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Thread: Sao Paulo Reports

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    Don't know her name

    Quote Originally Posted by Ronaldo10  [View Original Post]
    What is Marcela's amiga's name? Does her amiga advertise on the internet?

    Sorry dude, forgot her name, she lives in the same building if not same apartment. Kinda' got the impression they might be a couple (ding, ding, ding, dupla alert). She WhatsApped me her photo, like an idiot I deleted it. But one thing I remember, she was certified in the flesh hotter than balls!

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    So, fun facts.

    Scandallo is easy to locate using the built-in map on Uber. Uber Black from Itaim Bibi to Scandalo roughly BRL 30.00 each way.

    Entrada at Scandallo is BRL 220. However this is apparently 70% applicable to consumption. And tonight I basically used it all. First time ever I ate in their restaurant. It was pretty crowded. My colleagues swear by their sushi. I had a pretty good contra filet with arroz com brocolis and mashed mandioca. Was it overpriced? Sure. But hey it was in the entrada. BRL 220 is about $68 USD.

    -Couvert: 70 BRL (I think this was their charge for the live music in the lounge, as there was no bullshit olive plate or bread on the table).

    -Contra Filet: 70 BRL.

    -Paulaner Weiss: 60 BRL (yes, this is 60 BRL for a bottle that sells at the market for about 18 BRL).

    -Agua com Gas: 20 BRL.

    But bam that's 220 BRL, hah. And the company paid. Which I don't feel bad about at all, as a dinner with colleagues would easily hit $68 USD per head.

    So after my disasterous afternoon at Miruna, some colleagues decided to go to Scandallo (because they don't know better), and I figured why not. We had closed a deal that saved us tens of thousands of dollars, so we laughingly said we could spend 1 K USD of the savings on "entertainment" -- which today gives you about 3300 BRL, more than enough to cover a night for a few guys at Scandallo. What's funny to me is even knowing the company would cover it, I still didn't do anything. My amigas coloridas in Rio have spoiled me. 3-4 hours or more of hanging out, whenver I want, with great, fun, passionate, intimate sex. For BRL 400-ish. And now at Scandallo I'm staring at a sea of painted working girls with big fake tits, big fake asses. The majority are older, you can tell they have been at it a while. They are "militarized" as one of my colleagues says. And I'm thinking, man, maybe I can negotiate one of these chicks down to 400-500 BRL max, but then I still have to pay the room ( 180 BRL) **. Unless I see a super hot one, there's no way it's worth it.

    Hell it's not even the money (though on principal, yes, it's the money) as the company would have paid for it. It's just the hassle of having to negotiate with one of these militarized chicks and deal with the room and all that BS. And for what? I can go back to Rio and have a better time tomorrow. So I held out, looking around the room for 1+ hours, trying to find a young hottie who would snap me out of it. Not to be found. I can see how if you just landed in Brazil from Europe or the USA you'd go to Scandallo and think you were in heaven. I mean, for execs we bring from the USA, it's doggie-dinner-bowl looks the minute they walk in. But after being here for 5+ years, it's just not that exciting.

    What I hate the most are the (generally uglier) girls who see you hanging out, staring around the place, and are like "You look really serious" -- and then they get pissed when you don't want to talk to them. Even worse are the muppet working girls who make fun of my accent when I talk Portuguese. Damn, ho, let's hear your accent talking English. Oh wait, you studied it for 2 months? You must be an expert!


    ** yes, I know you can bring them back to your hotel. but there may be an exit fee. and frankly I hate having to deal with them in my hotel room, worrying they might steal something, etc.

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    I've been religiously reading the Brazil section of the board for the past year and am now prepping for my for my first trip to São Paulo. I'll be in country for 10 weeks and am thinking about a month in Sampa before heading to Rio. (But after reading the misadventures of Cartman, I'm tempted to just spend a few days and bounce.).

    Anyway, a tip of the hat to ABG, the virgin and others who have posted good reports here. I've been going back through old reports of distinction to gather more than current clinica lineups. For those of you on the ground or recently having passed through, can you please share about good places to meet civilians, or semi-pros? What's the latest with cafe photo? Any must try restaurants or bars?

    I'm looking at renting a place near Av. Nove de Juhlo and viaducto maj. Quedinho. Nearest metro stops are about 10 minutes away. Republica and anhangabau. Thoughts on walking in this neighborhood or from these metro stops after dark? Or is it better to stick with moema or jardins? I'm tempted to stay in liberdade and find myself a GF with some Asian mix.

    And if you can recommend a nice place to enjoy a cigar, I'd really appreciate it.

    Hope to meet some of you this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EricCartman  [View Original Post]
    Cartman is sad.

    ABG makes a valid point that I should have interviewed the garota on the couch before going up. I didn't really know you could ask to do that at the Clinicas. Something to bear in mind.

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    Mistake at Miruna

    So flew into SP today and headed straight to Miruna from CGH. It took about 10 minutes. Meaning I had to fill some time for the vitamin V to kick in. Thankfully there's a nice little cafe down the street that ABG introduced me to ("to which ABG introduced me") .

    At around 16 hrs the Miruna line-up probably had 10-15 girls, I kind of lost count. None were stunners -- in the past, there have been some younger, thinner ones. There was one blonde older girl (Lana?) who was using a black dress to conceal her belly. I hope she wasn't pregnant, but the alternative wasn't great either. Saw Vanessa who ABG had recommended, but she wasn't my physical type.

