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    Quote Originally Posted by AroundTheGlobe  [View Original Post]
    Been years since I've been in Costa Rica. Plan on spending most of my time at Del Rey as that's what I remember from ten years ago and also Le Grion (SP) enjoyed that place ten years ago. Is it still the same? I enjoy the strip joint type atmosphere. Recommendations!?

    Also any recommendations of where to find a legit, safe poker game with girls close or near by!? Thanks in advance. Will make sure to report after I adventure!
    The poker scene has moved to the Hotel Taormina, with daily games beginning around 3 pm, hold'em with $1-2 blinds. At least this was the case when I was last there around 3 months ago. And there is also a casino there. And you can wager on sporting events. And there are frequently available ladies hanging out at the bar during the evening. Nothing like the Del Rey or Sportsmens but occasionally a very lively scene.

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    No Poker Around!

    Quote Originally Posted by AroundTheGlobe  [View Original Post]
    Been years since I've been in Costa Rica. Plan on spending most of my time at Del Rey as that's what I remember from ten years ago and also Le Grion (SP) enjoyed that place ten years ago. Is it still the same? I enjoy the strip joint type atmosphere. Recommendations!?

    Also any recommendations of where to find a legit, safe poker game with girls close or near by!? Thanks in advance. Will make sure to report after I adventure!
    I was in SJ last weekend and was looking for a poker game to pass the time while I 'recharged'. HDR has a nice looking poker room but when I asked the guy about a game he explained, they can't get guys to commit to showing up to play. He said they might get maybe 10 guys during the day asking about it, but they can't get them at the same time, so I guess the room sits empty. I also checked out Club Colonial next door as they used to have poker game upstairs when I frequented SJ years ago. The doorman said no when I asked about poker. I think he understood me. No English. And the casino that sat catty-corner across the street from HDR is empty. Maybe someone on here knows of another location.

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    Sleep Inn Hack

    Quote Originally Posted by Crusader560  [View Original Post]
    You can stay at sleep inn. But, if you can book individual days with you plus a guest. You can even try you plus 2 guest. But, I think they stopped that.

    By doing individual days you can change girls. So, when you check in. Just say your guest is on her way, LOL.
    I agree with you. I was in SJ last weekend for a couple of nights and stayed at the Sleep Inn. A little hack that works well for mongers that like to keep the same chica during your stay is to book a double room. She doesn't have to be with you when you check in, but when she does arrive put her on your reservation as the 2nd person in the room. Then she can come and go during your stay without any additional fees other than paying for your room. This doesn't work for guys like me that want variety during my stay.

    On another note, I got to talking with my cab driver that tried to hook me up with a couple of hott chicas, but they only did in-calls which is a no-no for me. (I see visions of me showing up at some chicas apt and having a gun put to my head or a knife to my throat). So I found an old flame at HDR and put her on my room and had her find another chica with 'culo grande' for a 3 some on my 2nd day there. That was my birthday present to myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElMoreno202  [View Original Post]
    I do. I will send you a PM with the info.


    Update: I cannot send you a PM. Your profile does not give me the option to send a PM.
    Damn not sure why. I'm a registered member. Do you have a link to her ad or site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBass23  [View Original Post]
    Headed to San Jose next week. Anyone have some Whatsapp numbers to share? Would love to see Camilla if Moreno still has those digits.
    I do. I will send you a PM with the info.


    Update: I cannot send you a PM. Your profile does not give me the option to send a PM.

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    Casino w / poker + girls!?

    Been years since I've been in Costa Rica. Plan on spending most of my time at Del Rey as that's what I remember from ten years ago and also Le Grion (SP) enjoyed that place ten years ago. Is it still the same? I enjoy the strip joint type atmosphere. Recommendations!?

    Also any recommendations of where to find a legit, safe poker game with girls close or near by!? Thanks in advance. Will make sure to report after I adventure!

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    Headed to San Jose next week. Anyone have some Whatsapp numbers to share? Would love to see Camilla if Moreno still has those digits.

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    Ex-pat bars in the Gulch

    Been going to CR for over 20 years. First time back in a year and a half. Gringo ex-pat bars have come and gone as the rule. Where are some currently. Bars with no chica. Traveling with my wife so have to keep her away for future mongers g trips. Thanks for help.

