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    Good work Thunder5. I think we lost agents Thunder1 through Thunder4 in action. Probably seduced by a local never to have been heard again by the agency. I'm glad you met Rangel Carlos.

    Anyway, when I first started going to Brazil over 20 years ago, I would enjoy picking up Sexy magazine which offered nude centerfolds of girls with generous posteriors as compared to American men's magazines. Sexy would compete directly with Playboy Brasil which was very different from USA Playboy. So while the excitement of being able to fuck a Sexy centerfold model is not as intense as it was pre-internet porn, it's still pretty damn cool. Especially a centerfold model who delivers the heat. As ABG so thoughtfully pointed out, she is not based in SP, but she does visit quite often.

    Moderator: I have absolutely no affiliation with said escort/model.

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    The Thunder from Down Under

    Outstanding report Thunder5. It is the perfect plan. Kill it at all venues in the first 24 and then pick your poison. I am in your camp — Tangara was solid and cheap, but not my fave (and I prefer the night scene). Scandalo is expensive and worth it as a treat from time to time. Casarao to me is your best bet for affordable nightlife with hot ladies.

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    Club j

    Yesterday I went to the new mme. Vaní venture.

    I was very well received by her and Catarina, ex Tangara girl now managing the place.

    Localized on A. The Aclimação 395, house has a bar with a large stock of beverages at a reasonable price. Open from 11 AM till 03 AM.

    12 bedrooms all with Bathrooms and AC.

    Prices 170 reais 1 hour and 120 reais 1/2 h. Yesterday they were 06 girls available. House is an oriental style building with private saloons for executive meetings or private parties.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunder5  [View Original Post]
    This trip report is from a perspective, of a once a year monger dude, visiting Sao Paolo for first time. I essentially stayed 4 nights. (with a visit to Iguazu Falls for 3 nights in the middle.). .
    That is a report of distinction and answers most of the questions a 2019 visitor should have. I personally will not reply to any newbie questions in 2019 unless the user indicates that they have read Thunder5's report and their question goes beyond what he has already covered.

    Thunder5 has provided a good roadmap for the short term visitor. The only thing I would add is that once you have sampled the big 3 - TG, Casarao and Scandalo, if you have time permitting you can also sample Bomboa (same cost as Scandalo but a different vibe, more Brazilian), and some other clinicas (for a broader selection of ladies). That's pretty much it.

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    Trip report last week of January 2019

    This trip report is from a perspective, of a once a year monger dude, visiting Sao Paolo for first time. I essentially stayed 4 nights. (with a visit to Iguazu Falls for 3 nights in the middle.). Iguazu Falls, was fantastic! But, YES, Sao Paulo is indeed a "TOP MONGER DESTINATION" and should be on your PLACE TO VISIT LIST similar to RIO DE JANIERO, FKK GLOBE in Zurich, Medellin and Cartagena in Colombia, Costa Rica, and BARCELONA. (I've only listed places I've been so far. That I give A+ ratings to). (Frankfurt, Angkor what, Manila don't get A+ ratings, hence not on my A+ list). And I speak mucho poquito Spanish, and zero Portugese, So "YOU" . "CAN" . "DO" . "IT".

    A. Things I did before leaving:

    Be. Got a visa as a US citizen. Use the vfs. Cost is about $40 US and mine took about 5 days from application to when I got the visa via email. One person said the visa was good for 1 year, but my visa says it's good for TWO YEARS! (I'm coming back baby!

    See. I did not register for Gpguia. I did not study Portugese. And I already have UBER and WhatsApp downloaded, on my phone. I did use google translate a lot.

    The. I did contact 4 ISG members by PM for tips and advice. All 4 members I contacted, responded quickly with advice, or tips. (THANKS GUYS!) .

    E. I did read 60 pages of ISG Sao Paulo notes.

    Once I got to Sao Paulo:

    A. LODGING- I stayed at Mecure Sao Paulo Moema on 365 Avenida Lavandisca for 2 nights, Mercure Sao Paulo Pampona for 1 night, and Mercure Sao Paulo Moema Times Square for 2 nights. All 3 hotels were girl friendly. The girls did not need to check in. One time the clerk called, saying BRUNA is coming up, and I said ok. The other time I just came down to meet my girl and we simply walked to the elevator and up to my room.

    Be. PHONE SERVICE- I have T-Mobile in USA. The wireless plan worked fine in Sao Paulo and Iguazu Falls area too. No need to get a SIM card or whatever, if you have T-Mobile plan at home in USA, you will be fine.

    See. UBER- Uber worked fine everywhere on my phone. Whats app worked fine everywhere I was at. Uber is Dirt cheap. Easy. From the airport. (Just go to the inner island platform after crossing half a street on arrivals floor). There's a UBER BLACK POLE SIGN, stand next to it, and order your UBER.