    Now I have been a HUGE fan / supported of Miruna in the past. But this time, the Cartman took one for the team. The problem with Clinicas is that you have ZERO interaction with the girl before the room (or "the loom" as we say on the Thailand boards). Just a cheek-kiss and a name. I bided my time through about 3 presentations to various other punters. Ultimately I went with a tall, youngish brunette, kind of thin, named I think Mirella. Recepcionist said it was the girl's first day at Miruna and I was her first customer. Yikes. Decided to solider on.

    Rooms at Miruna continue super nice, with clean shower / toilet en suite and nice bed / mattresses. Problem with Mirella (was she was very tentative. And she didn't kiss. I had to flat out tell her if she wouldn't kiss me "for reals" we were never going to get out of first gear. Then, just to make things worse, right as Little Cartman was perking up, she tried to blow me with a condom. I was like, um, WTF? I mean, granted, I haven't visited Miruna in a while but I don't remember covered BJs being the norm. ABG you are welcome to correct me. Anyway, I basically told her she was nuts and she started to do a reasonable BBBJ but without much passion. I tried to go down on her for a while to see if that would perk her up and increase her "fake passion" level, but it really didn't seem to work. Finally I just gave up and told her it wasn't going to happen. Of course, I did the "it's me, not you" thing and lied saying "oh, I got a lot of email from work and it's on my mind" and shit like that. She offered to give me a little massage to run out the clock and help me relax, and I played along so it wouldn't feel so awkward.

    Tipped her BRL 50 on the way out largely because I wasn't sure if BBBJ was supposed to be extra, and also because I didn't want her bad-mouthing me to the other chicks.

    Paid my BRL 220 at reception (I think it was BRL 220 for the hour). Recepionist asked how it was, and I said "mais ou menos" -- tried to explain it probably wasn't the girl's fault. Which is kind of a total lie. But hey, maybe for some guy who just wants to show up and bang she'd be great. The Cartman needs a healthy level of fake intimacy and passion.

    Anyway, pretty bummed out. I've had some great Miruna first-time experiences in the past, including Kamilla Wernek and a beautiful safada mulatta. Cartman is sad.

    In other news the Marcela Leal chick ain't returning my whatsapps, which leaves Cartman sadder. And one of my Rio regulars decided to send me a bunch of lingerie pictures so I would see what I missing due to this SP trip. Yowza.

    I've got 3+ girls on regular rotation and Rio, which makes "going cold" at Clinicas a real luck of the draw situation -- it's really hard to measure up. Still, we solider on.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kcrl01  [View Original Post]
    Ref: Marcela Leal.

    How's this? After you've seen her in person, you won't forget her face. This is the closest I have to a facial photo.

    So true! I don't think Marcela posts photos smiling because her beautiful smile would be a dead giveaway on the street or for any of her casual acquaintances.

    Eric Cartman, the only possible issue is if you prefer small, petite women which I believe Brazilians describe as "mulher mignon".

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    Yesterday evening at Tangará

    Went to this clinica yesterday, around 4 PM there were 23 incredible beutifull laidies on parade, I went with Ana, a tall and slim morena clara, black hair, very GFE, DFK, BBBJ and CIM.

    150 reais = one hour + 50 reais tip for the BBBJ / CIM. Total 200 reais.

    Very well received by the sisters Vani and Sebastiana, the owners of the place..


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    Attn: Eric Cartman

    Ref: Marcela Leal.

    How's this? After you've seen her in person, you won't forget her face. This is the closest I have to a facial photo.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails unnamed-1.jpg‎  

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    Sunday at Tangara

    Good lineup for a Sunday, 14 garotas in house, did a TD with Aice, blond young girl, a real begginer, very GFE.

    BBBJ and DFK, she don´t do CIM often, but if you are a frequent custome and clean, she will do it. Gave her 50 reais tip for the BBBJTC.

    Price 150 reais per hour.


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    Sunday at Miruna

    Miruna was excellent today, lot's of good looking girls on the lineup.

    I loved Miranda, a fantastic ebony mulata from Rio Grande do Sul. Fantastic face and body. Some ISG had TD her and liked her very much.

    Completa , DFK, DATY, BBBJTC. 50 reais tip for the BBBJ / CIM.

    Prices have increased form Sep 1st., now 230 reais per hour in cash and I think is 250 reais / hour if payid with credit card.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Xkalibur80  [View Original Post]
    Have a couple of hours to kill tomorrow. Any place near GRU to partake?
    I've made contact with you.

    Have a safe trip.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kcrl01  [View Original Post]
    Good point about the fotos, actually you're right! Never thought about it that way. And yeah, was doing anal on her and she was playing with her pussy! Will probably call her tonite after I finish work. She's got an amiga who's also hotter than balls! They're available for dupla.
    What is Marcela's amiga's name? Does her amiga advertise on the internet?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kcrl01  [View Original Post]
    Hate to burst your bubble homie, but CM is permanently closed.
    Quote Originally Posted by AltoBomGosto  [View Original Post]
    This place is the actual Scandallo. Has been there more than 10 years.

    Thanks for the info, appreciate it!

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    Clinicas near GRU

    Have a couple of hours to kill tomorrow. Any place near GRU to partake?

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    Take out2

    Quote Originally Posted by Gagoo  [View Original Post]
    Maybe if you ask her in person... She was nice enough to give me a ride home, so she should be nice enough to see someone outside the club. Maybe you can make an appointment with her about an hour before they close, then when you are finished she might give you a ride home also. She has a small red car and parks it on the street in front of the club.
    Ok Gagoo, I'll try that approach when I am next in Sampa, thanks for the info.

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