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    New year bang

    For those who like a little challenge. Like your first time GF.

    Location : JJspa
    Name: Esther
    Age: 27
    Tits: Awesome
    Ass: Awesome
    Body: Chun.
    Legs: Long
    Skin: Fair
    BJ: 7/10
    FJ: 9/10
    GF: 9/10(My preference only)
    Damage: 198

    Note: Service at the spa is 10/10. The people there really made an effort to make you feel appreciated for your $$$s. Plus i took a massage session after the bull run.. and it was superb - Damage: 40

    So overall experience - 10/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Potaz

    Thanks so much for your detailed and informative answer. Yes, I figure all questions would be answered when I go, but I think other than the apprehension it would be nice to go and seem like I'm not new to this - lest the OKT should take advantage and try and charge me more and just recommend whatever girl is least popular or something.

    Thanks again!
    Bro potaz, i can see that you were sincere in getting info from here; pls accept my appologies for looking at your earlier request negatively.

    If you are unsure, it is a good idea to go on your first fucking session with some senior members in this forum. You'll be nervous the first time you do it but that make it all the more memorable, believe me.

    Looking forward to you FR.

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    Happy New Year!

    Wishing All my friends in KL thread a Happy New Year!

    Warmest Regards,
    KL Guy

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    The Beach Club was highlighted in a TV programme not too long ago. The reporter went in with a hidden camera and caught some news-worthy footage.

    I am guessing the current crackdown has something to do with the TV programme as well as the start of the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 campaign. The whoring at Beach Club was just too open and too blatant.

    We locals usually don't 'hunt' in Beach Club. The gals there cater more to foreign visitors like yourself.

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    This probably may be my first full length FR that I could contribute since I don’t cheong that often. I probably cheong once a few months cause got a girl that is stuck to me almost everyday. Hahahah.

    I just went for a drink in SS2 with one pretty China girl I get to know probably 2 months ago. After drinking, I send her home. I felt bored and not sleepy so I drive around and spotted a message center still open in Chow Yang area. It’s about 2am then. So I decided to try out the massage. Once I went in, I was greeted by a man at the counter. I told him I wanted a body massage and so I ask for the price. He told me it’s RM 45 for just massage, RM 95 or 98 (forget which price) for massage and batin. After a short pause, he said they do “lok shui” too at RM 168. I felt a little horny and it’s the last day of the year so must as well end my year with a bang! So I agreed and he brought me upstairs to show me the girls. Once I’m upstairs, he just show me one PRC girl and I thought “what the fuck” but never mind. She looks so-so but since I felt like I need to unload my bullets so I just said ok.

    Went in to the room and waited for her to come in. She came in and told me to undress and she went out. OK this is totally shitty. So I just undress and lay down on the small mattress. After a while she came in. She undresses herself super quickly but left her bra on. I was like “damn, this is gonna be shitty” and its too late to bail out. So I just well continue. I then had to remove her bra. Disappointed with small breast and its damn loose. Its more like those flabby stuff (cellulite) on fat people. Then the biggest blast was “you want me to suck?”, I say yeah of course. The she said “Then you have to give me tips!”. Wow!!! I thought it was suppose to be SOP!!! She asked for RM 50 and I already potong stim so I say ok lar what ever. She gave me a BBBJ to get my hard-on and straight put on the cap and goes on top for cowgirl. What the fuck. RM50 bucks for her to suck me till my hard on and proceed to fuck job. I was really [CodeWord140] and no more mood. So I just lay down there and let her pump her way. After probably about 10 minutes she is tired so its my turn to really bang her. Changed to missionary and bang her all the way. She try to prevent me from going all the way so probably she don’t like it too deep. I just don’t give shit anymore and just tried to bang her all the way. After about 15 minutes later I came. She didn’t know I came so I continue banging her even after I came. After maybe about 5-10 minutes I was like really no more mood so I just stop and just lay down on the mattress. She clean up and after that since got some extra time, she gave me a short massage. Massage was terrible too. Press here and there. I think I can give better massage than her. After that I just gave her 50 bucks and quickly walk down.

