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    You were conned. I've moved from HK to Miami many times, and have never been asked to buy my chica a bucket.

    You need to call them on it, and remain firm. If they just show up with a bucket at your table, don't accept it, and ask to see el jefe (the boss) if you have to.

    Of course, you will have to buy at least one beer if you're sitting with her at a table.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackie888
    .... However, you can move from Hong Kong to Miami and back at will. This means you can bring your beer and ladies to either side....
    Is this true? When my friend and I were in Hong Kong with a couple of chicas and wanted to go to Miami for a little calmer music and to dance we were told we had to buy a bucket of beers per chica to take them out. Were we conned?


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    I've always thought that Miami was a part of Hong Kong. Of all the times I've been here, I've entered through the Hong Kong doors.

    The women here are on the large side. However, you can move from Hong Kong to Miami and back at will. This means you can bring your beer and ladies to either side.

    Generally, I order the beer and go to the Miami side to sit, because Hong Kong tends to blast their music and this can be irritating after a while. Apparantly the feeling is mutual as alot of chicas also move over to the Miami to relax before going back to Hong Kong to work.

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    Trip Report Part 2/4

    This is a trip report in four parts as follows:
    Part One – A Fine Afternoon (posted in Tijuana Reports)
    Part Two – The Grim Reaper (posted in Miami Bar Reports)
    Part Three – My Sweet Freebie (posted in Hong Kong Club Reports)
    Part Four – Street Adventures (posted in Streetwalker Reports)

    Part Two – The Grim Reaper
    It's about 5:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. I have just abandoned Tropical Bar and decide to check out Miami Bar. This is old Mexico. Strictly Mexican tuba-style musica. There are about fifteen girls working, most are dancing or drinking with someone already. Looks like maybe two possibilities sitting on the benches. It's dark in here, so I need a couple minutes for my eyes to adjust before I can decide. I see Kimmy is walking around. She's gained some weight. I was with her once about three years ago. There's a blonde that looks nice and she smiles at me. Hmm, doesn't look fat. Okay face, nice body. I decide to give her a whirl. I take her hand and lead her over to the dance floor. She quickly snuggles into me as we dance together.

    Her name is Alison. The music finishes and she says she would like a drink. We head over to a table and order. I get a Bohemia and she gets a Clamato. Her shoulders are exposed and I start rubbing them. Wow, she has the softest skin. There is a large tattoo on her back over her left shoulder. It's the grim reaper! Yuck! She laughs and says it means something special to her but I don't really understand. Meanwhile, Kimmy walks behind us and rubs up against me like a hungry cat. She's just making sure I know she's here and available. But I have no interest in her.

    A charro (cowboy) starts doing rope tricks on the dance floor for a few minutes. Another song starts and Alison motions to the stage and we get up to dance. While dancing close together she tells me she would sure like to fuck a guapo like me. I laugh and tell her to calm down. She continues with the guapo, guapo, gaupo. We take a seat and she asks why we should be sitting here when we could be fucking over at the hotel. Okay, so much for romance. She asks 50 dollars, I offer 500 pesos, the deal is made and I pay $13 at the Hotel Las Cascadas reception desk.

    In the room, Alsion turns on the TV porn channel and disrobes quickly. Her belly is flabby. Her ass is flabby. Rats! I hate those damn stretch fabrics which hide the flab so well. In the light of the room, she also looks older than I first thought. She must be about 26 or 27. Besides the grim reaper tattoo, she has a butterfly tattoo riding on her ass crack. Well, this is no time for second thoughts and Alsion quickly takes charge, with the passionate aggression of a Latina on fire. Wow, she's great. Before I know what's happening we're on our third position. Finally, settling on her hanging her head off the bed while I pound into her. She likes this and is moaning and groaning. Alison is lots of fun and her performance deserves an Academy nomination for best actress in a dramatic role. Real or not, I found her room action thoroughly enjoyable. In retrospect, I would do her again in a pinch. I wonder if I could talk her down to $40? Hmm?

    She asks if I would like to have another drink in the bar, I decline. I head back to my hotel room to take a hot shower.