    The. MONEY EXCHANGE- Do not use the single stand ATM directly next to the baggage claim area. Wait until you exit customs area sliding doors, before you withdraw money from an ATM. There are like 10-12 ATMS right next to each other, within the airport terminal, on the arrivals floor, after you pass the customs area. It was to my left, (and the street exit was to my right), when I left the customs area. I used my Charles Schwab debit card. ATM's were easy to find within the Shopping Malls and within the Large Grocery stores of Moema and Jardins areas.

    E. Sao Paulo Free Walking Tours. I really enjoyed the Free Walking Graffiti walking tour. There's 3 walking tours on offer every day, of the week, by the free walking tour company. Just google Free Walking tour, and go to the meeting spot stated on website. It's. THAT. EASY! I did the Graffiti one which is really good. And the Paulista Ave one which is okay. Didn't have time to do the old town historical one.

    My first 24 hours went well in Sao Paulo end of January. In that 24 hours after landing at 10 pm, I would visit Casarao at 1 am Friday night, Tangara at 1 pm Saturday the next day. Then a 7 pm Saturday night visit with an Independent escort Rangel Carlos, a 10 pm visit to Bahamas club on a dead Holiday Saturday Jan 26 night, and a 1 am visit to Scandallo on a dead Holiday Saturday Jan 26 night. Despite the less volume of hotties, (because it was a January 25 holiday weekend), I still had a blast in that first 24 hours.

    It was also very helpful to hang out with ISG member GoneFishing, who I was able to contact by PM on the ISG website. Thanks ISG for "landing me another friend". (Despite it being a holiday, Casarao was pretty damn packed though, volume girls number wise. I say 60-80 girls that Friday night of that Jan 25 Holiday weekend). (The actual holiday is called Sao Paulo Foundation Day).

    The venues I visited in the first 24 hours:

    Casarao is $20 R to enter without drinks, and $40 R with a consumable $20 R drink.

    Tangara has cheap bar right across the street. I had 1 or 2 beers at the tiny store across street. (They also deliver beers to you inside Tangara).

    Saw Indepedent Escort at her place. Rangel Carlos. $500 R ($131 US).

    Scandallo - $250 R to enter. Don't forget your ID. $150 of $250 R is consumable. Girls quoted $600 to $800 Reals. (In US dollar terms, "it's" $158 US to $210 US PLUS the $53 US room you have to pay for)!. So I kept on thinking. Is this Scandallo girl worth $211 US to $263 US, when I had a "hot" Casarao girl the prior night for $65 US. Sorry that thought was always in the back of my mind for some reason.

    I'll give my actual DETAILED report on each of the 3 girls I had in a couple of days I hope. But my monger session scores were 91 out of 100 with Julia at Casarao. 82 out of 100 with Juju at Tangara. And 95/100 with the independent escort Rangel Carlos. (And the prices were 250 real, 100 real, and 500 real respectively).

    ONE STRATEGY TO USE: I guess, I will cut to the chase on one strategy you could use when visiting Sao Paolo as the "in SP for a quick visit" type of monger. This is just one strategy, but a least you will know quickly, if you are a Scandallo guy, a Casarao guy, and Tangara guy, or a Independent escort guy. I think I'm a 40% Casarao guy, 20% Scandallo, 20% Tangara, 20% Independent Escort guy. Let me try to explain.

    I think the perfect strategy, is to go to Scandallo on a Tuesday through Friday night from 11 pm to 1 am, and drink your 4 beers at 40 reals each to use your consumable, and talk to a bunch of beautiful girls, perhaps land a perfect 10 girl for 600 reals (which I could not find). Then when you have a nice buzz, go to Casarao at 130 am and find a "8" or a "9" gorgeous girl for 250 reals. For some reason I liked Casarao environment the best, with all things considered, (and when you factor in, you can find a hottie for 250 Real /$65 US.) (I also sensed a youthful freelancer vibe at Casarao too). My ISG buddy wasn't a huge fan of Casarao I don't think. But I was a huge fan after all my visits. Then. The next day, get your at 1 pm pretty hot girl at Tangara for 100 real. (that's right fuck a hot girl for $26 US.) And then. Schedule an independent girl at 7 pm after you take your 3 pm nap. And then. Do this all over again at Scandallo at 11 pm. You should try it out.

