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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamester  [View Original Post]

    Selected a big natural tits mixed black chica. Nice face. Slight GFE. Multiple pops. Decent performance. Shall not repeat due to the numerous options. Many slim young and old chicas are available.
    Older chicas at the Sportsman's Lodge? I'll be checking it out.

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    I feel better about choosing to visit.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nixonbd  [View Original Post]
    Jaco is fun, but I'm not too turned on by the atmosphere of Hotel Cocal. Sometimes too busy to get a bar seat, it rains a lot up until November and the poolside bar floods easily. We asked one girl what the going rate was and she said $200 - $500, which is bullshit. Jaco, if you've never seen it, is must see. That said, I've always had more fun at the HDR; the girls come to you, or you flag them over. The quality has declined sure, but the cost per chica has remained constant. You can get a girl in the afternoon for $60; any night a girl can be had for $80. I would never pay $100 unless the girl and sex were amazing.
    It's been a few years since I visited SJO and I decided to 'pull the trigger' and go again as I live in FL and had more than enough Amex points to cover the flight. But reading some of these posts made we wonder if I'd made a mistake until I read Nixonbd's post. (Yes, I've mongered around the world from Europe, to Thailand, to the Americas) I've always had a good time in SJ, I think because I take my time over two days to find what I want and I don't allow a chica to dictate my actions because I have a hard the* I never have and never will pay $100 for a couple hrs of fun from a chica. (I usually want them to leave afterwards anyway) If she won't negotiate just because she's had a boob job with attitude to match, I end the conversation and let a more deserving customer pay the freight. Being 60, I don't need a 9-10 to make me happy. I prefer experience and a pleasant attitude. I found a mature blonde chica in the DelRey on my last trip. She'd lived in Fla for a while after some dude married her and took her to the US before divorcing and moving back so her english was good and we had a good thing going until she tried that 'my momma needs medicine' bullshit after I got back home, so I shut her down. Having said that, is there any place to hook up with some mature ladies that need some financial assistance? I'm not talking dog ugly & obese that'll suck anybody off for $5. Maybe some that keep themselves in decent shape and will screw your brains out because they're past their prime and need the money? I'll be staying at the Sleep Inn to be adjacent to Del Rey & SL. You have to pay extra to take a girl to your room but I like it as it's clean & modern. I just hope they haven't changed their policies. I prefer my own room to a MP / casa, etc. And I'll post my findings when I return on the 28th. The middle of the week should be especially hard!

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    Tip Quide.

    I was in San Jose last year at the end of November going into December. I hit most of the Pensions and was grossly over tipping the girls. One looked at me with amazement saying Muchas Gracias over and over. There was a little bar, I want to say on Calle 3, which was about was about 3 or 4 blocks from the Holiday Inn which was a great place to hang out and just drink a beer. This place had a lot of ex-pats hanging out there and one guy told me I was tipping way to much and the girls would expect that from other Yanks and I was setting a bad example. I went to the pension next door and tip the girl what he suggested and she was happy. It was just over $10 and felt like I was robbing her but she was happy with it.

    Can anyone let me know what the going tip rate is so I am not acting like am in Mid-town Manhattan?

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    Room service.

    I'm headed to S. J. For work in a couple weeks and will be staying far outside of the downtown area.

    Getting to the Del Ray or elsewhere in the vicinity seems pretty unlikely, is there a reliable website that one can order room service from?

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    So long San Jose.

    Had some Southwest Airlines miles burning a hole in my account so decided to return to San Jose this past weekend after about a year and a half absence. While I had a decent time the first few days with an old favorita, I was on my own Saturday night and decided to check out the Halloween Party at Sportsmen's Lodge. Big disappointment. I would estimate there were at least three mongers for every chica, the majority of whom were very unfriendly. Attempted to salvage the night by taking a stroll through HDR. While the monger-chica ratio was somewhat better, I didn't see a single one that caught my eye or interested me whatsoever and I called it an evening around 11. It was great while it lasted, but San Jose is truly in terminal decline in my opinion, so I will stick with MDE, CTG, and PTY in the future.

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    San Jose November 14-19.

    Will be staying at la amistad November 14-19 first trip to Costa Rica. After many trips to the DR and a few to Curacao. Anyone interested in linking up let me know.

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    Street girls.

