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    Oct 17-18-19

    I'm in love with CR...still.

    Plenty of chicas Friday night, but many dudes, nonetheless gold was to be found. I enjoyed two delights Friday night and was up and ready for the 9:AM rounds. The two rails were as full of little darlins as any time I've seen in the last three years.

    I would say at least fifty percent new talent. Many, many 9's and 8's.

    Sunday I had a special twosome treat with Wanda and Hellen. Turns out Wnada is karaoke singer and we sang out tunes like guantonamera and la bamba up on the balcony. What fun with those chicas.

    I still don't care what anyone says about the shabby rooms at the Del Rey, it is ground zero. I'll stay there any day. Bill never has any freakin rooms available anyway. He told me to keep try

    All the chicas discussed a downturn in travel for the last twenty days. I really did not notice it. There seemd to be a lot of girls and a lot of dudes.



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    Hey Dan,

    I'm glad you are ok. I to got robbed but they got 90. 00 from me and my sence of saftey will be gone forever, thanks for sharing and with my trip less than 20 days away. I will use your post to keep me on guard even more.


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    U.S. Passport Card

    Sorry to here what happen. At least you are OK.
    Here is something of interest. Instead of carrying your passport or photocopy while walking around, the Government has a new ID Passport Card.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan D Dick
    I share this to help the others who might visit here or any other similar location.


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    Thanks for sharin that.

    Makes you realize how vulnerable you really are in a foreign country.

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    I Been Robbed

    I share this to help the others who might visit here or any other similar location.

    I'm 56 y/o semi-retired, do independent consulting, travel a lot (entered into foreign countries 37 times last year & spent 219 nights in hotels; this year will be about the same). I'm not new to SJO, this is my 11th time here this year & I have a 31 y/o novia who's teaching me Spanish. I have 25 years experience in law enforcement so though I'm old & grey I'm pretty familiar with the other side's mentality.

    We were walking hand-in-hand from the Sleep Inn down the hill to Avenida Central at 11:30 this morning. I typically wear my gringo camisa (brightly colored shirt) & long cargo pants. Even without the gringo shirt it's clear I'm a gringo with my face color & shape and my blue eyes. Even though my Spanish is vastly improved over a year ago, it's obvious it's not my native language. My novia said my shirt choice made no difference because of the other obvious-gringo issues I can't control.

    Within less than two seconds my novia's senses went off, she looked over her left shoulder & pulled me a bit to the right. Two hands went in my pockets at the same time - my right rear pocket with my wallet & my right front pocket. Two young men were involved. Before I could be certain what had happened they were 50 ft down the hill but my first reaction was to make sure my novia was okay. No practical way to catch them. And probably no sensible reason to do so anyway.

    Bottom line - I lost C20K ($40USD) or so from my right front pocket. He didn't get my wallet out because I wear cargo pants (Magellan from Academy Sports) that have a bit of velcro in them to latch them down. I also carry a 2nd wallet when I travel that's snake skin which tends to stick to the fabric. I use it for that reason. That wallet had about $10 US in it, my CRT card, a SL business card & a xerox of my passport photo page & police ID. They didn't get the wallet. I had about $400 stuffed in other cargo pockets (had just changed some money) & that wasn't touched.

    It seemed the 10 or so people that saw what happened all were good citizens & concerned; they just didn't have time to react. No complaints with them. My novia immediately removed her earrings & asked me to put them in my shirt pocket. She was MUCH more upset than I was; I had planned for this ~ I just didn't expect it then ~ & all they got was my C1K notes and C2K notes for cabs & propinas.

    Bottom line recommendations (these are the standard ones)

    1) Don't carry all your stuff even in broad daylight on a busy street. Leave it in the room safe.
    2) Have a throw-down wallet with little in it
    3) Have your throw-down wallet reasonably protected (like snake skin & velcro)
    4) split your money up between pockets
    5) I don't care how fast you are, these are opportunistic criminals - they'll be faster

    Now for a few recommended by my novia

    1) If you're a gringo, do NOT carry a wallet at all. They know you're a gringo & therefore you're rich (her words). If they see the outline of the wallet, that's where the money is & you'll get hit even if it's a decoy. Kinda like getting robbed for a fake Rolex. Makes sense & I never thought of it that way before. She said she thought they just saw a gringo then looked & saw the mark of a wallet on the back pocket. After that the deal was done.

