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    SJ 1/27 to 2/2.

    I plan to go back and forth between SJ and Jaco during the week. 2nd trip to SJ, but never been to Jaco. Grab a beer if around?

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    Sjo 1/19-1/21

    First drinks on me!

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    San Jose. Jan 31-Feb 3.

    CR veteran, will be staying at Hotel Castillo for a 3 day weekend trip.

    Familiar with the spa and bar scene in San Jose.

    Send me a PM if you want to meet up for beer and mongering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamester  [View Original Post]
    Shall be in Costa Rica as follows:

    October 1- 8 San Jose.

    October 8- 14 Jaco.

    Please contact me if you want to meet up for mongering activities.
    I'll be at the HDR 10/5 - 10/9. Have not ventured far outside the HDR but have been there many times. 58-year old Gringo from Virginia.

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    Trip dates.

    Shall be in Costa Rica as follows:

    October 1- 8 San Jose.

    October 8- 14 Jaco.

    Please contact me if you want to meet up for mongering activities.

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    June 28-July 9.

    Let me know if you want to meet up. Will be all over Costa Rica and Panama.

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    Tamarindo June 27- July 8.

    Who knows, maybe there will be some action (highly doubt it, though).

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    I've actually been in country for over a week, but up to this point there was no time or opportunity for mongering. I'll be in SJO another few days. I'm staying at Aparthotel Cristina in La Sabana, which is not chica friendly, so I'll probably be checking out pensiones.

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    September 8th - 22nd trip

    Good day gents.

    Going to San Jose on September 8th for 2 weeks and will be staying at the Hotel El Castillo. I should arrive at the hotel sometime around 2:30 PM and will head out for some exploring after a quick shower. I will probably head to Sportmen's Lodge for a cold one and check out that scene first.

    This will be my first visit to San Jose, but not my first in Costa Rica. I did a scuba diving trip in Costa Rica 10+ years ago. I have traveled to Central and South America before, recently Peru, Colombia and Panama. I'm pretty easygoing and looking forward to meeting some ladies and also sharing some drinks and good conversation with you gentlemen while I am there. Definitely open to a wingman and looking forward to a great time. If anyone is interested in meeting, let me know.

    I'm also considering a weekend trip to Jaco to check that out too.

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    Heading to Jaco Beach from SJO Airport, May 25th

    Arrive in SJO on Jet Blue at 1:24 pm on Friday, if anyone wants to split the cab fare to Jaco. Return to the airport on Wednesday, May 30th.

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    Going to San Jose, first solo trip on May 4.

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    Looks like I'll be in SJ and Jaco, and tooling around the rest of the country, in April, the 8th to the 15th. Please hit me up if you want to meet up. I will have my PMs activated this week.

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    Staying at HDR from 11-20 until 11-22. First time, traveling by myself would definitely appreciate some tips.

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    Nov 20 - 27th

    I'll be there tomorrow for about a week. Maybe longer. I've been there a couple times, but I forget where the small 'massage' places are. I only remember places like SL and HDR. If anyone is in town it would be good to meet up. I'll be with another friend, but he only remembers Jaco.

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    San Jose Oct 20 thru 29

    Staying at La Amistad.

    My 3rd trip to SJO.

    Monger on the weekends. Dental in between.

    Wing Buddies Welcome.

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