    Many street girls in the downtown area near the walking street at night. Mostly trannies but there were also few decent looking girls. Many trannies on Av. 7 and Av. 9. Hotel del Rey was still same and I got one girl for 50 usd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NastyBoy  [View Original Post]
    Where is the best pussy to be found in CR?
    What is your budget? Low budget, Monica's. Higher budget, Sportsmen and Hotel Del Rey.

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    For those in the know

    Where is the best pussy to be found in CR?

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    Visited Monica's in the morning. Bad lineup. The chica I desired failed to show up. Waited for almost one hour. Finally selected red hair Julia again. Same great performance.

    Stopped by hdr. Horrible.

    Sportsmen slowly started to pick up. For the past few days I have been communicating with Julianna. Politely persistent. She finally shows up. Agreed to 40 mil for one hour. GFE with multiple pops.

    She is 18 and still in high school. Plans to go to university to study forensics. Mulatta with a pretty face, slim body and perky Tits.


    Inexperienced in love making but makes a youthful effort. Good BJ with using teeth. No rush with youthful exuberance. Bargain. The other chicas would be pissed if they knew.

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    Visited Monica's the past 2 days. Yesterday picked a typical girl named Emma. Too much up selling. The owner says she has an up and down reputation. Stay away. Good cowgirl though.

    Today selected a red hair chica named Julia. Told the owner wanted GFE. Stated no problem. She has a Julia Roberts look with big lips.

    Complete GFE. BJ with no condom. Highly recommend. The owner said the hot Daisy is returning with her sister and cousin on Monday. Stay cousin is on of the best all time performers.

    Always new chicas. Hired 2 ex security guards. Very popular. My friend selected Tatiana. He was stoked.

    The strike is affecting business. Sunday's are good. Owner said he had 47 clients last Sunday.

    HDR is lame. Sportsmen has higher quality chicas. Some stunner. One hot Mulatta wants 200 per hour. Refuses to go under 150.

    Tonight while making a quick hdr visit, found a slim cutie. Staying at a cheap hotel while working at hdr.

    Offered 25 mil for one hour. She agreed. Johan and I returned to my hotel.

    Chica had wrinkly skin from her baby. She wanted to give no condom BJ quickly. Porn awesome. She know s her craft. Oral fixation. Had to force her to stop. Average missionary. Trying to get me to cum quickly. Wanted money first. Denied.

    Wanted to leave after making me cum. Still time remaining. Performed massage. Turned bitchy. Requested 20 mil to leave early. Complied. Stormed out calling me a cheap man. Thank you.

    Good night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBiller22  [View Original Post]
    Any opinions on which city is better for mongering? This would be in respect to best bang for your buck (pun intended) on the girls and costs on transportation and hotels.
    Medellin. Cheaper, higher quality of women and more variety of black women.

    SJ has much better non mongering activities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBiller22  [View Original Post]
    Any opinions on which city is better for mongering? This would be in respect to best bang for your buck (pun intended) on the girls and costs on transportation and hotels.
    Medellin is more casa type establishments. Its always good to get hooked up with a local who can take you around, for a price. San Jose is all centralized and much more open about prostitution.

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    San Jose vs Medellin.

    Any opinions on which city is better for mongering? This would be in respect to best bang for your buck (pun intended) on the girls and costs on transportation and hotels.

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    Today, I visited Monica's. Its regarded as the best place. Owner remembered me from 4 years ago.

    Arrived at 1000 am. 14 chicas. Average with tattoos. No smiling. Finally selected a newly arrived cute spinner named Daisy. Good attitude. Decent GFE. Licking balls was extra. 20 mil for one hour is great value. Nice ass. Great cowgirl performer.

    Later numbered to HDR. There is a government worker strike. The government is trying to reduce pension benefits. Get this -- they are still getting PAID. They block traffic. My uber ride from the Sportsmen got jacked up to 3600 colons. The ride back was under 1000.

    The chicas at hdr are too aggressive and hardened pros. Decent but not enough to get you to spend money. They all start at 100 and quickly drop to 80. There was a girl from Denmark seeking 300 us per hour.

    Returned to SL. Younger and hotter chicas with nicer vibes. Accumulating numbers from young hotties. It's tough to pay their prices with Monica's around.

    BTW some American amigo told me Alcazar strip club was incredible on a Tuesday.

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