    Happy hunting.


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    El Moreno does SJO again

    Quick San Jose Trip Report.

    Recently, I did a quick 4-day trip to San Jose. For the first time in all of my visits to Costa Rica, I stayed outside of the famous "gulch," which is the area around the Hotel Del Rey (HDR) and Sportsmen Lodge (SL). I rented an Airbnb in the Rohrmorser Area, an upscale type of area northwest of Sabana Park. This was one of the best lofts that I have rented in a while and the view from the balcony was outstanding (see pics). The building name is "QBO Skyhomes. " My unit was on the 19th floor. Extremely girl-friendly too (absolutely ZERO issues with bringing chicas back and I mean ZERO! The chicas loved it.

    All chicas spoke Spanish except one. I am posting our conversations in English. I felt like a horny f*cker on this trip.

    Now on to the chicas.

    Day 1 (after a noon arrival and early check in at QBO).

    Camilla A Venezolana, in her early 30's (two kids) slim with nice fun bags, who I have hooked up with on previous trips (Nice GFE on previous trips). I sent her a whatsapp message that I was here and she came quick. She was there seemingly in minutes. We talked, drank some Imperials. She stroked my hard on, unzipped my pants and went to work with a nice BBBJ. Now keep in mind, I had about a month's worth of unreleased jizz. About 10 minutes later, she took the entire load CIM and I nearly passed out in glee. Thanks Milla! We laid back for about two hours before she left via an Uber I requested. That first nut is always good to get out of the way.

    Judith (From the HDR) - A nice, 21 year-old typical looking young Tica, light skinned with long hair, slim with a dress on and black heels. She was the one I noticed when I first walked into the HDR. We talked. Drank shots of Fireball and Chiliguaro. I asked her how much. She quoted $125 USD. My eyes got big. I reminded her of the drinks I bought and told her I wanted to get something to eat later at Chelles and her food is on me (of course). She came down to $85. She was hot and I felt worth the $85. Walked to Chelles. Ate some good food. Ubered back to the pad. Drank Imperial. Peeled her clothes off. Pounded the Tica poon in the bed, floor and against the balcony door (gave people a show). Then cowgirl, doggystyle and I was done. She was a screamer and that always make me nut fast and get back up quickly. She asked could she lay in the bed longer. I said yes, and how much will this cost me. She said no, she was tired and wanted to rest. No problem. It turned into a TLN and I ended up getting two more relieving shots (including a BBBJ / CIM) before she left in the morning. She was cool with $150 USD. I went back to sleep.

    Day 2.

    Sofia (From the SL) A very cute, light skinned young looking Tica, 24 or 25 years old (I forget) with a push up bra to make her bags look bigger than they were. I didn't care. She was absolutely eye candy. I chatted with her as I ate my breakfast (at 1 pm late sleeper). She told me about her living in Alajuela (suburb of San Jose where SJO is located). She told me that she did not have kids. I playfully asked her did she want any. She giggled. She cut to the chase. "You want some company" she said while rubbing on my wood. I was scared to ask her how much, but I had to. She said $150. My eyes got big and my wood got soft. How much time? She said one hour. I said, no sorry. I said that is usually all night for me. She made a funny face. I brought her some drinks. Talked to her some more. I asked her was she hungry. She ordered gallo pinto and chicken platter. I got her down to $90. That was still too much, but I really really want to stick my wood in her. I paid the bill and we ubered back to the loft. She loved the balcony. She took a ton of selfies on the balcony came back in, stripped, laid on the bed with her legs open and time to go to work pounding. She's another loud moaner. Did her on all fours the whole time, took off condom before I unloaded and dropped a load of my babies on her back. Wow. She cleaned up, exchanged numbers on whatsapp and she was out.

    Camilla again I took a nap. Woke up with a boner. I just wanted a release. I whatsapp'ed Camilla. She responded with the crying emoji. I am like here comes the money request. She said that she want to take her son somewhere. I said OK OK OK. No problem. Like normal, she came over in less than 30 minutes. Less than 5 minutes after opening the door and letting her in, she had my wood in her mouth. Fist-lock jacking and sucking me great. Almost made me shoot super fast. I stopped her and she rode me on the floor. All that power sucking she did made me last much lesser that I normally would. Load blown. Thanks again, Milla! I'm happy.