    End of Part Two – Part Three continues in Hong Kong Club Reports

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    Well, I stopped by on Sunday, February 4th in the late afternoon. There was actually a Mexican cowboy on the stage doing rope tricks! A few bored, fat girls were sitting around. There were a couple of average looking girls as well, but they were sitting with guys already. Maybe one or two were do-able.

    Most of the action in the past couple of years has shifted over to the Hong Kong side of the bar.

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    Sunday / Monday July 2 & 3

    I stopped by on Sunday, July 2nd at about 4:30 PM. Not much going on. Again just the usual gorditas having beers with locals or sitting bored waiting for dollar dances. I really wonder how such women can make a living?

    Then on Monday afternoon, they had a couple of slender Hong Kong girls on the Miami stage doing the shaving cream tango. Slipping and sliding all over each other. Since the stage was occupied, there were a couple of decent looking girls waiting around. I was in a hurry, so didn't stay for long.

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    Great TR

    Mike 123, great TR.

    I too am mesmerized by their natural beauty. Not because they are different but because they are natural.

    On the other hand, sounds like the old "tee 'em up and slam 'em out" play by her. No matter. You came away ahappy camper, that means she did the right thing and by the sounds of things so did you.

    Did you ever ask about her when you returned to Miami? Check with Salma, she should know where she is. Salma knows most of the girls.

    Country John

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    An Old, Memorable Miami Bar Trip Report

    When I think of my times in Tijuana, I think of events, episodes, collections of moments. Some great and some not so great, and a few downright bad. Many right here in Miami Bar. To help inaugurate this fledgling thread, I'd like to tell an episode involving one special girl, Maria, I met at Miami Bar maybe a year ago and never saw again. It was a Sunday afternoon about 4:00 p.m. when I entered Miami Bar and took a small table facing the girls. I ordered a Pacifico and they brought two for one. I have come to enjoy the slower, less aggressive pace of Miami Club and found its atmosphere appropriate in which to unwind from my long drive down to TJ.

    About halfway through my first beer, I spied an unusually beautiful, young woman with brunette hair. Her face was so pretty, classic Latina with fine facial features. She was dressed in a school girl uniform including a dark blue plaid skirt with white blouse, long white socks reaching just below her knees and black shiny shoes. Everything about her was just right. Ah, what a dream! She looked to be, so I thought, 18. She was so beautiful that, tortured creature that I am, I immediately began a debate in my head. She's too pretty for you. She'll never agree to go with you. Surely, she's an innocent and would never let a gringo to take her over to Cascades. Don't even ask her, it'll be embarrassing when she turns you down. Yes, I really thought this foolishness.

    Then two things struck me like a revelation. Wait a minute! This is a Mexican bar designed for this very purpose. And if I don't try quickly some other slob, whose motives are not nearly so pure and noble as mine, will surely pounce on this innocent. In fact, it's my duty to rescue her.

    So, I made the slow, awkward journey from my table over to the bench where she was sitting all the while I was feeling doomed and conspicuous. I stopped in front of her, looked her in the eyes timidly and stretched out my hand. She looked up at me, smiled, and placed her soft hand in mine. Wow! As she stood I asked if she would like a drink. She nodded and we went to have a seat at my table. Of course, a masero was on us at once and returned with a clamato. I paid for the outrageous fiche and started to assess the situation. While she was every bit as beautiful as I originally thought, up close I knew she was not 18 but 20 or 21. She knew a little English and told me her name was Maria and that she had been here almost one month.

    The music changed to a song Maria favored and she gestured to the dance stage. Terror struck my heart. I can't dance. I shake my head no, but no matter, she insists. Next thing I know, I'm awkwardly shuffling on the stage mesmerized by her sexy gentle swaying. As I look around, I notice that the men surrounding the dance floor are staring at this little beauty. God, she is so gorgeous. I too focus on watching her. When the song finishes we return to the table and I take her hand. More confident now I reach to her earring and ask some pointless question about it. I compliment her and take her hands in mine asking her more meaningless questions about the few rings she is wearing. It's about time for another drink and again she orders a clamato. She asks if I have any children and I reply no. She then says, "I have four children." What! Wait a moment. Surely, this isn't possible, and then I realize the tables have turned completely! Let me explain.

