfairly in light of viscious attacks on me from 1Ball, Adjarn, Stew2 and Boberati.

    The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information between men on the subject of finding women for sex *and* related issues. Let's stick to the subject(s).

    Thank you and regards,
    Bareback Bonker
    Good day chaps,

    Bareback Bonker's Suggestion:
    I came here with the intention of sharing a true fact with people who would benefit from it. Predictably, the BIGOTS joined in and began judging me and posting insults. I replied in the same fashon and yet only my posts were deleted by the MODS.

    Well that cuts it.

    Adjarn, Ralph Kramden, 1Ball and Boberati.... You are all BIGOTED idiots and stupid fuckwits. Wake up and get a fucking clue, there are MANY mongers who go bareback, fuck, there's ASIAN RAIN, and ESSI for a start.


  10. #14
    Jackson, it is, after all, your forum... and you do have the right to set whatever rules you like... but, frankly, banning Prov 01 for "admitting bisexual interests" (or, more accurately, saying "I am bisexual") sounds more than a bit absurd!

    Yes, this forum is for men seeking women, not those seeking other males, transsexuals, or transvestites... but I think we should stick to banning those who request information on finding males or shemales, rather than those who merely admit to being bisexual, but only ask for info on girls.

    Hi Elijah B,

    I respect your opinion. However, Prov 01 is actually another handle for a well-documented serial antagonist on this forum, and in this case his proclimations that he is a bi-sexual is simply another way to fuck with me and this forum.

    Nevertheless, anyone who expouses bi-sexual tendencies on this forum is self-terminating his membership. Believe me, I know from experience, these guys have a homosexual agenda, and I'm not going to wait until it's in full bloom before I put a stop to it.



  11. #13

    Banned: Prov 01

    Reason: Admitted bisexual interests in the Thailand section.

    I am bisexual and along with my friend will be coming to Thailand for the first time to enjoy the Thai girls and the lifestyle that the city of Bangkok offers. We will be staying in Bangkok as of right now for an extended period of time and was wondering if anyone has any information on long term affordable rentals. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  12. #12

    Banned: Shanghai Farkr

    Reason: Requesting information about finding teen-age girls in the Bangkok Reports section of the Thailand forum.

    When I said younger girls, I meant the girls immediately above the legal age of consent...15.2, 15.5, 16.3..., etc. Who wants girls in their 20s? They are too old for me!

    Shanghai is full of young chicks in their late teens and early 20s. So why do I want to fly 6 hours and spend a total of nearly 9 hours on the single flight just to fark those in their 20s?

    Yesterday I discovered the legal age of consent in Thailand is my target will be as aforementioned! Within the boundaries of legality, the younger the better! I am no paedophile, but just enjoy licking, sucking and f**king pink lips and pink pussies...

    More advice from you top guns will be warmly welcome!

  13. #11

    Banned: Spanish Hero

    Reason: Requesting information on finding shemales in the East China - Shanghai section.

    shemale sex?

    Hi, any tip on shemale sex in Shanghai?

    Thanks to all, great forum!

  14. #10

    Banned: Pissedoff

    Reason: Promoting personal forum.

  15. #9

    Banned: Mrgoodbi

    Reason: Requesting information on shemales in the Germany section.

    Hello everbody,

    I would like to know if there are any BI FKK's in Germany or similar (shemale FKK's).

    I'm BI and and would like to know if anybody can give me some indication.

    Or even if this forum is not the right place, please tell me if you know some place else.

    Thanks in advance!


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