    Sofia again Nightfall was here. I send Sofia a whatsapp message asking what was she doing. Of course her response was, "waiting for you. " I wanted to eat something, but also hang out a bit. She met me downstairs. We ubered to the Soda Tapia just east of Sabana Park. She claimed that she was not hungry, but ate like it was her last meal. Then we ubered to Chubbs in Escazu. We had several beers and shots of fireball and some drink (I forgot the name, but it was good and strong). We walked from that Chubbs to a bar not too far on the same street. She danced and grinded up against me. Made me monstrously hard. Ubered back to the loft. She wasted no time stripping naked. Surprisingly, she started off with a nice BBBJ. Then missionary and on all fours and the screaming. I sat her on a bar stool and pounded her while I was standing up. That Tica snatch felt good like I was not wearing anything (I did have on a rubber). Remaining in the standing position and nutting was tough because I wanted to collapse. I thought she was going to leave, but she asked to lay down for a little. Before she did, I asked her how much for TLN because I wanted at least two more shots. She quoted $200 USD. I asked well how much for the last romp. She said whatever I wanted I give her, just be generous. Okay here is your $75 USD and I will see you later. She got dressed and she was out. Time to hit the HDR, but first Chelles for some more food.

    Sharon (from the HDR) I ubered to the HDR. The place was packed about thirty minutes after midnight. I saw Sharon sitting with two other chicas. I waved and all three waved back at me. I pointed to Sharon and blew her a kiss. She came over and joined me at the bar. Sharon was a 21 year old Tica, nice smooth brown skin, a morena with the body of a typical Asian woman. Very slim for a Latina, but pretty and she spoke decent English. She claimed she teached Yoga (makes sense for her slim frame). All types of weird position ideas ran through my head and I got rock hard too. We drank two shots of my favorite, Fireball and I cut to the chase. I told her I wanted to have her legs high in the air while f*cking the sh*t out of her. She smiled and said ok, let's go. Of course I asked how much. Be quoted, $100. I said how much for a half hour? She said didn't charge by the half hour, only on the hour. I told her I do not need an hour. I told her I just wanted one shot and that was it. She said her p*ssy was good that I would want more. I said how so? She smiled and said take me and find out. My rock was jumpin now. I said in that case, let me give you $150 for TLN and you can leave by 7 or 8 (it was approaching 1 am). She said OK let's go. We ubered back to the loft. She's another one who liked to take selfies on the balcony. But I cut her selfie show short. Brought her back in, removed her skirt and undies and left on her hooker heels. Straight to pounding with her legs resting on my shoulders. She let out this cat-sounding type of moan as I stroked. This load felt extremely good and relieving. We laid down. Slept. She woke up at about 7. I had morning wood. In the bathroom, she leaned back against the wall for me and I commenced to stroking her standing up (I wanted a quickie). My eyes felt like they rolled in the back of my head when I busted this nut. Thanks Sharon! See you later. Exchanged numbers on whatsapp.

    Day 3.

    Judith again After sleeping a few more hours, I got up and decided to get some good breakfast from the SL (around noon). Ubered there. For some reason, I had Judith on the brain. Probably of her screaming while I pounded that Tica poon of hers. I sent her a message on Whatsapp and told her my intentions. She told me to give her about an hour and half and she would come meet me at the SL. Two hours later, she came and met me at the SL. She ate a burger. We had a few Imperials. She put her hand down my pants and made me hard. She simulated head by making a jerking fist movement. Uber time. Back to the loft. I laid back on the bed, she undid my pants and went to work on my wood. I just laid back and enjoyed it this time. Her jaws did not get tired at all. I wanted to pound her, but that was not happening. She fist-locked on my wood and jerked real hard with her mouth over it. Now I SCREAMED as I shot off. WOW. This be is a pro. After she cleaned up, she left. I went on a tour of Grecia and Sarchi and returned in the evening. Back to the SL.

