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    Brazil Trip

    I was last in Brazil 3 years ago and I'm looking to make a lot of my wrongs rights this trip. As of now I plan to be in Sao Paulo the majority of the time between January 18 and Feb 20th. I may take a trip to Porto Allegere, but honestly I don't think that's necessary given the number of women in SP.

    Last trip I didn't go to any BOATES, so that was a major mistake.

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    Rio dec26-Jan. 6

    Decided to postpone my Cebu trip due to uncertainty. Headed to Rio for the new years. They are not having fireworks but the party vibe will be good for sure. Staying in Leme and Barra.

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    SP in October and November

    Will stay for 2 months. PM.

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    Flights got cancelled in September so I had to postpone. I will be in Rio the third week in October. Anyone else that'll be there around the same time drop me a message.

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    SP and Rio

    Will be in Sampa and Rio in November 19-25 in São Paulo, 25-30 in Rio, then SP again 30 - Dec 3 1st time in BR but experienced hobbyist, last trip was Medellíand like most I'm seeing COVID making us forget our paisas and hit BR. Hit me up if you will be around some of those dates.

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    In Rio Jan 17-Jan?


    I'm in Rio right now, probably for at least the entire weekend and maybe more.

    Hoping someone is around to go out with.

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    Will be visiting Rio for the first time from Jan 21 to Feb 6.

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    Rio-Jan 20 to 31

    Will be visiting Rio for the first time from Jan 20 to 31.

    Hit me up if anyone wants meet up and grab a beer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cessna2100  [View Original Post]
    Arriving to So Paulo Nov 26 to hit the clinicas and night life. Then to Rio Dec 4. Hit me up. 39 year old from ATL.
    I will be in Rio December 2.

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    Arriving to São Paulo Nov 26 to hit the clinicas and night life. Then to Rio Dec 4. Hit me up. 39 year old from ATL.

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    First time in Rio 11/17-11/22

    Would like to meet up with a fellow monger for a drink / meal. I have travelled quite a bit around Central / South America. First time to Brazil. I'd greatly appreciate getting some first hand advice on Rio. I'm interested in checking out some of the Centro places as well. Staying in Ipanema / Copacabana area. Send me a PM. Thanks in advance!

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    Sao Paulo 12 November

    Warning order.

    Vagabundo will be arriving in Sao Paulo on 12 November. After 16 November, heading to Rio.

    Men (and women who love to fuck women), message me to be added to the debauchery.

    Vagabundo Sends.

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    First time Rio de Janeiro in October

    Hello everybody,

    First post here. 30 years old, pm if you want to hang out in Rio (from 7 to 29 October).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jbj64  [View Original Post]
    Hi All.

    First time in Brasil, going to Sao Paulo. Anyone there at that time would like to meet up for a drink?

    No or very little portugese but experienced in Colombia.
    I'm in Sao Paulo and am up for a drink. Just came from Medellin a few weeks ago, actually.

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    Sao Paulo

    Quote Originally Posted by MS1515  [View Original Post]
    Hi guys,

    I want to visit Rio in the end of September for 7-10 days and would like to rent a Penthouse with 2 or 3 other monger (ideally guys in the age range of 30 to 50) fellows.

    I never was in Rio (was in Colombia and Ukraine where I mongered a little) and hope we could have some fun and can share experience and the cost of the penthouse obviously.

    I am fun guy who is in to pro's and non pro's. Speak German, English, and a little Spanish.

    If anyone is seriously interested. PM me.
    Please PM me if you're coming to SAMPA.


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