    Since the shutter door is closed, I sat down and ask the man for a glass for tea. Sat down for a while and talk to the man. Told him the girl service was lousy and very rush. And I told him the price RM 168 shall be full package. Not separate charges for blowjob and told him I could get much better service elsewhere. Total damage was RM 218 and I said I gotten an “ang pai” in Season Tower the last time with full spa facility and everything included for just RM 238. Must as well I go there or other similar places. He apologies to me and promised will tell the girl they cant ask for extra money. He said I shall come earlier the next time. Yeah maybe its my fault for going in at the wee hour and the girls probably wanna sleep but then again the last time I was in Season Tower about the same time and I’m completely satisfied. This girl totally pissed me off. I may try again next time but have to be there earlier. I was hoping he could give me some discount cause I occasionally need to bring customer to bang and I didn’t wanna go all the way to KL or Cheras.

    Below is the report details:
    Name: Lily - #500
    Age: around late 20's to early 30’s - didnt ask
    Origin: Xing Men (Sounds like that, I’m a banana but still can communicate a little) , China
    Face: 5/10
    Body: 4/10
    Boobs: 4/10
    BJ: 4/10
    Cowgirl: 3/10
    DATY: N/A
    AR: N/A
    GFE: 0/10 – its basically negative for me
    WIR: unless she’s the last women on earth

    I hope all the brothers here continue their excellent FR. This site is really informative and I really enjoyed all the stories and discussion going on here. Cheers to the new year! Happy New Year 2007 to all!

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    Happy New year

    Happy New to Jackson and all ISG members!!!

    May we have a great 2007.

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    KL Beach Club Raids

    Following up on Gerds report I have heard first hand that this place is constantly being turned upside doen every other night. Im currently in Australia but have some close friends that are working girls keeping me up to date. At the moment they are to scared to leave there apartments for fear of being picked up in the street. I hope this stops soon as ome of them are close to the edge and will need to leave as they have no money.

    We forget that most of these girls are not doing this for fun, but are supporting families back in the philipines. I hope this stops soon so they can coontinue! I love there work!

    I will be back in KL in Jan and will be disaapointed if I cant go and have a good night at the beach club without it being raided.

    Has anyone heard any rumours about the future of the beach club. It was whispered to me that the government wants it gone and that it will be closing very shortly.

    If your looking for a great GFE i can highly reccommend the following girls.
    Ruth, Karen, Leiah and Irish.

    All Great looking Filipinos each with there own qualities. These 4 usually hang out together and there is something for everyone amongs the 4 of them.


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    MP action

    ahem.... been quiet for some time.. think it is time to do some work. Feeling rather horny, I went to this MP in Cheras and book a 20 yo CKT girl from Sarawak. Ok look with fair skin. Skin is smooth too when i roam. towards the end of the massage she ask if i wanted batin, quoting that for RM100 I can roam her body. I naughtily ask if she provide other service too, then she was like asking me what kind of service I am meaning? I go straight to the point and ask if she do "xia sui" (literally means - go under water: fuck job). She said she choosy abt the customer on this and agree for RM150. Happily tell her ok lets do it, she proceed to strip off and she has the condom ready.

    Due to lack of time ( my 1 hour massage almost up) and didn't have much time, I just manage to foreplay abt 5 mins before actually fucking her. She's a bit plum but boobs are nice with at least 34C. She has a tattoo on the back of her waist, saw it while tried fucking her doggie. It was a rather quick one as right after I change position to missionary I cum. Probably it is too 'chi gik' fucking a 20 yo in a MP with only curtain cubicle. Pay her the money inside and I left happily.

    (p.s. due to the sensitivity of the place all enquiries are treated with caution to safeguard future cheonging experience. I am not selfish but i know if I reveal straight away here it's gonna be a trouble.)

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    Thanks so much for your detailed and informative answer. Yes, I figure all questions would be answered when I go, but I think other than the apprehension it would be nice to go and seem like I'm not new to this - lest the OKT should take advantage and try and charge me more and just recommend whatever girl is least popular or something.

    Thanks again!

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    Nice report, if I weren't broke from the YES, I'd go this very moment too. But I think I'll wait for my CNY bonus first.

    Potaz, just go only, like DTM said, they don't care if you speak German, Swahili or Orangutan, money talks, bullshit walks. I was like you too, an apprehensive noob, but with practice (and investment) it'll be smooth sailing. But to be frank, I still get a little anxious, if not excited everytime I set foot into one of these establishments. God forbid if I feel familiar with such places, no fun then. You catch my drift?