    Rachely (from the SL) I walked into the SL and sat down. I glanced over the other side of the bar and seen Rachely sitting with another girl. I waved to them and smiled hard at Rachely. She came over to join me. Rachely looked like a professional, or businesswoman type. She was slim, but with a nice cupable tetas showing under her shirt and an a $$. Her hair was straight down her back. She was a Tica as well. About 29 (or 30, damn I forget her age). We chit-chatted for a bit. I asked Rachely did she want to "hang out with me. " She was good with that. We walked around to Parque Morazon. I took some photos her using her phone and she took some of me using mine. Then we walked around to Plaza Cultura, sat and talked more. As we talked, my imagination ran wild. I imagined me banging her on the floor. Not sure why, just my wild and horny mind being busy. We ubered back to the loft. She requested some music. I put on my Apple music with the Bluetooth speakers in the loft. "Pa'arriba, pa'bajo lento lento. " played as she danced and grinded on me. Remembering that we did not talk about money, I wanted to stop her and ask her, but she was really into it. She remove her thong undies, grabbed my rock hard Johnson and rubbed it (not covered!) against her vagi lips. WTF! Noooo, don't do. She shoved it in. Maaaan, that Tica poon felt all the way good. She motorized her hips, moving back and forth real fast for a few minutes. She screaming in my ear "come baby come baby come baby" (The only words of English she ever spoke). And that I did. WHOOOOSH. Not a lot, but enough to drip down her leg afterwards. I kicked myself. She said don't worry while pointing to her arm (that contraceptive thing women get in their arm). I was saying in my mind, that still doesn't keep my sh*t from falling off if she burning (luckily she was not). She said, "40,000 colones" (back to Spanish. LOL). Ok I can live with that. We both shower up and she leaves. Exchanged numbers on whatsapp of course. Let me slow my hyper and horny a $$ down, get rest and prepare to go back to the USA tomorrow.

    Day 4 (heading back to the USA).

    Sharon again I woke up early, which meant I had time to get one more shot off before I leave this poonland they call Costa Rica. I sent her a message. She answered it (I was like, damn be, do you sleep or just stay up waiting for clients?) I didn't care really. I told her I am leaving and I wanted to "see" her again. Two hours later, she shows up. She is wearing my favorite that I like to see on chicas- a sport coat type small jacket, jeans with black hooker heels on a slim spinner type body. I did not waste any time. I undid her jeans and pushed them down to her ankles, bent her over kitchen counter and placed my covered wood (not doing that raw sh*t again) in her Tica snatch. I thought it would be a quickie, but it took a bit. Rapid fire pounding, her screaming finally got me a very relieving release. Damn that felt good! Thanks Sharon! Here is your colones (maybe it was 20 K-30 K I gave her the rest that was in my pocket).

    Damn, I love San Jose! But time to go back to the matrix. Jorge picked me up on time. To SJO we went. I smiled as the Copa Air 737-800 rose into the air. Man, I had a very good trip this time around. Camilla, Sofia, Sharon, Judith and Rachely (or should I say "Raw Rachely") thank you for your services!
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    Late night arrivals

    Hello Gents -.

    Going to be swinging into SJ for 24 hours and am looking to maximise my time.

    I am a fan of massage based places over standard Pension style brothels, and would love recommendations for massage places that are available late night. My flight won't arrive into SJ until 9:30 pm, so not likely to be able to get an appointment before 11 pm. If anyone has suggestions of locations to stay which would support a late night appointment best, please let me know.

    I've had a look over the most recent posts with some great links to independant providers, and have what's-app'd several but most don't seem to work after 10 pm.

    Would love any suggestions for Liberia too. I will be heading up there for a few days.



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    Tico outcall web site lots of listing

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    Another Tico web site

    Some more listing we don't see.

    In and out call.

    Example Fantasia,15700022,15700043,15700186,15700191,15700256,15700259,15700262,15700265&usg=ALkJrhh7r2-XKt6_rJQt_zJpW1aAdbZ_PQ

    I notice they are using Whatsapp
    combined with Waze it gives you the location in the text message
    WAZE is very popular in CR from what I can tell

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    Tico Web Sites

    There are some places on these sites that I am not seeing below.

    Web page translator, works well.


    Bar y Pension Argentina.

    https://translate.googleusercontent....dca8&xid=17259, 15700022,15700186,15700190,15700256,15700259,15700262,15700265&usg=ALkJrhiES6 r8 LgZK_XoDKt0 lrpJPgijF9 g.