    Because in the end, I went to Casarao 3 times, Scandallo 2 times. Even though I never sessioned with a Scandallo girl, I enjoyed the beautiful scenery of seeing all the girls, and enjoyed the 15 girls that came to me, brushed their hands or body part on me, or talked to me for 5 minutes. Like I really enjoyed my beverage beer and eye candy time at Scandallo. (I just couldn't bear the total charge of 800 real to 1000 real knowing I just banged a girl the prior night who is 90% as hot for 250 real) (600 for girl+200 room or 800 for girl+200 room) total charge. (Again that's $211 US to $263 US.) I don't think I've ever paid this much. Perhaps I did, at FKK Globe in Zurich, I can't remember. But FKK Globe girls are pretty damn hot! Nevertheless, I never found that perfect 10 at Scandallo to blow my $211 US load on. Maybe next time I'm in SP!

    I'm looking at my photos of the Casarao girls I got, and they were hot! I ended up with 3 Casarao girls for the week. With my favorite being a pretty 20 year old twice (think of pornstar Yurizan Beltran but "prettier" This 20 year old girl named Bruna with huge natural tits, thin waist, and pear shaped ass, and she was the biggest screamer / moaner of the 6 girls I sessioned with. And she would turn her face at me, while I was doing her doggy style, just staring with that "give it to me" pain look and "moaning". And I just loved it.

    So that's my advice to that certain segment of guys out there in ISG land. Just do everything in 24 hours, and you'll know if you are a Clinica guy, a Scandallo guy, or a combination guy.

    Here are my session scores for the great Sao Paulo week I had.

    First 24 hours:

    91/100 - Julia. Casarao - a 20 year old. She was of Lebanese descent, with great naturals, pretty face, and she was so GFE nice.

    82/100 - Juju Tangara (she actually had a 70 score but 12 extra points because I fucked "a very pretty girl for $26 US" (This might be the best deal in the world!

    95/100 - Rangel Carlos. Her place in Bela Vista - 1 hour of passionate, passionate, passionate sex. She likes sex. 500 real. It was nonstop PASSION, every minute, all 60 minutes!

    Tuesday night -96/100 - Bruna. Casarao - my favorite session of the week at Room 23 in Casarao.

    Sat night in Feb - 85/100 - Bruna for 2nd time at my place (why is it a majority of the time, like 80% of the time, the sex is not as phenomenal the 2nd time around). She's still frickin beautiful.

    Sun night in Feb 0 86/100 - Irma. Casarao - this girl looked like pornstar Priya Rai. I enjoy looking at my photos of her. And she was good energy.

    But for sure, ADD SAO PAULO to your MONGERING BUCKET LIST. Worth every penny. Odds of having a great session extremely high! Brazilians are super like that. ANd memories to LAST A LIFETIME, or at least a year, until my next destination! ISG forum reports, posts, tips, and advice, thank you, for exisiting in life.

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    [Commercial Message deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was redacted or deleted because it appeared to be a commercial message and/or it contained links to a commercial website. Please post reports consisting primarily of a commercial nature and/or reports with links to commercial websites in the Classified Advertisement section of the Forum. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines and the Forum's FAQ for further information.

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    EspaÇo vergueiro

    After returning from Tangara and taking a nap, I decided to pay a visit to my friend Raissa, the boss of the house.

    I arrived at 10:45 pm. There were the following girls at the house:

    Giovanna Morena.

    Hellen from TG.






    Choose Hellen, a white caucasian girl, must be 30 yo, very GFE, excellent DFK, very good BBBJ / CIM.

    After one hour in the room, we left exhausted.

    New girls arrived after midnight:

    Suzy ( beginner)
    Luiza ( beginner)

    As I reported before, the peak hour at the house is around midnight.

    Next Sunday the house will be open from noon till 8 pm.

    PM me for details


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    Muppets, congratulations on your objective post telling the names of the garotas you have banged.

    One question: you went with Yasmin Mulatinha our Yasmin Loira?

    I hope to see you again on your next trip.


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    Babi Gibi sounds awesome. Damn sorry I couldn't go earlier would have loved to try her.

    I just got back, arrived around 1945 and stayed until 2115.

    First round with Isa, petite 25 YO with a few tattoos. Not the best face but a lovely little round ass. Decent BBBJ and energetic sex where she didn't stop flicking the bean until she (I assume it was real) convulsed and finished. Decent warmup, I just went for the ass / hip / waist view in doggy. She loves watching in the mirror.

    Smoke / water break then went for round two with Yasmin. 26 YO, tiny waist and lovely curvy ass / hips, like Isa she's small and inked. Nice dragon tattoo.

    Excellent BBBJ and rimming, she ate me like I was a happy meal, with mayonnaise at the end. Nice girl, very chilled out, pretty and fun. Would defo do again.

    With that end my trip to SP, hope to get back but it's unlikely until winter. Shame, it's been great.

    Just want to thank all you guys for your suggestions and input, I genuinely feel a bit bad that I didn't try them all, but it is appreciated and I will get thru some of them when I get a chance to return if they are still around.