    She said: I have four children.
    This means: I will fuck you for money.

    Yes! Now we're talking. A little bit more blah, blah, blah, blah, whatever and then I tell her let's go to the room. And we're off to Hotel Cascades. Twelve dollars later I'm all about tearing my clothes off in a smelly room directly behind the reception desk. She takes off her clothes and reveals four damn tattoos! Each tattoo with the name of one of her children, one on each shoulder and leg. They had been covered up by her school girl uniform. Now I usually don't like tattoos, but the combination of school girl innocence combined with the nasty tats seemed hot as hell that afternoon.

    Maria drops the bra and grabs my dick and I suck her nipples while she unrolls a condom onto me. She was slender and still as pretty as can be. She pulls me on top of her and I'm licking and sucking and caressing her all over. She's a passionate little tiger. She starts sucking away but I know I can't last long like this, so I flip her over to poke her from the rear and seeing that beautiful ass and pussy I dive in nose first. She gasps deeply, rolls over, and pulls my head by the hair like she was falling off a cliff burying me into her gash. I'm slobbering and sucking for my life and she start yelling "Jes! Jes! Jes!" I have never experienced anything like this before in my life. As she orgasms on my face, the damn knock on the door comes. She yells something and lets go of my head. I climb on board and come in about three minutes of pumping missionary. After we finish we lay down next to each other and laugh. It was crazy. We get dressed, I give her $50 and we walk downstairs together.

    As we return to Miami I ask if she would like one more drink. Sure. This time she orders a beer and asks me for a dollar bill. I give it to her and she goes into the men's baño and returns with a cigarette. Now she's all relaxed and hanging on me and rubbing my chest and sipping her beer. She asks if I like her. Si, mucho. She asks if I like her a lot. Si, mucho, mucho. She asks if I think she is pretty and so goes it on and on, Maria fishing for compliments and affirmations. After about half an hour I'm hungry and exhausted and decide to leave Miami.

    I never saw Maria again. I look for her every time.

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    Re: Miami sin Chicas

    Quote Originally Posted by Adventur
    It is surprising to me that you took a picture of Miami outside without any chicas around…And at what time of the day was it?
    This photo was taken very early on Sunday morning January 22nd at 7:07 am. The man in the dark blue jacket is talking to the one girl present at the time, but blocks her from view except for a tiny part of her head. I also talked to her, don't remember her name.

    Sunday and Monday mornings are the slowest times here.

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    miami sin chicas?

    Hi Mike,

    It is surprising to me that you took a picture of Miami outside without any chicas around. actually 2 pics with 3 dudes and no chicas!

    How did this happen? And at what time of the day was it? Or do you have photoshop 'extreme'?

    Just curious!

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    sex mill?

    Oh, make no mistake. Miami is still just a brothel. Yeah, not quite the goddesses you find in AB, but the girls are a little less jaded and more likely to give you more of a gfe than most of the "hotties" in AB. I have had some great sessions from the girls in Miami.

    Quote Originally Posted by El Juez
    It's not the sex mill Adelita Bar is and not as many hotties (IMO). But some like that in that you have to work a little to find what you want and, in my experience there, less chance of being burned provided you use common sense. More laid back atmosphere.

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    It's not the sex mill Adelita Bar is and not as many hotties (IMO). But some like that in that you have to work a little to find what you want and, in my experience there, less chance of being burned provided you use common sense. More laid back atmosphere.

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    Miami Bar

    Miami Bar is located in the famous alley: Callejon Coahuila, the street behind Adelitas Bar (AB) parallel to Calle Coahuila. It is a bit past the middle of the block between Hotel Cascades and Hong Kong Bar.

    Miami isn't a destination, it's more of a diversion, a sampling of something beyond Adelita Bar.

    You won't find any trophy fucks here. Your future ex-wife, doesn't work here. Silicon is scarce, though not unheard of. You will find Mexican women waiting to dance for a dollar, all of whom would like you to buy an overpriced fiche drink for them, most willing go to next door to Hotel Cascades with you.

    Here are a couple exterior photos.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails miami02.jpg‎   miami03.jpg‎  

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    Miami Bar Reports

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