    Pension Casa Portuguesa.

    https://translate.googleusercontent....bf02&xid=17259, 15700022,15700186,15700190,15700256,15700259,15700262,15700265&usg=ALkJrhi2 X4 jUaIqnuNKBy3 qRKJCQJpkoEw.

    New Dreams Sabana Sur

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    My Report

    I was having hernia surgery but had a few days to kill before so I stayed at the Morazan Hotel and Casio next to the Del Rey. The hotel was about $50 a night including breakfast with no guest charge for 1 guest per day. They would also call the room to ask if everything was OK when they gave her the ID back at the front desk. Reminded me of Thailand actually. I went to the Del Rey every night out of convenience and there was a decent variety. The average price was $80 USD but there were some stunners up to $120. Had a blonde that was a little chubby for me (I lived in Asia for many years) but she was amazing and had pretty good English (I think she had lived in Canada for a while). Booked her for the following afternoon for a little prostate massage / blowjob and was not disappointed. She charged me $150 but was there for about an hour and a half and clearly knew what she was doing. I have her what's app if anyone is interested.

    5 girls in 3 days and I was off to have my surgery.

    Overall: The Del Rey was fine, a pushy girl here or there but no big deal. If you pick the Morazan hotel, choose an inside room because the street noise can be annoying. Change your money upstairs at BCR in the airport terminal to get the best rate, otherwise at BCR ATM's, BofA charged me a $5 fee for withdrawals (which is nothing). I didn't get a SIM for my phone at the airport from Kolbi which I should have but found an outlet later. The Google conversation translate really likes to have internet to work well, by the way it's awesome. I took Ubers with no problem but at the airport it's best to move to an area away from the taxis, I went to departures to request one and when the car arrives you need to sit in the front so it doesn't look like an Uber (taxi drivers are not happy about the Uber situation). I did take a taxi to a hospital and an Uber back and it was half the cost of a taxi.

    Overall the trip was awesome!

    Cheers, Rauld.

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    Some of my Homework for the Trip

    Articles and general info.

    Lots of ads and links for all kinds of services on this site.

    La Terraza Restaurant Central Park.

    SW corner, non monger restaurant on my to eat at list for next time.

    Avenida 4, Calle 2, San Jos, Costa Rica.


    Sportsman Hotel Bar.

    Key Largo.

    Del Ray Hotel.

    Elite Dpfelfo, Moved to near La Sabana?

    Web site says they are behind the McDonalds on Colon.

    MdDonalds address, a few blocks east of La Sabana.

    150 Metros Al Este De La Toyota, Paseo Coland, San Jos Province, San Jos, Costa Rica.

    Google maps, zoom in on McD and EliteDpfelufo appears, just West next building.

    Google Maps.

    Pension Monica's, enter this in on maps and zoom in.

    Pension Erotico appears across the street etc.

    Molino and others will appear, perhaps via the phone book.

    Molino has always been a night and late place for at least 20 years.

    Bar y Pension MAISON

    Calle 6 west side, just before Ave 5.

    Just North from Central Market short walk.

    Enter it on maps.

    Sala de Masajes 360, Pension 360

    Ave 9, between C2 and C4.

    Nica Girls were too big for my taste.

    May be worth a look.

    Little Havana Hotel.

    2016 New Owner and Restored, Ticas in Bar?

    Was a roach infested dump, apparently cleaned up.

    Reportedly the female manager has good QC.

    Av 9, San Jos, Costa Rica.

    Apparently its on all of the booking sites at good prices.

    Restaurante Machu Picchu.

    Close to La Sabana Park.

    Calle 32, San Jose, Costa Rica.

    Food looks very good and one of the busier places.

    Is supposed to be across the street.

    Oasis, Calle 32, between Avenidas 1 and 3.

    La Casona D'Tono

    Way up the mountain above Escazu, +506 2289 6633.

    Some great views of central valley if you sit outside.

    Tico food, pretty good at reasonable price.

    I would drive up while daylight for dinner.

    The watch the Valley sparkle as it gets dark.

    Uber might be able to get you there for $25 each way.

    Getting back I don't know, maybe buy your driver dinner, no drinks.

    Across the square from this church. Navigation Point every local knows and maps

    Church of San Antonio de Padua.

    Iglesia de San Antonio de Escaz.

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