    2) In my case one guy had his hands in & out of my pockets in about one second or less & the other guy was "security". Okay, I saved my throw-down wallet but probably would have avoided the issue altogether if I didn't carry a wallet. In fact I lost more from my propina pocket than I had in my decoy wallet.

    3) In my case my prep work with multiple pockets & splitting the money paid off. I also had left my cell phone in the room or it would have been gone too (right front pocket).

    From now on I'll not have any wallet on me; I'll get my passport copies put in a small plastic holder (like they put your room keys in at the hotels) & I should be fine. I'll also keep the larger bills in flap-type cargo pockets on my off-side like I usually do. These guys hit both my strong-side pockets in a flash.

    Hope this helps out there. Again, for me it was pretty much a non-issue; nobody got hurt & what I lost was insignificant to me. It's also the first time I've ever been "robbed" like this in my life but it showed me there's still room to improve your practices. My novia couldn't walk 50 ft afterwards without looking over her shoulder. I often do that ~if~ suspect something but I don't care to go through life scared either. So I'll abandon the wallet altogether & move on. Otherwise it seems most of my normal practices paid off.

    This newsflash was FYI and was intended to be constructive. I have no interest in entering into debates over what I might have done "wrong" (my apologies to 99% of the guys out there; I just get tired of some of the non-constructive dialogues on this site).

    Other constructive ideas would be appreciated though the basics worked pretty well this morning.


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    What more can I tell You

    I enjoyed it! Her tits are second to NO girl I have ever fucked. Simply a work of art. She has no kids (of course), a Tica and 23 years young. She has braces, but will give a carefull Uncovered BJ if pressed! (Ouch).... Tight Pussy, Anal is out of the question. Small gold ring in her Pussy Lip, No toes missing, nails looked manicured, What else can I say, If you are into this crazy look (as I was), than fuck her! She had no problems with Nudes, but I do not post Nude Photos at all, period. Hope this helps..........

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    Fantasy. Let me tell you about her. I have seen her at the delrey for years and has the hottest looking belly of any girl in the delrey also her photos are all over the crt in the old photos. Any way one night she sees me checking her out like I always do (but never pull the trigger) she walks right up to me and asks "why don't you fuck me" I sat there in shock! She left and I was on a mission to do her. I said if I find her I am doing her. She won't come off 80 (good job on the 75) please tell more if you can, and as you said never wears a bra, I just know those tits are perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fantasy
    She was $80.00 all night. We had breakfast at Manolos across the street from the Veneto, and I never saw her again!
    Wow!!! If her performance was anything like her looks that was the bargain of the century.

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    I finally pulled the cord......

    After seeing her at HDR on about eight different trips in the past 18 months or so I finally had to see what she was all about. Those of you who have seen my photos over the years will be scratching your heads at this one, but something made me do it. With her Many piercings (including her pussy) and too's everywhere, i was ready for a very rough session. She turned out to be one of the softest, most likeable *****s I have ever fucked. Now we are friends, and always speak. She even bought me a beer!! She never wears a bra, and the sight of her natural tits as she came out of the shower wearing only a towel was unforgetable. Her overall looks leave her solo without a client on many occassions, but I can highly recommend her for a night when you are in the mood for a change from the normal colombiana hot air balloon!

    3 hours.............................$75.00
    (on September 29th)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Maria.jpg‎  

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    Literally 24/7. From food and beverages to chicas and everything in between.

    Quote Originally Posted by Member #2666
    anyone know what time the Del Rey opens?

    Thanks in advance

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    I will be in CR the first week of December and I am just curious to know if the lagging world economy is effecting prices in CR?

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    Is that a trick question or perhaps did you mean the Key Largo? I know we've had our differences but whatever else I've thought of you I've always felt you were an extremely knowledgeable guy when it came to the SJ scene (and I mean that as a sincere compliment).

    I always thought that Del Rey and the Blue Marlin bar is open 24 hours. In fact it says right on their home page "Our Del Mar Restaurant, Casino and the World Famous Blue Marlin Bar are open 24 hours." And there is always someone at the hotel front desk. Did the authorities recently shut them down for handicap ramps or something and I didn't hear about it ? The Key Largo (also owned by the HDR) is a slightly different story. It is open from 8 pm till the small hours but doesn't really get going until around 10PM when the live music starts.

    But I know you already knew all that.