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    I went to Tangara today, arrived there at 1 PM, the house was empty of mongers who will be seated at the sofas, the garotas call then "Shimbadores" the guys who keep seated and do not call a garota for action.

    I went with Babi Gibi, 22 yo red hair caucasian origin, very GFE, excellent BBBJ great CIM. Very nice looking tattoos on her body.

    We remained only on BBBJ / CIM came twice in one hour! I DATY her and she also had two orgasms.


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    Damn dude now I know that until at least next November I won't be coming back, you are just teasing me.

    If anyone is at Tangara later I'll be there from about 1930 local for a few hours, grey cap green Superdry shirt, trying to stick it in everything attractive before leaving. .

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    In the same category of beauty as Sara Muller, I can recommend Rebeca Goya. Rebeca is close to 30 but is a beautiful woman and very, very highly rated. When Rovnak mentioned the GP ladder*, I thought of her. I saw her several years ago. As her reputation spread, her prices climbed. Now her prices have moderated with her age. So a rapid climb up and a bit back down in demand, but a great pro nonetheless. She is also known for her duos. I'm not sure, but she might be into both women and men.

    Here's a pretty face that's on my radar. She only has two reviews but all very positive. Perhaps someone wants to take a flyer at 600 Reais.

    * Rovnak's Ladder not to be confused with Jacob's Ladder or the Corporate Ladder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muppets  [View Original Post]
    Yes, it does, and it's amazing that it is like that. There really is something for everyone here.

    Sara Muller is on my list near the top, in fact, Just as I am typing I'm looking at some work stuff and gutted to see that from the end of March I won't be able to come back here. Which means this is my second and last time in SP for the forseeable. Gutted.

    Back to Mexico and Chile for my Latina fix. Which reminds me, I need to write up my thoughts after 20 trips to Santiago at some point.

    Meanwhile, time for some food then a send off trip to Tangara later to cheer me up since I now know I won't be back in April.
    Today's entertainment? Anyone we should know about?

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    Yes, it does, and it's amazing that it is like that. There really is something for everyone here.

    Sara Muller is on my list near the top, in fact, Just as I am typing I'm looking at some work stuff and gutted to see that from the end of March I won't be able to come back here. Which means this is my second and last time in SP for the forseeable. Gutted.

    Back to Mexico and Chile for my Latina fix. Which reminds me, I need to write up my thoughts after 20 trips to Santiago at some point.

    Meanwhile, time for some food then a send off trip to Tangara later to cheer me up since I now know I won't be back in April.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WyattEarp  [View Original Post]
    Brasil has an extremely diverse, immigrant population so any attempts at generalization (on my part) always will have exceptions. Jib Reach is correct many Brazilian morenas (brunettes) could be encapsulated in what one may call a Mediterranean look with perhaps some dashes of Black and Native.

    I think when newbie Brazilian mongers here state they prefer a "European" girl they might be influenced by the famous Brazilian runway models who look like they could have been raised in Central or Eastern Europe. This is why these mongers are routinely told to go to Sao Paulo or Florianopolis and the Southeast where the Germanic blood is more pronounced..
    I guess it depends on when you grew up and what your media influences were. As someone over 50, I grew up with an image of the dusky Brazilian morena with long black hair and brown skin. That was and still is my ideal Brazilian look, which I think is particularly Brazilian (and Venezuelan). I say "particularly Brazilian" because this look is not easily found elsewhere and is absolutely stunning when it all comes together nicely, the mix of Amerindian, African and European beauty. The pure European look, jeez, go to Europe LOL, but to each his own.

    Beauty is an interesting topic. Muppets wrote that when escorts don't show their face in the ad it is because it is not their strongest feature. Sometimes this is true. Many times its just that they do not want to compromise their identity because they are students, or mothers or justifiably protective of their privacy. I completely understand their motives. However, I do think that when the face is not visible, there is a tendency on the part of the viewer to IMAGINE a beautiful face. I know I do, I cannot help imagining a beautiful face. And I am usually disappointed that the real face does is not anywhere near as beautiful as my imagined face. This often happens when they show part of the face, like the mouth and chin and I think "wow, that must be a beautiful face, I can see nearly all of it and I love it! Then they show up and I think "how can the whole face not be as beautiful as the bottom half seemed to be?" Its really astonishing how powerfully we complete a partial image.

    The other day Chanes sent out a bunch of hot looking photos, so I went to check out the lineup. In all cases the ladies were a few kilos thicker than their photos. This is the only downside, well in addition to the overdone boob jobs, Brazil has a weight problem. Its very rare to see a woman over 23 that is not a few kilos over the line. Its a shame because it really changes them from being "lookers" to being "ordinary". The mania for "mulheräo" is partly to blame, as is the diet. Still there are more than enough beauties if one has patience and effort.

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