    Let's inject some excitement into our dreary lives.

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    Maybe us newbies need to form some partnerships to go cheong together huh?

    Then feel less shy. Hehe.

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    I wanted to drop by Sky River tonight, but it looks like the MIB and news crews got there before me to film movies. Look out for your fave sky river girl during the Saturday news!

    Any tips on how to find the foreign talent in the bukit bintang area? Any hotspots / times that I should be aware of? The only one I met tonight was a filipina who was charging 200 for a BJ and 500 for an overnight session. I'm more interested in the europeans who reportedly have been spotted in some of the bukit bintang hotels.

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    You have so many questions? OK, let me try to answer some.

    * what you say when you first see the OKT?

    Let them speak to you first. You just carry on from there. Do what comes naturally lah.

    * You speak in english or cantonese usually?

    It doesn't matter. You want to bonk and they want your money. You can pretend you are deaf and dumb and they will still find a way to communicate with you.

    * What does OKT stand for?

    That's the initials of a politician in Malaysia. ROTFL.
    OK, seriously, it stands for Orh Kwee Thau which is pimp in Hokkien.

    * Forest Hill (see, i posted without any asterisks and nothing happened)
    I have no idea about this place. Sounds like a massage parlour. In some massage parlours, you have lower chance of getting sex.

    * When you wait, are other cheongsters looking at each other?

    Some look, some don't. Some even chat with others.

    * Do people who know each other sometimes bump into each other unexpectedly?

    Yes. There was one time someone bumped into his father. Well, at least that's what I read in a forum.

    * When girls come out to "parade", do they see you?

    Yes. We don't have fish bowls here. They see you and you see them. Some will even smile and look at you to try to get your attention so that you pick her.

    * Do other cheongsters see you?

    Well, if you are in the parade they would give you a look over.

    * How do you pay? The OKT or the girl or depends?

    You pay at the counter. Some massage places/health centres, you pay the gal for the extras and you pay at the counter for the massage.

    * How do you ask what you want to the OKT? For example, say you are looking for something specific like anal, do you just ask the OKT anal?

    Yes, the OKT is the customer service personnel attending to you. Give detailed requirements, boob size, services, etc etc.

    Whether you get what you want is another matter.

    * In cantonese that would be ...?

    "Wan si fat loong" should work. Or more esoteric, san mei meaning 3 ways or something to that effect.

    * Do you bring anything along, like a condom or something?

    Condoms are usually supplied by the establishment or the gals. You can bring your own if you like.

    * When is a good time to go? Noon? Mid afternoon? Late night? Past midnight? Is there an ideal time where the choices will be the max?

    Late afternoon and early evening should be fine. Very few health centres operate past midnight.

    I am going to be blunt. Some of these things it would be better to find out for yourself. It's part of the experience.

    I think I said too much and probably lessen the experience for you already.

    Just do it!

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    2007 here we come..........

    Happy New Year to all bros, spill more sperm in year 2007.

    Happy New Year to you too, Jackson.

    Don't drink and drive!

    Don't fuck and not wear cap!

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    As a new poster, I would not want to get flamed. However, I do feel my post was sufficiently sincere in terms of the type of questions asked to reflect what a newbie would really be thinking so that answers would neither be of interest to (a) nor (b). I believe MIBs would not pretty well many of the answers such as when is the best time to raid etc. and not be particularly interested in many of the other questions like how to talk to an OKT and whether there are other cheongsters around.

    My thoughts that other newbies may well be asking many of the questions I asked is confirmed by PMs I received stating exactly that they themselves wonder about many of the things I've asked.

    Furthermore, having spent a significant amount of time reading through many of the posts as well as reports of distinction, it is hard for me to find exact answers to what I've asked. And again, the approach for people of different ethnicities and different tongues would be different, I presume, and the OKT will also receive different people differently, I'd imagine. My post is one that a local chinese newbie might be asking.

    Just my 1.15 cents worth.

    Quote Originally Posted by Julroy
    Why am i feeling this is a (a) Researcher doing research for Durex, or (b) MIB doing a little homework for the next operation? In fact, if Newbie dig a little bit further, all his question have been answered in the previous reports.

    Sceptical I may look but after so many mib-like questiones and this forum appear on national TV, I have every right to be suspicious.

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