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    How much that $60 buys (or whether you even agree on $50, $60, $70 or whatever) depends on your negotiating skills. If you don't specify the chica will probably interpret $60 as until you cum and then she's out the door. In fact, a game some vets play is to bet on how quickly some of the most notorious barracuda hotties in the school of fish we call the BM wind up back in the bar after reeling in some of the greenhorn angler/mongers and disappearing up the stairs (how is that for mixed metaphors?). The record for some is well under 20 minutes (which includes time spent going up and down the stairs, getting dressed and undressed, taking care of payment in advance, freshening up afterwards, etc.).

    When you "negotiate" with the chicas you should try to nail down more than just the price but other things like "por una hora entera" (for a full hour), "muchos orgasmos para usted y para mí también" (many orgasms for you and for me too), "chúpeme sin un condón" (BBBJ) and "sólo (or siempre) pago al fin" (I only (or always) pay at the end). Its better still if you can work these things into your conversation with her at the bar, rather than firing them off like some job interview, thereby changing the tone of your interaction to more of a business deal rather than a GFE (even though it always really is a business deal). Naturally, the better your spanish is the easier this will all be. You'd be surprised how far even just a little spanish can go when combined with their english and choice use of hand gestures and body language. But the more spanish you can pick up before you go is always the better.

    BTW, it is not just what you say before that matters but what you do afterwards. There is an expresssion "Never pay them for sex, pay them to leave." Unlike the mistake that some guys make that I mentioned above, you should always pay at the end of the session (except at some MP's) and then pay fully what was agreed upon if she delivered as agreed (plus a tip IF you so choose). Never pay at the beginning. If you pay in the beginning of your session, the chica might "forget" all the finer details of your agreement including that its not over if you pop 5 minutes later. And, if that happens and she starts to dress, what can you really do about it?

    OTOH, if you haven't yet given her any money and she insists you pay first, you can just tell her to leave with nada (which usually gets her to change her mind). Or, if she starts doing something for you but decides to leave before you've gotten everything you asked for ahead of time, you can refuse to pay the full amount. In that situation, coming to a mutually agreed settlement could be a little sticky but, again, usually will get her to get back into her work. Finally on this point I should add that when any of these things happen it can put a real crimp on the GFE and you might decide to cut the session short anyway (again paying a fair amount for whatever she did deliver) HOWEVER if you've made your selection carefully anything worse than a brief request for advance payment should not happen that often.

    Re: "Which is the best MP if ZB is terrible". It should be pointed out that a lot of guys might disagree with the premise of that question because they think ZB/LH is great. Like Tom, I don't happen to be one of those guys and have found myself walking in and out of ZB on several occasions. So, which is "best" is completely a matter of opinion and subject to YMMV. However, when it comes to ANY of these places it ALSO largely comes down to timing. Who they've had working at these places lately when you go down? Who is on shift and who is taking that day off or hasn't arrived yet the day you go? Who happens to be busy in the back when you get there and what is left over in the waiting room?

    This is even more true of the lower end tico MP's that have rates as little as half of what places like ZB/LH or IDEM charge. OTOH, if you're not busy going off on tours around the countryside and/or you don't have the stamina for non-stop 24-hour sexual marathons, then the one thing you have plenty of during the day in SJ is time. This is why so many guys don't mind taking a stroll and popping their heads into various MP's over the course of a morning or afternoon (or even just an hour or two). You never know when or where you'll find that diamond in the rough or needle in the haystack (though the odds are not anywhere nearly so bad as that metaphor suggests). Sometimes they even get lucky and find something they like at the first place they stop but it is not uncommon (particularly with the lower end places) to have to check out several places before that happens.

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    Hello Tom:

    I am planning my trip in Nov. How much time you get for the $60 for DR girls. Do they allow multiple pops. Looking forward to you trip report. Which is the best MP if ZB is terrible.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom27
    I just got back 3 weeks ago. As usual the girls asked for $100.00. I never paid more than $60.00, I kid you not. There were so many girls that they immediately dropped their price.

    Also I found that the Zona Blue is no more, teplaced by a place named Havana. Terrible selection, we left without partaking.

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    Re: actually getting back to talking about chicas, I thought that was what I was doing in my post yesterday when I added useful info on to Jazzplayer's post concerning those 2 tico MP's and that was followed by 3 seperate inflammatory posts by Fantasy all digging up crap from the past. IMHO, Katouey got it wrong who the troll is here. I'm just responding to personal attacks. You guys are right that I should just let it go, but that is a lot easier to say when it is not directed against you. No one would be happier than me if we could ALL really just get back to sharing useful info on chicas (instead of just talking about doing that).

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